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Bentley Creek Cemetery

Ridgebury Township, 
Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Owen Cemetery 
(Off back left hand corner of Bentley Creek Cemetery)

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Name of Cemetery:    Bentley Creek a.k.a. Baldwintown Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Barnum,Lois Conrad,Marcia Jankowski,Bev Rocco and Charlotte Stevens
Date Read:   June 30,1999
Typed By:   Charlotte Stevens
Located between Centerville,Pa. And Bentley Creek,Pa.
Other comments: The Bentley Creek Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1897.It was formerly named the Baldwintown Cemetery.The land was given for the Cemetery by Isaac Baldwin.
Comment from JMT : This is arranged in burial order rather than alphabetical. For those of you who do not want to take the time to browse, you can use the search engine on the main page or use the FIND feature on your browser software.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Vandermark Pearl M. 1897 1933    
Vandermark Charles O. July 21,1903 March 13,1976    
Berk, Carl 1887 1933    
Corner Phillip W. Aug.19,1869 June 22, 1891    
DuBois Julia Harris 1873 1943    
Cowell James H. Jan.25,1853 Aug.14,1930   Main Marker withside stones for each
Rayner Rebecca June 25,1855 May 29,1907   w/o James Cowell
Berk, Harriet June20,1856 July 31,1915   Mother
Drake Fred F. Sept.20,1884 Jan.24,1888    
Halstead Charles E 1857 1926    
Halstead Elmer 1880 1963    
Halstead Jennie N. 1885 1962   w/o Elmer Halstead
Halstead Ruth M. 1862 1914    
Townsend LaVern L. 1878 1943    
Townsend Hilda E 1902 1971   w/o Lavern L.Townsend
Craig Ethlyn L. May 30,1875 Nov.4,1876   dau.of M.and Jane Craig
Peterson Geo.W. June27,1825 Aug.19,1903    
Webb Ruth M. Jan.10,1828 Aug.12,1912   w/o Geo.W.Peterson
Craig Mackay Apr.6,1832 June23,1911   Lg marker/Craig,Mother and Father side stones
Craig N.Jane June7,1838 Oct.27,1913   w/o Mackay Craig
Osborne Marion Mcafee June 23,1855 May21,1916    
May John M.   Mar.28,1863 3y2m3d son of David J.and Lousia May Of such is the Kingdom of God.
May David J. Aug.28,1825 Dec.4,1912   Mother and Father side stones
May Lovisa Aug.24,1829 Sept.13,1902   w/o David J.May
Halstead Wilmot S. Dec.4,1814 Aug.16,1888    
Halstead May E. Sept.29,1819 Aug.13,1895   w/o Wilmot Halstead
Brown Annie March25,1800 March 11,1883   w/o James C.Brown
Stirton John  1840 1908   Private Co.C 5 Reg,N.Y.Vol.Heavy Art. GAR Star 61-66
Stirton Julia E. 1843 1881   w/o John Stirton
Stirton Lizziem 1860 1956   w/o John Stirton
Wright Gifford   Apr.10,1892 2y10m23d son of William and Mary Wright "A gem in the Saviours Crown"
Robinson Berta       d/o J.C.and M.Robinson "Suffer little children to come unto me."
McKee Samuel A. May 17,1841 May 11,1910    
Robinson Sarah   Jan.8,1881 67yrs 2nd w/o Thomas Mc Kee
McCaw Sarah   July11,1856 46yrs w/o Thomas McKee
McKee Thomas   Sept.4,1884 76yrs  
McCaw James   Dec.21,1849 41 yrs  
Voorhis A.H. Aug.21,1825 May22,1899    
West Elmira May11,1832 June 16,1918   w/o A.H.Voorhis
Voorhis Della   Oct.21,1855 1y11m10d d/o A.H.and Elmira Voorhis
Quick Clara M.       d/o D.and E.Quick stone has sunk
Halstead William T. Feb.25,1840 Aug.2,1912   "In my fathers house are many mansions"
Halstead Clarance F.   July25,1891 2m21d s/o F.G.and I.A.Halstead
Halstead Frank C. 1865 1926    
Halstead Ida A. 1865 1952    
Burnham Norris B. 1900 1958    
Chamberlain Rinaldo Nov.3,1820 Nov.15,1894    
ChamberlainWm.P.         Co.A 179 N.Y.Inf
Chamberlain Wm.Perry 1846 1916    
Burham Sarah E. 1851 1923   w/o Wm Perry Chamberlain
Owens Hector S. Aug,14,1820 July 28,1892    
Aber West C. 1858 1939    
Aber Hattie J. 1860 1946   w/o West C. Aber
Hazlett Charlotte 1888 1938    
Aber Pearl Nov.26,1894 Apr.9,1895    
Aber Letitia Mar.25,1872 Apr.17,1968   w/o Judd Aber
Culp Ashley Nov.23,1896 Feb.11,1897    
Culp Margaret July2,1904 Aug.17,1904    
Furman Bertha Dec.7,1894 Dec.7,1990   w/o Howard Furman
Furman Howard Dec.24,1896 Oct.22,1981    
Hall Effie   Nov.14,1904 28yrs.  
Wilcox     Nov.10,1900 28days infant
Collins James A. 1890 1972    
Rourke Raymond E. May24,1922 Aug.2,1981    
Stutey Harold Anthony Jan.14,1917 Oct.31,1975    
Stutey Elizabeth Ceclia Dec.20,1918 Aug.24,1991   w/o Harold Anthony Stutey
Evans Jerome B. March 9,1879 April20,1974    
Norton Dale E. 1924      
Norton Vera Mae 1925 1973   w/o Dale E Norton In memory of my loving wife
Burnham James Howell 1896 1975    
Young Gladys 1895 1981   w/o James Howell Burnham
Inman Warren Ray Nov.1,1926      
Burnham Deana Dec.1,1925 Oct.25,1979   w/o Warren Ray Inman
Inman Vickie Lee   Jan.5,1955   infant dau of W.R.and D.Inman
Norton Blanche May 19,1915 Jan.4,1993   w/o Ward Norton
Norton Ward Jan.28,1902      
Scott Elizabeth Susan 1959 1980   Cherished dau of James and Bonnie
Scott Daniel W. 1957 1989   Beloved Son,Brother,Friend
Scott Rev.Charles S. 1896 1982    
Scott Lola Cynthia 1897 1971   w/o Rev.Charles S.Scott
Hoover Gail Lynn 1953 1971    
Robinson Leland C. Sept.17,1929 Feb.14,1989   Back of marker,Our Children,Rhonda A.,Randy L.,Dale M. and Melisa S. Viviann of Leland C.Robinson
Robinson Vivian C. Feb.7,1930     ,
Chamberlain Harry M. 1908 1995    
Chamberlain Dorothy 1912     w/o Harry M. Chamberlain
Chamberlain M.Elizabeth June 29,1902 Sept.29,1981   w/o Manley B.Chamberlain
Chamberlain Manley B. April 11,1900 Sept.7,1985    
Sturdevant Helen Ross Jan.6,1923     w/o Leigh W.Sturdevant
Sturdevant Leigh W. Jan.27,1919 Oct.8,1986    
Selleck Raymond Sherman 1928 1996   "Ray"
Selleck Elizabeth Merriam 1929     "Bettie"
Crandall Murrell L. 1912 1996    
Crandall Berenice M. 1915 1996   w/o Murrell L Crandall
Silver Heather Rae 1970 1984   Forever in our hearts
Springfield Fred S. July 26,1915 Dec.22,1981    
Springfield Lillian B. Jan.11,1922     w/o Fred S.Springfield
Prince Oscar Dec.28,1908 Sept.9,1981   U.S.Army,World War 11
McDermott Donald P. Aug.19,1924 Nov.19,1988   on back,our children,Susan and Gary
McDermott Donald P. Aug.19,1924 Nov.19,1988   Bronze,Sgt.U.S.Army Corps,World War 11
McDermott Janet I March 30,1928     w/o of Donald P.McDermott
Kennedy Rodney V. Jan.30,1943 Dec.29,1981   Ronnie
Freeman John Harold Oct.20,1953 Oct.15,1981   "Big John"
Inman Phillip B. Oct.8,1960 Apr.14,1976    
Warner Lucille F. Mar.28,1932     Mother,w/o Wayne E Inman,Sr.
Inman Wayne E.Sr. Nov.13,1920 Mar.31,1998   Father
Cooper Orrin 1833 1914    
Cooper Sarah V 1846 1915   w/o Orrin Cooper,at rest
Halstead Eugene 1861 1941    
Halstead Elizabeth 1868 1930   w/o Eugene Cooper
Vandermark Clarence D. Jan.I,1870 Sept.16,1941    
Vandermark Ida M.Chamberlain Feb.10,1870 Nov.8,1933   w/o Clarence D.Vandermark
Vandermark Lemuel Oct.15,1901 Sept.10,1904   s/o Clarence and Ida Vandermark
Baldwin Robert L. Apr.3,1899 Aug.8,1900   s/o William and Hannah Baldwin
Jelliff S Roena 1869 1934   w/o Grant J Jelliff
Jelliff Grant 1866 1945    
Corner Hattie Jan.15,1891 Feb.19,1891   d/o P.W.and Julia Corner
Cowell James H.       At rest,side stone
Berk Henry Jan.17,1853 June23,1923   Father
Burgess Amy   1890 72yrs  
Gillett Aaron M. 1838 1905    
Mowers Nancy A 1846 1914   w/o Aaron Gillett ,at rest
Montange Deo Lee Oct.27,1885 Jan.19,1972    
Thompson Grace July10,1883 Sept.9,1932   w/o Deo Lee Montange
Rayner Gabriel W.   Mar.31,1875 50yrs  
Rayner Sally A.   Sept.5,1889 63yrs w/o G.W.Rayner
Walsh Thomas J. Aug.5,1928     married May30,1953,our children,Gary T,1954;Steven M,1956;Michele,1959
Walsh Vivian A Jan.16 1931     w/o Thomas J Walsh
Wilkinson William R."Bill" Feb.19,1918 Dec.1,1993   married,Jan.1,1945
Leonard Nina L. April 27,1924     w/o William R.Wilkinson
Leonard Gene Dewey June28,1926 June 13,1997   married July 1 1950
Leonard Gene Dewey June28,1926 June13,1997   Momm 2 US Navy WW 11
Landon Evelyn M. May21,1933     w/o Gene Leonard,back of stone,our children,Michail E,1951;Wesley W,1954;Larry S;1956;Glen S,1958;Randall D,1962
Coon Pauline B 1913 1989   wf of Floyd L.Coon
Coon Floyd L. 1921 1992    
Lowman Albert L. 1924 1994   Together forever
Lowman Bernice C. 1925     w/o Albert L.Lowman
Lowman Allen L. 1948 1963    
West Emmett R. 1890 1963    
Haight Grace 1890 1981   w/o Emmett R.West
Hendrickson Dorothy Morine 1911 1964   Mother
Francis Marion L. 1910 1994   a Mason Our Father which art in Heaven
Francis Ethel 1913 1991   Eastern Star ,w/o Marron Francis
Larrison Walter 1909 1967    
White Florence R. Dec.26,1918 July2,1988    
White Clarence E. Mar.15,1897 Feb.10,1975   Pvt.US Army ,WW11
White  Robert E 1940 1967    
Brown Robert H March29,1889 Jan.24,1972   Captain US Army WW 1 and WW11
Brown Carrie L. July 8,1906 August 30,1976   w/o Robert H Brown
Burnham Earl Dubert 1894 1988    
Merriam Ralph Wilcox 1897 1981    
Burnham Mildred 1904 1984   w/o Ralph Merriam
Mitchell Robert W.Sr. July 21,1904 July 4,1981    
Mitchell Rachel Jan.15,1900 Dec.71991   w/o Robert W Mitchell Sr.
Winslow Bernard E Nov.15,1926      
Winslow Gladys R. Nov.27,1926 Aug.31,1984   w/o Bernard Winslow (Gladys Raymond)
Nurse Glen E June22,1923 Mar.25,1999    
Nurse Emily I Nov.3,1919     w/o Glen E.Nurse
Adams Albert L. 1921     Vet of WW11,Whither thou goest I will go,married Sept.7,1945
Leonard Beverly  1922 1997   w/o Albert L.Adams
Adams Daniel L.Sr. April 13,1947 March 17,1997   Viet Nam Vet
Cowles Elbert J. 1901 1983   Pvt.US Army WW11
Timm William Carl August8,1964 Sept.14,1964    
Parrish Earl Gordon 1917     married Dec.31,1938
Snell Alberta L. 1922     w/o Earl Gordon Parrish
Van Dyke Etta Parrish Apr.20,1941 Dec.21,1986    
Kinney Josephine Carletta 1905 1973   w/o William Eugene Kinney
Kinney William Eugene 1911      
Fethers Martin 1954 1964    
Rourke Florence Irwin 1892 1973   Rebeccas and Eastern Star
Phillips Richard K. July 7,1929     Married Jan.26,1950
Phillips Donna J. March 21,1933     Back of stone,our children,Lawrence E,1950;Chris A.,1954;Margaret M,Dec 1961
Harrison John 1910 1974    
Heinzelman Dudley Roy,Jr. Feb.14,1973 July 16,1973    
Thompson Judd A Apr.23,1915 May 14,1973   Pennsylvania,Tech 4 US Army ,WW11
Thompson David C. Jan.11,1950 July 2,1973   Sgt.US Aur Force,Vietnam
Thompson Clarence S. 1905 1973    
Thompson Craig Mack March 1,1920     married June 16,1943
Cortright Lucille F. Sept.4,1918 Apr.29,1994   w/o Craig Mack Thompson
Thompson Mildred M. Jan.12,1893 Oct.15,1982    
Quick Sarah J. 1839 1900    
Fay Edw.W. 1869 1940    
Fay Harvey  June 8,1838 July 28,1910   GAR marker
Fay Mary Ann Mar.27,.1849 June 10,1902   w/o Harvey Fay
Brown Ruth A Jan.16,1894 July27,1911   w/o Hosea Kennedy In Memory of
Wilcox Ruth M.Jones 1892 1930    
Wilcox Clayton F. Oct.10,1855 Dec.19,1929    
Wilcox Mary J. Aug.19,1853 1921 67yrs  
Pratt MD Frank L. Apr 28,1871 Apr.12,1955    
Pratt Pearl Aug.18,1882 Sept.3,1903   w/o Dr.Frank L.Pratt
Pratt     Feb 20,1903   infant dau.of Dr.Frank L.Pratt
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