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Check out the links for detailed descriptions of the stones from the 1993 Inventory and survey
plus read the proposed "Strategic Plan" for the cemetery restoration and inventory.

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This page includes both the Protestant and the Catholic cemeteries as they are together in the same location. All of Barclay Township was resorbed by Franklin when the population declined.

This is from the inventory and survey by Todd M. Babcock, Professional Land Surveyor, November 24, 1993. Barclay Cemetery is located in Franklin Township. It is a very large cemetery, completely taken over by trees. 
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Stones 1 - 40
Stones 41 - 80
Stones 81 - 120
Stones 121 - 144

Barclay Cemetery - Stones 1 - 40

Stones 1 - 40
Stones 41 - 80
Stones 81 - 120
Stones 121 - 144


For many years now, I have wanted to conduct an inventory of the stones and locate their present location through a field survey. Finally, in the spring of 1993 with the help of my Father, Gary Babcock, my brother Scott, Shirley Harkness, and Scott's new wife Joann, we set about to complete what has turned out to be a very timely project.

Through research at the Bradford County Historical Society, I discovered that previous inventories were conducted in 1978 by a Mr. and Mrs. Radwanshi, and in 1979 by Edna Foster Watson and Ellen R. Glueck. A comparison of our 1993 inventory with the aforementioned inventories showed that a significant amount of deterioration has occurred in the last 15 years. Many of the stone which apparently were easily transcribed in 1978/79 were nearly illegible to us in 1993. It is my belief that much of the deterioration can be attributed to acid rain. (Through my involvement with the Mason and Dixon Line, I have found a similar rate of deterioration of the monuments set to mark the Pennsylvania and Maryland border in 1763-1767).

When we conducted this inventory, my wife Sally and I were expecting our first child. At this writing our son Craig is now nearly 6 months old and I am moved in a way I could never have imagined by the inscriptions on the stones of parents who lost their children when they were only days or months old. Some parents like Willam and Elizabeth Huggans (# 29) lost several children that never reached the age of one.

Some of the inscriptions were truly moving. The marker for Jonnah Clennen, who died September 7, 1887, at the age of 9 years reads "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven". This is one of my personal favorites since it shows that despite her parents pain and anguish, they were confident that she had gone to a better place.

Many of the stones were a means of telling a part of the persons life i.e. "John Kitchen.. Was killed in the mines" or like many it told of their homeland "Miles McNally... Westport Co. Mayo Ireland".

It is hard to imagine as you stand in the middle of this desolate cemetery that at one time not so long ago, it was surrounded by a bustling town of 2,000 - 3,000 hardworking miners, mothers, storekeepers, teachers and children all trying to build a better life for themselves, many in a new land. In November of this year, my brother Scott and I searched on the east side of the road across from the cemetery for some old foundations which I had found some years ago and found many old foundations, barrel rings, bottles, and even a broken crock that was made in Binghampton, NY. I had to wonder how many hunters walk these grounds each November and December and never realize that there was ever a town here with a population nearly the same size as my hometown Athens is in the present day.
I have come to find through this project that there is a persistent interest in "Old Barclay" and it continues to hold magic for those of us whose Grandfathers tell us of their Grandfathers taking them hunting on the mountain or of the trips to the old "Picnic Grounds". I came across a letter from the 1930's that spoke of the recent Barclay reunion and of how the cemetery had fallen into disrepair and that there was currently a move under way to fix it up.

I have no way of knowing how many others out there hold an interest in Barclay as it existed in the late 1800's but I am sure that I will cross paths with some of them in the future. It is possible that this will be the last inventory that will ever be conducted of this cemetery. I can not know for sure. But one thing is certain, with the compilation of our inventory and the 1978/79 inventories, it will be the most complete. In the future the only thing that will be needed to relocate the position of the stones will be a Professional Land Surveyor, a copy of the inventory, and a list of the coordinate values included with this inventory. A copy of this inventory will be presented to the Bradford County Historical Society for the use of the general public.

I hope that the reader takes an interest in this important part of Bradford County's history and will pass down their knowledge to their children and grandchildren as my grandfather has taught me and as I will teach Craig.

Todd M. Babcock
Professional Land Surveyor November 24, 1993

The following is a comparison list of the 1978, 1979 and 1993 inventories. The 1978 inventory was prepared by a Mr. And Mrs. Radwanshi. The 1979 inventory was prepared by Edna Foster Watson and Ellen R. Glueck. The 1993 inventory was prepared by Todd, Scott, Gary and Joann Babcock. This listing will show the stones that are not common to the three inventories. Since the 1979 inventory was prepared in the order in which they were observed in the Cemetery, a cross reference to the 1993 inventory should give a good indication as to the original location.

Stones shown in the 1978 inventory but not in the 1993 inventory:

1 Mary Ann Burns (Oldman) 92 & 107
1 Esther Didle 52 & 86
1 Elizabeth Dunkin 3 & 33
3 Maggie Munro 1 & 76
3 James Revine 31 & 63
4 Mary Harding Rodgan 19
4 Daisy Thurston 23 & 17
4 John N. ______
4 Joseph William s/o
4 Mary Ellen ______
4 William ________
4 Willaim P. ______ety s/o Philip & Catherine

Shown in the 1979 inventory but not in the 1993 inventory:

5 Childs stone 11 & 24
5 Pox(on) Thomas 21 & 23
5 SAH (footstone) 19 & 29
6 Childs stone 45 & 47
6 JMS (footstone) 48 & 34
6 TH (footstone) after 13
6 Daisy Thurston 23 & 17
7 MC (footstone) 6 & 32
7 Caroline Richie d/o 6 & 32
John & Catherine
7 MJ, GJ, GJJ, (footstones) 32 & 38
7 Infant stone 1 yr. 32 & 38
8 Willaim Bougherty 128 & 114
8 Ellen ___ 4 mos 115 & 111
8 _____ goshem? 104 & 120
9 JB (footstone) 54 & 55
9 Ann McGeehan (McFadden?) 65/67 & 71
9 Mary Ellen Hayburn
10 William  82 & 83
10 Stone base 89/90 & 86
10 Elizabeth Duncan 87 & 92
10 2 child stones 92 & 92
10 Stone base 95 & 96
11 Stone base 95 & 99
11 PG (footstone) 99 & 117
11 Esther Didle 117 & 130
11 Elizabeth Duggan 117 & 130
11 John Petchie  after 130
11 James Revine  after 130
11 John N. ______ after 130
11 Willaim __ety " "

The following are the numbers of the stones found in the 1993 inventory but are not described in the 1978 or 1979 inventories:


4 8 9 10 14 20 36 39 42 49
40 52 56 57 62 66 68 74 75 81
84 88 91 94 101 105 109 110 112 113
119 121 122 123 124 132 133 136 142 144


Henry E. Morgan
Son of Jo___ and Elizabeth Morgan
Died June 3, 1874
Aged 1yr __mo (27)days

Condition of stone:
- Apparently the stone of an infant
- Appears to be an engraving of a lamb at the top of the stone
- Chip and crack on the right side of the stone
- Stone is erect but out of plumb (leaning back)
- 3/5


Martha Irene
Daughter of John and Margaret A. Mathews
Born May 12, 1880
Died Aug. 3, 1880

Condition of stone:

- Excellent condition, erect and firmly in base
- Engraving of a dove at the top of stone
- 2/6

Stone # 3

John George
Son of Henry and Ann Duggan
Died April 30, 1872
Aged 1yr. 7 mo's. & 13 days

Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven

Condition of stone:

- Excellent condition, erect and firmly in a large base
- Engraving of a sleeping lamb at the top
- There is also a small stone adjacent with "M.C" engraved
- 1/6


Small stone engraved "J R D"

- Next to stone # 5


Family stone
Inscription on the Southwest side as follows:

Eleanor (Elizabeth)
Daughter of Jas and Betsy Duggan
Died Sept. 7, 1871
Aged 18 years (13 years)

Then let our sorrows (course) to flow
God has recalled his own
But let our hearts and every (wo)
Shall say thy will be done

Southeast side inscription reads as follows:

Wife of Jas. Duggan
Died July 7, 1872
Aged 42 years

Her toils are spent
Her work is done
and she is fully bl____
she fought the in her (possible missing word)
She (_ietary) ________
Entered into rest

Condition of stone:

- The top 1/3 of the stone has broken off but is adjacent to the base
- The stone is weathering and it is difficult to read the inscription.
- The base is settling leaving the upper portion in danger of falling.
- 1/6


Daughter of Robert & Margaret Drysdale
Died July 12, 1872
Aged 7 yrs (2yrs) & 4 Mo

______ __ Jesus

Small broken stone adjacent engraved "M.C."

Condition of stone:

- The bottom portion of the stone is broken off and the stone is not in a base.
- The headstone and adjacent footstone are leaning against a small 6" tree.
- /7


Jessie Finlayson
Daughter of Robert and Margaret
Died April 19, 1871
Aged 11 yrs. & 19 Days
A native of Scotland

Condition of stone:

- A weathered engraving of a lamb appears at the top
- The stone is broken in two slightly above the middle and is lying flat on the ground.
- 1/5


Small native stone that may mark a gravesite. There are no apparent markings.


John Kitchi___
Was killed in the mines
Oct 11, 1871
Aged 31 years

___ not dear wife but be content
_____ only to thee lent
____________ I died

Condition of stone:

- The top right corner and the lower left corner are broken off and could not be found.
- The stone faces the rear of the cemetery and is leaning against a 15' - 18" pine.
- Not shown in the 1978 or 1979 inventories.

STONE # 10

There appears to be a dove engraved at the top.
The stone is broken and can't be read.

STONE # 11

Joseph William _________
Son of ______ _______
Died May 2, 1876
Aged 5 mos & 19 days

___ ___ ___ come with me and forbid
_____ for of su___s __e Kingdom of Heaven.

Condition of the stone:

- There appears to be a lamb engraved at the top and the stone is broken in half.
- 5/

STONES # 12 & 13

12 - Footstone engraved "J.J."
13 - Footstone engraved "T.H."

Main stone engraved as follows:
____________ Mary Ellen
Sept. 13, 1877  June 12, 1881
Aged  Aged 
1 mo & 13 d's (3 d's)  1 mo & 8 d's
Children of
Robert & Margaret Smith

Condition of the stone:

- The top 1/3 of the stone is missing however the bottom 2/3 rests firmly on the base.
- the footstone # 13 does not appear to go with this headstone.
- /6

Stone # 14

- White marble stone - unreadable
- Top broken off, cracked in middle of stone
- Stone is out of ground and leaning against an 18" pine

STONE # 15

- Top portion of a stone that is in 2 pieces
- inscription reads "Mary Ellen".
- it does not appear from the photo that this the top 1/3 of stone # 12/13. This could be verified by trying to fit it in the field.

STONE # 16

Joseph Peterson
____ ____ ____
____ ____<

Condition of the stone:

- The top portion of the stone is broken.
- The stone has no base and is leaning against a fallen log.

STONE # 17

In the beloved memory of
Moses Walker
Died Nov. 18, 1882
Aged 67 years

No pain ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___
(fore) but not forgotten

Condition of the stone:

- The base has settled and the upper portion is propped up by what appears to be another marker.
- There is a small rod in the top of the monument which held another section which is now missing.
- The base is engraved "WALKER"
- 4/7

STONE # 18

Asleep in Jesus
David Reid
Born May 5, 1842
Died Ap'r 21, 1881
A native of Scotland

Dearest husband
thou hast left us
Here thy loss
we feel
But to God who
hath (_______) us
He can all our sorrows heal

Yet agin we hope
to meet thee
When our day of
life is (fled)
Then in heaven will
joy to greet thee
Where no farewell
tears are shed.

Condition of the stone:

- The stone is in excellent condition and sits firmly on the base.
- A poem is engraved on another side, however, it has not as yet been transcribed.
- 3/7

STONE # 19

Side # 1  Side # 2
William Hannah
son of ______  Dau of Geo. And
Jane Jane 
Schriner  Schriner 
Died  Died 
March 27, 1872  May 17, 1868 (March)
Aged 1 Mo 25 Days (5 d's)  Aged 3 Yr 1 Mo 15 Days

Condition of the stone:

- The stone is in good condition and firmly set upon its base.
- 4/5

STONE # 20

Small footstone engraves "H.S."

- The stone is out of the ground and leaning against a log.
- Could be for Hannah Schriner, Stone # 19.

STONE # 21

Side # 1  Side # 2 Side # 3
Children of  Margarete E. James
James & Janet  Died Died
Steele  March 12, 1882  March 14, 1873
1 Year (4yrs 6d's) Aged
4 Days 8 Months
& 4 Days

Condition of the stone:

- The stone is in good condition and firmly upon its base.
- There is an engraving of a lamb on the side # 2
- 4/5

STONE # 22

Footstone engraved "M.E.S."

It is likely that this stone goes with stone # 21.
(Margaret E. Steele)

- The stone is out of the ground and leaning against a 6" pine tree.
- 4/5

STONE # 23

Family plot with main stone engraved on two sides.

Side # 1  Side # 2
Sarah George Burton
Wife of  son of
Maurice Strange  Maurice and Sarah
Died Strange
July 14, 1880  died
Aged  July 26, 1880
23 Years  Aged
9 Mos & 9 D's  21 days
Her toils on her work  His Dad ____ _____
is done  _____ _______
And she is fully blest  _____ _______ by death
She fought the fight the  Moon in heaven.
victory won
And entered into rest

3 small footstones
"G B S"
"J S"
"S S"

Small footstone off to the side "T P"

Condition of the stone:

- This is a fenced plot. The fence and the stones are in excellent condition. The gate on the fence still works if you remove the leaves and needles at the bottom.


Hunter family plot

Main stone
North and East sides are blank
West side engraved as follows:

In Memory of
Son of
John and Elizabeth
Died Sept. 3, 1881
Aged 35 years & 5 Mos.

Dearest son and Brother
we are sorrow since you left us
Mother has a painful heart
But we hope the Lord will guide her
in this world until we part
Only for a season
my dear Mother do not weep
For we all shall meet again
Then we'll clasp each others
hands with gladness
For we shall never part again

South side engraved as follows:

In memory of
John Hunter
A native of Scotland
Died Nov. 16, 1880
Aged 58 years

Dearest Husband and Father
The Lord hath called thee
Deeply do we feel thy loss
But we know and trust in Jesus
We shall meet beyond the tomb
The pains of death are past
Labors and sorrows cease and lifes long _______ are
closed at last
His soul is found ______ ______
best in thy sav____ joy.

Died Dec. 25, 1872
Aged 1 year (9) mos.

Died Dec. ___ 1872
Aged 6 mos.

Children of John & Elizabeth Hunter

Footstones: "J.H.", "J.W.W.", "J.H.", "B.H.", "J.H."

Condition of the stone:

- The stones and surrounding fence are in excellent condition.
The gate to the fence is in fine working order after removing the leaf litter at the bottom.

STONE # 24

Son of John
Frederick and Mary
Born Sept. 12, 1880
Died Feb. 8, 1881 (Feb. 2, 1881)

- 2/5

STONE # 25

Elizabeth John Robert
Daughter of  Son of
John and Sarah John and Sarah
Hyndman  Hyndman
Died  Died
March 14, 1872  Feb 28, 1872
Aged  Aged
6 yrs 4 mos  8 yrs 6 mos
5 days  3 days

- 2/7

STONE # 26

daughter of
Thomas and Jane
Died Sept. 4, 1871 (or Sept 27, 1871)
Aged 6 mos. 19 d's

Dau. of
George and Jane Munro
Died Aug 1, 1870" Aged 1 mo 1 day

(The info was checked during the 1979 inventory with the census. Jane was married first to George Munro and then to Thomas Wolley, losing one child with each.)

STONE # 27

2 foot markers
"E W" (probably for Emma Woolley described above)
"M M"

STONE # 28

Two bases, one marker and one footstone
Only "W H" can be read on the footstone. (William Huggan?)

STONE # 29

Huggan family plot

1 large marker inscribed on three sides with 6 additional small markers.

Side # 1  Side # 2  Side # 3
James  George Oldin Huggan William Huggan
Born  Born Born
October 30, 1870  at Albion Mines N.S.  Nov. 7, 1841
Died Jan. 4, 1871  Jan. 24, 1856
George Henry  Died
Born October 6, 1874  Dec. 20, 1880
Died June 13, 1875  Gone but not forgotten
Born June 23, 1876
Died Mar. 14, 1877
Born March 14, 1880
Died April 4, 1881
Children of
William & Elizabeth

- The main stone is in excellent condition, however it is disassembled and should be put back together.
- The engravings on the footstones should be recorded
- 2/5

Stone # 29B

- This plot consists of a deteriorated fence with no visible stones within.
- /5

STONE # 30

wife of
John D. Kirkwood
Died Mar' 2 1886 (1880)
Aged 44 years

Blessed are the dead which
______ in the Lord

- Footstone engraved "A K"
- The marker is broken in four pieces with a portion still in the base.
- 2/5

STONE # 31

Thomas Reid
Sept. 27, 1886
32 yrs 7 mon

Yes he is gone but not forgotten
_____ _____ _____ him in vain
_____ _____ _____

- There is also a footstone near the headstone (6'-8')
- 3/7

STONE # 32

Johnstone Plot

- 3 bases with markers, 1 marker, and 4 footstones.

Center stone in base is broken and reads:

son of
Thomas & Caroline
Native of Fifeshire
Feb 15,185_ (probably the birth date)


"M D", "J R", "G J J", "M J", "G J"

son of Thomas and Helen Johnstone
Died Nov 11, 1871
aged 1 mo. 2 days

(The stone for charles was not found in the 1993 inventory.
This was shown as "Johnson" in the 1978 inventory.)

- 2/7

STONE # 33

son of
M E & J. Fassett
Dec 17, 1883
May 25, 1884

- 1/7

STONE # 34

Northwest side  Southwest side Southeast side
Laura Myrtle Clara
Born Apr. 26, 1873  Born June 25 (23),1875 Born Feb 22,1866
Died Apr. 27, 1873  Died Feb 2, 1876  Died Feb 26,1876
Budded on Earth  Suffer little children Safe in the
to bloom in Heaven  to come unto me arms of Jesus.

Children of Thomas and Mary E.

- Lambs are engraved above the childrens inscription.
- 1/6


Southwest side  Southeast side
son of  Mary J. Davis
J.H. and Mary J. Cronk wife of
June 13, 1884  J.H. Cronk
Aged 1 year & 7 mos Died July 3, 1883
The Angels called him Aged 33 years, 6 mos 3 d's

North side


- Broken stone adjacent with "C C" engraved
- This stone is off the base. The base must be reset and the top replaced.
- 1/6

STONE # 35

David Robert
Born July 17, 1871 Born Feb 12, 1873
Died June 14, 1884 Died July 29, 1883

          Children of
Archbald & Charlotte


STONE # 36

John M.
Son of
D.W. & Eliza J. (?) Schrader
Dec. 14, 1875
4 mos & 28 D's

- Footstone adjacent inscribed "J.M.S"

STONE # 37

- Small stone on the west with a lamb engraved at the top.
- Marker at the center engraved "W.H.E" (William Henry E..?)
- Marker on the East engraved:

Mary Louise Willaim Henry
Died Died
Sept. 9, 1876 Aug 18, 1876
Aged Aged
1yr 9mo 6d's 28 days

Dau. of Gotlieb and Christine
(dates illeg.)
Children of Gotlieb and Christine

- Footstones engraved "G.E.", and "M.L.E" (Mary Louise E..?)
- /6

STONE # 38

Son of
Robert and Ann
Kellock (Kelkock)
Aug. 5, 1876
14 years 11 Mos (4y 11m 5d)
& 5 Days

Our son ______
him home _______

- This stone has a hand engraved pointing skyward
- There is an unmarked stone broken and lying on the ground adjacent to this stone.
- 2/7

SITE # 39

- There are no stones but there are three and possibly 4 mounds at this site. The mound to the east has what may be a fieldstone or a broken headstone.

STONE # 40

A stone leaning against an 18" tree engraved "E.D."
- /7

Stones 1 - 40
Stones 41 - 80
Stones 81 - 120
Stones 121 - 144
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