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Academy Hill Cemetery, Wellsboro,  Tioga County, PA 1969

Located on Pearl Street in Wellsboro, a sign in 1969 reads, "Wellsboro Cemetery 1800-1855, restored by American Legion Post #84" Inscriptions from stones copied by Lola WETHERBEE Franke, Wellsboro, Pa. 1969 appears in Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 4,

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GREENLEAF Israel 1 Jun 1847 82yr Revolution Soldier
WEBSTER Johathon 15 Aug 1843 48yr 8mo 11da Botanic Physician
OGDEN Elvira 16 May 1840 21yr 8mo 6da w/o Jacob L.
BAILEY Alice 12 Feb 1853 4mo 10da d/o W.D. & Eliza Bailey
CLEAVELAND Lorena w/o Lemuel Cleaveland - date missing
YOUNG Hiram F. Esq 22 Sep 1842 29yr 7mo 14da
LANDIS Ada Alena 12 Sep 1854 1yr 11mo 22da d/o Simon H. & Philana Landis
FIELD Barbara 17 apr 1849  31yr 9mo w/o Prescott P. Field
GREENLEAF Sarah 8 Mar 1840 72yr w/o Israel
WEBSTER Mily 8 Apr 1848 48yr 8mo 11da w/o Jonathon Webster
BUTLER Isabel 5 Mar 1842 64yr 5mo 7da w/o Rufus Butler
COLE Catherine 1845 d/o Jonathon & Rebecca Cole
KILBORN John M. 10 Aug 1825 32yr
WEBSTER Eliza 3 Sep 1824 4yr 8mo 15da d/o Jonathon & Mily Webster
BROWN Emily R. 21 Aug 1844 4yr 5mo 25da d/o Alpheus & Adeline Brown
BODINE Charles W. 29 Dec 1838 10mo 8da s/o Frederick & Eliza J. Bodine
BOOTH Olive 6 Sep 1847 5yr 2mo 14da d/o J.D. & Samatha Booth
BOOTH Olive "She, like the tender, fragile flower, Lay down and withered in the hour, and doth it live beyond the tomb, And in it's Savior's prescence bloom."
BUTLER Rufus 6 Dec 1847 74yr 11mo
SEELY Lewis 2 Nov 1842 3yr 4mo 9da s/o Benjamin & Tanner Seely
KIMBALL Lucretia 18 Jan 1839 51st yr w/o James Kimball
FISHER Mary 25 Mar 1852 6mo 7da d/o Daniel & Catherine Fisher
BROUGHTON Mary 12 Mar 1847 22nd yr w/o Urial Broughton
BROWN Thomas L. 14 Jun 1844 6yr 7mo 10da s/o Alpheaus & Adeline Brown
WAKEMAN Hannah 23 Nov 1842 41yr 7mo w/o of Eri Wakeman
BURLEY Mary 16 Jun 1843 40yr 18da w/o Robert Burley
SMITH Rebecca Jane 10 Apr 1855 23yr 2mo 13da w/o Warren
SLIGH Charles M. 3 Jul 1840  1yr 21da s/o David & Susannah Sligh
BLACK Henry J. 6 May 1846 1yr 4mo 18da s/o Edward & Lucinda Black
BLACK Henry J. ''None but the hearts of parents can tell, 
BLACK Henry J. The cost to bid this child farewell"
STICKLE Margaret 25 Jan 1841 56yr 11mo 26da w/o Henry Stickle
SEELY George T. 29 Mar 1843 2yr s/o Benjamin & Tanner
SPENCER Elias 20 May 1842 65th yr
BURLEY Robert  11 Sep 1854 58yr 1mo 16da
FIELD Thomas B. 5 Aug 1845 20yr 3mo 8da
SOFIELD Ellen Amelia 7 Feb 1848 4mo 27da d/o John & Julia Sofield
DOCKSTADER Irvin 31 Jan 1844 2yr s/o Frederick H. & Catherine Dockstader
WETHERBEE Rebecca 18 Feb 1839 46yr w/o Francis Wetherbee
WILCOX Prudy 21 Mar 1835 43yr 7mo 4da w/o Gates Wilcox
COOLIDGE Amos 16 May 1851 69yr 7mo 12da
FIELD Isaac 9 Aug 1828 47th yr Col. Came from Surry, N.H. (Militia)
KIMBALL Wesley W. 26 Jan 1843 1yr 4mo 23da s/o Alanson & Emily Kimball
DERBYSHIRE William T. 9 Jan 1839 3yr 1mo 15da s/o William T. & Mary Derbyshire
AUSTIN George Dwight 2 Aug 1843 3mo 10da s/o Nelson & Lydia Austin
WEST 12 Apr 1853 3yr 8mo 22da d/o G.H. & Ebigail West (top of stone missing)
COOLIDGE Pamela 13 --- 1843 50yr 3mo 21da w/o Amos Coolidge
COOLIDGE|/td>  Mary L. 12 Aug 1845 12yr 1mo 10da d/o Amos & Pamela
MCCARTER Polly 2 Oct 1849 58yr 2mo w/o Thomas B. McCarter
THOMPSON Joseph 23 Nov 1842 85yr 10mo 18da Rev. War Patriot. From Otsego, NY to Wellsboro , 1820
MILLER Xaveri 21 May 1848 68yr
MORSEMAN Derius 30 Aug 1847 44yr 7mo 14da
HENRY James 30 Sep 1849 60yr 2da found in pile of broken pieces behind the church
Following from article written by Louise FORSYTHE Jennings and published in the Wellsboro Gazette July 28, 1927. Lists markers which are now obliterated.
JACKSON Ebenezer Rev. War Soldier. Grandfather of Mary Emily Jackson, who
JACKSON Ebenezer attended Wellsboro Academy in 1828. Stone marking his grave 
JACKSON Ebenezer is destroyed
RITTER Daniel 15 Jun 1843 43yr
HENRY David Jr. 6 Jul 1850 67yr 11mo 22da
HURLEY David 14 Sep 1854 58yr 1mo 16da
SLIGH James R. s/o David & Hannah
CAMPBELL Eliza 1849 w/o George C. Campbell
PHOUTS Christiana 1834 d/o Leonard & Nancy Phouts
OSBORNE Mary B. 1842

Following information provided by Lola W. Franke of Wellsboro. Epitaph on both Butler markers, Rufus & Isabel Butler, his wife "Remember me when you pass by. As I am now, soon you must be. Prepare for death and follow me I have polaroid pictores of the following: GREENLEAF Israel Revolution War Soldier THOMPSON Joseph Revolution War Soldier FIELD Isaac Col. 20th Reg. N. Hampshire WETHERBEE Rebecca 1st w/o Francis Wetherbee, high sheriff in Wellsboro 1831

Francis Wetherbee was here as early as 1823. (see Charles G. Webb's book of the first 25 yrs) Wetherbee's lineage shows that Francis Wetherbee's second wife was Cornelia Graves and they moved to Minnesota.

Also from Lola W. Franke, the following on early settlers buried here:From History of Tioga County, 1897, On the corner where Dr. Shearer now lives, Ezekiel Jones had a house and blacksmith shop. On the corner, across the street from his place, was a small house in which lived Col. Field, father of Prescott Field. Joshua Emer's reminiscences.

Israel Greenleaf, another well known citizen of Wellsboro, lived in a frame house on the same side of the street, below the Hoover log house. He was a wagon maker and manufacturer. He was a native of Connecticut, where was born in 1765. He came to Tioga County early and purchased large tract of land in Charleston Township, under a Connecticut title. Tract extended from the east line of Delmar and embraced the whole or part of Alden Thompson neighborhood. When the Connecticut titles were declared invalid, the Capt. woke to find himself a poor man instead of a large land holder. He served in the Revolution war, died June 1 1848, aged 82yrs. His wife, Sarah, preceeded him to the grave March 8, 1840, aged 72 years.

Col. Isaac Field's grave is here, as is his daughter-in-law, Barbara, wife of Prescott P. Field Also, a marker for a young man who could be his younger son, Thomas B. Field

Amos Coolidge built the house that formerly stood on the site of the Bennett house, which has since been called Nichols Hill and Farm. He was elected Trustee of the Academy 1828 and was active in building the upper story of the building. He was the father of a large family, viz: Mrs. E.M. Bodine, Charles, Amos Jr, Kilburn, William Wesley, George, Mrs. Metzer of Potter County, and Mary L. who died age 12. Mr. Coolidge was , in his younger days and in his middle age, an active, enterprising, hard working man, and did much to advance the material interests of town. In the bringing up of his family, he was ably seconded by his wife, who was a most invaluable woman to whom the family owed a debt of gratitude, the magnitude of which they can never fully repay except to train their children as she did hers. They are both buried in Academy Hill cemetery.

Joseph Thompson, Revolution War Patriot, was born in Stonington, Connecticut 5 Jan 1757 and was the youngest of eighteen children, consisting of twelve sons and six daughters. He was reared to manhood in his native state of Conn., later moved to Otsego, NY, where he married Catherine Coates who bore him five children, viz: Joseph, Alanson, Lucretia who married James Kimball, an early hotel keeper of Wellsboro, Cynthia Lorinda, who became the wife of Col. Hiram Freeborn (for many years a prominent citizen of Knoxville) and Alden, who settled in Charleston Township. Mr. Thompson came to Tioga County before 1820 and made his home with his children, some of whom preceeded him, settling on Shumway Hill, Charleston Township. He is buried in the old Academy Hill cemetery as is one of his daughters, Lucretia,`wife of James Kimball.

Information about the Wellsboro Cemetery can be obtained from Mrs. Menzo Yessa, 7 Bodine Street, Wellsboro, Pa. Information about St. Peters Catholic church can be obtained from Mr. Paul Nugent, 29 Crafton Street, Wellsborol Pa.

The beginning of Academy Hill cemetery in History of Tioga County 1897.

The early settlers around Wellsboro buried their dead in the half acre adjoining the old Academy on the hill, set apart for that purpose by Benjamin Wistar Morris. The site was elevated and the view obtained was charmingly picturesque. It was then in the country but in time, the borough grew around it and beyond it until it is now near the center of corporate limits. When first selected, it was doubtless large enough to answer as a graveyard for many years. In time, it's limited area became crowded. It's proximity to the Academy was objectionable and the students complained that it affected their health. Except for few instances, it's graves were uncared for and overgrown with weeds. Being unfenced, it was open to incursions of wild and domestic animals. In 1837, the body appropriated $35.00 to enclose with a fence. The necessity for a new burial place was admitted in 1840 but did not manifest itself in a practical manner until years later. Many were reluctant to abandon the old graveyard, while others were opposed to the removal, therefrom of the remains of their relatives. To them, the place was, and would ever remain, a sacred spot, hallowed by the tenderest memories. There is no record to inform us as to the first to be buried here. Many of the graves are unmarked, the stones erected by loving hands, have fallen to ruin, many years ago. Native stone was used to mark the earlier graves and were more susceptible to the elements, than marble. It is possible that vandalism had something to do with the turning and breaking of many stones, but a number of graves are still marked by marble slabs.

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