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Photo  by Joyce M. Tice 01 JAN 2002

This was compiled by Eloise FRANTZ Wilson as abstracted from obituary records, V.A. Records, County Histories. It is not a reading of the cemetery and is not a complete representation of the burials therein. 

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Bertelsen, Louis Mar. 31, 1886 - Nov. 30, 1955 W.W.-1 U.S. Army
Brown, Perry O. June 2, 1842 - Sept. 26, 1892 Civil War U.S. Army
Clink, H.B. Sept. 20, 1822 - Aug. 20, 1894 Civil War U.S. Army
Clink, Henry B. d. Aug. 30, 1894 Civil War U.S.Army
Crain, Joseph July 5, 1824 - Sept. 14, 1880 Civil War U.S. Army
Crane, David May 25, 1828 - Nov. 7, 1904 Civil War U.S Army
Fitch, Earl E. Feb. 27, 1894 Needles, Ca.- Sept. 27, 1978 Monroeton, Pa. W.W.-1 U.S. Army
House, Raymons May 2, 1905 W. Burlington Twp., Pa. - Dec. 22, 1952 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Dayton and Bessie Brown House. 
Wife; Zelphia .
Johnson, J. Dorsey Oct. 9, 1836 - ( Oct 7 ? ) - Jan. 15, 1920 Civil War
Meyers, Henry W. 1839 - May 15, 1862 in service Btry B, 3rd. N.Y. Lt. Art. Civil War
Meyers, John W. 1837 - Aug. 17, 1862 in service Co. K, 50 Reg. Pa. Vols.
Millhime, August 1824 - Feb. 22, 1903 Co. D, 84 Reg. Pa. Vol. Inf.
Moore, William J. Oct. 14, 1901 Wysox, Pa. - Nov. 18, 1955 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Ducher Moore. 
Wife; Clarissa A. June 12, 1902 Franklindale, Pa. - May 14, 1985 Bradford Co. Manor. Dau. of John and Eva Brown Strope. 
Mulno, John D. Nov. 20, 1920 Franklindale, Pa. - June 12, 2000 Bradford Co. Manor Son of Wallace and Florence Rhineheart Mulno. 
Wife; Marion I. Tillotson d. Jan. 2, 1992 Married 42 yrs.
Northrup, Myrtie Augustine Dec. 25, 1864 Franklin, Pa. - Dec. 26, 1941 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of Daniel and Sally Smith Green. 
Perry, Charles W. d. Feb. 16, 1916 Btry B, 3rd. N.Y. Lt. Art.
Price, Robert June 1838 - Mar. 1886 Co. D. 141 Reg. P.V.I.
Rupart, Oscar J. Dec. 20, 1846 - Feb. 23, 1865 in service Co. I 207 Reg. P.V.I.
Schrader, Clyde J. 1878 - Sept. 20, 1936 Monroeton, Pa. Spanish - American War
Schrader, Alma June 27, 1882 Shunk, Pa. - July 11, 1967 Sayre, Pa. Dau. of Stuart Brown Widow of Edward R. Schrader.
Schrader, James M. d. Feb. 8, 1909 Co. I 15 Reg. N.Y. Eng, Co. C 132 Reg. Pa. Vols., Co. C 30 Pa.Vols.
Schrader, Reuben R. 1843 - Dec. 22, 1901 Co. C 141 Reg. P.V.I.
Sickler, Gilbert W. 1826 1910 Co. E 52nd. Regt. P.V.I.
Smith, Fred Sept. 29, 1892 W. Franklin Twp., Pa. - Feb. 19, 1976 E. Smithfield, Pa Son of Henry and Effie Alexander Smith.
Smith, Glenn Jan. 2, 1900 W. Franklin Twp., Pa. - Feb. 18, 1976 E. Smithfield, Pa. Son of Henry and Effie Alexander Smith.
Snyder, Ervin E. Aug. 29, 1893 - Oct. 21, 1950 W.W.-1 U.S. Army
Spalding, Joseph E. July 22, 1828 - Feb. 22, 1902 Co. C 171 Reg. Pa. Vols., Co. B 3rd. N.Y. Lt. Art.
Strope, Alvin 1845 - Jan. 24, 1929 Powell, Pa. Co. A 57 Reg. P.V.I.
Stropt, Perry Grant Apr. 7, 1897 Penna. - Apr. 16, 1976 Franklindale, Pa. W.W.-1 U. S. Army
Taylor, Joseph W. July 30, 1836 - Nov. 5, 1894 Batt. B, 3rd. N.Y. Lt. Art.
Wilcox, Howard Hoxie Apr. 9, 1923 - Mar. 1, 1969 U. S. Army Peacetime
 Subj:  Possible addition
Date:  3/3/2003 2:57:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Repnov
To:  JoyceTice
Hi Joyce -

Looking for my grandparents, buried in Franklindale Cemetery of Franklin Twp, I note their is no complete listing - but are abstracts.  They are not listed there, but have visited the grave sites so I am certain they are resting there!
In cas you care to add, here are the statistics:

Joseph Wallace Pelton   b Monroeton  Aug 5 1863
    d 18 Feb 1929   Interred Feb 1929

Jemima Drysdale Pelton     b PA 1872
    d Aug 22 1934  interred Aug 1934

(other stats on above available but not related to interment)

Reese Pelton

 Subj:  Franklindale Cemetery
Date:  12/25/2003 10:07:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bill Rubert)
Thanks for your work on this.
You have Oscar Rupart as being buried in the cemetery.  The correct spelling of his last name is Rubert.  He died of disease in the Civil War, while in the service.  In fact, I have the original letter sent to his father, John Rubert.
Oscar's father, John, was my father's grandfather.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 04/28/2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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