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Cherry Flats (Baptist) Cemetery,  Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2005
by Joyce M. Tice
01 JAN 2005

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Name of Cemetery: Cherry Flats Methodist Cemetery
Read By:  Linda CR
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   May.20.2005
Location:  Covington Twp, Tioga County - East side of Cherry Flats
NOTE: Well maintained-Stones in good shape
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bailey Wm. A. 1824 1909   Co. D 98th Regt. Pa Vol.
Bailey Lydia J. 1836 1913   On stone w/Wm. A.
Bailey Mary V. 1852 1909   On stone w/Wm. A.
Bowen John A. 1856 1915    
Bowen Helen L. 1857 1920   On stone w/John A.
Davis Henry J. 1873 1945    
Davis Cora M. 1875 1946   w/o Henry -On stone w/Henry J.
Davis Charles H.   1905   On stone w/Henry J.
Erdley Elizabeth H. 1864 1911   w/o Oscar Erdley
Ford Guy H. Oct.13.1889 Sept.11.1950    
Ford Charlotte Gerow 1888 1945    
Ford Daniel H. 1862 1949    
Ford Josephine E. 1868 1950    
Ford Elwin C. 1895 1914    
Ford Ethelyn R. 1906 1907  
Austin Vera Ford 1903 1934    
Gardner Raymond 1896 1940   WW I Veteran
Gardner Elmer L. Nov.17.1919 1943 S. Sgt. Air Corps  
Heiser Thomas B.       Co. H 88 Pa. Inf. - Civil War
Hinkley Ethel Z. 1893 1965    
Johnson Clyde H. 1894 1944   WW I 314th Inf.
Johnson Lydia H. 1897 1961   On stone w/Clyde H.
Kelly James   Mar.23?.1889 57 yr  
Kelly Addie M. 1870 1936    
Kelly Eliza    Aug.30.1885 12 yr d/o James & Mary E. Kelly
Kelly Nellie E. 1905 1921   d/o R. W. & Addie M. Kelly
Kelly Elsie 1821 1900 w/o Wm. R. & Ryxbe
Marvin Augustus 1846 1883    
Marvin Emma 1852 1925    
Marvin Frank L. 1872 1890    
Marvin Fred A. 1870 1890    
Proko Julia A. Sept.15.1933 Apr.20.1980    
Benson Gerald M. Jul.18.1908 Jul.31.1996   PFC U. S. Army WWII
Passmore Tina H. 1884 1982    
Passmore Clyde J. 1886 1970   On stone w/Tina H.
May Manning C. 1841 1920   Civil War
May Margaret J. 1841 1897   w/o Manning
May Sadie E. 1854 1914 w/o Manning
May Edith J. 1868 1932   d/o Manning May
Passmore W. J. 1859 1923    
Passmore Alice 1861 1933   w/o W. J.-On same stone
Passmore Fannie L. Mar.25.1887 Jan.27.1925    
Robbins Ely 1867 1946    
Robbins Emeretta R. 1879 1944   w/o Ely
Sampson Henry  1861 1890   (With Marvin Stone)
Schusler Charles F. 1858 1931    
Schusler F. W. 1826 1900   Civil War
Schusler Mary  1827 1895   w/o F. W. - On same stone
Simerson Fred  1867 1901    
Simerson Hattie 1863 1930   w/o Fred - On same stone
Simerson Fred 1883 1962    
Simerson Nettie 1888      
Simerson Florence 1905 1923    
Simerson Edna May 1928 1944    
Simerson Ruth A. 1907 1949    
Secor John M.D. 1854 1928    
Secor Cora E. 1875 1949   On stone w/John Secor, M.D.
Secor Winola   Jan.30.1895 11 mo d/o J. & C. Secor
Sparling Steven A. 1860 1944    
Sparling Lena L. 1862 1956   On stone w/Steven A.
Sparling Florence 1895 1918    
Walker Barton 1823 1902    
Walker Marietta 1829 1916    
Wheeler Clyde 1876 1944    
Wheeler Mattie 1881 1941    
Wheeler Bertha O. Sept.10.1904 Jun.15.1914   d/o Clyde & Mattie Wheeler
Edward Marvin 1913      
Edward Eleanor C. 1913 1971    
          Haverly Monument w/following around it
Sisson P. C. 1852 1934    
Sisson Edith 1861 1962 101 yr  
Erdley Elizabeth H. 1864 1911   w/o Oscar Erdley
          Following are Sisson or Hadley
  John M. 1835 1915   Believe these are Hadley
  Phebe D. 1834 1918   No surname on stones, but
  Emma C. 1862 1940   Sisson people had Sisson
  J. Floyd 1862 1942   after them.
  Estella M. 1890 1932    
  Foster W. 1891 1969    
Zimmer Elisha 1854 1900    
Zimmer Josephine 1861 1934    
Zimmer Elisha B. 1904 1990    
Zimmer Lucile W. 1907 1997    
Zimmer Mae 1906 1921   d/o F. E. & Estella Zimmer
Zimmer Floyd 1881 1958    
Zimmer Estelle 1882 1932    
Zimmer Myrl E. 1888 1956    
Zimmer Meade L. 1887 1971   On stone w/Myrl E.
Wheeler Bertha L. 1911 1963    
Wheeler Gordon A. 1907 1979   On stone w/Bertha L.
Wheeler Gordon L. 1934 1996    
Wheeler Hilda M. 1924      
Wheeler Morton W. 1922 1989   On stone w/Hilda M.
Weld Florence Ely 1862 1939    
Chilson Mahlon L. Feb.11.1939 Jan.14.1993   U. S. Army
Davis Richard E. 1929 1954   Pvt. 99th E.A. BN BTRY C 1st Cav.Div.
Davis Mark J. 1909 1968    
Davis Genevieve E. 1909 1976   On stone w/Mark J.
Davis Claude W. 1939 1984    
Kelly Robert W. 1869 1944    
Danknich Grace M. 1899 1940    
Danknich Stephen H. 1900 1980   On stone w/Grace M.
Zimmer Ben R. 1912 1985    
Zimmer Sarah M. 1913 1983   On stone w/Ben R.
Zimmer Hiram Jan.22.1815 Oct.11.1886    
Zimmer Elizabeth Mar.10.1813 Jan.25.1894   On stone w/Hiram
Passmore Winnifred F. Jan.5.1910 Nov.2.1991    
Passmore Raymond J. Oct.5.1909 Mar.13.1991   On stone w/Winnifred
Ford Guy M. 1913 1995    
Ford Virginia M. 1930      
Ford Rexford 1915 2001    
Ford Loretta 1917 1975    
Passmore Helen M. 1910 1997    
Passmore Ralph W. 1908 1997   On stone w/Helen
Copley Marjorie M. 1931 1988    
Kimball Kimberly Sue Oct.27.1974 Jul.18.1992   d/o Doris Kimball
Hall Robert E. Mar.7.1953 Aug.13.1997    
Hall Margenia L. Aug.31.1956      
Pino Ethel M. 1922 1991    
Pino Ross H. 1923     On stone w/Ethel M.
Jones Donald 1948 2004    
Robbins Polly J. 1846 1917    
Robbins John H. 1843 1920   Co. G 45th Pa Vol.
Simerson Velma Nov.15.1913 Jun.8.2002    
Simerson Pearl L. 1891 1987    
Simerson Leon M. 1886 1960   On stone w/Pearl L.
Gross Terry James Oct.30.1949 Aug.9.1969    
Wheeler Marie E. 1916 1983    
Wheeler Stuart 1911 1948   On stone w/Marie E.
Wheeler Infant Son   Apr.8.1947    
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Published on Tri-Counties 08 JUN 2005
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