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Laurel Hill Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Read by Fay TILLER Morgan and Anita MORGAN Osgood July 1997

Photos by Joyce M. Tice April 1998

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This cemetery was read by Fay TILLER Morgan and Anita MORGAN Osgood on 28 JULY 1997. Submitted by Fay TILLER Morgan on Sept 10, 97. Cemetery is located on Road 08144 between Bentley Creek and Gillett and is under restoration. The MILLER and DEAN individuals are ancestors of Joyce M. Tice on maternal line.

This is very close to the South Creek line, but I believe it is in Ridgbury.

This cemetery was also read in about 1975 by Mildred Tinkham of Wellsburg and published in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 7. p. 30 & 31. In some cases the two readings have minor discrepancies which I (Joyce) will note in green lettering. I am also adding a few burials from the Tinkham reading that are not on the Tiller reading and may no longer be visible. Any of us who have read old cemeteries know the difficulty of reading worn engravings.
Surname First name Birthdate Death Date Age Notes
Albro Frank 29 1897 45y 1m 8d IOOF
Albro Edith May 1860 w/o Frank
Bailey Margaret 1865 w/o Charles Bailey
De Witt Kinney Feb 27 1845 67y 1m 14d
Dean Lydia M Dec 20 1849 10y 9m 10d dau/o John & Eliza Dean
Dean Frances E (Francis E.) Oct 15 1862 21 d on Dean Stone
Dean  Peter J Dec 1 1888 (1886) 55y 7m 9d on Dean stone
Dean Mary A May 12 1905 74y 1m 5d on Dean Stone
Dean Eliza  Aug 11 1805 July 28 1880 (1886)
Dean  John July 4 1803 Feb 14 1885 age 82
Dean Charles E Feb 10 1886 30y 7m 6d
Elliott Elda M 1863 1891 Mother
Finton  Elijah S Nov 1853
Finton Susannah May 5 1871 Wife/o E S
Vetter 3 children Chi/o Ed & Idie
Furman Baby Child/o Walter
Fardevens? Philander May 19 1848 25y 12d F
Hall Gavin P  May 4 1817 Sept 19 1894
Hall Mary Ann Sept 14 1825 Jan 20 1899 w/o Gavin
Hall Emily A July 2 1848 Oct 7 1901 at rest
Hall  Katie June 18 1861 (1864) 11y (14y) 2m 12d meet me in Heaven
Hapeman David Jr. Aug 18, 1864
Horning Catherine Mar 20 1855 55y 4m 22d w/o William
Horning William Aug 14 1853 63y 2m 12d
Horning J W Emmick Feb 6 1865 1y 3m s/o W&Adira Horning
Hunter John I. Aug 19, 1868 84y 7m 19d
Kline John fat?/o Johsua
Kline Ida A. Feb 10, 1879 w/o Walter P. Furman & d/o J.G. & J.J. Kline
Kline Charles H.  May 28, 1873 s/o J.G. & J.A. Kline
Kline Ham 1852 1915 bro/o Joshua
Kline Julia A 1832 1918
Kline Joshua C Aug 12 1872 43y 1m 27d
Kline Orr Sept 20 1852 3y 20d s/o Jaine D & Margaret J
Kline Lovina
Mandevill Cpl J W Co G $ NY Inf -flag
Mandeville Ann Marie Mar 28 1835 28y 4m 27d d/o Giles M & Catherine
Mandevill Giles M Sept 11 1873 68y 8m 1d
Mandeville Aphia 1829 1910 his wife footstone Aphia
Mandeville Katherine 1852 footstone Kate
Mandeville Ward 1829 1915 Svc Marker-footstone Ward
Merrit Polly Dec 11 1832 3y 9m 19d d/o Patrick & Savina
Miller Sylvina or Sylvian Mar 6 1887 73y 1m 3d at rest
Miller? Sara-Emiley-Mary three part stone
Miller Henry Juy 11 1819 Aug 9 1893 Father
Miller Eliza -wife Nov 30 1830 May 11 1877 Mother
Miller William May 3 1857 76y 4m 11d
Miller Mary May 29 1814 15y 11m 10d d/o Wm & Elva
Miller Elizabeth Dec 21 (24)1862 71y 11m 21d w/o William
Miller child June 11 1852? 1y chi/o Peter & Sylvania
Miller Lucy Ann Mar13 1852 5y 3m 23d (2d) d/o Peter & Sylvania
Palmer Martin C July 12 1894 77y 21m 11d CoF 52Rgt Pa Inf flag
Pitt John Sept 19 1857 71y 11m 19d
Pitt Sara Oct 21 1877 70y 4m 21d w/o John
Pitt  Catherine Oct 3 1856 46y 6m 23d w/o John
Quick Sara Maar 15 1852 66y 9m w/o Jacob
Sample Caty J Nov 17 1857 1y 5m d/o Hiram & Dency
Sample John William June 11 1859 8m 5d s/o Hiram & Dency one stone
Sample John F Sep 21 1861 3y 23d s/o Hiram & Dency
Strobridge Roxyann Oct 18 1870 5y 5m 12d d/o G.A. & J.J. Strobridge
Strobridge Julia Ann Feb 19 1851 55y 5m 19d w/o George A
Thompson Delphene Oct 28 1851 baby d/o Alexander & Emily
Thompson Eliza Apr 20 1850 5y 1m 18d d/o alexander & Emily
Thompson ?Carson R? Oct 15 1850 10m s/o Alexander & Emily
Turk Richard J Nov 11 1868 15y 4m 29d s/o Henry & Betsey A
Ward Elizabeth Apr 20, 1862 27 y 21 d w/o Lewis Ward
Wheeler William W May 18 1888 44y Father -at rest
Wilson Ethan M. 1872 16y 6m 21d ?
Some Biographies of persons buried at Laurel Hill
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