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Checkerville Cemetery

South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos by Joyce M. Tice 13 May 2000
Ken, Lynn, Kelsey decipher an inscription

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Name of Cemetery:    Checkerville Cemetery
Read By:  Lynn Tinsley, Dick McCracken, Kelsey Jones, Ken Chapman, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 13. 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  South Creek Township, Bradford County, PA
Other comments: Nice cemetery, well kept, several Fieldstone Markers
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Adams Ellen S. Clark 1886 1990    
Adams Baby Boy   1948   Double stone says: Angel infants of Albert & Beverly Adams
Adams Baby Girl   1956   Double stone says: Angel infants of Albert & Beverly Adams
Allen Evaline 1856 1943   d/o Harriett & Lorenzo Allen
Allen Harriett Elliott 1830 1919   w/o Lorenzo Allen
Allen Lorenzo 1825 1908    
Ameigh Leslie D. 1905 1961    
Ameigh Anna M. 1904 1982   Same stone as Leslie D.
Ameigh Dianne   1942   Prob. Child-Small marble marker next to Leslie & Anna
Barrett Hiram Jul.21.1880 Aug.10.1899   "FATHER"
Barrett Catherine E. Jul.7.1844 Jul.6.1920    
Barrett James H. 1840 1895  
Barrett Ellen P. 1844 1909   Same stone as James H.
Barrett Ada A.   Jan.25.1875 14y 25d d/o Charles H. & Minerva Barrett
Barrett Charles H. 1826 1905    
Barrett Elisha H. May 14.1834 Jun.11.1877    
Barrett Eliza M. Jan.3.1839 Sep.26.1909   w/o C.S. Grace
Barrett James  Nov.11.1822 Sep.13.1923   A most interesting occasion was the celebration at the home of his grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welch in Ridgebury township, recently of the 101st birthday of James Barrett, who not only extended a hearty greeting to his kindred as they arrived one after another but recalled vividly and pleasantly incidents of his last visit to their homes. [TGR Nov 1922]
Barrett Minerva Berry 1828 1903   w/o Charles H. Barrett
Barrett Oren 1857 1862   c/o Elisha & Eliza Barrett
Barrett Perry 1861 1862   c/o Elisha & Eliza Barrett
Barrett Sarah Ann Bell Jan.16.1833 Aug.30.1892   w/o James Barrett
Barrett (?) Amelia       Probably child of James & Sarah Barrett
Beechey William H. 1899 1972    
Beechey Ada K. 1899 1981    
Berry Marvin Hollis Aug.27.1927      
Berry Esther Ameigh May 9.1927 Oct.31.1982    
Berry Earle M. 1884 1970    
Berry Jennie M. 1886 1958    
Berry Jay W. 1859 1915    
Berry Laura J. Cornell 1861 1938   w/o Jay W. Berry
Berry Lena M. 1880 1943    
Berry Pleatus 1862 1943   "FATHER"
Berry Martha  1864 1931   "MOTHER" Same stone as Pleatus
Berry John P.   Jan.12.1890 6mo20da s/o Pleatus & Marthia Berry (NOTE:sp.different on this stone)
Berry George A. Apr.27.1887 Jan.3.1920   WW I Flag
Berry Merle M. 1885 1930    
Berry Mary J. Miller 1888 1919   w/o Merle M. Berry
Berry Dorson P. 1911 1921   s/o Merle M. & Mary J. Berry
Berry Paul J. Oct.19.1896 May 1.1989    
Berry Mildred W. Aug.26.1900 Jan.18.1985    
Berry Ada L.   Jul.16.1877? 2y2m3d d/o M.C. & Emily Berry (year questionable)
Berry Almon   Jun.23.1869 67-1-19  
Berry Alvin L. Jan.16.1836 Feb.27.1905    
Berry Ann Cass   Jan.14.1884 80-8-22 w/o Woodard Berry
Berry Clarrissa   Sep.28.1860 67-4-8 w/o Almon Berry
Berry Della Jan.16.1830 Nov.8.1907   on obelisk of Alvin & Eunice Berry
Berry Emily Aug.9.1835 Aug.28.1905   w/o Martin Berry
Berry Ernest   May 14.1885 18y1m  
Berry Eunice C. Feb.12.1840 Jan.11.1896   w/o A. L. Berry
Berry Freemont   Jun.18.1865 ######## s/o Woodard & Mary Ann Berry
Berry Hugh W. 1894 1971    
Berry Louise 1836 1930   w/o Willshire Berry
Berry Martin Aug.14.1834 May 27.1895   GAR Marker
Berry Mary A. Apr.20.1836 Jan.20.1925   w/o Woodard Berry
Berry Mattie   Sep.15.1873 9-3-27 d/o Willshire & Louise Berry
Berry Rena B. 1896 1990   w/o Hugh W. Berry
Berry Rhoda Cass   Sep.16.1851 59yr w/o Woodard Berry
Berry Willshire 1832 1908    
Berry Woodard Mar.29.1830 Mar.29.1908    
Berry Woodard       Broken stone
Boughten Jos.       Co. D 132 PA Inf. GAR Marker
Boughten Nath'l       Co. E 179 NY Inf. GAR Marker
Boughten Frank P. 1884 1965    
Boughten Louise 1923 1999   Buried next to William Boughton (1919-1971)
Boughten Mabel 1891 1963   w/o Frank P. Boughton
Boughten Mary J.  1841 1920    
Boughten Matilda 1836 1912    
Boughten William  1919 1971    
Boughten William       Co. F 6th PA Res. Corp. GAR Marker
Boughton Martha M. 1869 1934   "MOTHER" w/o S.E. Sherman
Bowker James    Oct.26.1861 25-9-10 Adj't 179 Regt NYV, died in army regt (?) hospital Washington GAR Marker/Masonic emblem
Braund Mildred Roblyer 1899 1981    
Brown Jim 1857 1904    
Brown Violet 1868 1959   w/o Jim Brown
Bryan Pearl L. 1892 1913    
Burnham Belinda Barden   Feb.9.1883 74y 2m On James Burnham obelisk
Burnham Clara L. 1894 1993   w/o Leo J. Burnham
Burnham Eva S. May 7.1870 Oct.2.1900   Buried next to James B. Burnham
Burnham Harold W. 1920 1922    
Burnham James    Feb.22.1881 60-3-14 Obelisk
Burnham James B. Jan.5.1861 Jul.18.1930    
Burnham Leo J. 1896 1955   Buried next to Harold W. Burnham
Burnham Mary Jane   Sep.22.1871 13-3-25 d/o James & Laura Ann Burnham-James Burnham obelisk
Burnham Rosamond E. 1916 1917   Buried next to Harold W. Burnham
Carmon Eva H. 1864 1933   w/o John W. Clarke
Carmon Inez S. 1878 1942   w/o Jesse A. Carmon
Carmon Jesse A. 1873 1937  
Cary William   Mar 6?.18?? 65-9-17  
Clark Robert Aug.27.1826 Sep.4.1902    
Clark Julia M. 1831 1919   w/o Robert Clark "MOTHER"
Clark Walter 1865 1926    
Clark Stanley 1907 1930   28 Inf. S.A. WW I Marker
Clark Robert B. 1912 1958    
Clark Henry Jacob 1905 1977    
Clark Marie Ward 1910 1984   Same stone as Henry Jacob
Clark Alexander Dec.12.1835 Dec.25.1870    
Clark Ellen D. Nov.19.1842 Apr.5.1911   w/o Alexander Clark
Clark Infants   Dec.5.1859   son & daughter of Alexander & Ellen Clark
Clarke Florence M. 1892 1917   w/o Harold G. Furman
Clarke Fred A. 1886 1904    
Clarke John W. 1863 1920    
Clearwater Lovina Boughton 1895 1927    
Coe Armada   Jun.10.1848 50-1-17  
Conklin Lenore 1907 1970    
Cornell Amelia S. 1857 1938   w/o Howard W. Cornell
Cornell Emily Dec.15.1832 Mar.14.1893   w/o William C. Cornell
Cornell Howard W. 1859 1937    
Cornell Mason L. Jan.23.1854 Mar.2.1860   s/o William C. & Emily Cornell
Cornell William C. Jul.3.1827 Dec.13.1892   GAR Marker
Cowan Lizzie Phillips 1866 1953    
Craig Anna M. Sep.8.1864 Nov.5.1903   d/o Thos. & Isabell Craig
Craig Isabella   May 14.1884 54-3-24 w/o Thomas Craig
Craig Maria   Sep.26.1863 1-7-2 d/o Thomas & Isabell Craig
Craig Thomas   Feb.2.1868 40-1-14  
Creighton Agnes 1836 Blank   w/o Alexander Creighton
Creighton Alexander 1839 Blank    
Creighton Anna M. 1875 1895   child of Alexander & Agnes Creighton
Creighton Belle M. 1877 1897   child of Alexander & Agnes Creighton
Creighton John A. 1866 Blank    
Creighton Ruth E. 1870 1945   w/o John A. Creighton
Creighton Ruth L. 1894 1902   d/o John A. & Ruth E. Creighton
Deans Uriah 1856 1916    
Denmark Randall   Sep.22.1894 1m12d s/o L.M. & J.V. Denmark
DeVed Allen 1857 1927    
DeVed Bessie 1857 1935   buried next to Allen DeVed
DeVed Burr 1887 1910    
DeVed Henry 1896 1918   American Legion Marker
Devoe Blanche E.   Jun.28.1893 3y 24d d/o J.B. & E. A. Devoe
DeVoe Emmor A. 1857 1954   w/o James B. DeVoe
Devoe James B. 1861 1929    
Dickerson Delbert   Jun.13.1879 26-2-2  
Elliott C.O.   Aug.24.1871 45 yr  
Elliott Elvira Jan.24.1828 May 2.1879   w/o G.W. Elliott
Elliott Frank  Jan.29.1855 Dec.25.1883    
Elliott James A. 1851 1913   Masonic emblem
Elliott Martha A.   Jun.23.1894 62-4-24 w/o C.O. Elliott
Elliott Urana May 19.1852 Aug.23.1890   w/o J.A. Elliott
Everts Byron Mar.29.1843 Dec.16.1910   Gov.Marker/Corpl. Co. G 2nd NY Prov. Cav. (GAR Marker)
Everts Mary Oct.29.1850 Dec.5.1924    
Everts Mildred R. 1899 1977    
Everts Lawson F. 1874 1925    
Everts Amy M. 1876 1936   Same stone as Lawson F.
Everts Walter B. 1897 1941    
Everts Agnes L. 1895 1992    
Everts Bernard L. 1916 1971    
Fanning Mary C.       w/o Elisha Fanning (Stone broken in many pieces-This was all we could read)
Fanning Elisha Oct.24.1820 Feb.23.1899   "FATHER"
Fanning Lydia E. Jul.22.1825 May 23.1901   "MOTHER"
Fanning Emory E.   May 25.1877 7-6-26 s/o Elisha & Lydia E. Fanning
Fanning Eva M.   Jun.24.1877 11-11-1 d/o Elisha & Mary C. Fanning
Fanning Athol V.   1890 9 mo. s/o George & Ida Fanning
Fanning John R. 1864 1924    
Fanning Ida L. Alloway 1861 1941   w/o John R. Fanning
Fanning Geraldine A. 1910 1924    
Fanning Mary J. 1846 1913    
Fanning Elisha P.       Gov.Marker/Co. E 52nd PA Inf. (GAR Marker)
Fanning Charles E. 1879 1967    
Fanning Nellie B. 1881 1964    
Faulkner William E. 1872 1948    
Faulkner Lena A. 1878 1961    
Fieldstone between Clark's          
Fieldstone between Clark's and Adams          
Fieldstone between Hakes and Adams          
Fleming Cora M. 1886 1975    
Fleming Earl E. 1893 1960    
Fletcher William M. Aug.20.1815 Feb.1.1893    
Fletcher Jane Jan.14.1828 Mar.27.1892   w/o William M.
Fletcher George 1853 1924    
Fletcher Ida J. 1865 1942    
Fletcher Lee C. 1891 1918   Lt. Killed in France WW I Flag & Marker
Fuller Glenn A. Sep.1.1911 Apr.24.1988   US Gov. Plaque-on back Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW2 Marker
Fuller Floyd L.R. 1899 1926    
Fuller Earnest A. 1900 1901    
Fuller Amanda 1878      
Fuller Jair A. 1872 1941    
Fuller Minnie B. 1870 1967    
Fuller Bernice 1910 1917   d/o Claud & Maud Fuller
Fuller Claud A. 1886 1964    
Fuller Maude L. 1894 1935   *Note different spelling
Fuller Able A. 1837 1907    
Fuller Alanson   Dec.3.1869 64-10-2  
Fuller Alida W. 1872 1950   w/o Cornelius Fuller
Fuller Cornelius H. 1864 1928    
Fuller Curance B. 1888 1944   w/o John R. Fuller
Fuller Elvira 1881 1882    
Fuller Guy   1909   Baby
Fuller Jane   Aug.8.1889 73-2-4 w/o Alanson Fuller
Fuller John R. 1874 1955    
Fuller Letitcia C. 1846 1883    
Fuller Linda W.   Jul.30.1885 30-6-24 w/o Oley L. Kinney
Fuller Martha J. 1849 1926   w/o J.H. Colestock
Fuller Mattie   Nov.17.1885 21-5-21  
Fuller Rhoda A. 1844 1908   w/o Able A. Fuller
Furman Edith Elizabeth Aug.28.1936 Jan.1.1938   d/o Elmo & Carrie Hardy Furman
Furman Walter P. 1854 1932    
Furman Carrie M. 1871 1946    
Furman Albina 1844 1897    
Furman Jennie V. 1872 1930   w/o Scott B. Furman
Furman Linus 1804 1871   buried with Albina Furman
Furman Orlando 1834 1875   buried with Albina Furman
Furman Philander 1832 Blank   buried with Albina Furman
Furman Samira 1806 1900   buried with Albina Furman
Furman Scott B. 1875 1947    
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