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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Several Small Cemeteries, Liberty Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1970s

Small Liberty Township Cemeteries


This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 1, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 
Near Freiden Cemetery Is A Private Lot
Copied by Hilda Chance, not recopied by LHS members
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Description
Miller John Miller ,1884 age 82y
Catherine Moyer ,1889 age 79y his wife
A lone stone near Liberty, Tioga Co, PA
Copied by Hilda Chance, not recopied by LHS members
Miller David Miller ,05/21/1821 ,1884 GAR 1861-1865
Blockhouse Cemetery In The Woods
Copied by Hilda Chance, not recopied by LHS members
Bradt Anna ,1847 age 69 w/o Augustus Bradt
Herring Augustus ,1864 an infant
Sebring John an infant
Thompson Hannah ,1852 an infant
Sheffer Mike ,1858 an infant

Date 20/9/06
Black Cemetery in Liberty Borough
Located by Rob Schwarz and Dave Darby on Information Received From Harold Brown Using the Tioga County GIS System
Rob Schwarz GPS Coordinates
Location: A Small Deeded Cemetry 325 Yards North of SR 414 or Just East of the Liberty High School Athletic Fields

[A small, old, deeded cemetery just east of the Liberty High School athletic fields. It virtually unknown by the residents of Liberty, Harold Brown a lifelong resident did seem to remember an old, small cemetery located between the High School and downtown Liberty. It was through the use of the Tioga County GIS System that a small parcel of land (.08 of an acre) was located. When the owner of this parcel was queried, the results came back Black Cemetery the owner. Rob Schwarz visited the site and there were at least two stones which were readily readable both with dates in the early 1800’s. There were other stones present but Rob did not attempt to read them. This cemetery should be read while some of the stones are readable. All stones are on the ground.]

January 2009 - I came across a photo of the Little Cemetery which is below the present Liberty High School off Rt 414. It is a very early photo.  Thought perhaps you could use it for your cemeteries on your site. It came from Lucille Kehler collection 
I do not know the name of it but will try to find out.  When I was there the stones were all over & in complete disarray. At that time it was a cow pasture 
Note from Joyce - Sounds like Black Cemetery identified above. 

Date 8/16/06
Boger Family Cemetery
Read by Arnold Brion and Dave Darby
Dave Darby GPS Coordinates - 41.60075 -77.05730 .35 Mile North of T 337 / Bogar Road
Located by Arnold Brion and Dave Darby
Location: Private Property Owned by the Schanbacher Family. It is on Bogar Road in Liberty Township
Access: Restricted

The burials are arranged in three rows:

ROW 1    Center is Obelisk  to right of oblisk are two small stones: S B   F B

(Obelisk reads: Frederick Boger 1808 – 1899  Sophia His Wife 1812 – 1889)

ROW 2 L to R       D B    S B    D B    J J B

ROW 3 L to R    Blank   Blank   J B   Blank   Blank   Blank   S B

[Cemetery is well off the road and back in the woods and is in good shape for having so little care. A large obelisk facing east and overlooking a shallow valley measuring about 8 feet tall is the distinguishing mark of this family cemetery. It bears the names and dates of birth and death of Frederick Boger and Sophia, his wife. There are three rows of smaller stones measuring about 16 inches tall. The only inscriptions on these smaller stones are initials (8) and some are blank (5). The 1850 Census reported 13 Bogers living on a 75 acre farm in this area.]

Published on Tri-Counties  15 FEB 1998