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The following is extracted from

A Revolutonary Heritage, Compiled by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, 1985, page 37.


Seth Clark, Jr., born July 15, 1753 at Hadley, Mass., died July 8, 1833 in Richmond Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania He is buried on a farm plot at Powers Corners, Pa. He married Eleanor Burr, born Mar 8, 1761 at Munson, Mass , died April 2, 1838 in Richmond Township.

Seth Clark Jr., was a Private in Capt Paul Langdon's Co , of the Minutemen at the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775. He has a government Marker. The first monument placed for Seth Clark Jr. reads: Seth Clark died July 8, 1833, aged 79 years, 11 mot and 22 d.The marker for his wife reads, Eleanor, wife of Seth Clark, died Apr 5, 1838, age 77 years.The government marker for Seth Clark gives his service to his country; Seth Clark, Shepard's Mass. Mill Inf Rev War.

Seth Clark, Jr. was born July 15, 1753, son of Seth Clark Sr , and wife Mary (Edwards) Clark. Both father and son saw service in the Rev. War Seth Clark Jr migrated to Richmond Township, Tioga County, Pa., in 1814 from Wilbraham, Mass. Seth Clark Sr was born 4.29.1723 in Northampton Mass. and died 1813

Published on Tri-Cunties on November 24, 1997.

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