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English Cemetery

Harrison Township,POTTER COUNTY, PA. 

The English Family Cemetery is located on property belonging to Joel and Catherine English. They brought with them an old English Bible published in 1599. The Enlish Family came from England to New England at an early date. The Bible was an edition known as the Geneva Bible, of which the first edition was printed in 1560. Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and her husband William A. LADD read this cemetery abou 1972. A more recent English Bible is on the Bible page. 
This is from
Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 3, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
Surname First & Middle Names Birth Date Death Date Age at Death Notes & Inscriptions
English Thomas P.  June 3, 1809 Oct. 27, 1884
English Anneliza Feb. 13, 1806 Aug. 29, 1888 w/o T. P. 
English Agnes F.  1855 1887 A Large stone with
English James 1854 1935 3 smaller
English Harriett 1869 1966 stones
English Allison Jan. 25, 1873 Nov. 23, 1898 On one side
English Guy Aug. 14, 1892 Jan. 25, 1895 On onother side
English Lora July 4, 1894 May 31, 1895 Children of A. & K. English
Lewis  Frances ENGLISH 1898 1934
Smith John 1887 1957
Smith  Alice 1893 1945
Tadder Mary E.  May 26, 1845 Aug. 20, 1895 w/o E.S. Tadder
?????? Festus B.  Inscription worn off
Badgers Adelaide Oct. 8, 1848 May 25, 1885 w/o F. P. Badgers
Badgers Artemus Aug., 17, 1868 Apr. 29, 1886 s/o F.P. and A. Badgers
Philips Lucy June 8, 1849 Dec. 10, 1880 w/o E.B. Philips
Philips Mira Dec. 10, 1873 Nov. 14, 1880 Children of E.B. and Lucy
Philips Elmer Oct. 22, 1880 Apr. 12, 1881 Philips
Philips  E. B.  Dec. 19, 1842 Apr. 4, 1897
Philips Sarah Feb. 9, 1816 May 23, 1895 w/o Barber Philips
Philips Barber Apr. 3, 1866 Age 57 yr. 9 da.
Philips Eliza F. Feb. 5, 1851 Age 1 yr. 10 mo. 4 da. d/o Barber Philips
Philip Jennie Aug. 19, 1876 Oct. 9, 1877 d/o E. B. and L. A. Philips
Philips Sarah Teresa Jan. 9, 1861  d/o Barber Philips/ rest illegible
English Amos June 17, 1821 Apr. 25, 1875 Father
English Harriet Nov. 15, 1831 June 1, 1910 Mother w/o Amos English/note at side says Harriett Turner
English Joel Aug. 3, 1812 Mar. 28, 1880
English Catherine Dec. 26, 1881 age 65 yr.  w/o Joel English
English Edith STEADMAN 1869 1905
English Mortimer D.  1866 1933
English Lewis C.  1897 1941
English Agnes F.  May 3, 1856 Sept. 1, 1887 1st w/o James English, Grandmother of Rex Van Etten
English Hattie 2nd w/o James English
English Large stone with English/a stone with Abigail
English Mary E. 1855 1932 w/o W. H. English/parents of Mrs. Whitney at Mills
English W. H. Jan. 4, 1851 Dec. 13, 1884
English Beurgh(?) A. Oct. 3, 1847 age 22 yr. 
English Mary E. 1875 d/o Joel English
English Amy E. Aug. 29, 1893 May 7, 1934 d/o W. H. and M. E. English
Whitney Velma Sept. 20, 1907 Jan. 1, 1913
English Edward B. Aug. 12, 1880 age 31 yr. 9 da. s/o of Amos and Harriett English
English Elizabeth Apr. 11, 1875 ages 1 yr. 8 mo. 18 da. d/o B. and Julia English
English Maud no dates

Published on Tri-Counties 21 MAR 1998
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