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Leetonia Cemetery, Elk Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1969 and 2012
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Cemetery Inscriptions
Leetonia Deaths
Name of Cemetery: Leetonia Cemetery
Deeded As
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: April. 2012.
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2012
Location: Elk Twp.  Tioga County, PA
GPS Coordinates  41.59718-77.49579]
Other Comments: Located at Lower end of Leetonia, on a steep side hill
Number of Burials this Cemetery Approximately 30-40
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Row 1          
Kliengarder William A. 4/22/1892 3/11/1893   s/o Wm. & M.
Unmarked grave          
Unmarked grave          
Baker Freddie 9/28/1892 2/3/1893   s/o Susie & Louis
Dolway Daniel 2/27/1886 8/1/1886   s/o Daniel & Allie
Fieldstone marker          
Fieldstone marker          
Becker Jacob N.   1/26/1895 23y5m13d s/o L.W. & W.R.
Becker Leroy 6/6/1886 1/29/1887   s/o L. W. & Wilhemina
Ogden Alesa E. 6/21/1895 9/26/1895   d/o M.S. & H.M.
Ogden Minnie A. 3/4/1886 8/16/1886   d/o M.S. & H.M.
Unmarked grave          
Hare Granville 7/24/1895 9/2/1895   s/o D. & Elva
Unmarked grave          
Turner Michiel T.   8/11/1894 2y3m8d s/o C.W. & C.
Turner Vincent 2/3/1896 2/3/1896   s/o C.W. & C.
Fieldstone marker          
Fieldstone marker          
Hartman Daniel   10/27/1899 6 mo s/o J.D. & I.M.
Mann Clifford   10/28/1899 10 mo s/o Herbert A. & Lulu
Fieldstone marker          
Haeselbarth William  8/22/1888 10/4/1888   c/o F. E. & T. - On same marker
Haeselbarth Frank 9/2/1889 10/18/1889   c/o F. E. & T. - On same marker
Berlin Elden 12/23/1898 1/7/1899   s/o August & Emma
Baumann Freddie   9/24/1899 10m14d s/o John & Louisa
Row 2          
Fieldstone marker          
Fieldstone marker          
Fritchel Viola 1902 1914   d/o Mattie & G.R.
Campbell Joel     73 yr No dates
Campbell Margaret     84 yr w/o Joel - On same marker
Campbell Alice 6/2/1878 9/25/1909   d/o A. & Mary
Fahreny Stella   11/1/1899 8m21d d/o Peter & Charlotte
Other graves ??          
Row 3          
Campbell Leon L. 1891 1918   Co E 5th Inf. -s/o W.H. & Julia A.
Campbell Julia A. 11/24/1860 8/3/1911   w/o W. Henry -On marker w/Leon
Campbell Harold 2/19/1907 3/6/1907   s/o W.H. & Ceola
Other graves ??          
Row 4          
Edmund Robert 1864 1918    
Edmund Robert, Jr. 1896 1918   On marker w/Robert

Last Updated on 10/20/2012
By Joyce M. Tice

Name of Cemetery:    Leetonia Cemetery, Elk Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Read By: Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Wellsboro, PA
Date Read:   Oct. 6, 1969
Typed By:   Linda ZAPF Cracraft
Location:  Located lower end of Leetonia, on School House Hill, (the school is no longer there).
Comments:  Cemetery is cared for by members of road crew and members of Forest and Waters. Comments are by Playmus Loucks who lived in Leetonia at one time.

Originally published in the Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions - Volume Four

Surname First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Campbell Leon L. 1891 1918 s/o Henry W. & Julia A. Campbell, Co. E. 5th Inf.
Campbell Julia A. 24 Nov 1860 Aug. 3, 1911 w/o W. Henry
Campbell Harold Feb. 19, 1907 Mar. 6, 1907 s/o W. H. & Geola Campbell
Campbell Hank (Hank Campbell, buried here too.)
Campbell Joel aged 73 years
Campbell Margaret aged 84 years his wife
Campbell Alice June 2, 1878 Sept. 25, 1909 d/o A. and Mary Campbell
Fritchel Viola 1902 1914 dau of Mattie and G. R. Fritchel
Dolway 1886 1886 son of Daniel & Lydia Dolway
Edmund Robert 1864 1918
Edmund Robert Jr. 1896 1918 d. of pneumonia
Fahreny Stella Nov. 1, 1899 aged 8 mo. 21 da. d/o Peter & Charlotte Fahreny
Loucks Lot.The following are buried here with no stones
Loucks Charlotte Hamilton no stone
Loucks Dennis no stone
Loucks Georgia 2 years old no stone
Loucks Raymond 3 years old no stone; died of pneumonia
Loucks Bertha no stone; baby
Becker a small stone; no information
Hare Granville July 21, 1895 Sept. 2, 1895 s/o D. and Elva Hare
Turner Michiel Aug. 11, 1894 aged 2 yr. 2 mo. s/o C.W. and G. Turner
Turner ---- Feb. 3, 1896 Feb. 3, 1896 son of C.W. & G.
Hartman Oct. 27, 1899 ae 6 mo. son of J.D. and M. Hartman
Haeselbarth William Aug. 22, 1888 Oct. 4, 1888 Children of F. E. and T. Haeselbarth;He was a shoemaker, couldn't see or hear.
Haeselbarth Frank Sept. 6, 1889 Oct. 18, 1889 Children of F. E. and T. Haeselbarth
Mann Clifford Oct. 28 1899 aged 10 mo. s/o Herbert A. and Lula Mann
Many field stones with no inscriptions
Baumann Freddie Sept. 24, 1899 aged 10 mo. 14 da. s/o John and Louisa Baumann
Bausmann John John Bausmann here, no stone
Berlin Elden Dec. 23, 1898 Jan. 7, 1899 s/o August and Erma
Loucks Two babies buried here
Low These families had twins, Jason and Jennie.One of each set of twins died, a boy and a girl.
Beeker Ogden 1887 age 1 yr. s/o L.W. and W.R. Beeker
Ogden Alsema Becker June 21, 1895 Sept. 23, 1895 looks like Alsema Becker, dau of Marshall and L.M. Ogden
Becker ---- 1895 aged 23 yr. 5mo. 13 da. son of L.W. and Wilhemina Becker
Dolway Daniel Feb. 27, 1886 Aug. 1, 1886 son of Daniel & Lida Dolway
Baker Freddie Sept. 2, 1882 Feb. 1892 s/o -----and----Baker
Kliengardner William 1892 1893 s/o Wm. and Mary

Leetonia Deaths

Published on Tri-Counties  02 FEB 2001
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