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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
20 OCT 2007
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Farmington Hill Cemetery

Farmington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 1.
Listing was done about 1969 - Volunteers needed for Updated listing

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Surname First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Inscription or Note
Abels Elvira 1844 1907
Bailey Sally 1852 1904 Wife of Edd
Ball Addie E. 1861 1882 Wife of J.H.
Beebe James 1826 1896
Beiver Lewis L. May 10, 1827 1885
Beiver Eliza 1828 1903 Wife of Lewis
Blanchard H.B. 1863 67yrs
Bowen Grant 1872 9mos Son of Geo. & Amanda
Bowen Stella 1864 1yr Dau. of Geo. & Amanda
Bowen George W. 1839 1904
Bowen Amanda M. 1844 1929 Wife of Geo. W.
Brightman J. 1862 18yrs Son of Joseph & Amanda; died in service at Otter Island, SC
Bryant James H. 1853 1921
Bryant Albert 1864 Civil War; son of Isaac & Maryn
Bryant Mary 1899 79yrs Wife of Albert
Bryant Melissa 1866 18yrs Dau. of Albert & Mary
Bryant Isaac 1865 19yrs
Buckbee Daniel S. June 29, 1800 1864
Buckbee Catherine May 29, 1807 1888 Wife of Daniel S.
Buckbee Alanson K. Aug 27, 1826 1884
Buckbee Esther 1835 1902 Wife of Alanson
Burtch George M. 1821 1896
Burtch Elvira 1832 1907 Wife of Geo. M.
Burtch Mary BAILY 1853 1894 Dau. of G. & E.
Butler-Lefler Rufus H. 1825 1904 (Don't know if BUTLER-LEFLER is one name, or if stone was shared by two families.)
Butler-Lefler Jane L. 1833 1914 Wife of Rufus
Butler-Lefler Jared June 15, 1795 1894
Butler-Lefler Maria Apr 22, 1802 1869 Wife of Jared
Butler-Lefler Susan P. 1833 1909
Butts Johnson D. 1866 75yrs
Butts Lucy 1874 77yrs Wife of Johnson
Clarke John Eddy Nov 9, 1853 1927
Clarke S. Josie LAWRENCE July 2, 1854 1916 Wife of John E.
Clarke Sarah Frances Oct 21, 1855 1946 "Teacher"
Clarke Mary Elizabeth June 10, 1861 1959? "Nurse"
Clarke Anna Calista Apr 30, 1869 1958 "Physician"
Close Daniel P. Jan 26, 1837 1919
Close Percie BUTTS Feb 5, 1836 1909 Wife of Daniel P.
Colegrove Edgar J. 1860 1887
Colegrove Dennis W. 1850 1905
Colegrove Alice M. 1848 ? Wife of Dennis W.
Colegrove Andrew J. 1829 1913
Colegrove Elizabeth 1825 1915 Wife of Andrew J.
Colegrove Eugene T. 1855 1923
Colegrove Frances A. 1855 1919 Wife of Eugene T.
Cook Alice 1858 ? Wife of David
Doty Julia E. (See LESLIE)
Doty Jane W. KEYS Dec 11, 1813 1888 Wife of Geo. G.
Doty Harry W. Oct 30, 1851 1887 Son of Geo. & Jane
Dunham James S. 1878 72yrs
Dunham Jenette PERRY 1819 1893 Wife of James S.
Dunham Augustin 1859 16yrs Son of James & Nancy
Gee Willie 1894 17yrs Son of Robt. & Mary
Grove Col. E. 1849 1906
Grove Alice M. ? ? (Only one set of dates for both Col. E. & Alice M.)
Hall George M. 1828 1903
Hall Sarah 1829 1913 Wife of Geo. M.
Hall Hattie 1861 1883 Wife of John A.
Hall Rhoda W. May 8, 1823 1883
Hall Alpha 1871 20yvs Son of R.W. & J.
Hall Ida M.  1863 1923 Wife of Arthur CRIPPEN
Harrower John 1862 61yrs
Harrower John C. 1861 18yrs Son of John & Margaret
Hills James 1845 1926 Co H, 45th Reg. Vol.
Hills Matilda 1842 1926 Wife of James
Hills George 1858 1894
Hills Henrietta A. June 7, 1849 1891 Wife of T.E.
Hills Bertie 1871 1872 Son of T.E. & H.A.
*Howe J.H. 1857 1924
*Howe Mollie E. 1864 1930 Wife of J.H.
Howe Jesse 1828 1887
Howe Sarah CRIPPEN 1829 1925
Ives Thomas 1817 1880
Ives Lydia 1828 1892 Wife of Thomas
Ives John W. 1854 1938
Ives Nettie 1872 1952 Wife of John W.
Kemp D.C. 1831 1929 Co. H., 707 PA. Vol.
Kemp Harriett 1832 1903 Wife of D.C.
Kemp John A. 1875 77yrs
Kemp Phebe 1880 80yrs Wife of John A.
Kemp A.D. May 8, 1839 1908
Kemp Ellen E. 1848 1891 Wife of A.D.
Knapp Helen 1854 1918
Knapp E.H. 1856 1928
Knapp Eli 1825 1906
Knapp Elizabeth 1835 1911 Wife of Eli
Knapp Sarah SMITH 1853 1911
Leonard James 1870 ?
Leonard Justus Mar 25, 1823 ?
Leonard Nancy M. Nov 21, 1830 1900 Wife of Justus
Leonard Jesse 1879 3yrs Son of J. & N.
Leslie Alexander 1781 1874
Leslie Alexander Nov 7, 1842 1912 83rd Reg. U.S.V.
Leslie Julia E. DOTY Dec 3, 1839 1895 Wife of$Alex.
Leslie Harry E. 1873 1891 Son of Alex. & Julia E.
Litteer Jane E. 1832 1888 Wife of Harvey
McCallum Joseph June 4, 1814 1881
McCollum Amanda Oct 8, 1818 1896
McCollum Celestia 1846 1865 Dau. of Jos. & Amanda
McCollum Olene 1870 12 yrs Dau. of Jos. & Amanda
McCollum Benjamin 1833 11yrs Son of Jos. & Amanda
McCollum Joshua 1854 1927
McCollum Emma 1858 1933 Wife of Joshua
McCollum William H. 1836 1912 149th Reg. Bucktails
McCollum Rachel 1889 53yrs Wife of Wm. H.
Merritt Josiah H. 1836 1915
Merritt Etta M. 1836 1918
Millington William Erastus 1846 1937
Millington Emma SHAFF 1855 1944
Preston Harriett 1841 1888
Price William E. Dec 9, 1836 1881
Price Hannah I. Sept 26, 1836 1880 Wife of Wm. E.
Rand Frances 1823 1889
Robb John 1877 67yrs
Robb Susan 1818 1890 Wife of John
Robb Anna 1864 78yrs
Robb Ann 1861 78yrs
Sawyer Victoria 1899 60yrs Wife of Henry
Sawyer John 1880 74yrs
Shaw Albert G. 1851 1908
Shaw Helen E. 1851 1926 Wife of Albert G.
Shaw Russell Apr 24, 1807 1886
Shaw Orcella Nov 13, 1824 1887 Wife of Russell
Shipman Jacob Feb 4, 1815 1865
*Shipman Lydia Apr 27, 1819 ? Wife of Jacob
Shipman Rollin Oct 10, 1847 1867
Smith H.W. May 30, 1848 1894
Smith Emma Dec 25, 1848 1887 Wife of H.W.
Smith Stephen 1860 77yrs
Smith Eunice 1811 1888 Wife of Stephen
Smith Joel No Date Son of S. & E.; killed at South Mountain
Soule Clavendon 1855 1937
Soule Julian F. 1859 1839
Soule Mary J. 1867 1933 Wife of Julian F.
Soule Perry R. 1<64 Died after Capture; Co. L., 2nd PA Cav.
Soule James R. 1864 Killed Spottsylvania; Co. H, 45th PA
Soule William L. 1863 ? Civil War
Soule George R. 1870 ? Son of O. & L.A.
Stratton Emma J. ? Wife of M.E.
Sutton Ar???? 1898 85yrs
Thomas Ezekiel Mar 31, 1831 1908
Thomas Mahala Apr 8, 1832 1921 Wife of Ezekiel
Welterroth Henry James 1849 1907
Welterroth Lelia 1851 1921 Wife of H.J.
Welterroth Floyd H. 1876 1891
Westbrook William J. Aug 12, 1830 1877
Westbrook William J. 1878 ?
Wheeler Ashibell C. 1836 1912
Wheeler Janette 1842 1920 Wife of Ashibell
White George 1891 79yrs
Whitman Myron L. 1849 1903

I was just looking a Tioga County cemeteries for my families and have a correction for you in Farmington Hill. John W. Ives and Nettie Ives. They were my grandparents. The name should be Nettie--not Lettie. There are more Ives buried there on the same plot that I do not find listed. Perhaps someday I can send that information to you. You certainly have done a lot of wonderful work on this project. I am a Bockus and lived in Mansfield until l985. Also, Joyce, I looked for my mother and father and his family in the Lawrenceville Cemetery and do not find any Bockus listed. Is your Lawrenceville Cemetery the same as the Powers Cemetery at Lawrenceville? They are in the Powers Cemetery. Thank you for all your hard work. Mary Ann BOCKUS Minnich 
Joyce--I found some old obits in a scrap book of family members. These would be for Farmington Hill cemetery. Do you want me to send them this way or is there a form some place. I'll only send a few until you let me know. These people are my grandparents and three of their children (my aunts and uncle, of course.) John W. Ives born 4/l6/l854 and died 6/28/l937 wife Nettie M. Ives born 4/l/l863 and died l2/22/l952 son, Arthur Ives born l2/28/l906 died 2/2/l931 daughter Mary E. Ives born 9/12/1894 and died3/25/l988 daughter Fannie J. Ives born 9/30/l896 died 4/17/l985. These girls were never married. My grandma Ives was a Dailey and there are many Dailey's in the same cemetery. I have some of them. I expect to come up to Tioga County to visit this summer and will go to the cemeteries and get some more info on my family. Let me know if this is okay and I will send you others., I will be glad to help you. This is a lovely tribuite to these people. Keep up the great work, Joyce. Mary Ann BOCKUS Minnich 
i hope i am sending this to the right place. the Stevens family name is not listed in the farmington hill cemetery on your web page. also the Skinner's name is missing too.
we was just up there last month and got photos.
on one stone, Stevens, William W. 1866-1942./  Clara A. 1866-1935
on one stone, Stevens, Clarence A. 1906-1981./  Bertha R. 1908-2002
on one stone, Stevens, James W. 1901-1977./ Louise C. 1902-1952
Ida M. Stevens 1896-1977

on monument, Skinner

Leda A. 1890-1963. [she was a Stevens]
Arthur J. 1890-1968
Doris L. Ferris 1914-1943
Arthur John Jr. 1926-1943
Douglas P. 1920-1937

Thank very much.
doug campbell 

Published on Tri-Counties 01 NOV 1997
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