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Horn Cemetery Obituaries

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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 4.  Reprinted on this site with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd
Located on Horn Road 311 off Rt 287 going from Morris to English Center . Copied Decoration Day 1970 by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, Pa.


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BLACKWELL Willis P. 1869 1967 Father
BLACKWELL J.H. 1861 1918
BLACKWELL Anna 1857 1914 his wife
BLACKWELL Alta 1893 1898 their daughter
BLACKWELL Annie M. 1888 1952
BLACKWELL Robert M. (Mial) 1883 1960
BLACKWELL Shirley 1936 1952 daughter
BLACKWELL Floyd 1931 1952 son. Korean Flag
BLACKWELL Howard B. 1933 s/o R.M. and Annie Blackwell
CAMPBELL Eugene 1894 1955
Two graves here, no markers
Stephen no last name, no dates
MILLER Henry G. 1879 1937 W.W.1
CAMPBELL Caroline  1851 1934 W.W.2 marker here 1941-1945
ENGLISH Stewart 1874 1935 wife was Edna,d/o Richard & Carrie(Lupold)Campbell,also here
Last stone in this row is a field stone
ENGLISH James A. 1859 1947 Odd fellows flag
ENGLISH Emma 1870 1935 his wife
ENGLISH Floyd H. 1891 1910
ENGLISH Robert C. 24 Feb 1832 7 Jun 1912
ENGLISH Rachel E. 21 Jan 1834 24 Oct 1904 his wife
CAMPBELL Walter 5 Apr 1887 10 Nov 1911 s/o Fred & Lovina Campbell
CAMPBELL Phebe 17 Jul 1852 25 Nov 1883
CAMPBELL Fred 1845 1915
CAMPBELL Lovina 1855 1937 his wife
CAMPBELL Stephen 1889 1914 their son. Marker here for W.W.2 1941-1945
CAMPBELL Amelia 13 Jul 1856 13 Mar 1900 w/o S.P.Campbell
ENGLISH Lafayette 1855 1931
ENGLISH Kitte 1856 1939 his wife
ENGLISH Nellie 2 Dec 1894 5yr 3mo 19da d/o Lafayette & Kitte English
ENGLISH Clara 2 Dec 1894 11da d/o Lafayette & Kitte English
ENGLISH Grace 13 dec 1894 13yr 6mo 12da d/o Lafayette & Kitte English
ENGLISH Blanche 29 Dec 1894 11yr 1mo 25da d/o Lafayette & Kitte English
ENGLISH Flossie 10 Dec 1894 8yr 3mo 21da d/o Lafayette & Kitte English
ENGLISH Ray Fayette 17 Nov 1896 1 Sep 1957 60yr 9mo 15da only son of L & K, buried in Lot 13N, Wellsboro Cemetery
BLACKWELL Clifford D. 27 Aug 1926 13 Apr 1946 Pa.P.F.C. Air Corps W.W.2 Flag holder
BROUGHTON Alta 1881 1957
BROUGHTON Adelbert 1889 19--
Two graves here, no markers
BLACKWELL John M. 30 Mar 1828 1 Oct 1886 Civil War flag
BLACKWELL Stella 23 Nov 1858 18 Jan 1862 d/o John M.
BLACKWELL Martha J. 30 Jan 1832 11 Oct 1886 w/o John M.
BLACKWELL Louisa 4 Jun 1855 30 Oct 1856 d/o John M.
Grave here, no marker
CAMPBELL Viola 1879 1908 w/o Walter Campbell
BROUGHTON Charles H. 8 Nov 1853 23 Aug 1900
BROUGHTON Ann 11 Dec 1836 25 Dec 1900 w/o Nathan Broughton
HOSTRANDER Infant 12 Feb 1903 d/o John & Edith Hostrander
HOSTRANDER John 1868 1925
HOSTRANDER Edith 1871 w/o John Hostrander
LOVE Eli 3 May 1843 Co.I.207th.Reg.Pa.Vol. Civil War Flag
LOVE Aunt Sarah E. STEELE 30 Jun 1840 w/o Eli Love
LOVE Sarah Elva 27 May 1894 27 Apr 1895
LOVE Addie Alice 23 Feb 1874 (only one date given, assumed birth)
LOVE Lillian J. 6 Nov 1870 (only one date given, assumed birth)
WILLIAMMEE John 1820 1908
WILLIAMMEE Veronica 1830 1903
WEBSTER J. E. 1827 1920
WEBSTER Alsena 20 Jan 1903 71yr 6mo 7da w/o J.E.
WEBSTER William 1852 1872 s/o J.E. & Alsena
WEBSTER Gibson 1857 1863 s/o J.E. & Alsena
WEBSTER Mary 1862 1864 d/o J.E. & Alsena
WEBSTER Harriett 1864 1864 d/o J.E. & Alsena
BROUGHTON Edna 30 Aug 1907 8 Feb 1908 d/o R.J. &----
HOSTRANDER Louella J. 1867 1912 w/o D.E.Hostrander
HOSTRANDER Wesley 1923 1930
HOSTRANDER Charles 1899 1922
HOSTRANDER Blanche 1890 w/o Charles
flag holder with Eagle on top. initials KGE FHV
BROUGHTON Darius 1861 Odd Fellows
BROUGHTON Emma L. 1863 1922 w/o Darius
WEBSTER Elizabeth 1836 1913 2nd w/o J.E.Webster
WILLIAMMEE Alfred 1860 1929
WILLIAMMEE Roscoe 1868 1948
SMITH Edna M. 1922 1924
CAMPBELL James 1859 1921
CAMPBELL Anna 1868 1918
BROUGHTON Armenia G. 1881 1933 w/o Ellis Broughton
BROUGHTON Ethel L. 1862 1928 w/o George a. Broughton
MATTHEWS Eva L. 1893 1923
MATTHEWS Wesley F. 1893 1966
MATTHEWS Baby Girl 1955 1955

A portion to the right of this cemetery was set aside for members of the Baptist Church and their families, who could ill afford to buy a cemetery lot, so some members of the families were buried here without stones and records were destroyed by fire. By using cemetery inscriptions, Court records and family records, we have the following. The first cemetery we have record of here was started on the Robert C. English farm. This is where children of Lafe and Kit English were buried when they died within a week of each other, with diptheria. When the Baptist Church was built, the members wanted the cemetery by the church, so many were buried in the Robert C.English farm cemetery, were moved by their loved ones to the Horn Cemetery, leaving the grave of Rhoda (Campbell) English, wife of James Alphonzo English still here. She was born Mar 2, 1867, d.Jan 2,1888. We found a stone for Oren Robert English, son of Robert & Rachel (Campbell) English, born May 6, 1879, d.Oct 10,1881. Also a stone reading Almary, dau of Hiram & Rachel Campbell died 1881, age 12yr 4mo 11da. There may be others but we didn't find them.
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