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by Joyce M. Tice
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Dailey or Adams or Niles or Guernsey or Mill Creek Cemetery

Tioga Township, Tioga Co., PA
Near Mill Creek Inn on route 15 North of Mansfield, Pa. Inscriptions copied by Engineers of Tioga Hammond Dam site Project 1968

Relocated to Oakwood Cemetery in Mansfield (Richmond Township)

In Volume 4 of Tioga County Cemeteries, all of the material on this page appears together. I am assuming that it all describes the same cemetery as some names are repeated, but others are not. Apparently each reading revealed stones or information that the others did not. This is one of several cemeteries destroyed by the Tioga Hammond Dam Project. Tombstones relocated to Oakwood Cemetery in Mansfield

Niles Cemetery - Adams Cemetery - Dailey Cemetery - Guernsey Cemetery - are alternate names for the same burials - Now relocated in Oakwood. Referred to in 1883 history as Mill Creek Cemetery.

Note from Joyce M. Tice - I have scanned images of about FIFTY Niles - Dailey - Mudge family photos all unidentified. They are roughly Civil War era photos. If you have photos from this family perhaps you could help me identify these.

ADAMS Ruth A. 21 Jul 1868 46yr 6mo 12da w/o William
ADAMS William 21 Mar 1860 11 Aug 1895
ADAMS W.E. 30 Mar 1873 27yr 3mo 6da
ADAMS Sophia 9 May 1852 49yr 2mo 21da d/o Lyman & Sophia Adams
ADAMS Lyman 27 Jun 1847 72yr 2mo 15da Capt.
ADAMS Sophia 1 Jul 1868 86yr 2mo 10da w/o Capt Lyman Adams
ADRIANCE Joseph  9 Oct 1833 23 Jan 1913
ADRIANCE Cordelia 7 Jun 1843 14 Feb 1912
BENNETT Hannah 1813 1901
BRADY Clinton 6 Apr 1850 39yr 6mo 8da
MANN Margy BRADY 11 Mar 1891 24yr
BRADY J.J. 18 Jun 1840 7 Oct 1899
BRACE Frank K. 1862 1915 five names on one stone
BRACE Clara B. 1861 1924
BRACE Leon 1885 1885
BRACE Glenn 1891 1891
BRACE Lewis M. 1893 189 -
BRIGGS Alfred 1819 1900
BRIGGS Lucinda 1819 1903 w/o Alfred
BRIGGS James ferris 1855 death date could be 1885
BRYANT James 1799 1857
BRYANT Mary 1806 1889
DAILEY Martin V. 12 Nov 1831 22 Jun 1920
DAILEY Mary S. 10 Jun 1911 69yr
DAILEY John 28 Nov 1882 91yr 1mo 11da
DAILEY Violetta - - Sep 1895 w/o John
DAILEY Nathan 28 Jun 1850 35yr 
DAILEY Daniel 1 Jul 1860 18yr
DUTCHER John 1860 1956
DUTCHER Mary K. 1861 1929
GUERNSEY Peter B. 20 Aug 1812 22 Nov 1852
GUERNSEY Joseph W. 5 Oct 1799 18 Jul 1849
GUERNSEY Sarah G. 6 Sep 1841 23 Feb 1878
GUERNSEY B.I. and M.D. 11 Sep 1881
GUERNSEY Delia & Emma  2 Sep 1875 ch of B.J. & M.D.
KEENEY Jesse M. 24 Oct 1813 6 Jan 1882
KEENEY Jesse 18 Jun 1834 35yr 8mo 20da
KEENEY Catherine 13 Aug 1848 67yr 11mo w/o Jesse
KEENEY Abram S. 15 Aug 1889 78yr
KEENEY Anna L. 18 Apr 1856 42yr 3mo w/o A.S.
KEENEY Sarah M. 4 Jul 1823 6 Jun 1897
KELLY Levi 1827 1911
KELLY Amy 1821 1910 w/o Levi
KING Henry E. 17 Apr 1852 7yr 1mo s/o - - -
KELLY Rachel 25 Nov 1851 35yr w/o Samuel B. (Name could be Koloy)
NILES Wellie M. 1870 1935
NILES Henry C. 1859 1913
NILES Augustus 1811 19 Or could be 1841 age 49
NILES Nathan 1755 1831
NILES Irene 1755 1818 w/o Nathan
The last three names are not in Engineers records but were dug up by Mrs. Hilda Chance, Liberty, Pa.
REYNOLDS Large monument with Reynolds. No other inscript.
STEPHENS Cortland 1828 1903
STEPHENS Emily J. 1835 1906
VELONGE Malissa 15 Jun 1896 53yr w/o Henry Velonge
WOODWARD Thomas B. 1832 1907
WOODWARD Mary S. 1828 1880 w/o Thomas B.
This cemetery was uncared for, overgrown with weeds and briers. Some graves unmarked,
some with plain field stones, with no identification.
The following from the History of Tioga County, Pa.
Prepared by Miss Bessie Spencer, Millerton, Pa. 16936
IVES Barnbas page 251. s/o Benajah Ives 1861
ADAMS Lyman 12 Apr 1775 27 Jun 1847 Capt.
ADAMS Sophia MANTOR 21 Apr 1782 1 Jul 1868 w/o Capt. Lyman Adams. page 264
ADAMS Sophia 18 Feb 1803 9 May 1852 d/o Capt. Lyman & Sophia
ADAMS Lyman N. 13 Nov 1880 65th yr s/o Capt. Lyman & Sophia
UTLEY Phebe 16 Dec 1874 68yr w/o Amos
UTLEY Amos 13 Oct 1844 42yr
UTLEY Wells 6 Feb 1864 38 s.o Amos & Phebe
WHITE Mr. White buried here. no dates
LAWRENCE Mr. Lawrence buried here, no dates
DAILY John 14 Oct 1791 born Washington County, NY
DAILY Violetta NILES 9 Mar 1794 6 Sep 1878 w/o John Daily. page 266
DAILY Nathan 19 Mar 1815 28 Jun 1850 s/o John & Violetta
ADAMS Ruth A. 19 Jan 1822 21 Jul 1868 w/o William Adams
ADAMS Daniel Daily 4 Jul 1860 18yr page 266
KEENEY Jesse 28 Sep 1778 18 Jun 1834 b.Litchfield, Conn., d.Tioga County, Pa.
KEENEY Caroline MIDDAUGH 13 Sep 1781 13 Aug 1848 w/o Jesse
Tioga Township and Borough, by Henry H. Goodrich
On page 279, the following-Forty Tombstones with inscriptions were noted by the writer and
seventeen graves without monuments were plainly visible.
Here, Grandfather and Grandmother Niles lie,in unmarked graves. Standing there that bright,
sunny cheerful day - snowless, though the winter's month it was - the writer could not help but
feel that kind nature looked lovingly down on the sod where these two venerable early settlers
lay in peace and hallowed it with more than the usual grace and sacredness.
See page 242 Tioga County History 1804-1883
The following is from Family records furnished by Edith FRENCH Waterman,
11800 Old Gunpowder Road, Beltsville, Maryland 20705
NILES CEMETERY , at the foot of Mill Creek,Tioga County, Pa. also known as DAILEY CEMETERY
A list of information on tombstones in Niles Cemetery, also known as Dailey Cemetery
NILES Nathan 1755 1839 84yr
NILES Irena 1755 1848 93yr
NILES Augustus 27 Oct 1841 49yr 9mo 21da note by writer, born 6 Jan 1792
MANTOR Samuel 1885 75yr
MANTOR Olive 6 Jul 1901 80yr
MANTOR Mehitabell 27 Feb 1849 54yr
DAILEY John 28 Nov 1882 91yr 1mo 14da writer's note born 14 Oct 1791
DAILEY Violetta 6 Sep 1878 84yr 5mo 27da writer's note born 14 Apr 1794 was d/o Nathan Niles
DAILEY Mary 10 Jun 1911 69yr
Children of Nathan Niles - 
Irena Niles Rathbon
Nathan Niles, Jr
Aaron Niles
Erastus Niles (ancestor of Edith French Waterman) see above
Violetta Niles Dailey
Rodney Niles
Clarinda Niles Beacher
Temperance Niles Brace
Augustus Niles
The following from Vol.10.No.40, June 1967,Page 202, Rathbuns in Cayuga County, NY
RATHBUN William 7 Mar 1776 10 Jul 1873 died in or near Norwich, Ontario, Canada
married Irene Niles, daughter of Judge Niles of Tioga County, Pa.

October 2008
Yesterday when I was looking at your Cemetery page for the Niles, Adams, Dailey, Guernsey, I had a flash back to 1973 (maybe 74).
I grew up next door to the Evergreen Cemetery in Tioga. One day a crew of construction workers buried old caskets and placed stones in a corner of the cemetery.
I can remember going to see the old stones and seeing several metal markers that said unknown.
I  also remembered being told that the graves came from Mill Creek. I thought the name on the stones was Guernsey.

Today when I was preparing my parents' graves for winter, I went to the section that held the old stones.
I was excited that I actually remembered correctly, the name on some of the stones was Guernsey the other names were Niles and Entz.
I had my camera and took photos. I also wrote down the names- as most of the stones were worn - some did not photo well.

Long story made short when I came home I checked the Niles, Adams, Dailey, Guernsey cemetery page and found that several of these graves and stones had come from there. Here are the stones I found:

Joseph W. Guernsey born Oct. 5, 1799 died July 18, 1819

Sarah A. Guernsey born Sept 6, 1841- on the same stone - Charles B. Guernsey Born Aprile 3, 1839 died Oct 18,1877

Ella daughter of B.J. and M.D. Guernsey died Sept 11,1881- aged 27 years there was also some writing that could not be read

Delia and Emma ch of B.J. and M.D. Guernsey died September 2, 1875

Only one unknown metal marker- they must have been lost or taken over the years because I remember there were 3 or 4

Newtie E. son of Joseph W.and Julia Guernsey

Peter B. Guernsey Born August 20, 1812 died Nov. 22, 1852

NILES - Nellie M. 1870 - 1935 Henry C. 1859 - 1913

Helen Niles (no date)

ENTZ Mame Niles 1902- 1935

Earl W. Entz  Tec 5 US Army 2-11-1911 1-15-1973

Names and dates that match to the Niles, Adams, Dailey, Guernsey Cemetery page are : Joseph W, Sarah A, Delia&Emma, Peter Guernsey, Nellie, Henry C.Niles

I wonder why these graves were moved to Evergreen in Tioga and others to Oakwood in Mansfield?

Another question  for you, a while ago you said that you had a photo of Nelson Brace, I did not find it on your wonderful site.
I sent you a photo a few weeks ago of Clara, Frank Dailey with Ira and Clara Giles - there was another couple in the photo I believe to be Nelson and his Elza Jane Tanner. Could you look at the photo and the one you have to see if they are a match?

I still have some copied newspaper photos to send you of the people that were mentioned in the newspapers articles I sent last week. There just never seems to be enough time....I really do not know how you do it.
Debora Clark
Note: Debora also sent the following photos filed in the Tioga - Evergreen directory:

Hi Joyce sending the photos to go with my previous email. Hope they all come through. Debora Clark

Evergreen Cemetery 001- Joseph W. Guernsey born Oct 5, 1799 - died July 18,1819
Evergreen Cemetery 002 to 007 are photos of Sarah A. Guernsey born 9-6-1814died 2-23-1879 and Charles B. Guernsey born 4-3-1839 died 10-18-1877
Evergreen Cemetery 003
Evergreen Cemetery 004
Evergreen Cemetery 005
Evergreen Cemetery 006
Evergreen Cemetery 007
Evergreen Cemetery 008- Ella daughter of B.J. and M.D. Guernsey died September 17,1881 aged 27 years
Evergreen Cemetery 009 - "                                                                                                "
Evergreen Cemetery 010 -Delia and Emma ch of B.J. and M.D. Guernsey died September 2, 1875 Next to the stone you can see the Unknown
Evergreen Cemetery 011 - "                                                                                                 "
Evergreen Cemetery 012 - Newtie E. son of Joseph W. and Julia Guernsey
Evergreen Cemetery 013 - "                                                                                                  "
Evergreen Cemetery 014 - Peter B. Guernsey born 8-20-1812 died 11-22- 1852
Evergreen Cemetery 015 - Niles  Nellie M. 1870-1935 Henry C. 1859 - 1913
Evergreen Cemetery 016 - Helen Niles (no dates)
Evergreen Cemetery 017 - Entz Mame Niles
Evergreen Cemetery 018 - Earl W. Entz - Tec 5 US ARMY 2-11-1911 1-15-1973

Obituaries -

Mrs. Clara D. Brace died at her home in Rutland, Wednesday Evening, November 10, at 9:45. It came as a great shock to her family and friends as she was always helping others in sickness, and those who were not sick. She had been in poor health for several years, but was able to be around most of the time. Death was due to pneumonia. Mrs. Clara D. Brace was born in Tioga, September 16, 1861, a daughter of Martin Van Buren and Mary Dailey.She was united in marriage to Frank K. Brace March 11, 1885, he being dead nine years last July. She had made her home last winter in Tioga at her sister’s Mrs. Letta D. McKinney, and most of the summer at Mansfield caring for Mrs. Dailey until her death; also stayed a while until she went to Elmira for two weeks, caring for Mrs. Albert Armstrong. She will be greatly missed in her community and home. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ira Giles, of Rutland and Mrs. Robert Giles of Sullivan; also two sisters, Mrs. Leta D. McKinney of Tioga, and Mrs. D. C. McAllister, of Olean, N.Y.; and one brother, M. E. Dailey, of Corning. The funeral was largely attended at Lawrence Corners M. E. Church. Rev. Seymour Barrett, of Tioga, officiated. The pall bearers were Liston Stickler, Nelson Stickler, Fred Stickler, Ross Watkins, Glenn Brace, John Grimm. Burial in Dailey Cemetery beside her husband. [Relocated to Oakwood]

Published on Tri-Counties 01 NOV 1997
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