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Hills Creek Cemetery, Charleston Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 1970s

Photo by Wayne Benn 2007

Hills Creek Cemetery Obits
Hills Creek Cemetery Listing 2005

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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4 . Cemetery read and published 1970s.
Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd.

 Located on Route 58042.  Copied by Lola W. Franke of Wellsboro, Pa.

From History of Tioga County by R.D. Brown & Co. 1897, Hills Creek is a settlement on Hills Creek, near the northern line of the township.

The first pioneer here was Dr. Jacob Schieffelin. In 1827, he purchased a large tract of land here, settled there in 1828. In 1830, he built a sawmill and for a number of years was a leading lumberman.

 In 1863, Solomon Bennett and Ira Newhall erected a steam saw-mill and soon afterward, sold it to Luther Bennett and George P. Card. Among early settlers was Capt. William Hill, whose name the creek bears.

(My apologies - as it was customary in that era not to mention the women pioneers. They were there as we well know by our own existence, but historians of earlier times did not value their contributions enough to record their names – The above is quoted as written in the 1897 history- JMT) 

NEWHALL Ira A. Apr 30,1821 Dec 22,1879
NEWHALL Delana A. July 11,1883 52yr 4da w/o Ira A. Dear Mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er you weep
BREWSTER  Infant children of Alonzo C. and Delana Brewster.These stones are very old and lying flat, and overgrown
GOODWIN  James W. Apr 20,1831
GOODWIN  Serue L. WHITE Mar 28,1843 w/o James W. (Serue L. White)
GOODWIN  Walter L. May 23,1846 June 9,1898 There is a GAR flag here for one of these
NEWHALL  Large central family monument, seperate headstones
NEWHALL  Frank  1851 1926
NEWHALL  Jennie A. 1856 1909
OSGOOD  J. W. 1820 1888
OSGOOD  Ezilpha A.  1822 1908 his wife
OSGOOD  N. N. 1847 1926
Grave here, near fence, GAR flag but no marker
BROWN  Leslie W. 1881 1950 on seperate stone
BROWN  Edith 1879 1967
BROWN  Ray 1884 19-- uncut
BROWN  Thelma 1912 1940
BENNETT  Eunice E. 1894 19--
BENNETT  Clara A. 1870 1939
BENNETT  Edwin 1860 1941
BROWN  Zuletta  1840 1904 w/o J.S.Brown. Mother
COSTELLO  Doris F. Mar 6,1911 Dec 27,1954 (Doris F. Smith)
SMITH  Wm. T. 1870 1941 Father
SMITH  Lyle D. 1880 1968 Mother
HEMENWAY  Carl E. 1961 1966 Luke 18:16
BROWN  William L. 1868 1938
Lyon Mary 1877 1910 his wife,(Mary Lyon), Mother
VAN WERT  Dolly 1865 1942 Mother
VAN WERT  Abraham 1903 Baby brother
HARDING  Sadie  Aug 23,1880 (Sadie Copley) Mother
HARDING  Richard F. Apr 29,1917 Son
HARDING  James L. Aug 10,1917 Son
MOSHER Father no dates Upright gray granite Family stone F.L.T & Odd Fellows
MOSHER  Charles R. no dates
MOSHER  Mother no dates
MOSHER  Mamie no dates
FLEITZ  Mildred L. Dec 8,1898 Sept 15,1904
RICHARDSON  Harriett A. 1856 1926
RICHARDSON  Archie D. 1851 1912
BUTLER  C. Gibson 1855 1920
BUTLER  Edith L.  1861 1899
BUTLER  Elwin G. 1878 1937 Father
BUTLER  Dessie C. 1883 1939 Mother
BUTLER  Cpl. Elwin Mar 17,1945 Made supreme sacrifice in Germany W.W.2
CLEMENS  Bert C. 1874 1946
CLEMENS  Ida R. 1880 1946
CLEMENS  Leafy 1902 1903 Children of Bert and Ida Clemens
CLEMENS  Archie 1916 1916 Children of Bert and Ida Clemens
CLEMENS  Martin 1918 1918 Children of Bert and Ida Clemens
SPENCER  Infant  dau of Floyd and Agnes C. Spencer
SPENCER  Ruth A.  1935 1935
CARPENTER  Archie Ray 1881 1936
Copley Rena 1877 19--
WEBSTER  Dan P. 1812 1890 all on one stone
WEBSTER  Lydia I. 1816 1866 his wife
Ludlam Stella 1873 1902 (Stella Ludlam)
Webster  Newell P. 1851 1910
Webster  Annie 1847 1910 his wife
Wilkinson  Gertrude 1878 1924
WAGNER  Leafy Lyon  1881 1903
BUTTON Dorothy July 28, 1854 May 19,1912 w/o W.C. Button
BUTTON Alley Sept 6,1895 11 years Children of W.C. and Dorothy Button
BUTTON Myrtlle May 10,1882 3 years Children of W.C. and Dorothy Button
BUTTON Maud July 12,1877 6 weeks Children of W.C. and Dorothy Button
BUTTON Goldin Feb 26,1893 2 weeks Children of W.C. and Dorothy Button
Two field stones
KITTELL M. D.  Nov 9,1829 Feb 8,1908 GAR Flag (Civil War)
KITTELL Minnie  1868 1923
KITTELL Adelbert 1859 1929
KITTELL Jan 10,1898 6yr Dau.---of A.E. and M.M.
SCHEELEY  John 5 identical headstones with
SCHEELEY Fred 1882 1964
SCHEELEY Anna 1873 1949
BADMAN  Samuel 1873 1925
BADMAN  Elizabeth 1827 1892
BADMAN  Dolly 1869 1894
DECKER 1857-1936 Abram  1857 1936
DECKER 1857-1936 Mary 1854 1921 his wife
ABERNATHY  Large block type shaft, urn broken off
ABERNATHY  Robert Sept 4,1831 Mar 10,1886  GAR
ABERNATHY  Ellen S.  Nov 19,1835 Nov 19,1835
COLE  Anna 1908
COLE  Dewey 1899
BADMAN - B. Robert 1897
BADMAN - Elouise M. 1915
PECK  George M. 1846 1931 G.A.R. Flag
PECK  Kate 1862 1927 his wife
SCHIEFFLIN  No names or dates Two children of Clinton and Jane Schieffelin
MARLAND  William A. 1906 19--
MARLAND  Clara M.  1911 19--
LOCKWOOD Margaret  Nov 22,1803 Mar 20,1884
LOCKWOOD D.A. Feb 8,1811
LOCKWOOD Denison Feb 8,1811 Feb 16,1907
BELLINGER  Levi 1816 1897
BELLINGER  Lavina 1811 1888 his wife
WHITNEY  Frank 1850 1923
WHITNEY  Adeline E. 1850 1919 his wife
WHITNEY  Catherine L. Apr 24,1895 5yr 7mo d/o Frank & Adaline 
SCHIEFFELIN  Catherine Apr 3,1873 50yr 8mo w/o A.Schieffelin 
SCHIEFFELIN  Alfred L. June 15,1874 10yr 8mo 21da
SCHIEFFELIN  Alfred E. 1827 1913 GAR flag Co.K 207th Pa P.V.
MCCONNELL  3 stones, overgrown, GAR (Civil War) flag . 
MCCONNELL  Danny R. May 15,1876 5mo 7da s/o N.R. and A.F
WEBSTER  Dannie  May 29,1892 11yr d/o R. and Addie
WEBSTER  Gertrude  Oct 31,1877  4da d/o R. and Addie
WEBSTER  Roswell I. 1844 1910 GAR flag IOOF FLT
ELY  George F. 1900 1968 Masonic Emblem
ELY  Wuanita S. 1912 W.W.1 holder
COPLEY  Clarissa  1836 1925
COPLEY  Amos  1850 1935
COPLEY  William 1848 1934 All on one monument
COPLEY  Effie  1875 1897
COPLEY  Susie  1850 1893
COPLEY  Nellie 1863 1924
SAMPSON  J.R. 1852 1941
JAYNES  Anna A. 1864 1936
GOODWIN  C.V. Oct 5,1834 Apr 14,1893
GOODWIN  Abiah Sept 23,1836 Jan 20,1901 his wife
GOODWIN  Clara May 12,1869 May 11,1885 Footstones-Father, Mother, Sister
SAMPSON  Large gray marker with 5 headstones.
SAMPSON  Ralph  July 7,1840 June 17,1899  Father
SAMPSON  Lizzie  Oct 31,1853 Nov 7,1938 Mother
PECK  Elihu  Nov 30,1858 44yr 10mo 19da
COPLEY  Carl  July 17,1796  Feb 12,1891
COPLEY  Martha L. June 18,1813  Oct 20,1863 his wife
COPLEY  Phebe M. July 7,1845 May 1847
COPLEY  Infant son  Sept 12,1854 Dec 1854
COPLEY  Emily  Oct 29,1849 July 3,1854
COPLEY  George July 3,1854 Mar 25,1890
BARNES  William  Apr 6,1818 Aug 1,1900
BARNES  Elizabeth Mar 16,1820  Oct 30,1898 his wife 
COPLEY  Lyman  no dates Co.A.171 Pa inf.
BRYANT Alonzo  no dates Co.H.45th Pa Inf 
SMITH  Wilbur D.  1891 1964 Father
SMITH  Susanna  1863 1944
SMITH  Grant B.  1864 19--
SMITH  Edgar 1866 1944 Spanish American War Holder
SMITH  1888 1944
COPLEY  Charles C. 1892 19--
COPLEY  Avah B.  1904 1947
COPLEY  Hilda I. 1958
This finishes main part of cemetery. In separate fenced in area, near main road-----------
ADAMS E.J.  no dates
ADAMS Eliza  1866 1920 w/o E.J.Adams
ADAMS Eliza Apr 20,1882 July 13,1953
ADAMS Erwin J.  1865 1935
SAMPSON  Margaret E. Aug 19,1878 Sept 22,1970
MCENTEE  Edgar A. 1856 1925
MCENTEE  Mary J. 1861 1921 his wife 
MCENTEE  Robert E. Sept 2,1901 Apr 14,1904 son 
MCENTEE  L.L.M. Headstone 
MCENTEE  Father Headstone
MCENTEE  Mother Headstone
ADAMS Robert E. 1893 1960
ADAMS Anna R. 1890 1965
SAMPSON  John  May 7,1838- Father
SAMPSON  Lucy E.  May 25,1845 July 12,1914  Mother
Three smaller stones with---
Ellen N.  July 17,1877 Jan 29, 1884
Ethel M. Jan 17,1869 Jan 6,1882
ADAMS  Joseph Sept 18,1893  96 years
ADAMS  Robert  Aug 16,1889 69 years
ADAMS  Ann Jane Jan 21,1910  84 years
HAYS Two old thin stones, lying flat and overgrown.
HAYS Henry  June 18, 1868 77yr 1mo 18da
HAYS Margaret Dec 20,1858 66yr 7mo 12da his wife 
ADAMS  On large shaft type stone - 
ADAMS  William Mar 7,1861 89 years
ADAMS  Nancy Sept 20,1857 86 years his wife 
ADAMS  William Jr.  June 21,1840 47 years
ADAMS  Mary  Apr 12,1882  91 years
ADAMS  Robert W.  Apr 11,1861 8yr 6mo 1da On small stone- s/o Robert & Ann Jane 
Many other stones lying flat and overgrown
ADAMS  Old thin marble, lying flat, covered with dirt from woodchuck hole
ADAMS  John  ----3,1852 in his 40th year
ADAMS  Susan  May 9,1882  79 years

Published on Tri-Counties 10 DEC 2005
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