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Lewis Farm or Elk Run Cemetery,  Covington Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s
by Joyce M. Tice
Jan 01, 2005

Lewis Farm Obituaries

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A.K.A. Elk Run Cemetery


This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 4, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
There are many burials in this cemetery since the 1970s listing we have available. See the Updated 2005 listing also 
Lewis Farm Cemetery also called Elk Run Cemetery Covington Township Tioga County, PA This is on Elk Run, about a half mile East of West Covington. Has been used many years and holds remains of early settlers. On Rte. 58041, Cherry Flats to Blairs Corner Road. Copied by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and William Ladd
Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age at Death Inscription or Notes
LEWIS John  Aug 23, 1823 Apr. 26, 1896 Co. K. 207 Regt. Pa. Vol. Civil War
LEWIS Cynthia Apr. 12, 1822 June 25, 1916
LEWIS Alfred L. 1857 1923
LEWIS Minnie E. 1862 1934
BUCHKO Lori Jean June 27, 1968 June 29, 1968 Our Baby
ENGLISH Doyle Robert 1896
ENGLISH Mollie T. FORD 1893
INGALLS William J. Feb. 23, 1833 Jan. 22, 1903
INGALLS William J. Aug. 29, 1865 June 3, 1956
FORD Jerome B. 1839 1917 Co.D. 187 Pa. Inf. Civil War
FORD Mary E. 1845 1901
FORD Clark G. 1880 1970
SIMERSON 1859 (no first name)
SIMERSON Lora V. 1871 1907
SIMERSON Lloyd 1897 1925
SIMERSON Clyde 1893 1916
SIMERSON Lora stone here, no inscription
SIMERSON Isaac 1832 1900 (Father) Civil War
SIMERSON Helen M. 1835 1910 (Mother)
BAILEY Butler Feb. 22, 1846 Feb. 18, 1892 Civil War
SOPER Elizabeth bJuly 8, 1838 Oct. 1898
SOPER James 1836 1911 Co.C. Pa. Vol. Civil War
ZITTEL Theobald May 15, 1835 Dec. 24, 1898 Civil War (Father)
ZITTEL Mary M. Feb. 27, 1842 12-24-1898 (Mother)
ZITTEL Orson M. May r. 3, 1872 July 30, 1936
ZITTEL Gilbert Clark Jan. 24, 1911 Apr. 15, 1934
VARNER Clifford B. 1916 no death date
VARNER Helen L. 1920 no death date
MUDGE Marshall 1856 1906
MUDGE Nelson 1809 1886
MUDGE Czarina 1824 1899
SIMERSON Floyd A. 1856 1920
SIMERSON Ruth A. Jan. 15, 1865 Mar. 18, 1910
SIMERSON Carence Jan. 12, 1882 4-22-1882 s/o F.A. and Ruth A.
SIMERSON Edna May June 9, 1906 12-16-1907 d/o F.A. and Ruth A.
MARBLE Anna E. Mar. 27, 1898 1 yr, 11 mo, 5 d. d/o C.B. & Lulu 
BRAGG Maggie M. Nov. 18, 1885 23 yr, 4 mo, 15 da. wife of Darius D. Bragg
MARVIN Elmer E. Sept. 28, 1887 6 mo. son of J.L. and Marilla B. Marvin
MARVIN (graves here with no markers)
DOUGLAS Alfred J. Apr. 29, 1811 Oct. 31, 1896 85 y, 6 mo, 2 da.
DOUGLAS Susanna Mar. 4, 1891 73 years wife of A.J.
KELSEY Apr. 4, 1891 2y, 4m, 11d son of George and Alice
KELSEY Elmer 1910 1930
KELSEY Alice 1917
KELSEY (A large stone here, down on face, Graves here, no markers)
JENNINGS Jonathon Mar. 21, 1876 68 yr, 7 mo, 23 da.
WELSH Henry 1834 1899
WELSH Julia 1840 1916
WELSH Harry 1861 1883
WELSH Elsworth 1864 1930
WELSH Anna 1875 1952
WELSH Walter 1879 1881
WELSH Leon Mar. 9, 1881 2y, 9mo, 21 da. son of Charles and Sally
JOB Marcy Aug. 26, -- 69 yr, 5 mo, 5 da. wife of John Job. stone broken on date
HAKES Rosella Dec. 24, 1874 ae. 35 years Mother
HAKES Almira Oct. 23, 1871 ae. 32 yr, 1mo, 5d. Wife of J.C. Hakes
HAKES B.S. May 8, 1863 age 89 yrs, 11 mo, 16 da.
BECKWITH Claud Aug. 13, 1867 ae. 1y, 1m, 5d Son of L.C. & Mary A.
GRAVES Abagall P. July 16, 1884 Aged 76 yr, 5 mo, 18 da. Wife of Asahel Graves
GRAVES Asahel June 6, 1878 ae. 80 yr, 10 mo. 27 da.
WHITTEMORE Nathan 1830 1913
WHITTEMORE Sarah 1835 1887
WHITTEMORE Bugean 1871 1892
BECKWITH Lucy Lueen July 14, 1869 1 yr, 4 mo, 2 da. dau of L.C. & Mary A.
KLOCK Mary 1835 1863 Mother
BAIRD Emmet C. 1872 1884 Son
BAIRD Martha 1839 1884 Mother; Wife of N.P. Baird
SOPER David N. 1806 1882
SOPER Sarah M. 1812 1893
SOPER Nathaniel 1852 1886
SOPER Ralph 1877 1889
BARDWELL Rosena SOPER 1850 1908
CONNELLY Adelaide Oct. 5, 1849 Dec. 21, 1902 Mother
CONNELLY Contine Mar. 4, 1905 Father; Co. B. 101 Pa. Vol.
CONNELLY Howard Feb. 1, 1884 ae ----- Son of C.& A.Connelly
INGALLS Erastus 1810 1899
INGALLS Elizabeth B. 1811 1892 his wife
BRAGG Sylvia Jane Oct. 23, 1866 ae. 31y, 1m, 23 da wife of G.W.
DUNMORE Olive Feb. 27, 1875 age 32 yr, 10 mo, 11 da Wife of Wm. D. Dunmorm
DUNMORE Elizabeth Apr. 10, 1854 Nov. 7, 5888 Wife of A.M. Dunmore
DUNMORE Daughter of Wm. D. and A. -----
DUNMORE LeRoy Mar. 3, 1884 ae 13 yr, 4m, 4d. Son of Wm.
DUNMORE Walter E. Mar. 3, 1884 ae 13 yr, 4m, 4d. Son of Wm. D. & O.
DUNMORE Lydia H. 1827 Dec. 19, 1891 Wife of Wm. D. Dunmore
DUNMORE Philetpa R. Feb. 20, 1821 11-9-1895 Wife of Wm. D. 
DUNMORE (more graves here with no markers)
WOOD Josiah May 19, 1809 Nov. 2, 1878
WOOD Miriam Nov. 19, 1884 ae. 73 yr, 6m, 6d. Wife of Josiah
YOUMANS Johnie R. Feb. 7, 1874 age 3 yr, 7 mo, 29 da. Sons of John and Lizzie Youmans follow:
YOUMANS Horace C. Feb 22, 1875 age 2 yr, 3 mo, 27 da. Sons of John and Lizzie Youmans follow:
JOHNSON Anna Dec. 28, 1869 aged 41 yr. 5 mo. 18 da. Wife of Jacob Johnson
SEARS Phineas R. May 22, 1875 age 39 years
ROCKWELL Esther Sept. 10, 1875 ae 30 y, 9 mo, 4 d Dau of P.W & E.
ROCKWELL Frankie M 3-31-1881 ae 12 y, 6m,--- Son of P.H. & Sally
ROCKWELL Emma N. 4-3-1881 ae 6 y, 2m, 12d d/o of P.H. & Sally
McINTOSH Mathias 1799 1882
McINTOSH Sarah 1803 1882
MARVIN Albert G. 1838 1923
MARVIN Diantha R. Mar. 2, 1875 ae. 42y, 4m, 2d. Wife of A.G.
VAN VALKNER Clara J Apr. 8, 1886 ae. 21y, 8m, 23d. wife of B.O.
MARVIN John July 2, 1866 82 years, 5m, 25da.
MARVIN Polly Mar. 1, 1863 aged 74 years, 11 days wife of John Job. stone broken on date
MARVIN Diantha R. broken stone
MARVIN Anna M. Apr. 7, 1873 aged 6 mo. 20 da. dau of E.G. and Diantha
MARVIN Nettie Aug, 2, 1871 age 2 yr, 23 da. dau of A.G. & Diantha
MARVIN George D. son of A.G. & Diantha ---
McINTOSH Adelbert May 10, 1862 age 4 mo. 15 da. son of Mathias & Sarah
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cemetery Section
Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Lewis Farm or Elk Run Cemetery,  Covington Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005
by Joyce M. Tice
Jan 01, 2005

Lewis Farm Obituaries

Name of Cemetery:    Lewis Farm - A.K.A. Elk Run
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   May.20.2005
Location:  Covington Twp, Tioga County
NOTE: Well maintained-Stones in good shape, but older stones are getting hard to Read
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Lewis John Aug.23.1823 Apr.26.1896   Co. K 207 Regt.Pa Vol. Civil War
Lewis Cynthia Apr.12.1822 Jun.25.1916    
Lewis Alfred L. 1857 1923    
Lewis Minnie E. 1862 1934    
Buchko Lori Jean Jun.27.1968 Jun.29.1968    
English Doyle Robert 1896 1974    
English Mollie E. 1893 1988   On stone w/Doyle Robert
Ingalls William J. Feb.23.1833 Jan.22.1903    
Ingalls William J. Aug.29.1865 Jun.3.1956   (Son) On stone w/William J. above
Ford Jerome B. 1839 1917   Co. D 187 Pa.Inf.Civil War
Ford Mary E. 1845 1901   On stone w/Jerome B.
Ford Clark G. 1880 1970   On stone w/Jerome B.
Simerson Lafe 1859      
Simerson Lora V. 1871 1907   On stone w/Lafe
Simerson Lloyd 1897 1925    
Simerson Clyde 1893 1916    
Simerson Lora         
Simerson Isaac B. 1832 1900   (Father) Civil War
Simerson Helen M. 1835 1910   On stone w/Isaac B.
Bailey Butler Feb.22.1846 Feb.18.1892    
Soper Elizabeth Jul.8.1838 Oct.1898    
Soper James 1836 1911   Co. C Pa.Vol.Civil War
Zittel Theobald May.15.1835 Dec.24.1898   Civil War (Father)
Zittel Mary M. Feb.27.1842 Apr.16.1928   (Mother)
Zittel Orson M. Mar.3.1872 Jul.30.1936    
Zittel Gilbert Clark Jan.24.1911 Apr.15.1934    
Varner Clifford B. 1916     New Digging
Varner Helen L. 1920 1985   On stone w/Clifford B.
Mudge Rosa 1864 1939    
Mudge Marshall 1853 1906   On stone w/Rosa
          Unreadable Field Stone
Mudge Nelson 1809 1886    
Mudge Czarina 1824 1899   On stone w/Nelson
Simerson Floyd A. 1856 1920    
Simerson Ruth A. Jan.15.1865 Mar.18.1910    
Simerson Carence Jan.12.1882 Apr.22.1882   s/o F.A. and Ruth A.
Simerson Edna May Jun.9.1906 Dec.16.1907   d/o F.A. and Ruth A.
Marble Anna E.   Mar.27.1898 1y11m5d d/o C. B. & Lulu
Bragg Maggie M.   Nov.18.1885 23y74m15d w/o Darius D. Bragg
Marvin Elmer E.   Sep.28.1887 6 mo s/o J. L. and Marilla B. Marvin
Marvin         Graves here with no markers
Douglas Alfred J. Apr.29.1811 Oct.31.1896 85y6m2d Stone tipped over
Douglas Susanna   Mar.4.1891 73 yr w/o A. J.
Kelsey Unreadable   Apr.4.1891 2y4m11d s/o George & Alice
Kelsey Elmer  1910 1930    
Kelsey Alice 1917     On stone w/Elmer
Kelsey Charles M. 1874 1932    
Kelsey Hattie R. 1880 1932   On stone w/Charles M.
Jennings Jonathon   Mar.21.1876 68y7m23d Flat on ground-very hard to read
Welsh Henry 1834 1899    
Welsh Julia 1840 1916   On stone w/Henry
Welsh Harry 1861 1883   On stone w/Henry
Welsh Elsworth 1864 1930   On stone w/Henry
Welsh Anna  1875 1952   On stone w/Henry
Welsh Walter 1879 1881   On stone w/Henry
Welsh Leon   Mar.9.1881 2y9m21d s/o Charles & Sally
Job Mercy   Aug.26 69y5m5d w/o John Job-Stone broken on date
Hakes Rosella   Dec.24.1874 35 yr Mother
Hakes Almira E.   Oct.23.1871 32y1m5d w/o J.C. Hakes
Hakes B. S.   May.8.1863 89y11m16d Very hard to read
Beckwith Claud E. Aug.13.1867 1y1m5d s/o L.C. & Mary A. (almost unreadable)
Graves Abagall P.   Jul.16.1884 76y5m18d w/o Asahel Graves
Graves Asahel   Jun.6.1878 80y10m27d Stone broken in half
Whittemore Nathan 1830 1913    
Whittemore Sarah 1835 1887   On stone w/Nathan
Whittemore Eugene 1871 1892   On stone w/Nathan
Beckwith Lucy Lueen   Jul.14.1869 1y4m2d d/o L.C. & Mary A.
Klock Mary 1835 1863   Mother
Baird Emmet C. 1872 1884   Son
Baird Martha 1839 1884   w/o Z.M.P. Baird-Mother
Soper David M. 1806 1882    
Soper Sarah M. 1812 1893   On stone w/David M.
Soper Nathaniel 1852 1886   On stone w/David M.
Soper Ralph 1877 1889   On stone w/David M.
Bardwell Rosena Soper 1850 1908    
Connelly Adelaide Oct.5.1849 Dec.21.1902   Mother
Connelly Contine Jun.8.1835 Nov.4.1905   Father, Co. B. 101 Pa. Vol.
Connelly Howard   Feb.1.1884 6y9m13d s/o C. & A. Connelly
Ingalls Erastus 1810 1899    
Ingalls Elizabeth B. 1811 1892   On stone w/Erastus
Bragg Sylvia Jane   Oct.23.1866 31y1m23d w/o G. W. (Stone getting hard to read)
Dunmore Olive   Feb.27.1875 32y10m11d w/o Wm. D. Dunmore
Dunmore Elizabeth Apr.10.1854 Nov.7.1888   w/o A.M. Dunmore (On stone w/Olive)
Dunmore         d/o Wm D. and A. (On stone w/Olive)
Dunmore LeRoy   Mar.3.1884 13y4m4d s/o Wm (On stone w/Olive)--Hard to read
Dunmore Walter E.   Sep.3.1873 11y7m21d s/o Wm.D. & Ol (On stone w/Olive)
Dunmore Lydia H. 1827 Dec.19.1891   w/o Wm. D. Dunmore
Dunmore Philetpa R. Feb.20.1821 Nov.9.1895   On stone w/Lydia H.)
Dunmore         More graves here with no markers
Wood Josiah May.19.1809 Nov.2.1878    
Wood Miriam   Nov.19.1884 73y6m6d w/o Josiah
Youmans Johnie R.   Feb.7.1874 3y7m29d s/o John & Lizzie Youmans-Stone hard to read
Youmans Horace C.   Feb.22.1875 2y3m27d s/o John & Lizzie Youmans (On stone w/Johnie)
Johnson Anna   Dec.28.1869 41y5m18d w/o Jacob Johnson
Sears Phineas R.   May.22.1875 39 yr In ground & broken in half
Rockwell Esther   Sep.10.1875 30y9m4d d/o P.W. & E.(On same stone w/Frankie & Emma)
Rockwell Frankie M.   Mar.31.1881 12y6m s/o P.H. & Sally (Almost unreadable)
Rockwell Emma N.   Apr.3.1881 6y2m12d d/o P.H. & Sally (Almost unreadable)
McIntosh Mathias 1799 1882    
McIntosh Sarah 1803 1882   On stone w/Mathias
Marvin Albert G. 1838 1923    
Marvin Diantha R.   Mar.2.1875 42y4m2d w/o A. G. (Stone tipped over)
VanValkner Clara J.   Apr.8.1886 21y8m23d w/o B. O.
Marvin John    Jul.2.1866 82y5m25d  
Marvin Polly   Mar.1.1863 74y11d w/o John Job-Stone broken on date & buried in ground
Marvin Diantha R.       w/o A.G.Marvin - Broken stone
Marvin Anna M.   Apr.7.1873 6m20d d/o E.G. & Diantha
Marvin Nettie   Aug.2.1871 2y23d d/o A.G. & Diantha - Almost unreadable
Marvin George D.       Stone broken & buried (Old reading said s/o A.G. & Diantha)
McIntosh Adelbert   May.10.1862 20y4m15d s/o Mathias & Sarah
Livermore Margaret E. 1925      
Livermore Sanford E. 1922 1996   On stone w/Margaret E.
English Leonard L. Jun.17.1921 Jan.4.2003   Married Aug.30.1942
English Blanche E. Sep.18.1921 Apr.29.1990   On stone w/Leonard L.
Housel Tami J. 1962 1996   Married June.19.1982
Housel Thomas D. 1958     On stone w/Tami J.
English Scott D. Mar.22.1964 Aug.27.1980    
Frost Corabelle May.24.1924 Mar.24.1997    
Frost Lowell E. Feb.18.1920 Nov.26.1992   On stone w/Corabelle
Clark Pauline J. 1938      
Colvin William W. Apr.12.1944 May.27.2002   Sp4-U.S. Army Vietnam
Calkins Robert W. Sr. Aug.28.1944 Jul.31.2003   Sp5-U.S. Army Vietnam
Cheyney Edwin R. Sr. Nov.27.1919 Nov.28.1985   Married Aug.12.1938
Cheyney Isabel M. May.12.1921     On stone w/Edwin R. Sr.
Levandoski Michael A. Jr. May.15.1982 Jun.10.1989    
Varner Francis M. May.12.1925 May.21.1979   PFC US Army WWII

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