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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1974

Photo by Joyce M. Tice Octoer 16, 1999

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Jenkins Cemetery
Read by Doris and Joseph Boyd
Read on August 30, 1974
Typed by Ruth BRYAN Coffelt of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

   This burial ground is located on the east side of the Rumsey Hill Road, a blacktop highway in the Town of Van Etten in Chemung County, New York.  The southern terminal of the road is its junction with the Wynkoop Creek Road (County Route #3).  It ends on the same road, west of the village of Van Etten.  The cemetery is located 4/10ths of a mile south of the junction of  the  Rumsey Hill and Cross Roads.  The plot is mowed, free of weeds and brush, and measures about 100 feet by 75 feet.  The plot has few broken markers, some on the ground.  There are more graves than the markers indicate, as there are open spaces without tombstones and a few sunken grave sites.  There are probably many “lost” graves.
   All the tombstones were read, many with the aid of chalk.  Data in brackets does not appear on the stones, but has been added for historical interest.  In the case of some wives and daughters, the surname has been added for clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
ALBEE JANE 1827 1894    
ALBEE NELSON, JR. 1863 1935    
ALBEE HATTIE 1867 1941   Wife of NELSON ALBEE, JR.
BECKHORN JAMES G. 1840 11/06/1897 57y Co. E., 86th Regt., NY Vol. (Marker face up on the ground.)
BECKHORN ELIZABETH   03/18/1892   Daughter of J.C. & M. BECKHORN
BECKHORN MARY   09/06/1892   Wife of J.G. BECKHORN (Marker sunk into ground, in upright position, in front of base.)
          Next is a very small marker with only the name ELIZABETH on it. She could be the daughter of J.G. & M. BECKHORN.
COOPER CHARITY 1829 1804   (The stone cutter really fouled this one up. He reversed the birth and death dates and cut the numer "9" backwards.)
ELSTON EMLINE (1839 or 1840) 06/03/1888 48y Wife of ABRAHAM ELSTON. (The above appears on the base of a former shaft type monument of which the shaft is missing.)
GOLDSMITH CALEB (06/17/1839) 01/08/1840 36y 6m 21d  
GOLDSMITH MARIA (10/19/1813) 08/20/1879 74y 7m 15d Wife of CALEB GOLDSMITH. (A double marker.)
GOLDSMITH SARAH AMES (03/19/1830) 03/17/1867 37y 7d Daughter of C. & M. GOLDSMITH. (This marker is face up, on ground under the fence at the northern boundary line of the cemetery.)
JENKINS ALLIE B. 1873 1937    
JENKINS HAROLD E. 1903 1966    
JENKINS STEPHEN 1841 1914    
JENKINS WILLIS 1830 1873    
JENKINS MARY M.       JULIAETTE, VERTIN & MARY M. children of WILLIS & MARY JENKINS. (No dates, but VERTIN has a separate marker.)
JENKINS VERTIN (07/18/1858) 08/02/1869 11y 14d Son of WILLIS & MARY JENKINS. (This marker is face up, on the ground, almost covered with sod.)
RUMSEY FRANCIS E. (01/15/1824) 01/31/1870 36y 16d (Marker face up, on the ground.)
RUMSEY REBECCA (02/12/1793) 03/18/1860 67y 1m 6d Wife of EARL RUMSEY. (Marker leaning against it base.)
RUMSEY SANFORD H. 1831 11/22/1843 12y Son of STEPHEN W. & CHLOE RUMSEY. (A shale tombstone.)
RUMSEY SYLVESTER U. (12/16/1848) 01/25/1850 1y 1m 9d Son of JOSHUA U. & SALLY F. RUMSEY
RUMSEY (no first name) 1895   Daughter of FRED & HATTIE RUMSEY. (Only date.)
WHIPPLE F.P. 1857     "Father" (Only date.)
WHIPPLE CARRIE M. 1892 1918   "Daughter"
___?___   01/11/187? 42y 4m 11d   (This marker is face up, on the ground, with top portion bearing the name missing. Badly eroded.)
Subj:  Corrections
Date: 03/23/2002 9:16:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (DRumsey)

Hi Joyce,

Here are some Rumsey corrections for the Jenkins Cemetery in Chemung County.

Francis E. was born in 1834 (1870 - 36 = 1834), the rest of the dates are what I have.
Sanford H. was 2y old, b in 1841, infant brother of my g-grandfather.
Sylvester U., b 12/16/1855, d 01/25/1859, 4y 1m 9d, son of Joshua U. & Elnor S.

Doug Rumsey

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/23/99

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  10/23/1999
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