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Photo of Gravestone Art by Joyce M. Tice 2000

This Cemetery Reading was done by Ralph Weller in 1947.

Franklin Center Obituaries
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This cemetery was copied by Ralph H. Weller on May 27 & 27, 1947. Ralph was one of our volunteers.  We have retained the row and lot numbers in this presentation. Driving directions at bottom of page.

Cole John Apr. 1, 1831 Feb. 20, 1904 R1 L1 :GAR
Cole Lucilla L. Mar. 14, 1842 Oct. 9, 1914 R1 L1: Wife of John Cole
Cole Rosa L. Nov. 9, 1887 15Y 11M 1D R1 L1: Dau. of John and Lucilla Cole
Cole Ruth A. KNICKERBOCKER Jan. 27, 1867 30Y 10M 25Y R1 L1: Wife of John Cole (?????)
Cole Julia A. HUNTERTON Apr. 26, 1868 39Y 6M 9D R1 L1: Wife of John Cole
Lyon Jerusha Apr. 2, 188?? 52Y 10M 22D R1 L2: Our Mother Jerusha Wife of R Lyon
Lyon R. May 7, 1820 Jul. 2, 1887 R1 L2: Doctor
Gilbert Samuel Feb. 6, 1906 82Y 9M 26D R1 L3:
Gilbert Belle Oct. 2, 1862 3Y 6M R1 L3:
Lantz Harry Feb. 28, 1884 4Y R1 L3:
Gilbert Celinda Sep. 14, 1872 42Y 2M 18D R1 L3: Wife of Samuel Gilbert
Gilbert Elizabeth Jan. 13, 1885 27Y 1M 27D R1 L3: Dau of Samuel and Celinda Gilbert
Loyd Maude GILBERT LANTZ Nov. 3, 1927 62Y 3M 23D R1 L3: Wife of H. J. Loyd
Lantz L. R. Sep. 20, 1915 57Y 6M 5D R1 L3: Doctor
Gilbert Eribel Oct. 2, 1892 3Y R1 L3: Dau of Samuel and Celinda Gilbert
Marshall Matthew Jan. 25, 1825 Aug. 27, 1854 R1 L4:
Marshall E. L. May 28, 1837 R1 L4: Wife of Matthew Marshall
Marshall Rose D. Apr. 20, 1856 Oct. 25, 1898 R1 L4:
Marshall Jennie Feb. 20, 1863 Oct. 3, 1902 R1 L4: Wife of R. J. Marshall
Bacon Ezra B. Jan. 28, 1819 Sep. 30, 1880 R1 L5:
Prentice Joseph T. Apr. 17, 1825 Oct. 19, 1882 R1 L5: GAR
Prentice Southwick Jan. 26, 1800 Oct. 27, 1876 R1 L5:
Anderson David Apr. 5, 1819 Nov. 22, 1881 R1 L6:
Anderson Savina STRUBLE Mar. 21, 1822 Mar. 17, 1888 R1 L6: Wife of David Anderson
Nelson Sammy R1 L6
Nelson Sarah R1 L6
Nelson Levi R1 L6
Gay Ahira Jun. 1, 1885 65Y 6M 20D R1 L7
Gay Sally 1830- 1816- R1 L7: Wife of Ahira Gay
Gay Merritt 1853- 1923- R1 L7
Gay Willy 1866- 1930- R1 L7
Gay Mira Ellen Mar. 20, 1863 4Y 9M 16D R1 L7
Gay Lucinda Feb. 8, 1871 73Y 9M 24D R1 L7: Wife of Gilbert Gay
Gay Pearl Aug. 5, 1899 Oct. 26, 1918 R1 L7
Allen Mahlon R2 L1: LISTER NOTE: Field Stone marked "74"
Thruston Frankie Sep. 22, 1879 8Y 11M R2 L1: Little Frankie Son of Wm.& L. Thruston
Thruston Cora Sep. 24, 1882 1Y 2M 21D R2 L1: Little Cora dau of Wm. & L. Thruston
Goss Adella Mar. 23, 1888 Sep. 4, 1893 R2 L1: Dau. of F. L. & Ella Goss
Thruston Henry Oct. 4, 1824 Sep. 17, 1893 R2 L2:
Thruston Margret WINSLOW Jul. 20, 1829 Oct. 25, 1874 R2 L2: Wife of Henry Thruston
Anderson Albert Dec. 25, 1849 May 16, 1874 R2 L3: Buried with Lucy Anderson
Anderson Lucy Nov. 8, 1849 Apr. 10, 1879 R2 L3: Buried with Albert Anderson
Cary Dan'l D. Apr. 15, 1828 Oct. 10, 1892 R2 L4: Co. I, 187 PA INF GAR
Cary Rebecca Dec. 26, 1830 R2 L4: Wife of Dan'l D. Cary
Dodge Nathan L. 1817- 1896- R2 L5:
Dodge Margaret 1816- 1898- R2 L5: Wife of Nathan L. Dodge
Dodge Oliver W. 1839- 1918- R2 L5:
Dodge Liva 1846- 1918- R2 L5:
Dodge Stella 1854- 1897- R2 L5:
Dodge Lina R2 L5:
Dodge Ida L. Feb. 3, 1872 17Y 8M 10D R2 L5: Youngest dau. of N. L. and Margret Dodge
Kelder Charles L. Nov. 22, 1871 3M 17D R2 L5: Son of L. S. & Mary Kelder
Kelder George E. Apr. 15, 1872 1M 17D R2 L5: Son of L. S. & Mary Kelder
Pardoe Joseph J. 1845- 1917- R2 L5:
Pardoe Mary KELDER 1851- 1937- R2 L5: Buried with Joseph J. Pardoe
Saben Edward E. Oct. 7, 1813 Sep. 20, 1899 R2 L6:
Saben Margaret Jul. 3, 1827 R2 L6: Wife of Edward E. Saben
Saben Susan H. Dec. 16, 1873 23Y 5M ??D R2 L6: Wife of David Saben
Saben David 1849- 1932- R2 L6:
Kelder L. S. Sep. 1, 1874 28Y 8M 5D R2 L6:
Anderson Britton Apr. 16, 1825 Aug. 31, 1909 R2 L7:
Anderson Mary L. Jun. 29, 1825 Oct. 13, 1900 R2 L7: Wife of Britton Anderson
Anderson Britton W. Jul. 20, 1861 Jul. 2, 1871 R2 L7:
Howe Laurance A. Apr. 24, 1892 4Y 4M 19D R2 L7: Son of Geo and Marilda Howe
Howe Geo. B. 1895- 1895- R2 L7:
Howe Laurance  R2 L7: Our dau.
Taylor Jennie WILBER 1853- 1936- R2 L8:
Wilber Levi 1839- 1915- R2 L8:
Wilber Anna GARVEY Aug. 3, 1885 79Y 7M 5D R2 L8: Our Mother 
Jennings Theodore Nov. 7, 1858 Jun. 16, 1894 R2 L9: 
Jennings R2 L9: Father GAR
Jennings T. J.(?????)
Payne Ransom Jan. 13, 1813 Jan. 10, 1898 R3 L1:
Payne Samamtha C. Jan. 17, 1808 May 15, 1891 R3 L1: Wife of Ransom Payne
Kirkendall Leonard Jun. 16, 1877 Jun. 13, 1882 R3 L2: Son of John & Esther Kirkendal
Kirkendall John W. Sep. 25, 1843 Feb. 23, 1904 R3 L2: Father John W. Kirkendall
Kirkendall J. M. 1836- 1914- R3 L2:
Kirkendall Euphema 1838- 1911- R3 L2: Wife of J. M. Kirkendall
Kirkendall Earnest 1866- 1897- R3 L2:
Kirkendall Emery 1867- 1911- R3 L2:
Kirkendall Gertie 1881- 1891- R3 L2:
Kirkendall Wayne 1896- 1907- R3 L2:
Myers Thaddeus 1840- 1892- R3 L3:
Myers Rachel HALL 1844- 1887- R3 L3: Wife of Thaddeus P. Myers
Myers Berta H. 1874- 1887- R3 L3: Dau. of Thaddeus P and Rachel Hall Myers
Myers Victor, A. 1866- 1940- R3 L3:
Myers M. Anna 1868- R3 L3:
Sabin Morris K. 1847 1922 R3 L4:
Lindley Samuel A. Feb. 3, 1887 Oct. 8, 1914 R3 L4: Co C. 132 Rect PA Vol Inf - GAR ???????
McKee John Mar. 24, 1806 Apr. 11, 1896 R3 L5: Buried with Martha McKee
McKee Martha Jan. 11, 1809 Nov. 20, 1877 R3 L5: Buried with John McKee
McKee Bessie Mar. 8, 1870 Mar. 24, 1872 R3 L5: Dau of Sam W. McKee
McKee Genevieve Nov. 2, 1888 Aug. 27, 1893 R3 L5: Dau of MM & Rose McKee
McKee Sterne Dec. 18, 1831 Dec. 24, 1887 R3 L5: Co B 207 Rec PA Vol
McKee Wilmina Dec. 1, 1883 Feb. 15, 1897 R3 L5: Wife of Sterne McKee
Burnham James P(?). 1808 1890 R3 L6:
Gamble Ann B. 1844 1869 R3 L6:
Blake Julia Ann 1824 1845 R3 L6:
Blake Lorenda H. 1816 1902 R3 L6:
Blake Elija H. 1820 1893 R3 L6:
Livingston E. C. 1922 R3 L6: Rev.
Bevan Helen B. 1854 1928 R3 L6:
Dodge N. W. Apr. 21, 1887 46Y R3 L7: GAR
Dodge Mary PENNELL 1852 1927 R3 L7: Wife of N. W. Dodge
Dodge Torrence A. 1871 R3 L7: NOTE: Lister Indicates about 1945)
Dodge Ella SMITH 1872 1927 R3 L7: Wife of Torrence A. Dodge
Jennings William B. 1854 1911 R4 L1:
Jennings Dorothy 1857 1897 R4 L1: Wife of William B. Jennings
Lyons Watson M. 1855 1908 R4 L2:
Lyons Sarah 1848 1882 R4 L2: 
Lyons Alma L. 1864 1926 R4 L2:
Beigham Lottie May 3, 1883 9M 4D R4 L2: Dau of F. M. & L. Beigham
Dodge Villie Feb. 19, 1876 23Y 1M 6D R4 L3: Wife of F. X. Dodge
Dodge F. X. Jun. 5, 1848 Jul. 8, 1906 R4 L3:
House Hannah Aug. 28, 1879 76Y 2M R4 L3: Wife of Jason House
House Jason ?Y ?M 16D R4 L3: NOTE: LISTER Indicates Stone Broken
Varney Emery J. 1869 1944 R4 L4: NOTE: Buried with Florence S. Varney
Varney Florence S. 1877 1947 R4 L4:NOTE: Buried with Emery J. Varney
Varney Mandana 1843 1870 R4 L4: Mother
McKee Sep. 3, 1872 Feb. 23, 1877 R4 L4: Dau of Reed and Mary Mc Kee
Perry Gladys E. Jan. 16, 1865 Feb. 11, 1902 R4 L5: Wife of J. L. Perry
Perry(???) M. V. "33" 27Y 7M 27D R4 L5:
Shiner Wm. B. Nov. 6, 1819 Sep. 16, 1892 R4 L6:
Shiner Elizabeht Mar. 26, 1826 Mar. 24, 1904 R4 L6: Wife of Wm. B. Shiner
Shiner Helen 1853 1923 R4 L6:
House Henry J. 1830 1911 R4 L7: Co C 188 NY Vol
House Rebecca 1834 R4 L7: Wife of H. J. Henry
House Lula M. Nov. 3, 1879 May 6, 1893 R4 L7:
Woodin Ida M. 1897- 1932- R5 L1:
Rockwell John Sep. 7, 1894 77Y 5M 27D R5 L2:
Rockwell Susannah Aug. 10, 1880 56Y 9M 7D R5 L2: Wife of John Rockwell
Rubert Johnny Mar. 20, 1878 Nov. 6, 1878 R5 L2: Son of W. B. & M. Rubert
Sickler Charles T. 1849 R5 L2:
Sickler Gyrene 1857 1907 R5 L2: Wife of Charles T. Sickler
Rockwell 1850 1904 R5 L2: Father
Rockwell Orator Dec. 24, 1869 28Y 4M 11D R5 L2:
Holford Dora A. Oct. 21, 1870 16Y 5M 6D R5 L2: Dau of G. H. & (Maurice?) Holford
Holford G. W. 1824- 1915- R5 L2: Co E 52 Reg PV
Holford Elvira 1824- 1906- R5 L2: Wife of G. W. Holford
Rockwell Nelson 11Y 4M R5 L2: Son of J. H. & Anna M. Rockford
Compton Glennie Jul. 16, 1882 Sep. 11, 1882 R5 L2: Son of Jacob & Emma Compton
Smith Margaret Apr. 4, 1872 51Y 7M 24D R5 L3: Wife of John T. Smith
Smith Johial Jun. 4, 1870 15Y 2M 6D R5 L3:
Smith Abigail Apr. 19, 1872 26Y 2M 24D R5 L3:
Parkhurst Lester May 15, 1881 1Y 11M 6D R5 L4: Son of Ami & Polly Parkhurst
Parkhurst Ami May 10, 1833 Jan. 7, 1916 R5 L4: Co E, 52 PA Vol
Parkhurst Polly A. May 30, 1842 May 14, 1913 R5 L4: Wife of Ami Parkhurst
Parkhurst Grant Sep. 21, 1869 R5 L4: 
Parkhurst Lester May 15, 1880 R5 L4:
Shiner L. Glenn Mar. 17, 1893 20Y 7M 14D R5 L5:
Shiner Frank G. 1852- 1924- R5 L5:
Shiner Melvin G. 1849- 1922- R5 L5:
Gilbert Melvin Dec. 24, 1811 Feb. 26, 1891 R5 L6:
Gilbert Rodney K. Apr. 22, 1889 Feb. 24, 1891 R5 L6: Son of George & Addie Gilbert
Gilbert Ida 1865- 1918- R5 L6:
Gilbert George M. 1862- 1927- R5 L6:
Gilbert Catharine
Mosher Stephen P. 1861- R5 L7: NOTE: Buried with Helen Mosher
Mosher Helen 1861- 1908- R5 L7: NOTE: Buried with Stephen P. Mosher
Barnes Lillie D. 1871- 1927- R6 L1: NOTE: Buried with Merton E. Barnes
Barnes Merton E. 1871- 1934- R6 L1: NOTE: Buried with Lillie D. Barnes
Schrader Lloyde 1892- 1892- R6 L1:
Schrader Wayne 1912- 1912- R6 L1:
Williams Johnnie R6 L2:
Williams John Mar. 11, 1840 Feb. 17, 1910 R6 L2: Co B 84 PA VOL
Williams Thomas A. Mar. 27, 1817 Mar. 29, 1889 R6 L2: NOTE: Buried with Mary Ann Williams
Williams Mary Ann Jun. 1, 1819 R6 L2: NOTE: Buried with Thomas A. Williams
Rockwell Viola R6 L3:
Rockwell Rena R6 L3:
Rockwell Anna R6 L3:
Rockwell R6 L3:Mother
Rockwell R6 L3: Father 
Rockwell Lola R6 L3:
Rockwell (???Broken On????) Mar. 5, 1871 11Y 8M 5D R6 L3:
Rockwell Wm. A. Apr. 26, 1892 72Y R6 L4:
Rockwell Freddie Feb. 2, 1870 13Y 9M 1D R6 L4: Child of W. A. & Rachael Rockwell
Rockwell Willie Feb. 23, 1870 15Y 8M 20D R6 L4: Child of W. A. & Rachael Rockwell
Rockwell Almira Mar. 28, 1870 8Y 11M 8D R6 L4: Child of W. A. & Rachael Rockwell
Compton Glenny Feb. 27, 1875 6M R6 L5: Son of Peter & Adaline Compton
Compton Melissa Apr. 10, 1871 9D R6 L5: Dau of Israel & Amanda Compton
Compton Amanda Jan. 23, 1872 22Y 1M 7D R6 L5: Wife of Israel Compton
Compton Adeline 1847- 1918- R6 L5: Wife of Peter Compton
Compton Peter 1841- 1925- R6 L5:
Compton George Aug. 30, 1868 51Y 6M R6 L6
Compton Mary May 4, 1890 72Y 24D R6 L6:
Wilcox George T. Apr. 4, 1830 Jan. 31, 1890 R6 L7:
WIlcox Mary A. May 3, 1835 Dec. 5, 1913 R6 L7:Wife of George T. Wilcox
Herda Augusta 1836- 1908- R7 L1: Co F 5 Reg PA Vol
Herda Sarah 1846- 1896- R7 L1: Wife of Augusta Herda
Herda Elizabeth 1870- 1901- R7 L1:
Herda George 1868- R7 L1: LISTER's NOTE: Living in 1947
Herda Hannah MORSE 1876- 1841- R7 L1: Wife of George Herda
Hall Ella M. 19-- R7 L2: NOTE: Buried with Fred E. Hall
Hall Fred E. 1862- 1936- R7 L2: NOTE: Buried with Ella M. Hall
Rockwell Addison Oct. 22, 1845 Dec. 9, 1920 R7 L3:
Rockwell Mary A. Jul. 13, 1849 R7 L3: Wife of Addison Rockwell
Rockwell Laverne Jul. 22, 1869 Mar. 13, 1877 R7 L3:
Rockwell Carroll L. Apr. 7, 1872 Jan. 15, 1877 R7 L3:
Rockwell Frank P. Oct. 4, 1876 Sep. 24, 1891 R7 L3:
Steele Dora Eddy R7 L3:
Steele George A. Mar. 28, 1832 Jul. 1, 1911 R7 L3:
Steele Emma P. Jul. 15, 1833 Jun. 4, 1892 R7 L4: Wife of George A. Steele
Steele James F. 4Y R7 L4:
Smith John 1M R7 L4:
Jennings George 1851- 1913- R7 L5:
Jennings Lydia CAMPBELL 1858- 1928- R7 L5: Wife of George Jennings
Jennings William Mar. 8, 1885 66Y 2M 19D R7 L5:
Jennings Sarah H. BUMP 1819- 1913- R7 L5: Wife of William Jennings
Jennings Earl L. 1887- 1890- R7 L5:
Stone Darwin H. Dec. 16, 1896 Aug. 7, 1926 R7 L6:
Stone Abbie E. Oct. 22, 1849 Sep. 20, 1926 R7 L6:
Stone Carl B. Jun. 16, 1882 Jun. 8, 1895 R7 L6
Stone Harry R7 L6:
Stone Marrion R7 L6:
Harris Caddie M. 1868- 1944- R7 L7: NOTE: Buried with Lester C. Harris
Harris Lester C. 1871- R7 L7: NOTE: Buried with Caddie M. Harris
Allen  Clarence R7 L8: LISTER'S NOTE: No Stone on Lot in 1947
Thomas John L. 1865- R7 L9: NOTE: Buried with Hallie D. Thomas
Thomas Hallie D. 1860- 1943- R7 L9: NOTE: Buried with John L. Thomas
Hicks Paul Kenneth 1912- 1939- R7 L9:
Craton A. B. 1861- 1931- R8 L1:
O'Neill Joseph M. 1859- 1929- R8 L1:
Crary Frank 1861- 1939- R8 L1: Buried with A. Isebelle Crary
Crary A. Isebelle 1864- 1934- R8 L1: Buried with Frank Crary
Jones Maude 1906- 1918- R8 L1:
Jones John M. 1844- 1918- R8 L1: Co B 58 Regt PA Vol
Carey Susie M. 1857- 1914- R8 L2:
Carey James G. 1840- 1913- R8 L2: Co C 132 Pa Inf Vol
Carey Francis D. 1894- 1926- R8 L2: Wife of Charles E. Carey
Schoonover Daniel Feb. 6, 1841 Aug. 28, 1901 R8 L3: Co C 104 PA Vol Inf (Also Dates 1846-1921)
Schoonover Julia Apr. 1861 Dec. 26, 1909 R8 L3: Wife of Daniel Schoonover
Burleigh J. L. 1853- 1942- R8 L4:
Burleigh Phylenia Jan. 27, 1854 Nov. 22, 1910 R8 L4: Wife of J. L. Bureigh
Burleigh Ethel Aug. 30, 1901 Oct. 28, 1909 R8 L4:
Smiley Eliza 1853- 1933- R8 L5: NOTE: Buried with Clarence E. Smiley
Smiley Clarence E. 1852- 1921- R8 L5: NOTE: Buried with Eliza Smiley
Jennings Roy 1891- R9 L1: NOTE: Buried with Clara Jennings
Jennings Clara 1890- R9 L1: NOTE: Buried with Roy Jennings
Steele Mazie I. 1866- 1931- R9 L2:
Borden Leigh H. 1876- 1931- R9 L2:
Greene Charles D. 1857- 1941- R9 L2: NOTE: Buried with Freda L. Greene
Greene Freda L. 1861- 1938- R9 L2: NOTE: Buried with Charles D. Greene
Kunzman Annie E. Feb. 14, 1863 May 30, 1922 R9 L2:
Kunzman WIlliam B. 1883- 1833(?????) R9 L2: ((??This appears to be a typo??))
Crane Elmer Oct. 3, 1886 2M 19D R9 L2:
McNeal William 1832- 1913- R9 L3:
McNeal Jane 1835- R9 L3: Wife of William McNeal
McNeal Lenson E. 1862- R9 L3:
McNeal Mary 1870- R9 L3: Wife of Lenson E. McNeal
McNeal Ethel 1890- 1937- R9 L3:
Bonney R9 L4: Father GAR
Bonney Malvern 1838- 1924- R9 L4:
Bonney Emma 1840- 1937- R9 L4: Wife of Malvern Bonney
Bonney Joseph 1833- 19xx- R9 L4:
Bonney May 1837- R9 L4: Wife of Joseph Bonney
Bonney R9 L4: Father GAR: Lister Note not same as Above
Williams Fred W. 1868- 1924- R9 L5:
Williams Julia K. 1834- 1913- R9 L5: NOTE: Buried with Samuel F. Williams
Williams Samuel F. 1833- 1910- R9 L5: GAR; NOTE: Buried with Julia K. Williams
Williams George G. Jan. 3, 1862 Jun. 1, 1909 R9 L5:
Williams Mertie  Dec. 25, 1864 Dec. 26, 1864 (?????????) R9 L5: Wife of George G. Williams
Latz(????) Hattie WILLIAMS Jan. 24, 1888 Jan. 10, 1919 R9 L5: Wife of Arthur Latz
Willey Harlow 1882- 1918- R9 L5:
Anderson Emma R9 L6:
Payne Olanthus S. 1842- 1915- R9 L6:
Payne Henrietta COMPTON 1851- 1903- R9 L6: Wife of Olanthus S. Payne
Jennings Issac 1857- 1928- R9 L7:
Jennings Kattie 1859- 1902- R9 L7: Wife of Isaac Jennings
Jennings Lizzie 1876- 1924- R9 L7: Wife of Isaac Jennings
Jennings Perry 1850- 1906- R9 L7:
Jennings Josephine  1854- 1929- R9 L7: Wife of Perry Jennings
Schrader Dorothy R. 1928- 1935- R9 L7:
Green John 1812- 1898- R9 L7:
Green Emiley 1813- 1900- R9 L7:
Morse Mearle 1926- 1930- R10 L1:
Morse Cora V. 1862- 1937- R10 L1:
Morse Francis  1864- 19xx R10 L1:
Allen Leslie R. 1896- 1924- R10 L2: Served in France 304 MP Co 79 Div World War I
Allen Fred H. 1861- 1945- R10 L2:
Allen Jennie M. 1867- R10 L2:
Crane George E. 1884- 1926- R10 L2
Stone Emily H. 1892- 19xx R10 L3:
Stone Edward 1885- 1941- R10 L3:
Howe Emily 1836- 1914- R10 L3:
Howe Marilda ANDERSON 1864- 1936- R10 L3: Wife of G. T. Howe
Compton Bertha 1883- 1937- R10 L3:
Compton William 1870- 1940- R10 L3:
Compton Loren 1872- 1927- R10 L3:
Green Wallace 1850- 1927- R10 L4: NOTE: Buried with Margaret Green
Green Margaret 1853- 1944- R10 L4: NOTE: Buried with Wallace Green
Roof Ella MCKEE 1856- 1930- R10 L4: Wife of Joseph L. Rooff(??)
Roof Joseph 1847- 1917- R10 L4:
Anderson A. D. Feb. 2, 1851 Dec. 18, 1899 R10 L4:
Crandell Liston 1896- 1898- R10 L5:
Crandell Julia 1852- 1926- R10 L5: Wife of A. B. Crandell
Crandel A. B. 1849- 1933- R10 L5:
Wilcox W. Scott Mar. 14, 1851 Sep. 14, 1915 R10 L6:
Wilcox Emma E. Aug. 15, 1853 May 25, 1926 R10 L6: Wife of W. Scott Wilcox
McKee Bradford Jun. 17, 1829 Dec. 8, 1914 R10 L6: NOTE: Buried with Cynthia Stone
Stone Cynthia Dec. 15, 1831 Oct. 10, 1906 R10 L6: NOTE: Buried with Bradford McKee
Holford J. L. Jul. 8, 1846 Jan. 12, 1915 R10 L7: Co E 52 Reg PV
Holford Martha M. Aug. 16, 1843 Jun. 18, 1906 R10 L7: Wife of J. L. Holford
Holford Elizabeth Coe 1855- 1913- R10 L7:
Varney Glen E. 1865- 1933- R11 L1:
Varney Anna L. 1877- 19xx R10 L1:
Varney Edwin F. Nov. 17, 1922 R10 L1: LISTER NOTE: Date is typed Nov. 7 - 17, 1922
Varney Myrtle B. HARRIS 1883- 1929- R10 L1: Mother Myrtle B. Harris
Varney Fay 1913- 1919- R10 L1:
Lindley Nellie R11 L2:
Lindley Charles R11 L2:
Bevan Wm. C. 1883- 1916- R11 L3:
Bevan Kitt R. 1883- 1941- R11 L3
Bevan(???) Alberta B. MURPHY 1906- 1941- R11 L3: Mother
Smith Daniel W. 1828- 1913- R11 L4: Co C 132 Reg Pa Vol
Smith Mary McCORMIC 1838- 1918- R11 L4: Wife of Daniel W. Smith
Decker Catherine SMITH 1870- 1915- R11 L4:
Willey G. H. 1852- 1927- R11 L5:
Willey Marion 1856- 1915- R11 L5: Wife of G. H. Willey
Knickerbocker Esther 1834- 1907- R11 L5:
Rockwell Anna W. 1871- 19xx R11 L6: LISTER's NOTE: Alive in 1947
Rockwell Fred L. 1875- 19xx R11 L6: LISTER's NOTE: Alive in 1947
Rockwell Mahlon Nov. 18, 1849 Feb. 7, 1922 R11 L7:
Rockwell Elnora May 26, 1855 Mar. 19, 1907 R11 L7: Wife of Mahlon Rockwell
Norris George B Aug. 17, 1902 37Y R11 L7: 
Stevens Harry L. 1884- 1945- R12 L1: NOTE: Buried with Lula M. Stevens
Stevens Lula M. 1887- 19xx R12 L1: Alive 1947; NOTE: Buried with Harry L. Stevens
Wiggine Nov. 14, 1903 Apr. 20, 1904 R12 L1: Dau of CH & EG Wiggine
Wiggine Archie 1871- 1936- R12 L1:
Wiggine Charles H. 1865- 19xx R12 L1:
Wiggine Grace E. 1978- R12 L1:
Anderson Nellie M. 1886- 1940- R12 L2:
Anderson Martin 1860- 1934- R12 L2: NOTE: Buried with Mary Anderson
Anderson Mary 1862- 1935- R12 L2: NOTE: Buried with Martin Anderson
Smiley J. Arthur 1857- 1939- R12 L3: NOTE: Buried with Melvina Smiley
Smiley Melvina 1861- 1941- R12 L3: NOTE: Buried with J. Arthur Smiley
Kirkendall Glenn 1865- 1933- R12 L4:
Anderson L. Maple 1882- 19xx R12 L5:
Anderson C. Lloyd 1884- 1945- R12 L5:
Anderson Isaiah W. 1856- 1935- R12 L5:
Anderson Odella WOODIN 1861- 19xx R12 L5: Wife of Isaiah W. Anderson
 Subj:  Franklin Christian Church Cemetery
Date:  5/15/2003 11:14:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Hansell, Shary)

In a recent trip to the Franklin Christian Church Cemetery, I have verified that the Frank and Isabelle Crary listed on the website should read "Cary" per the actual headstones.  Frank was a brother of Martin Cary buried nearby.  Their parents, Daniel Davis Cary and Rebecca Pryne Cary are also buried in this cemetery.

Shary L. Hansell

In a message dated 1/28/2007 11:25:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
dear joyce, your website is awesome!! thanks so much. i am writing to add to and to correct some facts pertaining to carey and leonard burial sites. #1 my grfather elisha leonard is there in plot r-8 l 2. his daughter francis same plot, but was married to edward carey her first cousin son of james g carey and sarah [susie]carey[truesdale]. francis was not married to charles e carey. i am trying to find history on charles. in way of exclamation elisha leonard was taken by a family by the name of john and mary leonard as were his brothers, john and james. elisha chose to use leonard, his brothers reverted back to the carey name. in the same plot is my uncle leon carey and his wife anna. leon is the son of elisha. my information comes from recent vist to cemetery and records my dad and mom left to me. also from a cousin walter lavern carey of enid oklahoma, who was the son of john. walter has since passed away.   elisha died feb. 21 1934.    joyce, my name is carl j. leonard sr.address is 753 bristol pike, bensalem, pa. 19020. e-mail at  thank you again, carl
September 2007 --from lower bucks county and northeast phila; take pa.,turnpike at either bristol rt.#13 on ramp or phila.,-trevose or rt.#1 on ramp.go west on turnpike to I-475.take exit ramp to north on 475(northeast extension).follow to end of turnpike(clarks summit).proceed onto rt#6 WEST.follow rt#6 to towanda.about a hour and a soon as you cross bridge into towanda you will come to a traffic light. make a LEFT for appox.4or 5 that point you shall come to a stop sign at rt#220,make a left.(rt.#220 south) go appox. 3 miles to rt #414 west. 9 miles to  franklindale.franklin center cemetery and old church will be on left. i was just there august 28 to sept.1.    plenty of gas stations on the way.if you need a deptment store there is a k-mart in wysox just before you cross bridge into towanda.i hope this helps someone from my area to find their way. joyce, i went through mansfield on my way to wellsboro.i was quite impressed with both towns.  thanks again for your website!  carl j. leonard,sr.
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