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by Joyce M. Tice
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4.  Reprinted on this site with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
Located on Horn Road 311 off Rt 287 going from Morris to English Center . Located at Blackwell, Pa. on hillside behind the former George Morrison Property. Copied by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, Pa. in 1969.

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BLACKWELL Dr. William 3 Jan 1899 65yr
BLACKWELL Marietta 1848 w/o Dr. William Blackwell
BLACKWELL Robert J. 1869 1922 s/o Dr. William Blackwell
BLACKWELL Bertha 1882 1906 d/o Thomas & Jane Blackwell
BLACKWELL Myrtle 25 Jan 1895 14yr d/o James & Maria Blackwell
BLACKWELL Elilal 1 Jun 1871 17 Sep 1872 s/o James & Maria Blackwell
BLACKWELL Enoch 15 May 1866 2yr s/o Enoch & Mary Blackwell
BLACKWELL Mary 4 Feb 1829 28 Mar 1894 w/o Enoch Blackwell
BLACKWELL Emory H. 1894 25 Oct 1918 Co.G.114th.Reg. Killed at Argonne, France WW1
BLACKWELL Orval T. 22Mar 1883 22 Mar 1883 s/o H.W. & Alice Blackwell
BLACKWELL Cora D. 1878 1878 d/o H.W. & Alice Blackwell
BLACKWELL Myron G. 1880 1880 s/o H.W. & Alice Blackwell
BLACKWELL E. Milon 1896 1912 s/o M. & Grace Blackwell
BLACKWELL George m.  2 Jun 1821 27 Apr 1898 Lieut. Co.A.149th Regt.Pa.1
BLACKWELL Mary A. 9 Feb 1823 28 Apr 1897 Own surname Campbell
BLACKWELL A.M. 17 Feb 1900
KING Harry Glenn 1876 1909
KING Eliza 1869 w/o Harry G. King
KING Valentine 1850 1909
KING Sarah J. 1850 1909 w/o Valentine
BROOKS Nehemiah 29 Feb 1841 28 Feb 1906
BARTON Frederick 1876 1917
BARTON Laura M. 1879
BARTON Lola M. 1891 1914
MCCONNELL Maggie 13 Apr 1871 13 Jul 1909
WITHEY Margaret 1834 1895 w/o Elonzo Withey
WITHEY Theron 1894 1895 s/o John & Nettie Withey
BERGDORF George 2 Oct 1933 NY.Pvt.1cl.348th Inf.87th Div.WW1 1917-1918
Four field stones, no names, graves have flowers on
BLACKWELL Richard L. 1896 1936 Pvt. 315th aero Squadron Am.Ept.Forces
One large stone top broken off. We could not locate stone
BISHOP Ella L. 28 Sept 1887 25 Jan 1948
Two more graves, no markers
There is a space here, no markers, could be graves
Next is a row of six field stones, no names
BLACKWELL Horace W. 1848 1937 Father
BLACKWELL Alice E. 22 Apr 1854 Jan 6 1943 Mother
MERICLE Elmer W. 17 Oct 1894 1yr 2mo 5da x/o Charles & Ida Mericle
BRIGGS Carrol J. 1903 1936
There are five field stones in line with Briggs
LEWIS Mary B. 1885 1955 In loving memory of Mary B. Lewis
BLACKWELL Bertha 1882 1906 Peace Perfect Peace d/o Thomas & Jane Blackwell
BLACKWELL Jane 1855 1913 Her memory is Blessed
BLACKWELL Thomas 1852 1933 We Will Meet Again
BLACKWELL Frank 1873 1949
BLACKWELL Milton E. 1876 1943
Four stones, no names, one stone has initials G.D.E.
BLACKWELL Enock 29 Jan 1824 28 Apr 1904
BLACKWELL Mary E. 14 Feb 1829 23 Mar 1894 w/o Enock Blackwell
Three more graves, no markers, and another field stone
BLACKWELL George 2 Jun 1821 27 Apr 1898 Lt.Co.A.119th Regt.Pa.Inf. Enlisted Aug 8,1862
BLACKWELL George Fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness,
BLACKWELL George Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg
There are two field stones here and no names
BLACKWELL Enock 1900 1936
BLACKWELL Gladys O. 1903
There is another grave here
BLACKWELL Mary E. 23 Mar 1894 64yr 1mo 9da born Liberty Twp. died of diphtheria
BLACKWELL George 27 Apr 1898 76yr 10mo 27da Farmer, born & died Morris, Tioga Co., Pa
BLACKWELL Willliam 3 Jan 1899 68yr 5mo 13da Dr. Born & died Blackwell, Tioga Co., Pa
BLACKWELL Mary Ann 28 Apr 1897 74yr 2mo 19da Born Cammal, Lyc.Co., Pa. died Blackwell
BLACKWELL George M. 10 Feb 1900 42yr 7mo 4da Farmer, born & died Lloyd, Pa
BRIGGS Flora CAMPBELL 14 May 1905 19yr 3mo 8da Born Morris, Pa. Died Lloyds, Pa. Blood Poison
BLACKWELL Enock 28 Apr 1904 80yr 3mo  Farmer, born & died Lloyd, Tioga Co., Pa
HATFIELD Henry 2 May 1898 57yr 10mo 17da Laborer, born Ohio, died Dixie Run, buried Morris Cem.


I am sending this note to you because I have some names of relatives who are buried in Blackwell cemetery.Here are the names and dates I could get.HORACE W.WOODHOUSE-1853-1929,and his wife,JENNIE P.(STEINROD)WOODHOUSE-1860-1943,and two of their children,RENNIE H.WOODHOUSE-1886-1965 and BESSIE B.WOODHOUSE-1887-1957.All four plots are together I am not sure of exact location but my father put a wooden marker where he thought the graves were.If you have any questions send me an e mail.Thank You Rennie Woodhouse - 

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