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Ackley Cemetery, Clymer Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2006
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
April 2006
Name of Cemetery: Ackley Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: Sept. 2006
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Clymer Township
Other Comments:

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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Part A          
Taft Harland L. 1913 1991    
Taft Eloise D. 1914 2006   On marker w/Harland L.
Taft Baby Boy   Jan.5.1961    
Taft Frank H. Jul.25.1937      
Taft Lucinda R. Aug.4.1947     On marker w/Frank H.
VanOrder Alfred P. 1900 1970    
VanOrder Leona O. 1902 1981   On marker w/Alfred P.
Short Curry L. 1872 1946    
Gorden Guy M. 1899 1965    
Gorden Ruth A. 1899 1957   On marker w/Guy M.
Chamberlain Alfred L. 1909 1966    
Chamberlain Isma A. 1911 1966   On marker w/Alfred L.
Clark Douglas K. 1922 1997    
Clark Eleanor F. 1926     On marker w/Douglas K.
Clark Nellie V. 1901 1984    
Clark Stanley D. 1896 1961    
Clark Jeffery F. 1952 1952    
Clark Bert E. 1875 1951    
Clark Bertha A. 1873 1937    
Clark Mary E. 1854 1928    
Clark Millard F. 1851 1926    
Allen J. Myron 1881 1952    
Allen Regenia H. 1883 1966    
Smith Reed 1913 1970    
Smith Lena 1917 1980   On marker w/Reed
Smith Frank  1889 1933    
Smith Tressie 1889 1956   On marker w/Frank
Austin Marian Elizabeth 1891 1975    
Reynolds Myron E. Jun.26.1920      
Reynolds Shirley E. Jul.17.1928 Sep.16.1989    
King Johnny Lee Aug.11.1968 Jun.20.1990 21 yr Funeral Home Marker
Burdic Frank S. 1864 1947    
Burdic Stella A. 1876 1932   On marker w/Frank S.
Chamberlain Mark E. 1881 1920    
Chamberlain Emma 1885 1931    
Chamberlain Charles M. 1903 1976    
Chamberlain Rea B. 1893 1975   On marker w/Charles M.
Reese Fred C. 1880 1951    
Reese A. Gertie 1881 1953   On marker w/Fred C.
Coates Frederick G. 1912 1959    
Coates Lorena M. 1919 2004   On marker w/Frederick G.
Griffin Amos 1862 1938    
Griffin Ada M. 1865 1951    
Reese Artie J. Jr. Apr.3.1924 Mar.30.1947   NY Cpl. 466 AAF. Air Base Sq. WW2
Griffin Ray 1888 1935    
Stafford Andrew 1869 1950    
Stafford Dee 1872 1956   On marker w/Andrew
Thompson Lawrence 1909 1974   On marker w/Andrew
Stafford Bonita Lee 1941 1958    
Stafford Wallace E. 1911      
Stafford Nora Johnston 1920     On marker w/Wallace E.
Waxbom Ernest M. 1903 1973    
Part B          
Mack Henry 1850 1918    
Mack Priscilla 1854 1925   On marker w/Henry
Mack Milford F. 1876 1950   Other side of above marker
Mack Charlotte R. 1879 1939   Other side of above marker
Strait Otis 1906 1917   s/o C.D. & Dora
Bennett Harold R. 1904 1917    
DeGraw Jonas 1826 1910    
DeGraw Abigail 1825 1912   On marker w/Jonas
DeGraw Jonas 1860 1915   On marker w/Jonas
Bowe Joyce I. Jul.9.1929      
Bowe John W. Nov.13.1926 Sep.22.1990   On marker w/Joyce I
Bennett Elmer D. 1899 1964    
Bennett Mary C. 1900 1991   On marker w/Elmer D.
Rice Alvoid P. 1916 1995    
Peet Robert C. Nov.26.1926 Sep.12.1996   S 1 U.S. Navy WW 2
Ackley Lynda J. Apr.3.1943     w/o Wallace M.
Black Norman 1915 1974    
Black Louise Gilbert 1919 1988   On marker w/Norman
Ackley Wallace M., Jr. Feb.20.1923 Apr.5.2005   Tec 5 U.S. Army WW 2
Ackley Reita A. 1925 1988   On marker w/Wallace M. Jr.
Short Clifford G. 1909 1991    
Short Ethel Wright 1915     On marker w/Clifford
Reynolds George R. 1915 1994    
Reynolds Wilda June Short 1920     On marker w/George R.
Trowbridge Robert L. 1908 1992    
Trowbridge Pauline Short 1915 2000   On marker w/Robert L.
Morris  Robert B. 1932 2000    
Morris  Betty S. 1930     On marker w/Robert B.
          Grave w/flowers - no marker
Short Lloyd K. 1901 1980    
Short Mary E. 1910 1981   On marker w/Lloyd K.
Short Dent D. 1911 1987    
Short Winona M. 1922 1998   On marker w/Dent D.
Kump Francis J. 1904 1991    
Kump Nellie G. 1899 1986   On marker w/Francis J.
Otto Lester M. 1906 1986    
Otto Ann N. 1909 1993   On marker w/Lester M.
Pautz James L. Dec.22.1936      
Pautz Matilda M. Jun.11.1940     On marker w/James L.
Pautz Donald R. May.6.1969 Dec.20.1990   On marker w/James L.
Pautz Gary M. Sep.30.1967 Jan.27.1999   On marker w/James L.
Meise Harold E. Apr.22.1930 Mar.29.1995    
Meise Betty J. Jan.10.1931 Jul.17.1996   On marker w/Harold E.
Bentzley Gene E. Oct.16.1932 Apr.2.2003   B.M.G. 3, U.S. Navy - Korea
Bentzley Charlotte T. May.26.1935     On marker w/Gene E.

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