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Fallbrook Cemetery, Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the 600 pages of Tioga County Cemetery Records on the site by using the Cemeteries -Tioga button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
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This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 

Anderson Isabelle 1872 infant Daughter of David & Jane.
Berwick         Child of William & Ann.
Bland Damon 1881 9yr. Son of William & Ann.
1880 1895 Son of S.S. & Elvira.
Bliss George 1865
Bodine John   1879    
Bolton Ester   1870 infant Daughter of James & Ellen.
Brown Alexander   1870 infant Son of Andrew & Isabell
Brown Agnes   1869 3yr. Daughter of Andrew & Isabell
Bruce Alexander   1872 3yr.  
Burton Ann   1874 38yr. Wife of Thomas.
Chambers Arch.   1870 10mo.  
Chambers Archable   1872 10mo. Son of Arch & Elizabeth.
Davis Gwendolian   1868   Wife of William.
Dryburgh Jeanette   1872 2yr.  
Eildings Benjamin   1870 8mo. Son of Henry & Marlla. (Marlla might be Marsha. Name not clear on list.)
Gough Ann   1879 51yr. Wife of James 
Henry John 1872 8yr. Son of Richard & Mary.
Henry Mary J.   1879 8yr. Daughter of Richard & Mary.
Harrison Richard   1894   Son of Richard 
Hay     1891 6mo. Child of Robert & Mary.
Hagstrom Anna D.   1883 1yr. Daughter of C.O. & Carol
Hind Thomas D.   1872 1yr. Son of James & Marina.
Holt     1881 11yr. Son of Amos & Dullena.
Johnson Anna    1893 42yr. Wife of John.
Jones Abiathe   1870 6mo. Son of Ebenezer & Sarah.
Kennedy Sarah J.   1870 infant Daughter of Edwin & Mary.
Kitson Sarah    1892 65yr. Wife of William.
Moore Thomas D.   1867 31yr.  
Muir Robert Dec. 25, 1836 1891   Born in Glascow, Scotland.
Muir Agnes Nichols 1835 1880   Born in Cumberland, Scotland.
Nicol Nichol M.   1867 34yr.  
Nicol William   1873 61yr.  
Perry Henry Mar. 24, 1842 1900    
Poxon William   1870 1yr. Son of Samuel & Catherine.
Patterson Isabella M.   1872 11yr. Daughter of James & Margaret.
Pehrson Pehr Mar. 17, 1832 1895   Born in Sweden.
Pehrson Petronella July 21, 1833 1896   Born in Sweden. Wife of Pehr.
Pollock Elizabeth   1862 2yr. Daughter of A. & C.
Reid John 1884 1910   Son of John & Jane.
Russell John   1868 2yr. Son of Alexander & Sarah.
Russell Robert Apr. 12, 1834 1905   Born in Cumbernaud, Scotland.
Russell Anna Mar. 7, 1837 1870   Wife of Robert. Born in Cumbernaud, Scotland.
Simpson Sadie   1887 2yr. Daughter of Eugene and Mary.
Strange Charles   1869 3yr. Son of C. & M.
Smith Tommy   1882 6mo. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth.
Walker John   187? 71yr. Last number unreadable.
Williams Humphrey   1881 2yr. Son of A.N. & Elizabeth.
Williams Elizabeth   1882 34yr. Wife of A.N.
Williams Sophia   1871 24yr. Wife of Thomas W.
Williams Selma   1886 5mo. Daughter of Adolph and Emilie.
Wilson Fannie E.   1883 24yr. Wife of R. Jr.

    I think it is a wonderful thing that you have done by creating a web site of all the cemeteries.  It's kinda away that makes it easier for individuals to research their family history.  Although upon looking in the Fallbrook cementery I noticed that my great grandmother was not listed.  So I decided to email you the information:

Margaret Bolt
Born 1890
Died  1932
Age 42
Died of pneumonia

There are also 4 childern buried in the Earl Bolt Family plots and they are as follows:

Marshell Bolt
Daniel Bolt
John Bolt
Anna Bolt

I'm not exactly sure what ages they where or when they where born but I do know they all died of small pox. Thank you very much for providing such an interesting web site Jennifer Pequignot

Subj:  Fallbrook Cemetery Listing
Date:  4/23/2003 11:50:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To:  JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,

My Great Grandfather William Sambrook Hall is buried in Fallbrook Cemetery also, and is not listed on the site. His gravestone is in the very back row at the woodline on the right hand side, two or three lots away from the old road that goes up the middle.
His stone reads:
William S. Hall 1852-1895

Thanks for all the great work you and the many volunteers do.

Rhonda Hall in NYS

Published on Tri-Counties 28 APR 1998
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