Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Listing of All Known Cemeteries and Burial Grounds  in Tioga and Bradford Counties in PA 
and Chemung County in NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Pennsylvania Historic Burial Places Act
See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses 1999
This index of the cemeteries of the three counties is a starting point for getting all the cemetery lists online for researchers. It is as complete as our information can make it. Many of the cemeteries have multiple names, so look carefully before assuming a cemetery is not listed here. Please notify me of any cemeteries you know of that are not included. Be sure to check the township pages because that is the primary location where I add new cemetery listings. I may or may not add them to this index.
Procedure for additions and correctionsand obituaries to cemetery lists Not all Cemeteries in the area may be included here. Check the Township pages which are updated more regularly and which form the core of the site.
Tioga County Cemeteries and Burial Grounds with GPS Locations - Listing started - not finished yet
Cemetery Name(s)
Academy Corners Cemetery (Same as Carpenter Cemetery) Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Academy Hill Cemetery (1969)
Academy Hill Cemetery (2005)
Wellsboro / Tioga TCCI V.4
Ackley Cemetery
Ackley Cemetery 2006
Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.2
Ackley/ Spring Hill Tuscarora / Bradford
Adams or Dailey Cemetery destroyed by Tioga Hammond Dam Tioga / Tioga TCCI V.1 & 4
Alba/ Alba Boro Cemetery  Canton / Bradford
Albee Hill Cemetery (Cooper Cemetery) VanEtten/ Chemung (C24)
Albert Brainard family (West Warren) Warren / Bradford
Albert Learn farm, private* (remaining two stones are for Phillip R Hall and Cathrina wife of Isaac Ruger Tuscarora / Bradford
Alder Run Cemetery (1970s)
Alder Run Cemetery (2000)
Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.1
Allen Burial Ground (on Chas.Nichols farm) Smithfield / Bradford PR
Allen Burial Ground (on Asa Allen farm) Smithfield / Bradford PR
Allis Hollow Cemetery [1955]
Allis Hollow Cemetery [2008]
Orwell / Bradford Detty
Ames Hill Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 1JMT -
Andre Cemetery Barton / Chemung MSJ (C1)
Andrus Burial Sullivan / Tioga JKJ
Andrus - Williams Burials Canton / Bradford
Ansonia Cemetery (1968)
Ansonia Cemetery (2002)
Shippen / Tioga TCCI V.4
Antrim Cemetery 1970s
Antrim Cemetery 2007
Duncan / Tioga TCCI V.1
Arbon Cemetery 1970s Bloss / Tioga TCCI V.1
Arbon Cemetery 2009 LCR
Arnold farm, private Warren / Bradford
Arnot Cemetery (2007) Bloss / Tioga LCR
Arnout Cemetery Monroe / Bradford SM 
Ashland Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C2) BC Photos
Austin Cemetery 1970s a.k.a. Austin Farm or Charleston Cemetery
Austin Farm Cemetery 2005
Charleston /Tioga TCCI V.4
Austin Hill Cemetery  Erin /Chemung (C3) SN
Austinburg Cemetery (Woodlawn) 1975
Austinburg Cemetery (Woodlawn (2009)
Brookfield / Tioga 2,8 LCR
Austinburg Cemetery (Pioneer) 2009 Brookfield / Tioga LCR 2009
Austinville/ Morgan Columbia / Bradford JL
Babcock Hill Cemetery  Windham / Bradford
Bailey (Joshua and Susan), private N. Towanda / Bradford
Bailey Family Burial Ground Rutland / Tioga KJ
Bailey's Burlington / Bradford
Baker Family Burials (Plowed Under) Sullivan / Tioga House now built on this lot
Deats-Baker Cemetery Lawrence / Tioga
Bakersburg Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 1JMT 
Baldwin Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford
Baldwin /Jenkins Cemetery(KJ)

DAR Listing (1932)

Southport / Chemung (C4) KJ
Baldwin Cemetery or The Knoll Ashland / Chemung 2 (C57)
Baldwintown Cemetery or Old Owen See Bentley Creek Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Ballard Cemetery Troy / Bradford KC
Ballibay/ Old Irish Presbyterian
Ballibay Cemetery 2002
Herrick / Bradford
Baptist Cemetery 1970s
Baptist Cemetery 2008
Delmar / Tioga TCCIv2
Baptist Church Cemetery (Wellsburg Cemetery) Ashland / Chemung BC 2 (C131) Photos
Baptist Church Cemetery(Wisner Cem.) City of Elmira / Chemung (C139)
Baptist Hill Cemetery Columbia / Bradford FTM & KJ
Barber Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C5)
Barbours Corners Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C6)
Barclay Cemetery (Barclay Mountain Protestant/St.Patrick's Roman Catholic) Barclay (now Franklin) / Bradford See Photo Page
Bardwell Cemetery Springfield / Bradford NM
Barnes Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C7)
Barnes Hill Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C8)
Bartholomew & Elizabeth LaPort family Asylum / Bradford RJM
Bartle Cemetery Delmar / Tioga TCCI V.2
Barto Hill Cemetery  Jackson / Tioga JKJ
Batterson Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C9) SN
Beaman Family Cemetery Columbia / Bradford KJ 
Beaver Meadows/Clapper Hill Tuscarora / Bradford
Bechtol Cemetery  Jackson / Tioga JKJ
Becker's Corners on Old Morris Becker's Farm Armenia / Bradford TCCI V.3
Beckwith Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C10) KJ
Beech Flats Cemetery (Full Listing 2002)
Beech Flats Cemetery  (Partial Listing)
Canton / Bradford PMG -PSR
Beech Hill Cemetery Cogan / Lycoming EH
Benjamin P Ingham family, private Wilmot / Bradford
Bentley Cemetery Rutland / Tioga TCCI V.1
Bentley Cemetery (Greeno Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C11) MPC
Bentley Creek Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford Biographies
Bentley's Landing Cemetery(Marsh or Wygant Road Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C63) BP
Berrytown Burials(most graves believed to have been moved to Checkerville in South Creek Township) Springfield / Bradford
Besley Cemetery/ Columbia Valley Columbia / Bradford BP Photos
Bethel Cemetery Elkland Township, Sullivan County near Overton  PH
Bidlack, private Rome / Bradford
Big Flats Cemetery (Miller Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C73)
Big Flats Cemetery (Rural Home Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C101)
Big Pond Cemetery / Hillside Cemetery Springfield / Bradford SN
Biles/ Porterville Cemetery (2000) Wyalusing / Bradford
Bixby Cemetery Windham / Bradford
Black or Patterson Cemetery 1902 Listing

Black or Patterson Cemetery 1999 Listing

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG


Blackwell Cemetery Morris / Tioga TCCI V.4
Blockhouse Cemetery Liberty / Tioga TCCI V.1
Blossburg Cemetery (Oldest)

Blue Burial Ground
Bloss / Tioga
LCR 2009
Bly Cemetery Wells / Bradford TCCI V.3
Boardman Cemetery Chatham / Tioga TCCI V.3
Boose Cemetery Delmar / Tioga TCCI V.2
Bosworth/ Centerville Pike / Bradford
Bowen Family Cemetery (1975)
Bowen Family Cemetery  (2005)
Charleston / Tioga TCCI V.7
Brace Family Cemetery (1970s)
Brace Family Cemetery (1999)
Springfield / Bradford TCCI V.7
Bradford County Memorial Park Burlington / Bradford
Bradford County Manor (County Farm Burial Records) West Burlington / Bradford DmC
Brainard Burial
Brainard Burial Ground
Litchfield / Bradford
Warren, Bradford
Brees Cemetery (Barbours Corners Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C6)
Breesport Baptist Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C13) SN
Breesport County Farm Cemetery (Poor Farm or Chemung County Home Horseheads / Chemung (C14)
Breesport Hilltop Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C12)
Brewer Family Wells / Bradford KJ
Brewster Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga TCCI V.1
Briar Hill Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C15)
Brigham Burial Plot LeRoy / Bradford MC-LHM
Bristol Farm Cemetery Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.2
Bristol Burial Ground Sullivan / Tioga JMT
Broadacres Farm Cemetery (1969) 
BroadAcres Farm Cemetry (2005)
Charleston /Tioga TCCI V.3
Brookfield Township Cemetery 1970
Brookfield Cemetery 2009
Brookfield / Tioga TCCI V.2
Brookside Cemetery [1970s]
Brookside Cemetery [2008]
Gaines / Tioga
Brown Cemetery Monroe / Bradford
(Kenneth I. ) Buck Cemetery Windham / Bradford
Buck Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Budd family*, in area of Budd's Corners (John Budd, Rev.War) Columbia / Bradford
Bullock Cemetery Richmond /Tioga TCCI V.4
Bump/ Scriven's Hollow Albany / Bradford KC - LM 
Bumpville Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford JH
Burgess Cemetery {destroyed} Big Flats / Chemung (C16)
Burnham Cemetery (McIntire) Armenia / Bradford FTM
Burton Fassett farm (earliest dated stone for Nathan Wood who died in 1835) Armenia / Bradford TCCI V.3
Butler Hill Cemetery 1972
Butler Hill Cemetery 2010
Deerfield / Tioga 3,7JC
Butternut Ridge/Ghent/ Horton Cemetery 1902 List

Butternut Ridge/Ghent/ Horton Cemetery 1999List

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG


Button Cemetery Tioga / Tioga  TCCI V.7
Button Hill Cemetery Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.4
Cadis Cemetery Warren / Bradford TR
Cahill Mountain Cemetery Overton /Bradford
Calvary Cemetery (1974)
Calvary Cemetery (2005)
Delmar / Tioga TCCI V.7
Campbell Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford
Campbell Farm, private Burlington / Bradford Biographies
Camptown Cemetery[Full Lisitng Needed] (Photos and Plea)
Camptown Cemetery (Partial Listing)
Wyalusing / Bradford
Canfield Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C17)
Canoe Camp Cemetery 1969?
Canoe Camp Cemetery 2005
Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.1
Card Cemetery 1981
Card Cemetery 2001 with Annotation
Columbia / Bradford JL 
Carpenter Burial Ground Middlebury/Tioga LCR 2005
Carpenter Cemetery Ashland/ Chemung (C18)
Carpenter Farm 1970
Carpenter Cemetery 2010
Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.2
Carr Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung MK (C19)
Carters Hill Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C20)
Case Cemetery Troy / Bradford FTM
Catlin Hollow Cemetery

2000 Updated Version

Charleston /Tioga TCCI V.1 / TD
Caywood Cemetery (Red Chalk Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93)
Centerville Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs BP
Champlin Cemetery 1970s
Champlin Cemetery 2003
Westfield / Tioga TCCI V.2 & 3
Chapman Cemetery (destroyed) Southport / Chemung (C21)
Charles Brown family, private (fieldstone markers only) Monroe / Bradford
Charles Cummings' Place (fieldstone markers only). Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Charles Metcalf Farm Brookfield / Tioga TCCI V.
Chace and Newbury Burial Ground Springfield / Bradford KC/PR
Checkerville Cemetery
Checkerville Cemetery (2000)
South Creek / Bradford TCCI V.5
Chemung County Home Cemetery (Breesport County Farm) Horseheads / Chemung (C14)
Chemung Village Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C22)
Cherry Flats (Methodist)Cemetery (1969)
Cherry Flats (Baptist) Cemetery (1969)
Cherry Flats (Methodist) Cemetery (2005)
Cherry Flats Baptist Cemetery (2005)
Covington / Tioga

Charleston / Tioga

Note: Methodist is in Covington Township and Baptist is just over line in Charleston

TCCI V.1 (1969)
LCR (2005)
Christian Church Cemetery (Thomas) 1917

Christian Church Cemetery (Thomas) 1999

Smithfield / Bradford PR
Christian Hollow Cemetery (Rosstown Cemetery) Southport / Chemung (C97)
Church of Christ - Ogdensburg Cem.
Ogdensburg Cemetery 2008
Union/ Tioga TCCI V.1
Old Clark Burial Ground Rutland / Tioga KJ
Clark Cemetery Brookfield / Tioga TCCI V.2
Clark Cemetery aka West Beechwood
Clark Cemetery 2007
Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.5
Clark CemeteryAt Lamb's Creek - destroyed by Tioga Hammond Dam Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.1 & 4
Clark Cemetery at Powers Corners  Richmond / Tioga  JMT
Cleveland  (Goodall) Cemetery Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.1
Old Cloos Cemetery Chatham / Tioga
Coburn -Dewing (near Warren Center) Warren / Bradford 20006 AD
Coburn family Warren / Bradford 2006 AD
Cochran Cemetery Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.4
Cogswell/ Hillside Tuscarora / Bradford
Col.John Franklin/ Franklin-Flower, on Walker estate, private Athens / Bradford DM
Cold Springs on LeRoy Mountain, (Porter family) Canton / Bradford
Cole's Farm Cemetery
Cole's Farm from Records
Towanda / Bradford PSh
Columbia Valley Cemetery/ Besley Cemetery Columbia / Bradford BP Photos
Comfort Family Plot Southport / Chemung KJ
Comfort Cemetery Columbia / Bradford KJ
Conklin Family Plot Southport / Chemung KJ
Connell Family Plot Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Cooley Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C23)
Cook Cemetery Windham / Bradford FE2003
Cooper (Abner Cooper family) Springfield / Bradford BP Twigs
Cooper (George and Esther Cooper's family) Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Cooper Cemetery (Albee Hill Cem.) VanEtten / Chemung (C24)
Corbin/ King Cemetery Albany / Bradford KC
Cornelius Ennes-Innes/ Ennis family, private Standing Stone / Bradford
Corson, Henry Albany / Bradford
Corson, Zadock & Betsey Albany / Bradford
Coryland/ Baptist Columbia / Bradford 3 SV - replaced with KJ version
Coryland Cemetery/ Presbyterian
Coryand Cemetery V. 2
Wells / Bradford KJ
Coryell Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C25)
Coryland/ Presbyterian Wells / Bradford KJ
County Home Burial Records/ Bradford County Manor(only a few engraved markers) W.Burlington / Bradford DMc
Covert Cemetery (Burman)  Armenia / Bradford TCCI V.1
Covington Cemetery Covington / Tioga EH
Cowanesque Lake Project Nelson / Tioga TCCI V.8
Craig Cemetery(on Patterson farm) Ridgebury / Bradford BP Twigs
Crandall Cemetery (Lewis Crandall, 1806-1844; also:Michael Phillips who died May 26, 1883 age 73 and family) Springfield / Bradford
Crippen Cemetery Rutland / Tioga 1SVKJ
Crooker Cemetery (Mountain View) Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
Culp Cemetery, private (John Mahood, soldier) Springfield / Bradford
Cummiskey Cemetery/ Comiskey/ St Francis Wilmot / Bradford LS
Cummings Cemetery Ridgebury ?? / Bradford BP Twigs
Curren / Seeley Cemetery (TCI V.1)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (TCI v. 4)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (JKJ 1982)
Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.4
Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the Bradford County Cemetery Records on the site by using the Cemeteries -Bradford button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Bradford. 
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Ballard or Berrytown] AND a surname. 
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses 1999

D Whickham/Fox, private (Thomas Fox, Rev.War soldier). Windham / Bradford
Daggett Cemetery Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.1
Daggett Family Cemetery Jackson /Tioga KJ
Old Daggett Burial Ground Jackson /Tioga KJ
Dailey Cemetery Richmond / Tioga
Dailey or Adams Cemeterydestroyed by Tioga Hammond Dam Tioga / Tioga TCCI V.4
Darling Cemetery (RW 2000)
Darling Cemetery (KMJ 2000)
Orwell/Bradford RW
Dartt Settlement Cemetery Old  (Pioneer) (1969)
Dartt Settlement Cemetery New (1969)
Dartt Settlement Cemetery New (2005)
Charleston /Tioga TCCI V.4
Deats-Baker Cemetery Lawrence / Tioga
Decker Cemetery at Durell Asylum / Bradford
Dickinson Cemetery Jackson / Tioga JKJ
Dingman Hill Cemetery Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Dodge/ Old Cemetery, (Major Oliver W Dodge. The first burial for Nathan Lattimer who died May 1796 aged 7 mo, was the first burial in Franklin Township), private; Franklin / Bradford SV
Dorsett Family Burial Ground (2006) Richmond/Tioga  
Doty Hill Cemetery South Creek/ Bradford Twigs BP (C26)
Doty Hill Cemetery1999 Listing SLN
Drake Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C27)
Dry Brook Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C28)
Dry Brook Cemetery (Wynkoop Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C145)
Durand family Herrick / Bradford
Durell Cemetery 2000 Asylum / Bradford RJMc
Dutch Hill Cemetery
Dutch Hill Cemetery (1983 KJ)
Southport / Chemung (C30) DA
Dutchtown Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C31)SN PHOTOS
E C Doane estate,private Windham / Bradford
East Canton Cemetery (Partial) Canton / Bradford Photo
East Herrick Cemetery Herrick / Bradford
East Lawrence Cemetery Lawrence / Tioga TCCI V.1
East Point Cemetery 1970s
East Point Cemetery 2009
Liberty / Tioga TCCI V.1
East Smithfield Cemetery Smithfield / Bradford JMT/BP
East Sullivanville Cemetery (Sandbank or Newton Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C80)
East Troy Cemetery Troy / Bradford WK,PR,KC,KC,LJN 1999
Ebenezer Church Yardat East Point
Ebenezer Church Yard 2010
Liberty / Tioga EH
Elk Run Cemetery  (Smith & Chandler Family)  Sullivan / Tioga TCCI V.1 & 4
Elk Run Cemetery (Lewis Farm) (1970s)
Elk Run Cemetery (2005)
Covington /Tioga 3 EE
Ellenton Cemetery (2003) McNett /Lycoming PMG
Elliot or Searles Cemetery

See 1887 Searles farm Photowith partial burial info

Ashland / Chemung BC 2 (C32)
Ellis Hill/ VanDerpool, private (a Govt marker for Anthony VanDerpool, Rev.War, alongside Ellis Hill Road. Original burial site in field, no engraved Asylum / Bradford
Elmira Correctional Facility (Reformatory) City of Elmira / Chemung (C33)
Elston Hill Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C34)
Elwell Cemetery Wilmot / Bradford
English Cemetery Harrison / Potter TCCI V.3
English Center Cemetery Pine / Lycoming
Lower English Center Cemetery Pine / Lycoming
Ennis Cemetery  Van Etten / Chemung (C35)
Epiphany Roman Catholic (Partial Listing) Athens - Sayre / Bradford EFW
Ernest Baker Farm Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Evangelical Cemetery Liberty / Tioga TCCI V.1
Evergreen Cemetery Albany / Bradford PR
Evergreen Cemetery 1970s partial
Evergreen Cemetery 2011
Tioga / Tioga CP
Everson/ Park Litchfield / Bradford
Fairview Cemetery / Osceola Cemetery 1973
Fairview Cemetery / Osceola Cemetery 2010
Osceola / Tioga REL
Fairview Cemetery (partial 1970s)
Fairview Cemetery (Holiday) (2005)
Middlebury / Tioga TCCI V.4
LCR 2005
Fairview Cemetery (Old Scotchtown) Erin / Chemung (C109) SN
Faithful Companions Cemetery Smithfield / Bradford
Fallbrook Cemetery Ward /Tioga TCCI V.1
Family Cemetery (West) Middlebury / Tioga TCCI V.2
Family Cemetery (Taylor) Osceola / Tioga TCCI V.5
Family Cemetery (Rathbun and others) Elkland / Tioga TCCI V.5
Family Cemetery near West Cemetery Middlebury / Tioga TCCI V.5
Family Cemetery on Plank Farm Westfield / Tioga TCCI V.5
Farm Cemetery Westfield / Tioga
Farmington Hill Cemetery 1969
Farmington Hill Cemetery 2007
Farmington / Tioga  TCCI V.1
Fitzsimmons Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C36) DB
Fletcher Burial Ground Ward / Tioga FTM/CF
Ford Street / Ford family Burial Ground Pike / Bradford 2009 LR
Forest Lawn (Office Records to 1994) Elmira / Chemung (C37)Records in Cemetery Office
Forrest/Furscht Albany / Bradford
Forsaken Cemetery (Minier Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C38)
Franklin-Fowler Athens / Bradford DM
Franklin Center Christian Church Franklin / Bradford GW / RW
Franklin Flats/ Old Cemetery * started on the "Franklin Plains" (Kirby property) in Wysox Wysox / Bradford
Franklin St. Jewish Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C39)
Franklindale Cemetery(Obituary Abstractions) Franklin / Bradford EFW
Free Church Cemetery Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
French Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C40)
French Hill Cemetery Middlebury / Tioga TCCI V.5
Frenchtown/Lower Frenchtown/ French Asylum ME Church
Frenchtown Cemetery (New)
Asylum / Bradford JH
Frenchtown (Old Frencthown) Asylum / Bradford
Frieden Evanglical Cemetery Liberty / Tioga (Jackson/Lycoming) TCCI V.1
Fries Cemetery Columbia / Bradford JL / JKJ Photos
Frost Settlement Cemetery (1969) Partial
Frost Settlement Cemetery (2005)
Covington / Tioga TCCI V.1
Fuller Family* (on William Walsh farm) Ridgebury / Bradford Twigs
Fulton St. Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C41)
Fulton St. Hebrew Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C42)
Furman Cemetery 1970s
Furman Cemetery 2008
Ward / Tioga TCCI V.3
Furman Burial Ground 2008 Gaines / Tioga LCR
Gafford Burial Ground Ward / Bradford
Gates* in Columbia Cross Roads Columbia / Bradford
Gaylord Family Cemetery Southport, Chemung KJ
Gee Family Cemetery Farmington / Tioga TCCI V.7
Gearhart Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C43)
German Cemetery Elkland Township, Sullivan County near Overton PH
George Gordon family Asylum / Bradford
Gernert, private Columbia / Bradford
Ghent/ Butternut Ridge/ Horton Cemetery 1902 Listing

Ghent/ Butternut Ridge/ Horton Cemetery 1999 Listing

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG


Gilbert Cemetery, private* Asylum / Bradford
Gillett Cemetery (Lower)

Gillett (Upper & Lower) Obituary Abstracts
South Creek / Bradford BP
Gillett Cemetery (Upper) South Creek / Bradford BP
Gitchell Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga JMT
Gladding/Sylvan Hill Cemetery Columbia / Bradford BP
Glass Factory Cemetery a.k.a. Riverside Covington/ Tioga x
Glenwood Cemetery - Old Section - New Section
History of Glenwood Cemetery - 1922 Booklet
Troy / Bradford FTM 
Gloekler Family Burial Ground 2009 Liberty / Tioga LCR 2009
Goff/ Griffin Cemetery Canton / Bradford
Good Shepherd Cemetery (Mt.Savior Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C146)
Goodwin Farm Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C44)
Gordon Cemetery Standing Stone / Bradford
Gore Cemetery - Walter Gillet property, private
Gore Cemetery May 2000
Sheshequin / Bradford PG
Granville Center Cemetery 2000 
Granville Center Cemetery 2002 - New & Corrected
Granville / Bradford TD
Gray Cemetery1970s
Gray Cemetery 2005
Covington / Tioga TCCI V.7
Gray Family Burial Ground Sullivan / Tioga TCCI V.4
Gray Valley Cemetery
Gray Valley Cemetery 1999 Update
Sullivan / Tioga 1JMT 
Greatsinger Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C45) CG
Green Mountain Cemetery (land given by David Burt, 1841) Ridgebury ?? / Bradford BP Twigs
Greeno Cemetery (Bentley Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C11) MPC
Greenwood/ Powell Cemetery (AM Version)
Greenwood/ Powell Cemetery (RS Version)
Monroe / Bradford
Gregg (on land taken up by Andrew Gregg about 1807. The Gregg descendants moved their relatives to Oak Hill or Riverside. Benjamin Wilcox, Rev.soldier interred with no gravestone: Four remaining graves.) Towanda / Bradford
Gregory Cemetery Union (or Ward) / Tioga
Griffin Cemetery Rutland / Tioga TCCI V.4
A Griffin Cemetery Canton /Bradford FTM
Griffin Cemetery at Roaring Branch 2008 Union / Tioga LCR
Griswold Cemetery(Fitzimmons Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Grover Hill Cemetery Springfield / Bradford
Grover (Turner) Cemetery - Plot Ownership) and
Grover Cemetery (Tombstone Reading List) 2001
Canton / Bradford
Gustin Cemetery of Luther's Mills Burlington / Bradford PR
Gustin Cemetery Ashland / Chemung 2 (C46) KJ
Hadlock Cemetery Litchfield / Bradford
Hakes/ Teeter/ Evergreen (on John Kipp farm) Albany / Bradford
Hammond Cemetery 2005 Middlebury / Tioga LCR
Hammond Dam Relocations 1976 Middlebury / Tioga DB
Handy Cemetery Westfield / Tioga TCCI V.2 & 7
Hanlon Hill Cemetery (partial)

Hanlon Hill Cemetery 1999 listing

Ridgebury ??/ Bradford Twigs BP


Harkness Cemetery Springfield / Bradford Photos JMT/BP
Harrington Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C47)
Harris Family Cemetery Rutland / Tioga KJ
Hart Family Cemetery Charleston /Tioga 4MPC
Hart Plot Covington / Tioga TCCI V.1
Hart  Cemetery Albany / Bradford
Hart  Cemetery (Salem Lutheran)1970s
Liberty / Tioga TCCI
Harvey Ward, private Burlington / Bradford
Hatch Hill Cemetery Albany / Bradford
Haven Family Cemetery Columbia / Bradford BP
Heman Morgan interred on the George Morgan farm. Armenia / Bradford
Hendy Creek Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C48) KJ
Henry Cornelius* Rev.War soldier who died on the mountain below Towanda, buried on the little farm that he owned, near Hale's (possibly over the line in Monroe Township) Towanda / Bradford
Henry H Corson Family, private (on Walter Lilly farm) Albany / Bradford
Herickville Cemetery [2009] Herrick / Bradford
Herrick Presbyterian Church/ Landon Herrick / Bradford
Heverly Farm Cemetery Overton /Bradford S.E.
Hibbard*,private Albany / Bradford
Hicks Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C49) DB
Highland Cemetery 1970s
Highland Cemetery 2011
Elkland /Tioga TCCI V.5
Hill Cemetery Chatham / Tioga TCCI V.3
Hills Creek Cemetery1970s
Hills Creek Cemetery 2005
Charleston / Tioga TCCI V.4
Hillcrest Cemetery/New Albany in New Albany Boro. (Hoagland - Partial listing)
Hillcrest Cemetery / New Albany (2002 reading)
Albany / Bradford JH / KC - S
Hillman Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C50)
Hillside Cemetery (See Big Pond Cemetery) Springfield / Bradford SN
Hilton Cemetery 1982(near line of West Burlington)
Hilton Cemetery 2005
Troy / Bradford  
Hilltop Cemetery (Breesport Hilltop Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung SLN (C12)
Hiram Dimon family,private Pike / Bradford
Hodges Family Burial Ground Sullivan / Tioga JKJ
Holcomb Cemetery LeRoy / Bradford MC 2004
Holiday Cemetery (partial 1970s)
Holiday Cemetery (2005)
Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.4
LCR 2005
Hollenbeck Cemetery (Red Chalk Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93)
Hollis Cemetery (Red School Cemetery) Ward / Tioga
Holly Cemetery Standing Stone / Bradford
Homet Cemetery Wyalusing / Bradford PH
Horn Cemetery 1970s
Horn Cemetery 2009
Morris / Tioga TCCI V.4
Hornbrook Cemetery (1902)

Hornbrook Cemetery (1999)

Sheshequin / Bradford RE (film) PHG


Horseheads Cemetery (Maple Grove) Horseheads / Chemung (C64)
Horseheads Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C51)All bodies removed to other cemeteries years ago.
Horton /Ghent/ Butternut Ridge Cemetery 1902 Listing

Horton /Ghent/ Butternut Ridge Cemetery 1999 Listing

Sheshequin / Bradford PHG


Houdak Farm Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C52)
Howland Cemetery (Joseph & Lucy)

Howland Cemetery (Joseph & Lucy)

Deerfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Howland Cemetery Deerfield / Tioga 2006 LCR
Howland Cemetery Rutland / Tioga JKJ/JMT
Howland Cemetery Westfield / Tioga 2,3
Hulslander Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 5 JMT Photos
Hunt Cemeteryon Porter Road between Troy and Sylvania.
Hunt Cemetery 2001
Columbia or Troy?/ Bradford FTM
Huyck*, private (on property of Robert and Mary Jane Roof) Standing Stone / Bradford
Irish Catholic/ State Road/St.Peter and Paul Parish Standing Stone / Bradford
Irish Hill/ St Luke's Warren / Bradford
Isbell farm, * private Burlington / Bradford
Jackson Center Cemetery Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.1
Jacob & Ruth Miller Cemetery 1970s
Jacob & Ruth Miller Cemetery 1996
Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.1
James Holly-Hawley*, private Standing Stone / Bradford
Jenkins Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C53) MPC
Jenkins Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C54)
Jennings family,private Asylum / Bradford
Jillson Cemetery Orwell / Bradford
Jobs Corners Cemetery (1970)

Jobs Corners Cemetery (1982)
Jackson /Tioga TCCI V.1

John Buck Family (on Harold Woodard farm) Ridgebury / Bradford
John & Permilia Cady Cemetery Lawrence / Tioga TCCI V.3
John Gordon family Standing Stone / Bradford
John McCabe farm, private Rome / Bradford
John Woodburn family* (removed to Wysox). Rome / Bradford
Johnson Hollow Cemetery (Maple Grove) DAR
Johnson Hollow Cemetery (MM)
Catlin / Chemung (C63) MPC
Joseph Vought farm, private Sheshequin / Bradford
Judson Cemetery Wells / Bradford KJ
Judson Hill Cemetery Wells / Bradford KJ
Kahler Road Cemetery (Pioneer Cem., Sing Sing) Big Flats / Chemung (C86)
Keen/ Keene Summit  Standing Stone / Bradford
Kellogg Cemetery Monroe / Bradford
Kelly Family Cemetery Southport/Chemung KJ
Kelly Hill Cemetery (near Chemung and Tioga) Caton / Steuben (C55) (in Buchanan folder)
Kendall Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C56) MPC
Kennedy Cemetery 1969
Kennedy Cemetery 2008
Delmar / Tioga TCCI V.4
Kennedy Cemetery Springfield / Bradford KC
(Kenneth) Buck Cemetery Windham / Bradford
Kent's Corners Wells / Bradford KJ
King (one grave on the Grant Cole dooryard) Armenia / Bradford
King Hill Cemetery Sullivan / Tioga 1JMT 
King or Upper Jemison Cemetery Westfield / Tioga TCCI V.3
Knoll Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C57)
Knowlton Cemetery 1968
Knowlton Cemetery 2003
Gaines / Tioga
Knowlton Cemetery (Whittaker-Jaquish) (2005) Richmond / Tioga LCR / JMT
Krusen Cemetery Westfield / Tioga TCCI V.2 (1970) & 2002 Adjustments
LaBar Cemetery 1970s
LaBar Cemetery 2010
Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.2 & 5
Ladd Cemetery* Albany / Bradford
Laddsburg/ Miller (Partial - 1878)
Laddsburg Cemetery 2001
Albany / Bradford
Lake Wesauking/ Pond Hill Wysox / Bradford JH
Lambs Creek Cemetery destroyed by Tioga Hammond Dam Richmond / Tioga TCCI V.1 & 4
Landis Family Burials Wysox / Bradford RMc
Lane/ Luther's Mills (partial) Burlington / Bradford EH/JH
LaPorte Family Burials Asylum / Bradford RJM
Larrison Cemetery Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.5
LaRue Saunder's farm at Gillett South Creek / Bradford
LaRue (LaRow) Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C58)
Lattin Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C59) MPC
Laurel Hill Cemetery Ridgebury / Bradford TCCI V.7 Biographies
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (1970s) Rutland / Tioga TCCI V.1
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (1982) JKJ
Lawrence Corners Cemetery (2009) LCR
Lawrenceville Cemetery ca 1970 Lawrence / Tioga TCCI V.1
Lawrenceville Cemetery 2002 Lawrence/Tioga
Lee Cemetery Chatham / Tioga TCCI V.3
Leetonia Cemetery Elk / Tioga
Lefler family (Peter and Rebecca) Ridgebury / Bradford
Lenox Avenue Cemetery (McConnell Cem. #2) Elmira Heights / Chemung (C69)
Leona Cemetery Springfield / Bradford KC  Photos
Leonard/Salisbury(on old Austin Leonard farm,established by LaFayette Leonard and his brother- in- law, John Salisbury for their descendants) Springfield / Bradford
LeRaysville Boro in LeRaysville
LeRaysville Cemetery
Pike / Bradford JH
LeRoy Cemetery LeRoy / Bradford PWB
Lewis Cemetery Morris / Tioga TCCI V.4
Lewis Farm Cemetery (1970s) a.k.a. Elk Run
Lewis Farm Cemetery (2005)
Covington / Tioga TCCI V.3
Liberty Corners/ Hollon Hill Monroe / Bradford JH 
Lime Hill Cemetery  Wyalusing / Bradford PH
Lindley Cemetery Lindley / Steuben 4 MPC
Locke Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C60) MPC
Lockwood Cemetery Chemung / Chemung and
Barton / Tioga County NY
MSJ (C61)
Lonesome Cemetery (Rev. Sniffen Cem.) VanEtten / Chemung (C116)
Lowman Farm Cemetery (Known by tradition only) Chemung / Chemung (C62)
Lost & Unmarked Burial Grounds Sullivan / Tioga JMT
Lovell Cemetery 1970s and 2009 Clymer / Tioga TCCI V.5
LCR 2009
Lower Cemetery(below Franklindale) Franklin / Bradford SV / RW
Lower Gillett Cemetery South Creek / Bradford BP
Lutheran Community Cemetery, Morris Run 2008 Hamilton / Tioga LCR
Luthers Mills Cemetery (Partial)

Luthers Mills Cemetery (1999 Reading)

Burlington / Bradford EH/JH


Lyon Cemetery (partial) Tuscarora / Bradford JH
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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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