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Photo of Oldest Stone in Canoe Camp
by Joyce M. Tice
September 2005
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Francis Upton Spencer..d 1813..oldest stone in cem.. in war of 1812..Spencers (should be more stones) Huntington, Lownsberry, Gillett, Stratton, all related, and probably some of the other...found in history of Tioga co. (Note from Linda CORNELL Reese while reading this cemetery again summer 2005)

Name of Cemetery:    Canoe Camp Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CORNELL Reese
Typed By: Pat SMITH Raymond
Date Read:   July.14.2005
Location:  Richmond Twp, Tioga County On Rte 15 Business, across from Penelec Bldg.
NOTE: Cared for by Richmond Twp.
 Many stones said to have washed out in 1972 flood.  Could be more below surface although we did probe and dig up several
Canoe Camp Cemetery - Obituaries

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Cass Augustine 1812 1858    
Cass Anjelia 1812 1902   w/o Augustine (on same marker)
Cass Lafayette   1872 28y10m  
Cass Willis Apr.20.1863 Jan.5.1882    
Huntington C.       O.T.MIL Rev. War - No dates
Lownsberry Frank D. Jun.4.1819 Jan.1.1899    
Lownsberry Sally C. Jun.5.1823 Mar.15.1905   On stone w/Frank D.
Lownsberry Martha Aug.5.1834 Sep.30.1873   w/o H.W. Lownsberry
Lownsberry Anna 1830 1917    
Lownsberry Letson Sep.4.1804 Mar.4.1886    
Lownsberry Cynthia Oct.22.1805 Jan.30.1888   On stone w/Letson
Lownsberry Ira 1808 1887    
Lownsberry Sophia 1805 1881   w/o Ira (on same stone)
Lownsberry Enos   Apr.13.1859 19y5m25d s/o Letson & Cynthia
Lownsberry Isaac 1811 1896    
Lownsberry Laura A. 1812 1846   w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Zillah 1805 1852   w/o Isaac
Lownsberry Cora L. Simpson 1860 1885    
Gillett Amy   Aug.20.1878 10y6m2d d/o Russell & Matilda
Gillett Lura Jun.29.1846 Sep.16.1860    
Gillett Anna Aug.15.1823 Mar.5.1905    
Gillett Dwight Mar.25.1822 Jan.2.1913    
Gillett Luella Bates Jul.17.1861 Jul.3.1930    
Gillett Loyd May.1.1811 Mar.27.1868   Rev. War
Wilcox Ruth A.   Nov.8.1869 21y8m w/o Parris
Gillett Aaron 1788 1860    
Gillett Ziba 1791 1859   w/o Aaron
Gillett A. V.   Jun.13.1870 39y?m10d  
Gillett Laura A. Mar.10.1850 Mar.10.1858   d/o A.V. & Irene
Lownsberry Hiram   1842 12 yr s/o Letson & Cynthia (2005 did not find this stone)
Lownsberry Susannah   Feb.17.1845 78y6m2d w/o Isaac
Rowley Nathan 1759 1833    
Rowley Anna       w/o Nathan (Stone flat, in front of Lownsberry's big stone all that is left is "Our father & Mother Nathan & Anna" Rest of stone is gone
Lownsberry Levi   1858 13y6m5d s/o Ira & Sophia
Lownsberry Isaac    1851 93 yr Stone broken 1/2 gone
Lownsberry Zillah   Dec.8.1852 17y2m29d Wife of Isaac Lownsberry
Lownsberry Laura A.   Dec.19.1847 34y10m28d Wife of Isaac Lownsberry
VanDeren Corson, Hannah       Nothing else on stone
Newell Rachel E. Aug.12.1836     w/o Perry
Noble Lovica R. May.16.1810 Jan.15.1861   w/o Orin
Noble Orin Eugene   Apr.22.1851 2y7m3d s/o Alonzo & Mary
Bentley Mary   Apr.29.1860 74y9m2d w/o Bethuel
Bentley Darius   Oct.5.1824 2m1d s/o Bethuel & Mary
Masecar Lewis 1885 1958    
Masecar Mabel 1878 1960   On stone w/Lewis
Masecar Marion Obourn   1917    
Masecar Josephine 1848 1932    
Masecar William J. 1844 1922   GAR Marker
Stratton Lydia Ann   Feb.5.1846 23y5m1d d/o Seymour & Susan
Stratton Susan    Sep.18.1867 65 yr w/o Seymour
Stratton Seymour   Jul.11.1876 80y10m10d  
Spencer Fr. U.   Feb.26 1813 23 yr Oldest stone in cemetery 
Stratton Juliett   1842 2 yr d/o Seymour & Susan (Did not find this stone)
Stratton Rosciana   1842 7 yr d/o Seymour & Susan (Did not find this stone)

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Gazette Wellsboro, Pa., Thurs., June 20, 1974

Photo Caption: HOWARD HAGER and Ted Besanceny place a stone in the Canoe Camp Cemetery    Photo by Loveland

The Cemetery Without a Name
When Hurricane Agnes and the resulting flood hit this area [1972] , it demolished a small cemetery along Rt. 15 at Canoe Camp.  After the waters had subsided all the grave stones that could be found were piled along the river band and there they remained for almost a year while the cemetery was covered with trash and the area residents bemoaned the fact that no one was putting it back to rights.  Theodore Besanceney and others from the Canoe Camp area began trying to find out who had been buried there, who owned the cemetery and what its name was.  The have been discouragingly unsuccessful.  No one remembers the name.  There was no plot of graves.  Even The DAR which has plotted many cemeteries in the area had no information and no budding genealogist has come forward with information.  No one knows who owns it.  Mrs. Joseph Chance of Sebring had the most information to give.  They have discovered that it was originally on the old Lonsberry Farm whose farm house once stood near the Edwin Trask home.  Frank Lownsbery, Howard Hager, Fay Killgore, Stuart Nays, Ed Trask, and the Richmond Township Supervisors (John McGraw) have all help in the restoration.  There is no money to reset the stones, so those that had no bases are being placed flat and the area seeded so that it can be kept mowed and looking nice.  Bentley, Lonsberry, Mosecar, Cass and Stratton are the family names of most of those buried there.  The oldest grave is a boy age ten, buried in 1823.  The marker is a field stone carved by hand, apparently with a chisel.  “This little bloom nipped in the bud,” is part of the inscription.  The thanks of the community goes to those who have worked to restore the cemetery with no name.  If anyone has information about this cemetery and those buried there, please contact Theodore R. Besanceny, RD 3, Mansfield. 

BAILEY - Tamazon Bailey Green Gillett
Wellsboro Agitator, Tioga, PA - Wed.,  March 14, 1906, Pg 5
Mrs. Tamazon Gillett, aged 94, died at her home at Canoecamp on March 3d. She was born at Smithfield, Bradford County, Nov. 11, 1811, and came to this county in 1823.  Her eight children survive her.  They are:  Mrs. M. A. Cass, of Mansfield;  Mrs. John Walker, of Somers Lane;  Mrs. Letson Lownsbery, of Elmira;  Mrs. Daniel Lownsbery, of Jackson Summit; Aaron Gillett and Andrew Gillett, of Canoecamp;  Frank Gillett and Clinton Gillett, of Mansfield.

Isaac Lownsberry  [SRGP 39958] d. Canoe Camp Sep 18th, b. Schoharie, Ny., Feb 9th 1811, came here about 1818. 1st m. Laura A. Gillett, dau. of Aaron and Ziba. They had: George W. of Col.  (dead); Sarah Morehouse, state of Washington; Lucy H. Kephart of Kansas (dead); Julia  A. Morehouse of Minnesota; John of Canoe Camp. 2nd wife Mrs. Gillah J. Edsall of  Southport, Ny., who d. 1852. Last of 11 children himself - they were: John of Oregon;  Anna (Peter) Zimmer, Schoharie Co., Ny.; Lydia (Daniel) Holden, Mansfield; Ruth (Peter)   Whittaker, Canoe Camp; Mary (Bethnel) Bentley, Mill Creek; Susan (Seymour)  Stratton,Canoe Camp; Letson L., Canoe Camp; Wright L., Illinois; Ira L. of Canoe Camp;  Eneas L.

Published on Tri-Counties 02 OCT 2005

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