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Herrickville Cemetery 2009
Herrick Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Name of Cemetery: Herrickville Cemetery
Read By:  Lyle Rockwell
Date Read:   3-Dec-09
Typed By:   Lyle Rockwell
Published December 2009 by Joyce M. Tice
Location:  Herrickville Boro on SR1012 (Mercur Road)  about 1/8 mile south of main intersection
Other comments: "Text" inside quotation marks is from stone. I have digital photos of each stone. E-mail if you want one. The last interment looks like a World War II veteran, however no headstone for this individual
Most present day obituaries for East Herrick Cemetery are written as "Herrickville Cemetery." Since this cemetery has had no burials since about 1907, we are moving all obits that SAY Herrickville Cemetery to East Herrick Cemetery which is still active. Oh, how we wish the people who write the obits would make a greater effort for accuracy. JMT
Herrickville Cemetery Obituaries East Herrick Cemetery Obituaries

The obits in Herrickville should be moved to East Herrick, since I did not see any of these people in the actual Herrickville Cemetery. It is my opinion that people today just refer to the East Herrick cemetery as the Herrickville cemetery, since all new interments are in the East Herrick cemetery. The last burial that I viewed in Herrickville Boro cemetery was the World War II veteran who doesn't have any headstone. Before that I think the last burial was in 1907. It is a small cemetery and don't think it in use in this present day. LR
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Stewart Charles   05 Apr 1856 19d7m46y One single headstone and also inscribed on his wife's headstone
Stewart Caroline   10 Dec 1883 9d5m68y Wife of Charles Stewart
Stewart         Stone is weathered and hard to decipher, however it is next to Charles & Caroline Stewart
Stewart Fanny   24 Sep 1860 86y Possibly mother of Charles
Wetmore Catharine   02 Mar 1884 7d5m59y "Wife of W.A. Wetmore"
Wetmore Sally A.   20 Apr 1893 86y "Wife of N. B. Wetmore"
Wetmore N.B.   18 Dec 1885 14d10m93y First name is Nathan from census
Shiffer Charles   31 Jul 1886 19d2m14y Stone is weathered and hard to decipher, so last name could be different than I have spelled
(____) Rheub   09 Jun 1851   "Daughter of Emerson & Betsey" The rest of stone is not readable
Wetmore Freddie   15 Dec 1873 5d3m7y "Son of James & Alice Wetmore"
Wetmore Jonnie       On same stone as Freddie Wetmore so is probably brother. Dates are weathered & unreadable
Wetmore James N.   23 Jul 1888 8d9m40y "CO K 5 NY Cav." Has Civil War flag & holder
Overpeck         "Dau of Samuel & Mary Overpeck" Stone is broken in half and name is unreadable
Overpeck George L.       "Son of Samuel & Mary Overpeck" Stone is weathered so names & dates are hard to decifer
Overpeck Arletta   17 Jun 1851   "Daughter of Samuel & Mary Overpeck" The age is below ground so unobtainable
Overpeck Julia E.   19 Jan 1849 1d8m11y "Dau of Samuel & Mary Overpeck" 
Overpack Elizabeth   03 Feb 1856 72y "Wife of Adam Overpack"
Overpack Adam 15 Apr 1784 17 Feb 1878   Spelling on stone is diffent than over OVERPECK stones in this cemetery
Carr James    28 May 1850 86y Has Civil War marker & flag. Stone is lying flat on ground
Carr Ezekiel 1813 12-Mar-1905    
Carr Susy Ann 1817 16-Mar-1905   "His Wife"
Ely Laura M.   10 Nov 1865 12d1m27y "Wife of Jacob J. Ely"
Carr Sarah A.   23 Dec 1850 11m7y "dau of E. & Susyann Carr
Carr Emma   08 May 1848 26m1m3y "Dau. Of Ezekiel & Susyann Carr"
(____) (____) Sep 1881   Stone is weathered and hard to decipher
Hagar Royal   24 Sep 1848 22d "Son of Edmund & Mabel Hagar"
Jennings Julina 04 Jun 1859 15 Jan 1862   Same stone as Richard & Sarah Jennings
Dughon Mary Alice 21 Nov 1861 10 May 1891   "Wife of W. V. Dughon" Same stone as Richard & Sarah Jennings
Jennings Richd. 22 Mar 1819 10 Dec 1899   "Born at Sugar Loaf, NY"
Jennings Sarah J. 28 Oct 1823 08 Jan 1897   "Wife of Richd. Jennings born at Vestal, NY" Daughter of Reuben & Deborah Coe
Blackman Rosa B.   05 Feb 1890 32y "Wife of Rev. M. H. Blackman" Same stone as Richard & Sarah Jennings 
Coe Deborah   20 Feb 1875 75y "Wife of Reuben Coe"
Coe Reuben   20 Dec 1861 71y  
Marsh Joseph   22 Feb 1852 67y  
Marsh Samantha       "Wife of Joseph Marsh" Stone has been broken & put back together and no birth or death can be seen
Fuller Juddie   15 Mar 1876 6m "Son of G. H. & M. E. Fuller"
Fuller Martha   16 Jul 1876 5m21y "Wife of G. H. Fuller"
Doolittle Amanda M.   14 Sep 1865 21d3m28y "Wife of J. W. Doolittle & Dau of Samuel & Maryann Overpeck"
Overpeck Samuel 25 Jan 1810 4-Jul-1910    
Overpeck Mary A. Angle 21 Nov 1814 05 Oct 1899   "Wife of Samuel Overpeck"
(____) (____)       World War II marker & flag with small stone without engraving
Wetmore W.A.   9-Mar-1907 19d3m84y "Asleep in Jesus"
Wetmore Charlotte       No birth or death on stone
French Earl D   25 Jul 1886   "Son of _ _ & A. L. French"
Yarington Catharine A. Snath 13 Aug 1836 02 Nov 1895   "Wife Of G. N. Yarington"
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/06/2009
By Joyce M. Tice
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