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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 1997, 1998, 2000
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SEE Jobs Corners Obituaries
Name of Cemetery: Jobs Corners Cemetery
Read By: Mr. J. Kelsey Jones
Date Read: June.1981-Rechecked July 1982
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Jobs Corners, Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Interments are still being made in new section (Newer section is not included here but will be included in the 2006 version in process.)
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Aldurson         See Wood
Ameigh Eliza Ann   Jun.28 (broke)   w/o Lawrence L.
Ameigh     May.9.1852 18y1m20d d/o (broke) & Eliza Ann
Ameigh J. D.   Mar.7.1847 39y10m26d Erected by his son C. H.
Ayers/Ayres Elizabeth Mar.14.1783 Mar.25.1863   w/o Daniel
Ayers/Ayres James K.P.   Aug.6.1847 2y8m27d s/o Jacob J. & Delila
Ayers/Ayres Eugene L. 1845 1919   Per obituary- June 21.1919
Ayers/Ayres Mary E. Bird 1846 1933   w/o Eugene L.-On same marker
Ayers/Ayres Gates B. 1869 1951    
Ayers/Ayres Nana S. 1872 1960   On marker w/Gates B.
Ayers/Ayres Roy Jul.25.1879 Nov.23.1892    
Ayers/Ayres Aria 1878 1962    
Ayers/Ayres LeRay 1879 1942    
Ayers/Ayres Lynn Apr.12.1910 Feb.   s/o L.R. & Aria
Ayers/Ayres George W.       Co. C 7 PA. CAV.
Ayers/Ayres Ethel May     19 yr d/o Leo Ayers, died 718 Baldwin St., Elmira, NY (Obit)
  See Slocum        
Baker Minerva   Jul.11.1871 20y7m8d  
Baker Blancha   Dec.1.1878 2y7m1d d/o G. & A.
Baker Laschelle Sep.24.1876 Feb.1.1877   s/o J. & Lettie
Baker Lena B.   Apr.7.1880 2y6m b.Jackson, Tioga Co, d/o Chas. L. & M.C./d.423 W.Fourth St., Elmira (Info from Death Record-No stone found
Benson See Garrison        
Bentley Edson Apr.12.1862 Sep.26.1863   son & Dau. Of Wm. H. & Sarah
Bentley Emma Apr.12.1862 Oct.4.1863   son & Dau. Of Wm. H. & Sarah-On same marker
Bird Eliza   Aug.25.1843 19y10m4d w/o Gates W.
Bird Gates M. 1822 1862    
Bird Harriet Faringer 1826 1913   w/o Gates M. - On same marker
Bird Susanna Aug.16.1846 Nov.20.1846   On marker w/Gates & Harriet
Bird Estella Apr.14.1853 Jan.20.1856   On marker w/Gates & Harriet
  See Ayers/Ayres        
Bortle see Sheive        
Brewer William   Dec.29.1881 86y10m4d  
Brewer Lucy   Mar.30.1870 66y8m w/o William
Brewer Lovina M.   Aug.8.1867   d/o William & Lucy
Brewer Aaron   Dec.22.1850 23y4m12d  
Brewer Rachel Ann   Apr.4.1861 34y5m14d w/o George
Bryan Major Alfred Jan.16.1847 22y7m26d s/o Aaron & Eliza
Burgess Cory L. 1868 1931    
Burgess Cora L. 1869 1920   On marker w/Cory L.
Burgess James K.  1824 1875    
Burgess Sally Cornwell 1837 1916   w/o James K. - On same marker
Burgess Ida 1855 1865   d/o James K. & Sally - Same marker
Cadd See Holton        
Carley James M. Apr.11.1815 Apr.18.1890    
Carley Ursula Jan.16.1827 Jun.29.1883   w/o J. M. - On same marker
Carley Amanda Oct.21.1819 May.29.1851   w/o J. M. - On same marker
Carley Jacob Mar.13.1842 Apr.17.1861   c/o J. M. & Amanda -On same marker
Carley Frances Apr.4.1848 Aug.29.1863   c/o J. M. & Amanda -On same marker
Carley John 1837 1919    
Carley Mary A. Updyke 1837 1909   w/o John - On same marker
Collum Ferdinan   Sep.25.1862 2m8d s/o Jesse & Hila
Cook Merritt L. 1863 1938    
Cook Nellie E. 1867 1928    
Cook Gamaliel J. 1840 1920    
Cook Eleanor S. 1842 1923    
Cook Charles H. 1892 1959    
Cook Ruby B. 1891 1965   On marker w/Charles H.
Cook Fern Iola 1915 1919   d/o C.H. & Ruby B.
Cook George E. 1876 1958    
Corey Lura Sep.8.1897 Aug.13.1937    
Corey Dores Aug.1.1916 Jan.9.1918    
Cornwall Gideon   Feb.2.1852 59y8m5d  
Cornwall Alva   May.12.1881 59y1m28d  
  see Burgess        
Corzatt John   Mar.23.1858 71y6m15d  
Corzatt Mary   Apr.21.1843 54y8m20d w/o John
Corzatt Mary I.   Aug.29.1852 9y5m29d d/o George & Wealthy
Crandall See Sheive        
Crum David Sep.14.1815 Sep.14.1898    
Crum Elizabeth Mar.25.1823     w/o David - On same marker
Crum David W. 1847 1926    
Crum Amanda Osgood 1843 1915   w/o David - On same marker
Crum Fred M. 1873 1948    
Crum George L. 1862 1914    
Crum Olive 1864 1931    
Crum Frank 1886 1966    
Crumb Ray       s/o George Crumb-No marker-Info from obituary
Crumb Francis A. 1873 1949    
Crumb Wealtha J. 1877 1953   On marker w/Francis A.
Crumb Henry J. 1895 1952    
Crumb Arnold   Dec.27.1893   No Stones-From Tioga Co. Deaths
Crumb Martha Holton   Sep.14.1900   No Stones-From Tioga Co. Deaths
Crumb Victor M. 1911 1970    
Crumb Iva B.       w/o Victor M. - On same marker
Cuningham Alsena E.   Jul.21.1869 47y7m28d  
Cunningham John C. 1838 1936   207 PA Vol.
Cunningham Julia A. 1844 1899   nee: Crumb
Dade Flora M. 1917 1955    
Daggett Josephine   Apr.29.1847 1y7m21d d/o Lewis & Ellen S.
Doty Eldora 1900 1932    
Doty Erma Jul.25.1888 Jan.13.1902   d/o Edward A. & Ida
Doty Howard 1855 1940    
Doty Dannie   Mar.17.1875 1y1d s/o J.A. & Amelia
Doty James A. Jul.19.1831 Feb.15.1912    
Doty Amelia A. Sheive Jul.21.1833 Jan.14.1889   w/o James A.-On same marker
Earley Letta R. Apr.10.1847 Oct.28.1908    
Everitt David Jr.   Apr.30.1862 34y6m6d s/o David & Mary
Faringer See Bird        
Ferguson C.H. 1807 1897    
Ferguson Almira 1809 1872   w/o C.H. - On same marker
  see Furgason        
Fox Samuel Y.   Mar.3.1851 40y1d  
Fox Lyddia A.   Nov.9.1875 60y8m20d w/o S. Y.
French Charles R. 1863 1954    
French Annie G. 1869 1920   w/o Charles R. - On same marker
French Dora   Oct.16.1865 10y10m s/o Wm. H. & Mary Ann
French Mary Ann Wilson   Jan.17.1856 23y10m w/o Wm. H.
Furgason Nancy   Mar.24.1849 18y7m24d d/o Charles & Almira
Furgason Lucretia M.   Oct.1.1848 4m22d d/o Charles H. & Almira
  See Ferguson