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Photo by Dick McCracken

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The Cemetery was read by Dick McCracken and submitted to Tri-Counties by him

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Name of Cemetery:    Durell Cemetery
Read By:  Dick McCracken
Date Read:   30-May-2000
Typed By:   Dick McCracken
Location:  On SR 2024, 0.5 Mi SW of junction of Route PA 187, Durell, Asylum Twp, Bradford Co, PA
Other comments: See Also Durrell Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Vanderpool Julia A.   9 Dec 1890 42y,3m,28dw/o Renslear Vanderpool. H/s J.A.V.  
Vanderpool Renslear       Co M, 16 NY Hvy Arty. Govt upright headstone. GAR f/h
Wood Robert 22 Dec 1813 17 Apr 1884   h/s Father. Note: Robwood Mtn was named after him.
Wood Almina 19 Sep 1816 26 Dec 1890   his wife. h/s Mother. On same stone as Robert above.
Wood Robert   26-Mar-1927   dressed and deeply handcarved fieldstone. Note: s/o Robert Wood above.
  Fanny       Small, deeply handcarved upright marble stone. Note: w/o Robert immed above.
Benjamin Geo. A. 1844 1924   Co C, 12th Regt NY Cav. GAR f/h
Chilson Angeline M. 1848 1926   his wife. Same stone as Geo A. Benjamin above
Fuls James 11 May 1835 26-Jul-1912   GAR f/h
Fuls Julia Ann 25 Mar 1838 1-May-1905   his wife. Same stone, same side as James above
Fuls, Samuel H. 15 Jan 1871 31 Jul 1889   same stone as James above. h/s S.H.F.
Benjamin Evaline   8 Oct 1878 22d d/o S.S. & Margaret A. Benjamin
Benjamin Rosella   14 Aug 1878 1d d/o S.S. & Margaret A. Benjamin
Benjamin Leonard 27 Mar 1877 1 Apr 1877   s/o Solon & Margaret A. Benjamin. f/s L.B.
Benjamin Macie   11 Mar 1895 1y,5m,20d d/o Solon & Margaret A. Benjamin. f/s M.B.
Grippin John S. 12 Sep 1833 10-Jan-1902    
Grippin Grace B. 14 Sep 1840 25 Aug 1893   w/o John s. Grippin. Same stone a John above.
          3 upright, dressed fieldstones, no inscription
Benjamin John L.   4 Aug 1891    
Benjamin Mary 2 May 1822 4 Apr 1893   his wife. Same stone as John L. above.
          dressed stone
          stone with Mother
Chilson Louie 1877 1963   Note: Spelling "Louie" as on stone
Chilson Ervin 1871 1932   Same stone as Louie above.
Vanderpool Jesse 1877 1904    
Vanderpool Melvin 1904 1904   same stone as Jesse above
Vanderpool Beatrice 1899 1907   same stone as Jesse above
Vanderpool Stephen 1871 1960   same stone as Jesse above
Benjamin Solon   11-Jan-1902 85y h/s Father.
Wood Margaret A. 1851 1935   w/o Solon Benjamin. h/s Mother
Z.B.E.         Note: based on location, this may be an Elliott
  Edna       Note: possibly a Benjamin
Grippin James H. 1 Apr 1850 12-May-1916    
Grippin Louise A.   11 Dec 1887 36y w/o J. H. Grippin. h/s Mother. Same stone as James H. Grippin
Grippin Daisy L. 14 Aug 1887 12 Mar 1888   d/o J.H. & L.A. Grippin. Same stone, same side as Louise A. above.
          Very small h/s D.L.G. Left of "Mother" h/s
          Large, dressed slate slab. Not engraved
Benjamin Zelma A. 11 Nov 1868 22 Mar 1889    
Elliott Gertrude 1901 1902    
  Mother 1864 1919    
Elliott James 12 Jul 1838 17-Nov-1915   Co D, 171 Regt P.M. Inf. County headstone. GAR f/h
Elliott Lydia J. FRISBIE 28 Feb 1818 15 Sep 1886   w/o James Elliott
Weaver Manford E. 1885 1960    
Weaver Lottie G. 1895 1925    
Frisbie Myron 6 Aug 1841 11-Mar-1922    
Frisbie Susan A. GRIPPIN 15 Nov 1845 21-Apr-1902   his wife. h/s Mother
Frisbie     13 Oct 1874   Infant d/o Myron & Susan A. Frisby
Frisbie B. Frank 1862 1922    
Frisbie Georgia R. 1860 1948   Same stone as B. Frank above.
Frisbie Myron K. 1892 1956    
Frisbie Bessie A. 1891 1979   Same stone as Myron K. above.
Frisbie Adaline F.   20 Apr 1884 25y,7m,10d d/o W. & C. Frisby
Frisbie John J. 1851 1930    
Frisbie Annie E. 1852 1906   w/o J. J. Frisbie. Same stone as John J. above.
Frisbie William 31 Jan 1815 11 Jan 1892   f/s W. F.
Frisbie Charlotte 8 Apr 1824 18-Apr-1903   w/o Wm Frisbie. f/s S. F. Same stone as William above
Decker Wilson M. 18 Jul 1819 12 Feb 1898   h/s Father
Decker Sarah 22 Apr 1824 15-Feb-1912   his wife. h/s Mother. Same stone, same side as Wilson M. above
Decker Hattie Gilbert 13 Feb 1889 22 Jul 1889   h/s Hattie. Same stone as Wilson M. above
Benjamin Julia A.   8-Sep-1908 28y w/o Clark E. Benjamin
Clark George 17 Mar 1855 30-Dec-1923   h/s Father.
Clark Mary CHILSON 29 Jun 1855 7-May-1912 57y his wife. H/s Mother. Same stone as George above.
Chilson Geo. W.   2 Apr 1879 58y,7m,9d  
Benjamin Elias 1841 1916    
Benjamin Hannah 1840 1916   Same stone as Elias above.
Springer Jeanette 1879 1907    
Mann William 10 Jan 1865 17 May 1896 31y s/o Jonas & Rebecca Mann (this Mann has "n"s carved backward)
Acla Stephen 1871 1916    
Acla Nora 1877 1943   Same stone as Stephen above
Acla Ethel 1900 1918   Same stone as Stephen above
Acla May 1909 1911   Same stone as Stephen above
Ellis Harry C. 1885 1959    
Ellis Lena K. 1892 1945   On same stone as Harry C. Ellis
Ward     1922   Baby Boy Ward 1922. On same stone as Harry C. Ellis
Kilmer George B. 1868 1957    
Kilmer Cora A. 1872 1939   On same stone as George B. Kilmer. Stone identical to Harry Ellis above
Acla Uriah 1861 1940    
Acla Mary 1864 1914   On same stone as Uriah Acla
Acla William 1901 1921   On same stone as Uriah Acla
  Lula       Poss a Benjamin
Benjamin Lloyd S. 1870 1918    
Benjamin Cha's. 8 Jan 1834 29 Jun 1898    
Grippin Charles 1854 1930    
Grippin Eliza E. 1860 1918   Same stone as Charles Grippin
Grippin Nellie A. 1880 1880   Same stone as Charles Grippin
Benjamin Cora E. 26 Jul 1875 26 May 1894   d/o Harry & Harriet Benjamin. f/s C.E.B.
Benjamin Ella 29 Jun 1889 30 Jun 1889   d/o Orrin & Nancy Benjamin
Benjamin Johnnie 1 Oct 1891 16 Dec 1891   s/o Orrin & Nancy Benjamin
Benjamin Leroy Tell 3 Jul 1866 9-Jul-1959    
Benjamin Mary E. 4 Feb 1876 9-Aug-1928   Same stone as Leroy Tell Benjamin
Benjamin Daniel J. 25 Feb 1896 20-Nov-1984   Son. Same stone as Leroy Tell Benjamin
Grippin Benjamin 12 Apr 1840 29 Dec 1898   GAR f/h
Benjamin George W. 21 Nov 1835 26-Mar-1901   f/s Father. GAR f/h
Benjamin Ariena 26 Sep 1838 7-Aug-1905   f/s Mother. Same stone as George W. Benjamin
Benjamin Hannah   4 Oct 1886 74y f/s H.B.
Sm….. Bets…   6 Sep 1875 42y8m,8d w/o William Sm…. f/s B.S. Contained within a samll iron fence enclosure.
Grippin Jabez B. 9 Mar 1818 1900   f/s J.B.G.
Grippin Margaret A. 12 May 1822     w/o Jabez B. Grippin. Same stone Jabez.
Grippin Ella A.   20 Feb 1862 4y,11m,17d f/s E.A.G.
Grippin William H.   7 Sep 1876 11m,22d s/o Jabish & Margaret Grippin. f/s W.H.G.
Chilson Jacob 1868 19..    
Chilson Mary 1876 1937   his wife. Same stone as Jacob Chilson
Grippin Elizabeth   Feb …   w/o Henry Grippin. Part of stone missing.
Frisbie William   18 Nov 1896 36y,3m,10d  
Frisbie Addie   6 Aug 1890 4m,3d d/o William & Emma Frisbie
  Jerry O.       s/o Fran….
Grippin Jaby or Joby 1870 1948    
Russell Gordon Leroy   15 Sep 1894 3m,23d s/o John & Lucy Russell
Covey Florence 29 Aug 1894 4 Oct 1895   d/o Henry and Nora Covey
Covey Henry F. 1863 1931    
Covey Nora E. 1867 1943   Same stone as Henry F. Covey
Benjamin Cleveland 1892 1970    
Benjamin Emma 1907 1964   Same stone as Cleveland Benjamin
Hickey Alma B. 1931 1955    
Grippin Henry F. 2 May 1825 30 Mar 1899   h/s Father
Grippin Ellen N. 24 Dec 1841 26-Sep-1925    
Grippin Isabella   21 Jul 1892 29y,10m18d w/o Thomas Westbrook
Chilson Louie 1877 1963    
Chilson Ervin 1871 1932   Same stone as Louie Chilson
          f/s Mother, then a blank f/s
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/17/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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