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Read byPat Raymond, Kenneth & Kevin Chapman  July 1999

Typed by Pat Raymond

Photo by Joyce M. Tice 04 SEP 1999

Name of Cemetery:    Evergreen Cemetery - Albany Township
Read By:  Kenneth Chapman, Jr., Kevin Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July.29,1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Village of Evergreen on Rte. SR2010
Other comments: Very well kept and neat - Some very old stones that were hard to read
JMT Comment about sign at left. OK, Even the River Styx has a sign that says "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." 
August 2008 - Mallory Babcock sent in some tombstone photos - Albany folder
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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

See Evergreen Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Edsall Elizabeth 1871    
Edsall Eleanor 1869 1945    
Edsall Aaron J.   Sep.23.1921   Co. C 141 Pa Inf. Vol. - GAR Marker & Flag
Edsall Eunice 1849 1922   w/o Aaron J. Edsall
Chapman Elias A. Aug.12.1839 Jan.27.1908   GAR Marker & Flag - 4 foot from Elias's Marker
Chapman Mehaley Estella Jul.24.1870 Jan.14.1922    
Chapman Ernest E. 1872 1921   "FATHER" s/o Elias A. Chapman
Edsall Wayne J. 1877 1949    
Edsall Florence 1889 1992    
Terry Jay V. 1879 1906    
Terry Flora May 19.1857 Jun.17.1905    
Lee Williams May 29.1812 Nov.24.1872    
Lee Sally T. Nov.29.1814 Mar.14.1900   w/o Williams Lee
Lee Edgar Aug.20.1847 Nov.12.1870   s/o Williams & Sally Lee
Chapman Lillian   Aug.14.1890 23-9-29 w/o Ira Chapman
Chapman Simeon   Nov.11.1868 69-5-29  
Chapman Polly   Mar.22.1879 76-11-19 w/o Simeon Chapman (Polly Nichols d/o John)
Moon Adaline E.   Feb.13.1883 34-11-0 w/o E.A. Chapman 
Chapman Nelson F.   Jan.3.1882 11-10-22 s/o E.A & A.E. Chapman
Chapman Morgan L.   May 12.1869 7-0-12 s/o Elias A. & Adda E. Chapman
Chapman Peter Miles   Mar.30.1883 10-2-0 s/o C.W. & S.J. Chapman
Chapman Lumira L.   Jan.16.1869 28d (?) d/o C.W. & S. J. Chapman
Chapman Jemima E.   Jan.30.1872 5-9-23 d/o C.W. & S. J. Chapman
          GAR Marker & Flag - NO other marker
Hibbard Ella Y. 1850 1928    
Hibbard Henry A. 1850 1924    
Allen Pearl M. 1877 1907   w/o Jay H. Allen
Terry William 1848 1931    
Terry Mary P. 1856 1904    
Hibbard Lucy M. Mar.24.1823 May 17.1889   w/o Orrison Hibbard
Hibbard Marrilla   Sep.25.1816 51 yr w/o Henry Hibbard
Hibbard Lovisa S.   Apr.6.1870 73 yr w/o Henry Hibbard
Hibbard Angelica   Sep.6.1833 44 yr w/o Henry Hibbard
Hibbard Henry  Dec.29.1790 Dec.31.1877    
Hibbard Henry Jr. 1854 1929    
Moore Mary    May 9.1883 10 yr. "d/o Rev. T.V. & Amy S. Moore "Sacred to the Memory of Mary M.
Mosher Nathaniel   Feb.28.1863 63-6-0  
Mosher Cooper S.   May.3.1861 30-5-21  
Mosher Eunice   Aug.23.1859 11m 12d d/o R.S. & Saben
Mosher Eunice   Apr.23.18?? 24 yr Rest buried & broken off
Lewis Evelin V.   Feb.5.1857 3-11-0 d/o J.P. & M. Lewis
Lewis Alice I   Feb.12.1857 4y 3d d/o J.P. & M. Lewis
          Large SABIN stone w/ GAR Marker & Flag
Bouse Jane   Dec.11.1841 14-8-3 d/o S.C. & (Maria?) Bouse
  Elsie       Small Stone
Covey Elizabeth   Aug.6.1867 57-1-10  
Sweet Edwin F. Aug.1.1828 Apr.30.1852    
Sweet Mary D. Jul13.1838 Dec.14.1860    
Sweet Paul C. Apr.9.1883 Apr.19.1874   *One of these dates is obviously wrong & will have to be rechecked
Sweet Clark Oct.15.1802 Aug.1.1873   GAR Marker & Flag
Sweet Alice  Dec.18.1798 Mar.20.1871   w/o Clark Sweet (5 Sweet's same Marker)
Hibbard Ward Feb.13.1872 1-8-3 (?) s/o H.A. & Ella Hibbard
  Floyd M.   May 17.1880   (No surname on marker for next three)
  Terry       Badly worn can't read
  Lloyd S.   Sep.17.1881 3y 16d  
Hibbard Harriet M. 1892 1959   d/o Cheric & Mary Hibbard
Hibbard Daughter Oct.18.1883 Dec.22.1889   d/o Cheric A. & Mary M. Hibbard
Hibbard Daisy D.   Jul.27.1883 9-8-0 d/o Cheric & Lucy V. Hibbard
Hibbard Chaucy Delos   Feb.5.1851 5-4-5 s/o Cheric & Lucy V. Hibbard
Hibbard Cheric A. Jul.27.1843 Nov.11.1917    
Hibbard Lucy Jan.29.1852 Dec.29.1881   w/o Cheric A. Hibbard
Hibbard Mary Sep.15.1856 Dec.24.1926   w/o Cheric A. Hibbard
Chapman John N. Mar.10.1824 Nov.16.1879   Birth date 1824 ?(24)
Chapman Lucy E. Jul.16.1860 May 21.1877    
          All by itself -no stone- GAR Marker
Covey A.D.   Mar.2.1808 56-10-16  
Covey Maryett   Jul.2.1887   c/o A.D. & Polly Covey
Covey Sarah   Jul.20.18?7   c/o A.D. & Polly Covey
Corson George Dec.8.1842 Apr.3.1918   Pvt. Co. G 107 Pa Inft. Vol. (GAR Marker)
Corson Sarah A. May 12.1842 Dec.28.1909   w/o George Corson
Weaver Edward C. 1909 1986    
Wiles Charles W. 1904 1996    
Wiles Isabel A. 1922      
Wiles William B. 1870 1920    
Wiles Carrie Lee 1870 1961   w/o William B. Wiles (Carrie Lee)
Hakes Charles R. 1863 1941   Charles, Florinda & Lorella - same stone
Hakes Florinda 1866 1946    
Hakes Lorella 1893 1913    
Corson William W. 1843      
Corson Emily J. Wilcox 1848     w/o William W. Corson
Corson Fred 1871 1911   s/o William & Emily Wilcox
Westbrook Cheric-Olive       Stone says "Cheric-Olive Westbrook
Chapman Libby-Livisa       Stone says "Libby-Livisa Olive Chapman
Allen Paul H. Jun.28.1902 Apr.23.1918    
Allen William C. 1859 1929    
Allen Emily B. 1862 1930    
Allen Rev. Arthur Mar.5.1856 Nov.8.1912   "He died as he lived a Christian"
Crandall Abbie D. 1853 1935   "MOTHER"
Hibbard Ira E. 1890 1942    
Hibbard Nina 1890 1969    
Allen Beebe G. 1894 1964    
Allen Aza 1902 1973    
Johnson Blanch O. 1940 1940    
Larrabee Harold B. 1924 1948   WW II Marker
Montgomery Harriet R. 1921 1930    
Montgomery Fred A. 1889 1959    
Montgomery Olive F. 1895 1930    
Larrabee Ivan 1894 1956    
Larrabee Fern 1894 1971    
  Blanche Maude   1929   (Between Larrabee's & Keeney's)
  Irvin Harlo   1927    
Keeney Floyd E. 1885 1957    
Keeney Myra C. 1888 1957    
Keeney Paul E. Apr.15.1911 Sep.11.1944    
Keeney Gladys C. Oct.22.1914 Aug.31.1996    
Keeney Bert 1887 1936    
Keeney Philander E. 1857 1938   "FATHER"
Keeney Mina Drake 1866 1924   "MOTHER" w/o Philander E. (Mina Drake)
Woolsey Henry F. 1871 1931   "FATHER"
Woolsey Rose A. Barnes 1875 1922   "MOTHER" w/o Henry F. (Ruth A Barnes)
Robinson Richard LeRoy Dec.30.1974 Jun.21.1995    
Berkley Charlotte M. Oct.3.1930 Oct.3.1983    
Keeney Lester F. Dec.11.1914 Feb.5.1990    
Keeney Myrtle M. Aug.22.1915      
Fulkrod Norman T. 1913 1996   Married Sept. 22.1943
Fulkrod Jane A. 1922     w/o Norman T. Fulkrod
Fulkrod Kathryn Louise 1944      
Allen Judston D. 1894 1973   WW I Marker & Flag
Allen Blanche R. 1892 1955    
Allen Judston D. Feb.21.1894 Jun.14.1973   Sm.stone-New York Pvt. US Army WW I
Allen Clifford J. 1926 1951    
Allen Deborah E.       d/o Clifford J.
Allen Leah M. 1929      
Hibbard Prentice W. 1887 1963    
Hibbard Ada D. 1889 1968    
Hibbard Eric G. 1911 1970    
Hibbard Aletha J. 1912 1997    
Hibbard Otis E. 1917 1972    
Hibbard Dora A. 1922      
Hibbard Norman Dale Oct.10.1963      
Carpenter C. Duane 1938      
Carpenter Shirley M. 1936 1990    
Gowan Thressa D. 1916 1940    
Gowan Edward L. Apr.24.1917 Nov.19.1952   Pa. S2 USNR WW II Marker & Flag
Charland Harold J. 1938 1996    
Charland Martha E. 1951      
Gowan Charles A. 1893 1979    
Gowan Maude R. 1896 1957    
Robinson George L. 1925      
Robinson Lucille L. 1926     (Lucille L. Kobbe)
Robinson Harland "BUB" 1939 1986    
Robinson Sally B. 1938      
Robinson George E. 1869 1941    
Robinson Jessie E. 1872 1963    
Robinson Harland L. 1901 1973    
Robinson Maude B. 1903 1986    
Kipp Leo F. 1921 1990   Back of stone: S2 US Navy WW II 1921-1990
Kipp Martine  1924      
Wilkinson Baby Girl   Sep.8.1960    
Kobbe Baby Boy   Sep.23.1950    
Kobbe Larue "Tom" 1923 1984   Married June 30. 1945 WW II Marker & Flag
Kobbe Gertrude 1926      
Williams Edwin E. Dec.20.1925 Jan.18.1965   Pa Sgt. HQ Co I BN 23 Infantry WW II BSM
Hibbard J. LeRoy 1879 1947    
Hibbard Emma J. 1873 1928    
Hibbard Leo C. 1916 1964    
Vargason Inez L. 1910 1987    
Vargason Infant Son   1939   s/o George & Inez Vargason
          No Stone-New Grave -Vietnam Marker & Flag 1964-1975
Hibbard Chapman Ira Nov.4.1922 Jul.6.1990   Sep.stone-Cpl. US Army WW II (Flag & Marker)
Hibbard Jean M. 1924      
Joyce, (December 2006)

Below are the newer monuments that have been added to the Evergreen Cemetery outside of New Albany, PA since 1999 or new dates that have been added to previously erected stones. Submitted by  Cookie Haines

Carpenter, Helen L. Carpenter, 1918-2005

Haines, Charles, D., "Buddy", Aug. 4, 1942 - Aug. 16, 1998

Haines, Edna E., "Cookie", Aug. 4, 1944

Kobbe, Gary, Sept. 14, 1975

Kobbe, Leilani R., May 25, 1979

Kobbe, Larue 1953 - 2001

Kobbe, Cathie 1953 - 

Kobbe, Milo Cleatus Nov. 6, 1925 - Oct. 3, 2003

Kobbe, Norma Denise, Aug. 5, 1929 - Nov. 22, 2003

Morgan, Gary D. 12/11/1948 - 7/6/2003

Morgan, Susan M. 3/8/1961

Williams, Edwin Eugene 1925 - 1965 (This marker was placed next to one that originally was put there for him by the US military.)

Williams, Vida May, 1929 - (Monument includes a notation on the front that they were married 6-5-48. Also on the back of monument Their children are listed: Craig, Connie, and Cheryl.)

Williams, Richard T., Mar. 30, 1936 - Feb., 27, 2000

Williams, Mary Ellen, Nov. 25, 1937

Please note that  Keeney, Myrtle's grave now has her date of death engraved on it (Sept. 25, 1999). She is buried next to her husband Lester Keeney.

Also there is a very small older stone on which someone has hand painted "Baby Hitchcock". This is near Lester and Myrtle Keeney's stone and Charlotte Berkley's stone and was not listed in the 1999 listing..
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