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Bentley Creek Cemetery 

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Ridgebury , Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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DEAN, Caroline a.k.a. Caroline Mosher- Caroline was born 18 MAR 1829 in South Creek Township, Bradford County, daughter of Eliza MILLER and John DEAN. She married Lewis D. MOSHER 3 JUL 1853 in Town of Southport, Chemung County, NY. She was mother of Judda, James, Emma, Eliza Ann, Jessie, and Maryetta, She died in Bentley Creek on 14 JUL 1894 and was buried beside her husband who had died two years earlier. She was great great grandmother of Joyce M. Tice who submitted this biography on Nov. 29, 1997 (Joyce M. Tice, Marcella MILLER, John L. MILLER, Emma MOSHER, Caroline DEAN)
MOSHER, Lewis D. Lewis was born 26 JUL 1825 in New York son of Naomi CONNELLY and Eli MOSHER who were early settlers in Town of Southport, Chemung County NY having migrated from Dutchess County. He married Caroline DEAN od South Creek, Bradford County in Town of Southport, Chemung County.He was said to be of Ridgebury at the time of his marriage. He died AUG 1892 in Bentley Creek. He was great great grandfather of Joyce M. Tice who submitted this biography on Nov. 29, 1997 (Joyce M. Tice, Marcella MILLER, John L. MILLER, Emma MOSHER, Lewis D. MOSHER) MOSHER, Eliza Ann - Eliza Ann was born 10 MAY 1859 in Bradford County, PA, daughter of Caroline DEAN and Lewis D. MOSHER. She was mother of Mark MOSHER, a painter in Elmira ,who is buried near her. She died 04 AUG 1908 and was buried by her parents. She was great great aunt of Joyce M. Tice of Marathon NY who submitted this material.
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