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Read by Joseph Boyd in 1979

Typed by Ruth BRYAN

Photo by Joyce M. Tice October 1999

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Ennis Cemetery
Located in the Town of Van Etten (partly in the Town of Cayuta, Schuyler County), south of State Route 224.  Brackets enclose data not found on the markers, but added for interest or clarification.
Read by Joseph C. Boyd
Read on September 23, 1979. 
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Relationship/Inscription/Comments
ALLINGTON ELIZABETH   05/12/1799   Wife of JOHN ALLINGTON. (Age unknown, but supposed to be in her 20th year.)
          (The above epitaph was copied from a fine shale tombstone exactly as it appears. She was the daughter of Peter Swartwood and reported as the first death in what is now the Town of Van Etten.)
ANNIS SARAH 03/30/1809 11/17/1885   Wife of CORNELIUS ANNIS. (Surname is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.)
ARKILLS JOHN P.   03/16/1857 26y 5m 10d Son of NATHANIEL S. & JANE A. ARKILLS
BARNES BENJAMIN   3/2/00 71y (In 1891 he was managing the Barnes Hotel at Swartwood.)
BARNES HANNAH A.   2/23/15 85y His Wife. (She was the daughter of BENONIA & JERUSHA CLARK BARNES of Newfield, NY.)
BARNES WALTER E.   06/20/1888 26y  Son of BENJAMIN & HANNAH BARNES (Three on a shaft type monument.)
BARNES IRA B. 10/16/1814 10/31/1885    
BARNES URSALA 12/06/1815 11/21/1864 (or 1884)   His Wife. 
BARNES BENONI M. 12/27/1852 8/13/02   (or BENJAMIN)
BARNES SARAH C. 03/27/1848 9/3/16    
          (Four above on one tombstone.)
BARNES JOHN   09/17/1866 64y (He was the son of ABRAM & RUTH BARNES, born in Van Etten, and killed by a runaway team.)
BARNES MERRITT H. 1840 1921    
BARNES CAROLINE J. 1843 1868    
BARNES E. JAY 1868 1908    
BARNS BURR   08/26/1841 7m 3d Son of JOHN & PHEBE BARNS. (Stone face-up, on the ground.)
BARNS CAROLINE    08/27/1841 3y 5m 18d Daughter of JOHN & PHEBE BARNS. 
BEACH DAVID B. 1833 1904 (or 1905)   Co. H., 15th Regt., NY Engineers
BEACH LYDIA  1841     His Wife. (No death date.) 
          (The following four children are on one stone with the parents.)
BEACH ROSE 1870 1879    
BEACH BELLE 1873 1907    
BEACH RETTA 1879 1900    
BEACH MINNIE 1875 1880   (She also has a separate tombstone.)
BEACH EDITH MAE 1926 1979   (No marker. Data from a funeral director's plaque.)
BEACH GEORGE   4/27/00 60y  
BEACH WILSON W.   12/6/1879 8y  
BEACH UNA E.   01/20/1881 4y  
BEACH JAMES   01/10/1881 2y  
          (Four above on a shaft-type monument.)
          (Next is a headstone with only the initials "M.E.B.")
BEACH HEMAN 1877 1944    
BEACH HERBERT 1913 1954    
BEACH JEREMIAH   07/07/1894 66y 9m 25d Co. H., 53rd Regt., Ind. Inf. Vols.
BEACH JOHN 1835 1908   Co. A, 109th N.Y. Vol.
BEACH FANNIE E. 1835 1917   His Wife
BEACH NELLIE W. 1869 1896   Their daughter
BEACH IDA A. 1880 1881   Their daughter
          (Four above on one tombstone.)
BEACH MELISSA 1921 (?) 1968   (A homemade concrete tombstone. The birth year is not clear and may be in error.)
BEACH MINNIE   12/14/1880 5y 1m 8d (This epitaph also appears on the family marker.)
BEACH STANLEY 11/28/20 8/31/64   N.Y., Pvt., HQ Det. 4, Service Comd. Word War II
BEATY JAMES B. 1796 1880    
BEATY MARIA M. 1807 1882   His Wife (A shaft type marker, on the ground.)
BURGAN JANE 1842 1910    
CATCHIM SIMEON   12/29/1883 68y 10m 26d (Stone is face up, on the ground.)
CATCHIM PERMELIA A.   02/15/1861 43y 11m 13d Wife of SIMEON CATCHIM (Second name - ANNABELL) (Stone is face up, on the ground.)
CHAFFEE AMADELL   05/29/1881 31y 9m 24d Wife of ALBERT CHAFFEE. (Stone on the ground, face up.)
CHAFFEE RUFUS   12/16/1893 67y 4m 2d (A shaft monument.)
*CLARK DAVID C.  02/29/1829 07/20/1895  
COOPER KATHERINE L. 12/25/1895 3/21/06    
COOPER RUBY J. 03/28/1887 09/26/1888    
COOPER WARREN H. 03/24/1888 09/21/1888  
          Children of A. & E.A. COOPER. (The two above appear side by side on a single stone.)
CORNISH ARTHUR G. 1894 1965    
CORNISH FRANCES N. 1918     (No death date.)
CORNISH JAMES   01/02/1892 69y 2m  
*CORNISH JAMES   11/23/1891 33y 2m 1d Son of JAMES & PAMELIA CORNISH. 
CORNISH PERMELIA   03/09/1871 49y 10m 11d Wife of JAMES CORNISH. (Both on a single tombstone.)
          (Next is a small headstone sunk deep into the ground and cannot be read.)
CORNISH ? CIE       Daughter of J. & C. CORNISH. (A small tombstone sunk into the ground, but dug out of the dirt. The entire first name cannot be read.)
CORNISH TRACY 06/06/1880 2y 6m 2d (A small stone.)
CORNISH WILLIAM H. 1846 1915    
CORNISH LORANA 1852 1913   (A metal plaque attached to a flat stone.)
CORTRIGHT ELBERT 05/19/1848 12/06/1893    
CORTRIGHT PHEBE E. 12/22/1848 08/16/1898   His wife. (A shaft monument.)
DARLING CHARLIE   05/27/1877 6m 13d Son of JOSEPH & SOPHRONIA DARLING. (Stone lays face up in long grass.)
*DONIHUE JERRY ENNIS   01/01/1850 1y  Adopted son of SARAH ENNIS. See entry for JERRY ENNIS. 
DRAKE ALEXANDER C. 1848 1898    
DRAKE A.J. 12/29/1849 08/21/1894   (This data appears on a large tombstone with ANN FOOT. A small adjacent headstone has the name "ABRAM" on it.)
ENNIS ALLEXANDER   02/13/1853 82y 2m 7d (First name is as it appears on the tombstone.)
ENNIS JANE 11/07/1777  06/07/1819 41y 7m Wife of ALEXANDER ENNIS. (An excellent shale stone with fine lettering.)
ENNIS AVERY 1853     (No death date.)
ENNIS DELLA 1850 1905   His Wife
ENNIS BENJAMIN   04/05/1865 84y 4m 14d (A shaft monument.)
ENNIS BENJAMIN, JR.   09/16/1886 76y (He was a farmer with 128 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
ENNIS PHEBE    02/15/1878 57y 9m 23d Wife of BENJAMIN ENNIS, JR. (Top of tombstone is broken off. Rest of marker lays face up on the ground. It is covered with moss. The stone lays inside a fenced in plot.)
ENNIS ELIZA S. 11/21/1844 29y 9m 29d Wife of BENJAMIN ENNIS, JR. (Stone, broken from its base, leans against the old iron fence which encloses the plot.)
ENNIS IRA B.   02/27/1867 22y 3m 14d Son of BENJAMIN, JR. & ELIZA S. ENNIS. (Stone inside fenced in plot.)
ENNIS EMANUEL       In memory of, who died January 26, 1828. (He was an early settler in what became the Town of Van Etten. The tombstone is an excellent shale.)
ENNIS BENJAMIN E.   03/16/1861 56y 19d (Epitaph also appears on the family shaft type marker. The single tombstone lays face up on the ground.)
ENNIS BENJAMIN E.   02/26/1805 03/16/1861 (He also has a separate tombstone.)
ENNIS DOROTHY 09/18J/1800 06/10/1888   His Wife
ENNIS KATIE J. 05/02/1828 06/14/1830   (She also has a separate marker.)
ENNIS HIRAM 03/27/1840 09/23/1841    
          (Four above on a shaft type monument.)
ENNIS CATY J. 06/06/1830 2y 1m 12d Daughter of BENJAMIN & DOROTHY ENNIS. (An excellent shale tombstone laying face up on the ground. The epitaph also appears on the family marker. Note spelling of the first name.)
ENNIS BENJAMIN F. 1859 1884    
ENNIS CHARLES 1831 1871    
ENNIS LUCY C. 1845 1933   His Wife
ENNIS CORNELIUS   02/01/1858 50y 6m 16d  (First name is as it appears on the tombstone, which is face up on the ground.)
ENNIS SARAH       See entry for SARAH ANNIS
ENNIS CYNTHIA V.   09/16/1863 11y 1m 17d Daughter of C & S. ENNIS.
ENNIS CYNTHIA C.   03/03/1837 2y 1m 16d Daughter of CORNELIUS & SARAH ENNIS. (Stone leans against a tree trunk.)
ENNIS GEORGE E.   04/07/1849 10y 4m 17d  
*ENNIS GEORGE H. 1855 1936  
*ENNIS HATTIE 1887 1922   Daughter of GEORGE & MARY A. ENNIS. 
*ENNIS MARY A. 1855 1935   Wife of GEORGE H. ENNIS. 
ENNIS MARY EMILINE   04/09/1849 4y 3m 5d  
          (Son and daughter of CORNELIUS & SARAH ENNIS.)
ENNIS DANIEL 1804 1888    
ENNIS MARYETT 1809 1890   His Wife (A separate tombstone.)
ENNIS HIRAM   03/15/1869 34y 3m Son of DANIEL & MARYETT ENNIS.
ENNIS ELIZABETH   07/06/1841 3y 9m 2d Daughter of JAMES & CATHARINE ENNIS.
ENNIS JOHN   10/19/1841 1y 11m 28d Son of JAMES & CATHARINE ENNIS.
ENNIS TYLER   11/05/1860 14y 1m 29d Son of JAMES & CATHARINE ENNIS.
ENNIS EMANUEL, JR.   12/18/1857 49y 21d (Tombstone broken into two pieces. Top portion leans against bottom section, which is still embedded in the ground. Grave is within fenced in section.)
ENNIS MARIA PARTRIDGE       (Next to above marker. It is a large stone, on the ground, covered with about 8 inches of dirt, stones and tree roots. The only data that can be read is the name.)
ENNIS JAMES W.   02/02/1864 18y 4m 13d Son of EMANUEL & MARIA ENNIS. (Stone face up, on the ground.)
ENNIS EMANUEL, JR.   9/11/1870 58y 4m (He was a farmer with 216 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
ENNIS EMELINE   10/10/1897 69y 8m Wife of EMANUEL ENNIS, JR.
ENNIS HANNAH E.    01/03/1857 3y 10m Daughter of EMANUEL, JR. & EMELINE ENNIS. (She also has a separate marker. These three are on a shaft type monument.)
ENNIS FRANCIS M. 1837 1911    
ENNIS FRANKIE   10/09/1870 13 weeks Son of FRANCIS & MARY ENNIS. (A small tombstone.)
ENNIS JANE 1832 1901   Wife of SOLOMON ENNIS.
ENNIS JERRY        See entry for JERRY DONIHUE
ENNIS JOHN S.   01/06/1893 69y 2m 6d (He was a farmer with 200 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
ENNIS CAROLINE   04/14/1890 63y 8m 19d His Wife Wife of JOHN S. ENNIS. (A shaft type monument.) 
ENNIS LOWMAN W. 1845 1911    
ENNIS MELISSA 1841 1905    
          (These epitaphs appear on the ALLEN FISH shaft marker.)
*ENNIS JERUSHA 12/01/1766 03/24/1844   Wife of A. ENNIS. 
*ENNIS JOHN S.   01/06/1893 59y 2m 6d
ENNIS LUTHER 1830 1911    
ENNIS SARAH A. 1836 1915   His Wife
*ENNIS WILLIAM E. 1889 1933   Son of GEORGE & MARY A. ENNIS. 
ENNIS WILLIE L. 1879 1912   (A shaft type monument.)
ENNIS MAY & GRACE       (A small shaft type monument with no data except names.)
ENNIS MYRON 1837 1921    
ENNIS MYRON CLARK 11/24/1854 5/17/27   "Father"
ENNIS NELLIE CLARK 07/17/1858 5/25/27   "Mother"
ENNIS SOLOMON 1822 1905   (He was a farmer with 150 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
ESSELSTINE BENJAMIN G. 02/05/1844 01/25/1886   (He had a small American flag on his grave.)
FABUN HATHAWAY 1831 1916   Co. H. 96th N.Y. Inf. Vols. (He was a farmer with 20 acres in the Town of Van Etten.)
FABUN NETTIE 1867 1873   Their daughter
FABUN JAMES B.   10/15/1878 54y (A shaft monument.)
FABUN JAMES P.   05/28/1875 10y 10m 15d Son of JAMES & PATIENCE FABUN
FABUN HENRY W.   05/24/1877 6y 4m 29d Son of JAMES B. & PATIENCE FABUN
FISH ALLEN 06/21/1818 05/18/1842    
FISH ELIZABETH 07/06/1815 08/10/1877   (She was a farmer with 60 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
          (The two above appear on the shaft type marker with LOWMAN W. ENNIS.)
FLEMING THOMAS 01/16/1826 1/1/04    
FLEMING FRANCES L. 05/29/1831     His wife (No death date.)
FOOT ANN 01/07/1813 10/12/1895   (This epitaph is on a large tombstone with A.J. DRAKE.)
HALL ELIAS   04/07/1868 82y   
HALL LYDIA A.   05/25/1877 53y 4m 8d Wife of ELIAS HALL
HALL JEROME B.   05/16/1875 10y 10m 12d Son of LYDIA & ELIAS HALL
          (Three above on a shaft monument, on the ground.)
HALL JOSEPH 03/29/1828 11/03/1892    
HASKINS FRED 1860 1946    
HASKINS MYRTLE 1876 1933    
HASKINS EDGAR 1893 1979   (A Funeral Director's plaque.)
HASKINS MARY       (A homemade concrete tombstone with no dates.)
HASKINS BABY       (No dates.)
HERRICK JOHN 11/09/1836 11/29/1897    
HERRICK LOVINA 05/17/1893 10/5/09   His Wife
        (These two names appear on a shaft monument with FANNY TREAT.)
HOUSE CHAUNCEY J. 1856 1932    
(HOUSE) CORA BEACH 1865 1932   Wife of CHAUNCEY HOUSE. (Her stone stands next to her husbands, but does not carry her married name.)
*HOWE WILLIAM B.   11/1/1884 58y 6m 20d
*HOWE MATILDA 1843 1924   Wife of WILLIAM B. HOWE. 
*HOWE CORA MAY   03/02/1881 11y 11m 2d Daughter of WILLIAM & MATILDA HOWE.
HOYT CLARENCE 1869 1894    
HOYT BERTIE 1894 1894    
HOYT HARRY 1892 1894    
          (Three above on a single stone.)
HOYT DAISY 11/23/1887 04/19/1891   Daughter of IDA & J.B. HOYT. (A shaft monument.)
HUDDLE ANDREW   4/27/50 86y 11m 10d (No tombstone, data from a Funeral Director's plaque.)
HUDDLE ARCHIE 1892 1977   Pvt., U.S. Army, World War I. (He also has a metal plaque with the above data in the ground in front of the tombstone.)
HUDDLE MYRTLE L. 1890 1959    
HUDDLE BURT B. 1866 1889   (Data from a card in the Chemung County Historical Society, no tombstone fround by Joseph Boyd on September 23, 1979.)
HUDDLE CLAUDE B. 1901 1966    
HUDDLE ROSSALEEN D. 1904     (No death date. Name as spelled on the stone.)
HUDDLE SARAH J. 1833 1896   Wife of A. HUDDLE.
JAYNES A.D. 08/03/1847 11/15/1897   "Father"
JAYNES JOSEPHINE 12/25/1851 05/21/1890   "Mother" Wife of A.D. JAYNES
JAYNES ETTA M. 04/17/1883 05/21/1897   Daughter of A.D. & JOSEPHINE JAYNES.
JAYNES HARMON 03/07/1816 10/02/1898   "Father" (He was a farmer with 130 acres in the town of Cayuta, Schuyler County, NY in 1868.)
KASKELA MATT 1862 1928   "Father" (In front of this stone are two small headstones with no surnames or dates. One shows the name "Fritti" and the other "John".)
KASKELA MIRIA K. 1870 1963    
*KETCHUM FREDDIE E.    01/04/1881 9y 2m Son of JOHN & LOUISA KETCHUM. 
*KETCHUM EARL   11/29/1870 2y 15d Son of JOHN & LOUISA KETCHUM. 
LINDERMAN JOHN S. 07/26/1871 12/8/00    
LINDERMAN FRANCES 10/12/1895 3/10/04    
LINDERMAN LOUELLA   2wk 4d Daughter of J.S. & L.E. LINDERMAN. (No death date. Three on a shaft monument.)
LINDERMAN DAVID E. 1843 1931    
MATTHEWS JIMMY J. 1966 1966   (Funeral Director's plaque.)
MATTHEWS SHERRY L. 1967 1967   (Funeral Director's plaque.)
MCDUFFEE ASA E.   07/20/1878 11y  
*MCDUFFEE CORNELIA 04/13/1865 74y 1m 6d Wife of JOHN MCDUFFEE. 
*MCDUFFEE DANIEL 1815 1899  
MCDUFFEE INFANT SON   01/01/1855   (No age.)
MCDUFFEE INFANT DAUGHTER   02/01/1856   (No age.)
MCDUFFEE INFANT SON   03/13/1857   (No age.) 
          Children of J.W. & J.C. MCDUFFIEE. (A very small shaft type monument.)
MCDUFFEE HORACE M. 1840 1924   (He was a farmer with 90 leased acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
MCDUFFEE ELSIE J. COOPER 1836 1908   His Wife
MCDUFFEE E. GRATZ 1869 1870    
          (Three above on a single tombstone.)
MCDUFFEE JOHN   07/15/1876 85y 4m 5d  
MCDUFFEE WM.   03/08/1854 27y 26d  
MILLAGE MARIA   04/02/1882 74y 6d Wife of PETER MILLAGE
NILES SAMUEL 1806 1857    
NILES OLIVE 1811 1892   His Wife
NILES JOHN 1839 1845   "Son"
NILES MADISON 1855 1865   "Son"
PARKER JOYCE M. 1945 1972    
PARKKO JOHN E. 01/26/1888 6/27/35    
PARSONS PATCHEN 04/06/1831 09/06/1887    
PARSONS ADALINE 05/03/1883 51y 4m 29d Wife of PATCHEN PARSONS
PARSONS LIBBIE   01/01/1882 24y 7m (A shaft type monument.)
PAYNE LOLA A.   4/25/00 27 10m 2d Daughter of WALTER & BELLE PAYNE.
RICHARDS KATE N.   11/19/1885 48y 1d Wife of J.S. RICHARDS. (Her husband was a blacksmith & farmer with 14 acres in the Town of Cayuta, Schuyler County, NY.)
SCHUYLER CYRUS D. 1857      
SCHUYLER INEZ M. 1872 1952    
SHOEMAKER JOHN   09/07/1841 64y 6m 25d (This stone leans against a tree.)
SHOEMAKER PHEBE    10/25/1850 70y 9m 5d Wife of JOHN SHOEMAKER. (Stone face up, on the ground.)
          (Next to the above is a shale tombstone whose face has weathered away. Nothing could be read.)
**SHOEMAKER JOHN 02/12/1777     Sussex County, NY. Son of ISAAC & ELIZABETH BRINK SHOONMAKER. 
**SHOEMAKER PHEBE  ca 1788     His Wife. M 11/15/1800 - Maiden name DECKER. 
SIMPSON CARRIE L. 1848 1901    
STARKS CHARLEY B.   03/28/1880 13y 6m  
STARKS DANIEL W.   04/01/1880 10y 4m 22d  
          Children of DANIEL & MARY F. STARKS. (A shaft type monument.)
STARKS JAMES ALFRED   03/26/1867 8y 11m 5d (A small tombstone, face up on the ground.)
TREAT FANNY 08/23/1801 01/18/1899   (This epitaph appears on the shaft type monument with JOHN & LOVINA HERRICK.)
WOOD MARTHA L.   01/26/1894 53y  Wife of AARON WOOD.
*WOOLEVER JAMES   06/17/1890 75y 11m 17d
WOOLEVER JOSEPH   06/17/1890 75y 11m 17d (He was a Justice of the Peace, a carpenter and joiner, and a farmer with 22 acres in the Town of Cayuta, Schuyler County, NY, in 1868.)
WOOLEVER ADELIA 1821 1907   (A shaft type monument, on the ground, toppled by a growing tree trunk.)
ZIMMER CHARLES   5/1/12 74y New York Heavy Art.
          *From old records. Source and accuracy not known.
          **From town histories.
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