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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Photo of Crippen Burial Ground
by Joyce M. Tice
October 2001

CRIPPEN Burial Ground


Located in southeast Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Early cemetery with several plain fieldstones bearing no inscriptions. Markers copied Aug 1982 by J. Kelsey Jones who submitted his list for the web site.

Update from JMT - Burial Ground is in increasingly poor condition with most stones toppled and brush having taken over the area.
2007 Update -- Brush cleared. Stones still down, but very greatly improved.

ALEXANDER see Sherman

CRIPPEN David Crippen d. Apr 3, 1858, 73y 28d

Elizabeth wife of David Crippen d. Mar 19, 1842 54y 2m 20d [Elizabeth Worden]

Seth son of David & Elizabeth Crippen d. Feb 28, 1842 28y 6m 22d

Asa Crippen d. Apr 8, 1866 58y 4m 21d

Betsey wife of Asa Crippen Oct 10, 1809 Aug 8, 1887

David son of Asa & Betsey Crippen d. Sept 18, 1830 1y 3m 23d

Seth Crippen d. Oct 8, 1873 31y 11m 26d

Chauncey son of Roswell & Julia A. Crippen d. Feb 23, 1844 5m 5d

William H. Crippen d. Oct 16, 1873 27y 4m 4d

B________ Huldah daughter of Halsey & _______ B________ d. June 9, 1831 1y 5m 19d (broke) (Note from JMT – Name should be BURTON)

R________ _. R. (broken footmarker, headstone not located)

SHERMAN I_______ Sherman d. Nov __, 183_ aged 1__________ (broken fragments, footmarker I. S.)

Abigail C., wife of David E. Sherman d. May 2, 1881 85y (this is a four-sided monument which has toppled over and I could not read underside which perhaps contains the name of David E., since there is a footmarker D. E. S. near it)

George C., son of David E. & Abagail C. Sherman d. March 25, 1846 7y 2m 5d

 Mary Ann B., wife of John Alexander & dau of David E. & Abigail C. Sherman d. Aug 12, 1863 26y 10m

George Reed son of Pierce & Rhoda Sherman d. July 21, 1833 1y 1m 13d

WILSON Sammy d. Mar 8, 1878 5y 12d

Emory V. d. Apr 19, 1884 4y 10m 28d

(this is a four-sided monument which has toppled over and I could not read underside which perhaps contains other names and dates)

 VANZILE Daniel VanZile d. Apr 15, 1898 88y 1m

Prudence wife of Daniel VanZile d. Feb 2, 1864 52y 6m 29d

 James VanZile Mar 1844 Feb 27, 1867 Co A 14 Reg US Inf

 Martha I., wife of D. W. VanZile d. Apr 22, 1886 34y _m 14d (broken marker)

November 2007 Photos by Joyce M. Tice
Stones are horizontal as photographed to indicate they lie on the ground and are not standing upright.