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Bakersburg Cemetery

Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Extracted from the database of

Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project of Joyce M. Tice

Please NOTE - All are listed by real name. Aliases such as married names are at far right

Name at Birth --- Birthdate--- Birthplace ---- Death Date ---- Death Place ----Aliases
Daniel BIXBY 1813 Sylvania,Columbia,Bradford,PA 7 Feb 1882 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Josie E. BIXBY 1852 17 Oct 1878
Polly BIXBY ABT Mar 1841 07 Oct 1852
Justus G. BLACKMER* 1818 25 Jun 1856
Edward BURGESS ABT Apr 1855 21 Mar 1869
John BURGESS* 1823 1863
Hannah COLE* 30 Mar 1814 New York 19 Sep 1897 Hannah /Strait/
Elizabeth COMFORT 01 Jul 1812 29 Aug 1889 Elizabeth /Bixby/
Alfred GAFFORD Dec 1881 9 Jul 1884
Paul GAFFORD Nov 1886 22 Feb 1887
Edward C. GARDNER* 1848 1916
Elnora GARDNER 03 Sep 1870 13 Nov 1880
Isaac HAGAR* 1796 New York 19 Feb 1862 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Henry Card papers include legal suit against widow for payment on tombstones
Ephraim HOWE 01 Apr 1841 23 Sep 1863
Shepard HOWE* 11 Jul 1811 18 May 1888
Willis JOHNS 31 Mar 1870 03 Sep 1873
Lydia KENNEDY 17 Jun 1803 Vermont 22 Dec 1867 Lydia /Smith/
Helen D. MUDGE 13 JUL 1839 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA Helen Slingerland
Charles W. PALMER 07 Mar 1840 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 19 Jun 1914
Margaret L. RICHMOND 01 May 1847 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 12 Oct 1942 Margaret Palmer
Abram S. SLINGERLAND 20 May 1828 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 29 Apr 1894
Albert Henry SLINGERLAND Feb 1864 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 19 Oct 1876 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Burt SLINGERLAND 1855 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 22 Oct 1862 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Fanny S. SLINGERLAND ABT 13 Dec 1866 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 13 Mar 1872 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Fred SLINGERLAND 1865 26 Jan 1867 1 Y 10 M 29 D
Jennie L. SLINGERLAND 1872 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 21 Jun 1883 11 Y 7 M
Tunis SLINGERLAND 1861 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 23 Aug 1863 2 Y 5 M
Willie G. SLINGERLAND 1872 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA 1874 Sullivan Township,Tioga,PA
Alanson SMITH 08 Apr 1803 Massachusetts 04 May 1890
Austin SMITH 11 Apr 1838 Armenia Town,Bradford,PA 17 Feb 1906
F. B. STRAIT 1846 Pennsylvania 03 Apr 1874
Dr. Moses D. STRAIT 20 Jan 1810 New York 24 Jan 1874
Betsey Ann Unknown (Baldwin) ABT 1826 03 May 1855 Betsey Ann /Baldwin/
Ensie Unknown (Woodward) 1863 1931 Ensie /Woodward/
Esther Unknown (Howe) ABT 1817 1880
Josephine A. Unknown 1851 1891 Josephine /Gardner/
Matilda M. Unknown (Burgess) 1817 1903 Matilda M. /Burgess/
John WOODWARD* 1857 1930

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Published on Tri-Counties on September 7, 1997.

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