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Blossburg Cemetery, Blossburg Borough,  Tioga County, PA - 1970s
Deeded as Old Union Cemetery
Photos of Gravestone Art are
by Joyce M. Tice 
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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 1. Cemetery read and published 1970s.
Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.

Though there are four large cemeteries here, this, the oldest, has been neglected to extent that it is a mass of briars and weeds, holes and gullies. Stones have sunk into the ground, toppled over and, some used to fill holes.

see Also Obituary Page for Old Blossburg Cemetery

ADAMS Michael 1863 22y
AUBREY William 1858 65y
ACORNLE Ann 1881 60y
ALLEN Joseph 1860 61y
ANDERSON Mary Sep 6,1793 1861 68y w/o John Young. b. Ruther Glen, Scotland, d.Morris Run
ANDERSON Charlie A. 1882 18y
ANDERSON Hilda 1882 7 mo
ANDERSON Agnes 1887 1892
ANDERSON Arvid 1895 infant of J.A. & Carrie
ANDERSON Esther 1891 infant of J.A. & Carrie
ANDERSON Ruth 1896 infant of J.A. & Carrie
ANDREWS Franklin 1835 1898
ANDREWS Eliza 1838 1887
ANDREWS Eber. 1858 1878
BAIRD Robert Mar 30, 1870 36y
BETTS Catherine 1865 8y d/o Philip and Mary
BOEHM Emilie Hulda 1873 3y d/o Frank and Hulda
BOLAM All down - unreadable
BOOTH John 1884 65y
BOOTH Ann 1887 63y wife
BOSWORTH All down - unreadable
BOWEN Margaret 1861 w/o Thomas
BOWEN William 1850 12y s/o John and Mary
BOYER Isabella 1870 23y d/o William
BURNLEY Martha E. 1871 d/o John and Susan
CANNEY C.N. 1877 45y
COOK John 1831 1916
COOK Mary  1831 1904 wife(Mary Harris)
COOLEY Lucy 1886 17y w/o B.R.
CUSHING John 1863 63y
DASLEY Mary 1880 w/o Henry
DAVIES David 1873 3y
DAVIES Lot 1856 44y
DAVIES Mary 1889 83y w/o Lot
DAVIES Mary 1855 11y
DAVIES Rees 1855 2y
DAVIES Richard 1867 11y
DAVIS John H. 1885 50y
DAVIS Margaret 1867 22y d/o John and Mary
DEROW E.W. 1804 1879
DEROW M.A. 1815 1889
DITCHBURN unreadable
DOOLITTLE Sarah 1871 24y w/o S.A.
EGAN Catherine 1872 d/o Michael
ESAIAW Ivor 1873 10y s/o John and Mary
ESAIAS Ivor, sr
ESGAR Sarah 1866 55y w/o Samuel
EVAN Devid 1871 81y
EVANS John P. Jun 7,1848 1904
EVANS Catherine 1887 41y w/o John P.
EVANS Eleazer 1879 67y
EVANS Mary Dec 25,1815 1900 w/o Eleazer
EVANS Jenkin 1864
EVANS Ann 1880 67y w/o Jenkin
FARRELL Rachel 1880 72y w/o Robert T.
FARRELL Anna 1871 28y d/o Rachel and Robt.
FARRER Margaret 1857 31y w/o T.
FARRER Roxie 1864 51y w/o T.
FIELDING Emily 1867 d/o James and Sarah
FISH John 1878 infant s/o John and Clara
FITZPATRICK Margaret 1867 w/o Wm.
FULKERSON Addie 1875
GAYLORD Emma 1861 9y d/o A.H. & D.
GILES Frankie 1875 4y s/o John and Agnes
GILES Emogene 1875 1y s/o John and Agnes
GLEN Dr. John W. 1885 63y
GRIFFITH Wm. J. 1880 33y
GRIFFITH Mary 1910 92y
GRIFFITH Mary A. 1857 5y
HADDOCKS Margaret 1872
HANDSON Thomas 1863 56y
HANWELL George 1809 1869
HANWELL Mary 1808 1876 w/o George
HANWELL Charles 1843 1877
HANWELL Frankie 1874 1y s/o Henry and Sarah
HEALY Joanna 1871 80y w/o John
HARRIS Mary 1862 72y w/o Rev. H.
HARRIS Mary 1831 1904 w/o John Cook
COOK John 1831 1916
HETHERINGTON James 1864 60y b. Langford Co. Ireland
HOPKINS Michael 1844 1874
HOWARD Frank 1881 26y
HUGHES John 1890 70y
HUGHES Rachel 1885 70y
HUSTED Fanny 1867 w/o L.L.
HUSTED Matilda 1878 51y w/o David
HUTCHESON David Mar 20, 1873
HOGG John 1877 9y
JAMES Joseph 1872 57y
JAMES John 1873 64y
JEMKINS Morgan 1878 36y
JEMKINS Ann 1873 9mo d/o Morgan and Esther
JOHN Anna 1873 20y w/o James
JOHNSON Gustine 1882 7y d/o Peter & Christine
Svonson Frank 1891 1918 child of Gustine
Svonson Addie 1883 1895 child of Gustine
Svonson Caroline 1853 1934 child of Gustine
Svonson Adlie 1887 1895 child of Gustine
JONES Benjiman 1800 1880
JONES Mary B. 1808 1886 wife
JONES Charles Nov 9,1841 1883 b. Hadley Shipshire, England
JONES Rachel 1866 72y w/o Abraham
KELCE Katie 1874 10y d/o Jacob and Ruth
KENDRICKS Isaac 1862 5y s/o Samuel and Sarah
KENDRICKS Mary 1853 s/o Samuel and Sarah
KENDRICKS Benby 1852 2y s/o Samuel and Sarah
KILLMARTIN Thomas 1873 9y s/o Thos. and----
KILLMARTIN Luke 187- 1y
KING Mercy Ann 1850 31y w/o Wm
LANDRUS George W. 1816 1898
LANDRUS Lucinda 1815 1897 wife
LEISINGRING George W. 1826 1888
LEISINGRING Lettie A. 1829 1910
LUDIN Charley 1876 37y
LUDIN Mary 1884 38y w/o John
LYONS Joseph 1873
LYLE Sarah 1873 26y w/o John
McCARTY Patrick 1872 57y
McCARTY Mary 1878 77y wife
McCOLL Helen 1872 7mo d/o Thos and Eliz
McNAUGHTON John Dec 24,1837 1906
McNAUGHTON Margaret Jun 19, 186? 1883 d/o John and Grace
McVEY Daniel 1869 54y
MATHIAS Thomas 1852 21y
MORGAN Louiza S. 1863 2y
MORGAN Mary 1862 1y d/o George and Eliz.
MOORE Thomas 1883 64y
MOORE Thomas 1884 23y
MUSSELMAN Edward 1872
NELSON John 1873 11y
NITTROUR Perry 1879 64y
NITTROUR Jennet 1877 14y d/o P. and Lucia
OLSON Adna 1891 1895 d/o E.O. and Andrenai
OWENS Wm. 1878 58y
OWENS Sarah 1895 74y
PENCADER 1844 1889
PRETHER Charles 1867 2y s/o Chas and ------
PRICE David 1877 1y s/o Robert and Sarah
PRICE Robert 1877 15y
PRIDE David 1857 60y
PRIDE Elizabeth 1867 80y wife
PATTISON Thomas 1861 22y s/o John and Mary
PATTISON Thomas 1861 7y s/o Thos. and Sarah
PUTNAM Thomas 1850 12y s/o Jerome and Harriett
REES David J. 1853 11y s/o David and Ann
ROBERTSON James 188- s/o Alex. and E.
RICHTER Albert 1861 5y s/o George and Jane
RMCHTER Fred 1850 7y
RICHTER William 1868 27y s/o Geo. and Jane
RICHTER Mary Ann 1867 40y w/o Samuel
RICHTER Agnes 1872 42y w/o Samuel
RICHTER Theodore 1872 s/o Sam. and Agnes
RYAN Bridget 1866 23y w/o Michael and d/o Martin and Cath. Barrett
RYAN Martin 1866 infant s/o Michael and Bridget
SHORT Barbara 1872 1y d/o Thos. and Isabella
SKELLY Mary 1851 61y w/o Michael
SMART Wm. 1872 31y
SMART Elizabeth 1872 27y wife
SMITH Annie 1865 5y d/o Henry and Annie
SPENCER Almira 1861 17y w/o D. H.
STICKLER William D. 1876 1881
STICKLER Iva M.  1881 1883
STURROCK David B. 1874 5y s/o James and Marion
SVONSON see Johnson
THOMPSON Harry Apr 29,1909 Calif. 15th Cav.
THORNTON Ezra 1876 87y
WATTERS Hannah 1861 11y d/o J. & H.
WEAVER Effie 1871 infant d/o Sylvester & Lorena
WILLIAMSDaniel 1875 80y
WILLIAMS Daniel 1882 29y
WILLIAMS Margaret 1862 18y w/o John J.
WILLIAMS John D. 1876 76y
WINGRAVE Henry 1876 4y s/o Fred. and Maria
WILSON Andrew 1868
VAN ORDER John 1886 59y
VAN ORDER Sylvanus 1875 24y s/o John and Maryette
YOHNSON Agnes 1895 d/o Gust and Annie (in Olson lot)
YONKIN John L. 1849 5 mo
YOUNG John  Nov 5,1791 1875 b. Rothshire, Scotland d. Troy, Pa
WATKINS Thos. 1861 10y s/o Benj. and Sarah
Joyce, (June 2005)

Here are the names and dates of the Howard ancestors in Blossburg Cemeteries that are _not_ included in the Cemetery indices on line.  Please add their names to the listings.

*Arbon Cemetery*

Hannah Carroll Howard 1828 - 1915
Elmore Carroll Howard 1898 - 1926
Samuel Carroll Howard 1856 - 1938
Jane Howard 1864 - 1948
M. Zoe Howard 1884 - 1967

*Blossburg  Cemetery (Oldest)

This cemetery has a variety of names: Old Cemetery.  Old Union Cemetery and probably others   It is now managed by the Borough.   I have suggested to them that they decide what it is called and post a sign at the cemetery to identify it.
Asher Howard 1858 - 1882

This entry for Asher was probably missed by the reader for the same reason we walked past it about a dozen times without seeing it.   The name Frank Howard is carved on the front side of the obelisk facing the road.   The name Asher Howard is carved on the side facing St. Cemetery.   There is an unmarked head stone leaning against the back of the obelisk that I a suspect is for Henry Keagle Howard.   Alas no proof.

We are enjoying beautiful weather in Belleville.   I hope you are having the same in Tioga county.

(=: CHEERS :=) Robert
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Published on Tri-Counties 22 NOV 1997
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