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This is from Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 1, reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and retyped by Esther Harer of PA January 1998. 

Last Name First Name Birth Death age description
Kulp Sarah E ,42/04/1875 ,8d d/o D.L. & Mary L. Kulp
McCracken Emma ,06/24/1874 ,17y3m2d w/o G.H. McCracken
McCracken Sarah E ,06/16/1874 ,07/16/1874 dau/of G.H. & Emma 
Reed Susannah  ,03/12/1878 ,86y11m
Roupp Charles B. Roupp ,1882 ,1961
Roupp Ida A. Roupp ,1888 ,1955
Roupp Dollene Roupp ,5/12/1933
Roupp Donald I. Roupp ,1908 ,1960
Roupp Beulah F. Roupp ,1912
Blair Harold L. ,1901 ,1948
Blair Alice M. Blair ,1908
Blair James ,5/20/1897 ,70y2m16d
Blair Sarah Jane ,8/21/1891 ,66y9d wife of John
Blair Edward  ,1860 ,1939
Blair Minnie May ,2/15/1889 ,8m15d dau/of James T. & Katie
Halderman Lewis ,1855 ,1924
Halderman Emma A. ,1919 wife of Lewis
Blair William A. ,2/1/1875 ,21y3m3d
Wood Mary A ,09/17/1839 ,09/20/1872 wife of William Wood
Hayes Sarah ,08/23/1872 ,65y6m5d w/of Yhompson Hayes
Maxwell Alexander 08/03/1824 01/21/1905
Maxwell Rachel R. ,09/17/1836 ,10/06/1881 wife of A. Maxwell
Kenley Samuel ,10/21/1909 ,84y Co. B 7th B.P.Y. Cav.
Livermore Stanley ,1881 ,1964
Livermore Mary A. ,1885
O'Hart Mary E. 11/26/1880 18y3m1d, w/o Moses O'Hart
Quigel June F. ,1922
Quigel J. Sinten ,1898 ,1968
Quigel Amanda E. 1898 ,1968
Reeder Oscar L. ,187< ,1956
Reeder Bertha M. ,1884 ,1957
Reeder Hazel ,1916 ,1924
Reeder Hilary ,1915
Reeder Leroy ,1906 ,1908
Reeder Joseph  ,1849 ,1946
Reeder Jane ,1857 ,1899 his wife
Quigal W. Otto ,07/05/1878 ,03/61/1910
Quigal Ambrose ,06/19/1843 ,03/20/1910
Quigal Emma J. ,07/02/1852 ,10/01/1906
Quigal Footstones:Edna: I.M.Q.; John; Ira M ,1869
Wagner Albert G. ,1862 ,1910
Wagner Hattie E. ,1878 ,1919
Wagner Ambrose C. ,1906 ,1959
Wagner Dora M. ,1921
Kent Catherine ,08/02/1857 ,40y29d w/o John G. Kent
Rader Clara J. ,1873 ,1881
Lusk Louise B. ,05/29/1853 ,11/25/1889 w/o Samuel L.
Rader George M. ,1847 ,1881
Harbot George F. ,03/05/1858 ,5y4m s/o Joseph & Helene E.
Binder David C. ,11/17/1861 ,2y3m13d s/o J. & M. Binder
Binder Sarah A. ,09/06/1862 ,04/29/1866 d/o Joseph & Helene E.
Binder Footstones: S.H. & J.H.
Binder Joseph Harbot ,1825 ,1889
Binder Helena ,1834 ,1896 w/o Joseph
Smith Betsey ,04/24/1884 ,67y w/o Enos
Deighton John ,1839 ,1881
Milheim Donald L. ,1902 ,1955
Milheim Eleanor R. ,1902
Parker Stewart D. ,10/25/1943 Marine Corps WWII, NY PVT 1 Cl
Beck Gideon A. ,1882 ,1954
Beck Emma J. ,1892 ,1937
Beck Ida May  ,1929
Conn David ,1828 ,1905 GAR
Conn Lucinda ,02/15/1895 ,70y5m19d w/o David
Danley George W. ,1875 ,1955
Danley Carrie A. ,1879 ,1958
Brewer Chester
Brewer Gertrude
Meyer Russell A. ,1864 ,1949
Meyer Cora May ,1866 ,1902
Meyer C. Morris ,1898
Meyer Louise K. ,1909
Meyer Olive E. ,1897 ,1927 w/o M. Meyer
Ringler Ernest R. ,1891
Ringler Ruth M. ,1894 ,1925 his wife
Ringler ,1891 ,1958
Ringler Ernest R. Gov. marker WWI Sadler M>G, Co 47th Seg Corps
Fetzer Philip ,1949 ,1956 son
Ringler Karen L. ,1954 ,1955 dau
Nienhueser Fred W. ,1868 ,1948
Nienhueser Lurena ,1873 ,1937
Meyer William F. ,1867 ,1965
Meyer Jennie A. ,1870 ,1941 his wife
Meyer Infant son ,11/1/1895 of W.F. & J.A. Meyer
Maxwell Clara J. ,03/15/1862 ,10/22/1886 wife of A. Maxwell
Maxwell Infant dau ,07/24/1883 of C.A. & C.J. Maxwell
Brewer Oliver ,1875 ,1961 father
Brewer Mary R. ,1874 ,1946 mother
Brewer Foster O. Brewer ,1900 father
Brewer Mary L. ,1901 mother Note: Mary L. Baumgartner
O'Hart Charles S. ,12/19/1869 ,2y1m9d s/o Solomon & Mary O'Hart
O'Hart Seth ,07/15/1839 last name illegible
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