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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4.
Reprinted on this site with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd

Located on Horn Road 311 off Rt 287 going from Morris to English Center .This cemetery is located on the Lewis farm, near Blackwell Copied by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd Some are hand carved field stones and some were broken, chipped and on the ground. We did the best we could. This is a beautiful cemetery and has had a lot of care.



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LLOYD Nancy 1840 1868 w/o E.B.Lloyd
CAMPBELL Jeremiah 20 Nov 1823 9 Sep 1898
CAMPBELL Lydia 1828 1905 One other grave with no stone
NAEGLY Peter 1836 1905
CAMPBELL James D. 1851 1937
CAMPBELL Ettie 1856 1936
CAMPBELL Jerry R. 1867 1937
ERNST Marie 24 Dec 1880 59yr wife of Lewis Ernst Our Mother
CAMPBELL Richard 22 Oct 1822 18 Aug 1881
CAMPBELL Wilhelmina 19 Jan 1829 24 Dec 1892 w/o Richard Campbell
CAMPBELL Freddie 6 Sep 1886 14 Feb 1887 Twin s/o J.E. & Rachel Campbell
CAMPBELL Frankie 6 Sep 1886 25 Feb 1887 Twin s/o J.E. & Rachel Campbell
ENGLISH Edward 1847 1920 Civil War vet
ENGLISH Nathan B. 27 Jul 1869 31yr 4mo 10da following two children also on this stone
ENGLISH Cora A. 27 Dec 1867 13 Sep 1868 d/o N.B. & S.M. English
ENGLISH George B. 24 Jun 1868 30 Nov 1868 s/o N.B. & S.M. English
BABB Samson 28 Oct 1815 Esq.
LLOYD Thomas 11 Mar 1854 23yr 6mo 11da
LLOYD Hezekial W. 27 Oct 1855 18yr 10mo
LLOYD Thomas 23 May 1858 69yr
LLOYD Elizabeth 15 May 1792 23 Sep 1886 w/o Thomas
CLARK Rachel 19 Aug 1869 56yr 9mo 2da w/o Robert Clark
BROWN Ida Alice 2 Feb 1863 4yr d/o Ichabod & Matilda Brown
CLARK Robert E. 27 Aug 1854 3mo s/o Perry & Harriett Clark
CLARK Campbell U. Oct 1859 s/o Perry & Harriett 
DOANE Amza E. 12 Sep 1849 10yr s/o Samuel & Letitin Doane
DOANE Martha 4 Sep 1849 3yr d/o Samuel & Letitia
BRILL Katherine 1791 23 Jul 1853 born Rhine City, Germany. w/o Henry Brill
WILSON Jane 26 Apr 1853 30yr w/o Robert Wilson
WILSON Henry F. 1863 5yr s/o Robert & Mary
WILSON Ida L. 11 Oct 1863 2yr d/o Robert & Mary
BRILL Lewis 1861 s/o Lewis & Elizabeth Brill
BRILL Sarah 1855 d/o Lewis & Elizabeth Brill
BRILL Emma d/o Lewis & Elizabeth Brill
CAMPBELL Freddie 2 Jul 1870 8yr stone reads Our Little Freddie
CAMPBELL Mary Ann 11 May 1855 42yr w/o George Campbell
CAMPBELL Julia 2 Jun 1889 11yr d/o Richard & Wilhelmina
CAMPBELL Ransford s/o William or Hiram & Rachel
BLACKWELL Luella F. 1856 1934 On same stone as Harry B. Compton
COMPTON Harry B. 1895 1964 On same stone as Luella F. Blackwell
BLACKWELL William P. 8 Jul 1839 6 Feb 1887
BLACKWELL Nora small stone
AYRES Lewis W. 18 Jul 1881 21yr 5mo 12da
AYRES James A. 1845 1925
AYRES Jerusha 5 Apr 1877 71yr w/o Miles Ayres
BLACKWELL Elizabeth E. 23 Sep 1863 4yr d/o George & Ann Blackwell
BLACKWELL William Jan 1790
BLACKWELL Sarah Sep 1795 w/o William
HARRISON John F. 21 Feb 1855 49yr
HARRISON Sarah 8 Jun 1851 38yr w/o J.F.
BEST Darius O. 20 Apr 1853 1yr 11mo s/o Charles H. & Elizabeth Best
COLE Sarah E. 20 Apr 1853 1yr 11mo d/o John & Esther Cole
HILBORN Martha Jane 26 Oct 1851 21yr w/o Jesse Hilborn
HILBORN James Lewis 25 Sep 1848 3mo s/o J & M.J.
LEWIS J.I.W. 1824 1893
LEWIS Harriett D. 1832 1896 w/o J.I.W. Lewis
LEWIS Alice S. 1856 1860 d/o J.I.W. 
LEWIS Bruce 1875 1875 s/o J.I.W.
LEWIS James W. 1791 1870
LEWIS Elizabeth E.  1800 1868 w/o James W.
LEWIS Alice S. 2 Jun 1860 2yr d/o J.W. & Harriett
LEWIS Justana 3 Jun 1851 2yr d/o Warren and Nancy
LEWIS Martha J. 5 Aug 1866 11yr d/o Warren & Nancy
LEWIS Warren E. 15 Mar 1827 2 Apr 1895 Civil War Vet
LEWIS Lawrence A. s/o W.E. & Ellen Lewis
LEWIS R.C. 2 Jan 1859 28 Sep 1944
LEWIS Can't Read Stone
DUFFEY Samuel H. 8 Feb 1859 1 Jun 1918
KERR Robert A. 1842 1919 Civil War Vet
KERR Elvertia 1869 w/o Robert A.
KERR John A. 10 Apr 1917 s/o R.A. and Veta
FISH Augusta F. 4 Sep 1881 10yr Iron fenced plot. d/o Cornelius & Emma
FISH about a dozen graves in this plot
In a message dated 10/16/2008 10:27:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
I can't begin to thank you enough for your very accomplished website.  It has been invaluable to me in attempting to locate my Vandegrift (Vandergrift)/Wilson ancestors.
I would like to clarify the directions to the Lewis Cemetery as it is quite easily missed if you don't know what you're looking for.  Going South on Rt 414 out of Morris towards Blackwell, at approximately 3.7 miles you will see a small sign on the left hand side of the road, probably about 18 inches long by about 10-12 inches high, unpainted, probably routered, identifying the cemetery.  It is located adjacent to an old road going up a steep hill on the left.  No problem for a 4x4, but not my Buick.  And a lovely old cemetery it is, too.  I was able to find several ancestors there.
Again, that's so much.


Stuart Wilson
Franklindale, Pa.

Published on Tri-Counties  11 SEP 1997
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