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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Photos of Gravestones at
Bentley Cemetery
by Joyce M. Tice
October 2001 and March 2007

Bentley Cemetery

Rutland Township Tioga Co PA

Located on a wooded knoll on the south side of Route 549 west of Roseville and east of Lawrence Corners in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. This cemetery was one of the earliest burial sites for settlers in the western portion of the Mill Creek Valley. There are over thirty native stone markers predominantly clustered at the top of the knoll, bearing no inscriptions, where are located the earliest burials. These several rows of markers may never yield who may be buried beneath them. Markers copied April 1971 and rechecked November 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones. Joyce M. Tice and J. Kelsey Jones resurveyed the markers in March 2007. Single spacing of type indicates two or more names on a single marker.

BARTLETT Willie L., son of C. P. and Laura Bartlett died June 30, 1860 3y 6m
BENSON Freeman D., son of Jacob and Sally Benson died June 10, 1841 8m 20d
  Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest
  God called thee home when he thought it best
BENTLEY Orbra A., son of J. W. and Millicent A. Bentley died Apr 12, 1862 3y 4m 3d
  Footmarker, O. B.
  Henry H., son of J. W. and Millicent A. Bentley died Feb 18, 1863 1y 3m 30d
  Footmarker, H. B.
BULKLEY Sarah Ann wife of Abner Bulkley died June 12, 1852 29y 11m 20d
BURR Aaron Burr died June 28, 1853 51y
GILL Eunice wife of John Gill died Mar 18, 1847 In her 76 year
HAKES David Hakes died Jan 19, 1868 77y
  Eleanor his wife died Mar 6, 1875 79y 7m
  Footmarkers, D. H. and E. H.
HORTON Catharine wife of S. L. Horton died Jan 11, 1871 66y 2m 4d 
  Footmarker, C. H.
J________ Footmarker, T. B. J. (no evidence of the headstone marker found)
LONGWELL Geo. A. Longwell died Aug 30, 1870 66y 4m 20d
  George T. Longwell 1806 1878
  Sally M., his wife
  infant son (marker beside George T. and Sally M. Longwell)
  (Following Longwells within fenced enclosure)
  George Longwell died Apr 20, 1858 85y 28d
  Footmarker, G. L.
  Julia Ann wife of George Longwell died Dec 3, 1854 71y 1m
  Footmarker, J. L.
  Wm. T. Longwell July 5, 1828 Apr 20, 1905
  Almira Longwell
  Robert Longwell 1801 - June 25, 1875
  Footmarker, R. L.
  Margaret wife of Matthew Longwell died Dec 19, 1848 69y 8m 19d
  Footmarker, M. L.
  Longwell Monument:
  George Longwell died Apr 20, 1858 85y 28d
  Julia Ann wife of George Longwell died Dec 3, 1854 71y 1m
  Wm. T. Longwell 1828 1905
  Almira Longwell died July 29, 1894 80y 3m
McARTHUR Rebecca wife of Alexander McArthur died Sept 9, 1846 66y 2m 29d
PIZLEY Edward son of Frank and Mary Pizley died Jan 3, 1871 3y 4m 20d
SEELY William son of Lewis and Mary Seely died July 8, 1855 3y 2m 16d
  Footmarker, W. S.
  Eveline dau of Lewis and Mary Seely died Sept 26, 1865 3y 5m
  Footmarker, E. S.
STEPHENS Sarah J., wife of Daniel Stephens died Dec 7, 1843 38y
TENEYCK Zery L., son of J. E. and Eunice Teneyck died Sept 10, 1863 1y 10m
  Footmarker, Z. L. T.
WATTLES Dan Wattles, A Soldier of the Revolution. Born in Conn. in 1761. Died in Tioga Co. Pa. May 1839. 
  This stone was erected to his memory by J. M. Wattles of Bradford Co., as a mark of filial affection and gratitude.
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