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Read by Joyce M. Tice July 1998
Typed by Bruce Preston

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1997
See also notes from guests at bottom of page

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East Smithfield Cemetery

Old Congregational Cemetery

Smithfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania


Stones in this cemetery were digitally photographed on June 23, 1998 by Joyce M. Tice. She also recorded the inscriptions on audio tape and sent the photo files and tapes to Bruce Preston in Missouri who transcribed the list. The Cemetery is located on the main corner in East Smithfield, corner Pease Road.

Tracey Nehemiah   Dec. 10, 1815 62y1m2d Departed this life with the hope of everlasting immortality-Place of Nativity East Haddam, Conn.
Olmstead Lucy   Sep. 23, 1817 51y5m20d Wife of Nehemiah Tracey, Place of Nativity ??, Conn.
Crowell Jerusha   Feb. 28, 1812 90y4m5d Relict of Samuel Crowell
  Mary   Nov. 19, 1863, or 8 78y4m19d Wife of ?
Crowell Ezekial        
Crowell H.   Nov. 28, 1871 82or92  
Ah??? Sarah   Sep. 10, 1809 Mar. 21, 1889  
Kingsley Isahia   Jun 26, 1863 82y My tomes (?)are in thy hand
Kingsley Arthusa   May 17, 1873 88y1m1d Wife of Isahia Kingsley."The Lord is my shepherd"
Kingsley Anna   Apr. 3 or 8, 1811 20y?m?d Daughter of Isahia and Arthusa Kingsley"
Miller Esther E.   Sep. 9, ???? 37y Wife of ??? W. Miller - Her infant died Sep. 13, 1811
Franklin Wm. Joseph   Aug. 18, 1823 2y3m28d Son of Wm.Franklin
Franklin Rev. Wm.   May 24, 1831 ? 31y11m25d  
Franklin Arnold   Feb. 20, 1839 74y  
Russell William Dec. 12, 1805 Mar. 22, 1866   Born at Falkirk, Scotland - He was an honest man
Byrd     Sep. 6, 1828 13y1m6d Daughter of John and Mary M. Byrd
Byrd Betsey   Apr. 8, 1823 53y Wife of Michael Byrd
Byrd Michael   Jun. 23, 1851 82y  
Martin James   Mar. 13, 1868 80y4m  
Martin Lydia   Aug. 9, 1841 51y10m11d Wife of James Martin - "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"Mother thou ever liveth in the hearts of thy children. Thy tender care and council sweet thy pure and heavenly mind have brought us with them ways to see in Jesus thou thy hopes 
Martin Darius   Sep. 8, 1848 30y7m11d Son of James and Lydia Martin
Martin Mary Ellen Jul. 10, 1825 Jan. 20, 1853   Wife of Hollis M. Hale - Daughter of James and Lydia Martin - "Know that my redeemer liveth"
Belden Elijah Oct 7, 1800 or 06 Jan 29, 1880    
Martin Susan Ann   Jun. 18, 1865 62y11m6d Wife of Elijah S. Tracy
Tracy Bittie Dear   Sep. 12, 1863 12y Daughter of Elijah and Susan Ann Tracy
Peck Jane Tracy 1836 1918    
Peck Mary M. 1867 1918    
Tracy Malie M. 1844 1921    
Tracy Susie M. 1843 1921    
Wilcox Taylor        
Wilcox Gordon   Dec. 21, ???? 62y  
Kellogg Orville B. Nov. 20, 1827 Dec. 3, 1912    
Kellogg Francis O. Dec. 12, 1826 Jan. 31, 1904    
Kellogg Mary Dec. 8, 1865      
Kellogg T. C. Mar. 25, 1800 Dec. 6, 1883    
Kellogg Diana Oct. 12, 1806 Apr. 27, 1885    
Freddie's Grave          
Kellogge Sam'l       U. S. Soldier Rev. War
Bassett Joey   Jul. 25, 1812 21y4m27d  
Tracy Oramell May 25, 1793 Jul. 3, 1857   Born at East Hatterstown
Kellogg Cynthia Dec. 13, 1787 Nov.3, 1853   His Wife - born at Poultney, Vt. - "The rule of life is the kingdom of God first, all else is secondary"
Tracy Alanson Oct 14, 1832 July 19, 1863   Mortally wounded and died at the battle of Gettysburg - "We feared God, lived for others, and died for our country"
Tracy Clarissa Elvira May 26, 1835 Aug 21, 1837    
Pierce Alma 1815 1861    
Pierce Harry 1808 1895    
Pierce Horace Nov. 16, 1803 Dec. 12, 1864    
Pierce Mary Perkins Nov. 28, 1805 Dec. 18, 1890    
Phelps Sally       Wife of Jerod Phelps (Broken Stone
Phelps Jerod       (Broken Stone)
Phelps Eliza   May. 2, 1833 43y11m12d Wife of Jerod Phelps
Phelps Eliza   Feb. 1, 1860 38y9m5d Daughter of Jerod and Eliza Phelps
Seely Warren Edgar   Oct. 22, 1842 2y28d Son of Hanford H. and Rachael Seely
Phelps Laura 1824 1921    
Phelps Susan 1836 1914    
Phelps Mary    Dec. 23, 1841 19y2d Daughter of Jerod and Roxanne Phelps
Phelps Rowena       WWI flag
Phelps Jered   Aug. 13, 1827 66y9m29d GAR marker
Fuller Abigail   Jan. 20, 1839 87y3m Wife of Ebenezer Fuller
Phelps Dorcas   Jun. 22, 1851 ????? Wife of Darius B. Phelps
Pierce Harriet   187??    
Tracy A. L.        Wife of ???(DAR marker
Tracy E. .P. Tracy Nov. 22, 1834 Oct. 5, 1908 or 9    
Tracy James S. Sep. 17, 1802 Apr. 16, 1894    
Tracy Eugene     25y5m Son of J. P. and Louisa Tracy
Phelps Millicent   Jan. 19, 1861 26y11m Wife of W. G. Phelps
Phelps Adeline E.   Jan. 30, 1861 22y4m18d Wife of D. G. Phelps
Phelps Polly       Wife of E. G. Phelps
Phelps Augustus   May 19, 1876 76y  
Phelps Abigail   Feb. 17, 1876 72y His Wife
Phelps Martha   Apr. 22, 1838 15y2m6d Daughter of Augustus and Abigail Phelps
Phelps J. W. 1829 1907    
Phelps Mary Elizabeth Child   Oct. 15, 1868 36y7m2d Wife of John W. Phelps
Phelps Charles Thompson       Son of John W. and Mary E. Phelps
Phelps Mary Belle   May 24, 1866 6y11m13d Daughter of John W. and Mary E. Phelps
Wittig Henry       Co. D, 11th PA INF.
Perkins Maria R. 1842 1943    
  H. Stephen       Son of ??????? and Jerusha-GAR
Perkins C. O.        Co. E. 34th NY Inf.
Perkins E. L.        Col D. 105th NY Inf.
Brigham Harriet A.    Feb. 8, 1855 18y1m Daughter ofJohn and Mary Brigham
Perkins Sgt. Horace W.    1830 1897 Company H, PA, Rev
Perkins Luke   Oct. 4, 1878 25y5m10d  
Tracy     Sep. 28, 1837    
Tracy Arobel   Sep. 21, 1796 Mar. 15, 1883 Father and Mother
Tracy     Sep. 15, 1870 79y  
Tracy Anna   Jun. 11, 1872    
Tracy James D.   Feb. 15, 1870 79y  
Tracy Jennie   Jan. 14, 1872 25y  
Tracy Harlan P.   Jan. 22, 1839 2y11m2d Son of Bulkley and Bathsheba Tracy
Tracy Edward Payson   Sep. 17, 1855   Son of Bulkley and Bathsheba Tracy
Tracy Deacon Bulkley Jun 3, 1798 Apr. 18, 1862   Born in East Hadam, Conn.
Tracy Albert D. Mar. 18, 1829 Oct. 9, 1893    
Tracy Harlan P.        
Tracy Jennie        
Tracy Edward R.        
? ? Sep. 8, 1843 May 15, 1895    
  A. D.        

Subj:  Monument of Gordon Wilcox in Smithfield
Date: 12/6/98 9:32:47 AM Eastern Standard Time

To All, in the Congregational Church Cemetery at E. Smithfield, Bradford Co., PA, is a monument to Cpl. Gordon Taylor Wilcox d.03 May 1863 and probably his father Gordon Wilcox d.21 Dec 1865.  The marker
is so badly weathered that it cannot be read and efforts to discover the original lettering  on all sides have not been successful.  I am hoping that there is an old picture or newspaper clipping which will provide the original lettering.  We hope to add a new marker which can be read by all.  Carlton Wolfe in AL

Subj: additions to Cemetery
Date: 6/27/99 7:18:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Detta301
To: JoyceTice

I downloaded your East Smithfield, Bradford County Congregational inventory and found two omissions.  Henry Wittig listed in your list has two young sons also buried near him.  I missed them for years as they were so low to the ground.

They are Alanson and Tracy Wittig.  My cousin has a large framed memorial to them.

                 Alanson Wittig
                 died Sept 7 1870  Aged  10 M.

                 Tracy Wittig
                  died Sept 1876  aged 9 years 6 months

"Peaceful by thy silent slumber,
Peaceful in thy grave so low;
thus no more will join our number,
thou no more our song will know
yet again we hope to meet thee
and in heaven with joy greet
where no farwell tears are shed."

the above is printed on black paper with gold writing.
Just thought you would like to see this.

the markers read Alanson W and Tracy W and are to the right and rear of their father's marker.

Claudetta Wittig Harding
Silver Spring, Md.

Alterations or additions sent in by Carlton Wolfe, not all of these are on the tombstones
Fuller Abigail HANDEE Oct1751 20Jan1839 87y3m    
Kellogg Samuel 20Jul1755 09Mar1839 83y8m20d Rev.War Soldier 3 page 210, 1 page 26,27,28
Phelps Eliza HACKETT         1 page 150, 162
Phelps Rowena FULLER 03Mar1764 14May1842 78y2m11d    
Phelps Jered 15Oct1760 13Aug1827 67y9m29d Rev.War Soldier 1 page 149, 150
Phelps Abigail HACKET         1 page 151, 162
Wilcox Gordon Taylor 14Aug1840 03May1863 22y9m19d killed in Civil War 1 page 151, 2
Wilcox Gordon  10Mar1796 21Dec1865 69y9m11d   1 page 151, 2
Key to Sources - 1.  Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford Co., PA
1770-1825 by Heverly   2. Cemetery visit with tombstone readings.  3.
The Kelloggs in The New World by Timothy Hopkins, Sunset Press Photo
Engraving Co., San Francisco, 1901.


I downloaded your Congregational Cemetery list and found two additions to make to it.

Henry Wittig, (my gggrandfather is buried there) Two of his young sons have verrry small markers, Albert W and Alanson W.  they are to the right and rear of Henry's marker.  My cousin Lynn Wittig in Athens has a memorial to them that came out of the Family homested when he had an auction sale in 1992.

It was on black paper with gold writing and is as follows.Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/21/98 - Claudette W. Harding.

By Joyce M. Tice

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Bradford County PA
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/21/1998
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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