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Hornbrook  Cemetery

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

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Photos of Horton  Cemetery by Joyce M. Tice October 3, 1999

Cemetery Read September / October 1999 by Pat Raymond and Ken and Kevin Chapman


Obituaries For Hornbrook Cemetery
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Name of Cemetery:    Hornbrook Cemetery - Sheshequin Township
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Cross bridge to Sheshequin, turn right.  The cemetery is on road #08194 south of the intersection of roads #08137 and #08138
Other comments: *Cenotaph means marker or monument to someone who is buried elsewhere
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Arnold Joel E. Jun.10.1975 Jul.16.1994   "In our Hearts Forever"
Arnold Addison       Co. B 141 Reg. GAR Marker & flag
Arnold Myrtie I. 1867 1960    
Bailey Arthur M. 1901 1958    
Bailey Anna M. 1900 1972    
Baldwin Erastus S.   Oct.21.1838 22 yr  
Barner Abel Apr.27.1829      
Barner Elizabeth J. Jan.1.1830 Sep.7.1906   w/o Abel Barner
Barner Eliza 1808 1898   w/o Abram Barner
Barner A.B.M. Oct.22.1806 Feb.27.1872   b. Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., NY/d. Sheshequin
Blackman Joseph Jun.8.1825 May 13.1908   Joseph Franklin Blackman
Blackman Lucy A. Sep.12.1830 Apr.30.1916   w/o Joseph Franklin Blackman
Blackman George W.   Jan.16.1819 4y6m s/o Franklin & Sibyl Blackman
Blackman Mr. David S.   Sep.5.1828 34 yr  
Blackman Little Florence   Jul.27.1861 2-9-10 d/o J. F. & Lucy A. Blackman (Florence Esther)
Blackman Sibyl Oct.6.1788 Dec.12.1864   w/o Col. E. Blackman
Blackman Col. F. Sep.28.1787 Aug.14.1880    
Blackman W. Wallace 1851 1935   Other side of Blackman Stone (Next 4 names)
Blackman Maria Crawford 1851 1948   w/o W. Wallace Blackman
Blackman J. Franklin 1882 1960    
Blackman Lefa Dale 1891 1914   w/o J. Franklin Blackman
Blackman Milinda  Sep.28.1810 Jun.7.1850   First wife of W. B. Horton 
Blackman Grace L. Sep.1.1870 Aug.8.1956   w/o Claude M. Finey 
Blackman George W. Feb.19.1831 Nov.9.1915    
Blackman Margaret F. Hillis Apr.14.1844 Jun.30.1919    
Blackman Ada   Feb.23.1869 34 yr w/o G.W. Blackman
Blair James Jul.25.1921     James Blair Stack
Blair Louise Eliza Dec.15.1898 Oct.17.1928   "A teacher of children"
Blair Sarah  May 6.1858 Jan.12.1933   "One child Louise" (Sarah Sherwood)
Blair Hiram G. 1836 1914   Co. E 149 Pa Vol. Member of Wyoming M. E. Cone GAR Marker & flag
Bonnell Edith Hasselgren 1921 1973   "Mother"
Breese Kenneth G. 1917 1934    
Breese Gladys I. 1914 1936    
Brennan William E. 1920 1990   WW II Marker & flag
Brennan Ruth M. 1920 1990    
Brigham B. Frank 1851 1926    
Brigham Ruth  1855 1925   w/o B. Frank Brigham
Brigham Charles E. Dec.25.1841 Dec.15.1909    
Brigham Matilda A. May 28.1855 Sep.15.1906   w/o Charles E. Brigham
Brigham Eubulus H. Jan.10.1843 Dec.31.1924    
Brigham Wealtha A. Aug.7.1847 Sep.12.1928   w/o Eubulus H. Brigham
Brigham Clarrissa   Dec.9.1882 68-10-11 w/o Edward Brigham
Brigham Infant son   Oct.15.1879   Infant s/o Frank & Ruth Brigham
Brigham GWB & MEB       No other Information
Bringham         Large Stone between Gooding & Pratt
Brink Eli   Aug.12.1848 3 da s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Brink
Brink Wells W.   Sep.29.1846 1-2-14 s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Brink
Brink Benjamin   Apr.11.1813 27-11-0  
Brown Hugh 1857 1888    
Bull Marion I.  1850 1937   w/o John H. Chaffee
Burlingame Kenneth T. Dec.3.1918 Jul.31.1980   S.Sgt. US Army WW II
Canfield Lucinda Dec.17.1842 Jan.23.1913    
Caravetta Frank W. 1925 1992    
Caravetta Charles 1888 1975    
Caravetta Melvina Davis 1896 1973   Same stone as Charles Caravetta
Chaffee John H. 1843 1930    
Chaffee Marion I. Bull 1850 1937   w/o John H. Chaffee
Chaffee Sullivan   Sep.13.1846 60-9-2  
Chaffee Catherine G.   Feb.1.1861 69-1-18 w/o Sullivan Chaffee
Chaffee William O.   Mar.7.1849 1-2-18 s/o George & Rachel Chaffee
Chaffee Sidney   Jan.20.1849 20-4-2 s/o Sullivan & Catherine Chaffee
Chaffee Juliett   Jul.12.1853 23-11-2 d/o Sullivan & Catherine Chaffee
Chaffee John    Jan.1.1844 29-4-15 s/o S. & K. Chaffee
Chaffee Rhoda R. Apr.19.1823 Apr.11.1902   w/o Daniel J. Horton 
Chaffee Adeline M. 1873 1956   w/o Clement F. Heverly 
Chaffee Lydia Vought 1880 1950   Lydia Vought Chaffee
Chaffee I. Pratt 1876 1962    
Chaffee Charles S. 1889 1961    
Chaffee Gladys T. 1891 1980    
Chaffee James F. Sep.5.1949 Nov.24.1966    
Chaffee Frank C. 1893 1962    
Chaffee Agnes I. 1897 1968    
Chaffee Dudley Sep.26.1856 May 23.1916    
Chaffee Sara J. Sep.29.1859      
Chaffee ??None Given May 17.1907 Sep.12.1912    
Chaffee George Nov.11.1818 Nov.17.1901    
Chaffee Rachel A.Horton Apr.5.1826 Aug.30.1915   w/o George Chaffee
Chaffee Lou Rogers 1873      
Chaffee Jackson S. 1862 1944    
Chaffee Dell 1854 1926    
Chaffee D. W. 1851 1925    
Chaffee Charles Nov.28.1818 Jun.12.1889    
Chaffee Adeline Horton Mar.20.1824 Mar.11.1900   w/o Charles Chaffee
Chaffee Festus P. Aug.8.1846 Aug.4.1858    
Chaffee Lodicy E. Mar.11.1850 Sep.4.1850    
Childs W. C. Nov.4.1833 Oct.2.1916    
Childs Ann Jun.11.1832 Aug.30.1917    
Childs Benjamin   Nov.24.1880 78-3-11  
Childs Christina   Feb.22.1872 68 yr w/o Benjamin Childs
Chisholm David B. Jan.16.1902 Jan.13.1983   Stone says Finney/Chisholm
Chisholm M. Louise May 29.1896 Feb.7.1984   M. Louise Finney
Cole Dr. C. D. H. Apr.4.1818 Jan.1.1894   Surgeon 142 Pa Vol. GAR Marker & flag
Cole Hannah Jan.16.1835 Sep.26.1901   w/o Dr. C. D. Cole (Hannah Horton)
Collins William L. 1881 1906    
Collins Della 1862 1936    
Collins Isaac 1855 1941    
Corl E.Josephine  1857 1920   E. Josephine Culver Corl
Craft Wilfred L. 1906 1986    
Craft Kay A. 1941      
Craft John W. 1942      
Craft Josephine T. 1908      
Crotsley Helen  Sep.28.1841 Apr.27.1917   w/o Bird L. Gillette
Crouley Catherine  1851 1920   Catherine Crouley Shores
Crowley Mary A. 1845 1871   w/o Elmer D. Horton 
Culver William L.   May 7.1830 8m 19d s/o Josephine Culver
Culver Timothy 1741 1829   Sgt. Timothy Culver, Rev. Soldier - Erected by L.J. Culver 1893
Culver Daniel   Aug.5.1856 49-3-16  
Culver Josephine   Sep.27.185? 17-3-21 w/o Daniel Culver (Stone chipped on date)
Culver Mahlon H.   May 12.1851 9y 1m s/o Daniel & Josephine Culver
Culver Caroline  1861 1941   w/o Charles Reynders 
Culver L.J. May 23.1831 Mar.6.1909    
Culver Mary Patterson Apr.24.1886 Jan.20.1912   w/o L. J. Culver
DeBell William H. 1856 1907    
DeBell Robert S. 1891 1913   Co. E 29 US Inf. Spanish War Vet - Marker & flag
DeBell Hanna 1901 1901    
DeKay Ruby Pipher Sep.4.1909 Feb.11.1985    
DeKay Robert H. Jul.19.1914 Jan.16.1987    
Delpuech Clemence       No other information (On Delpuech lot)
Delpuech Andrew G.        
Delpuech Aline M.        
Delpuegh Adelaide Oct.12.1802 Mar.18.1873   w/o Andre Delpuegh - Born Turin Italy - Died at Towanda
Delpurch Wm. J. Oct.12.1824 Sep.3.1895   Died at Sheshequin
Delpurch Catherine G. Jul.20.1822 Mar.27.1915   b. Geneva, Switzerland/d. Sheshequin (Catherine Mahler)
DeMoney James B.   Oct.15.1860 48-6-8  
DeMoney Nancy S.   Oct.22.1886 72y11d w/o James B. DeMoney
DeMoney James A.   Mar.11.1854 9-1-22 s/o Nancy & James DeMoney
DeMoney Mary A.   Jun.26.1859 4-3-13 d/o Nancy & James DeMoney
DeMoney Richard   Jun.25.1854 12-5-20 s/o Nancy & James DeMoney
Demoney Rhoda   Aug.5.1842 2-3-11 d/o J.B. & N.S. Demoney
Demoney Orilla   Mar.6.1835 2m11d d/o J.B. & N.S. Demoney
DeSmith Andrew Dec.3.1831 Mar.17.1898    
DeSmith Anna E. Dec.17.1837 Apr.2.1904   w/o Andrew DeSmith (Anna E. Shores)
Dickerson Jesse H. 1879 1961    
Dickerson Effie L. 1884 1936    
Douglas Levi H. May 23.1860 Jan.24.1900    
Douglas Mary A. Jun.30.1867 Sep.25.1930    
Douglas Catherine Feb.2.1840 Nov.3.1908    
Douglas Elias M. Jun.3.1840 Aug.30.1904    
Douglas George C. Jul.7.1865 May 17.1884    
Douglas J. Benjamin Jun.7.1874 Jan.2.1897    
Douglass George W.   Feb.22.1852 13y 10d s/o Levi & Lucinda Douglass
Dowd C. Laverna 1871 1937    
Dowd John A. 1873 1956    
Dowd Florence M. 1932 1974    
Dowd Donald W. 1939 1993    
Dunham Emma E.   Nov.16.1859 30-8-4 w/o J. N. Dunham
Dunn Lovina   Jan.31.1865 12-1-10 w/o Patrick Dunn /// d/o Alanson & Betsey Lovelage
Elliott Isaac   Sep.21.1870 50-10-0  
Elliott Orin       s/o Joseph & Jemima (Rest of stone buried)
Elliott John B.   Aug.20.1830 1y 2m s/o Joseph & Jemima Elliott
Elliott Elizabeth   Mar.10.1823 1y 7m d/o Joseph & Jemima Elliott
Elsbree Walter Shaw 1845 1932    
Elsbree Dora Towner 1855 1943    
Elsbree Benjamin C. 1822 1905    
Elsbree Mary 1825 1916   w/o Benjamin C. Elsbree
Fanning William L. 1850 1879    
Fanning Addie P.Smith 1847 1928   w/o William Fanning
Faulkner Flora  1867 1916   Flora Vansice Faulkner
Feister Jacob Apr.8.1818 Apr.16.1896    
Feister Rebeca B. Todd Sep.9.1828 Jun.18.1918   w/o Jacob Feister
Ferguson Lovilla A. 1850 1922   w/o Isaac J. Horton (Lovilla A. Ferguson Horton)
Ferguson Sibyl   May 5.1875 38-8-0 d/o A.E. & Elizabeth Ferguson
Ferguson Elizabeth   Sep.29.1880 68-6-0 w/o A.E. Ferguson
Fiester Frances V. Sep.11.1857 Mar.17.1938    
Fiester Sarah Ann May Dec.19.1864 Oct.3.1957   Same stone as Jacob, Rebeca, Frances V.
Fiester Simon Forrester 1855 1929   s/o Jacob & Rebecca Fiester
Fiester Ophelia Hoover 1858 1937   w/o Simon Forrester Fiester
Fiester (?) May       No other information near Fiester stones
Finney Claude M. Aug.7.1868 Dec.5.1953    
Finney Grace L. Sep.1.1870 Aug.8.1956   w/o Claude M. Finey (Grace L. Blackman)
Forbes Archibald   Jan.10.1855 15-2-0 s/o Archibald & Hester Forbes
Forbes John C.   Apr.19.1853 93-6-0  
Forbes Deborah   Sep.26.1837 75y27d  
Forbes Elisha J.   Sep.2.1834 38-6-11  
Forbes Lucy   Apr.23   Rest of stone buried
Forbes Eliza   Feb.23.1837   d/o Lucy & Elisha Forbes
Fretts Rebecca Feb. 1825 Nov.10.1842    
Fretts Abraham Mar.17.1794 Jan.5.1851    
Fretts Christina Dec.10.1798 Oct.19.1819   w/o Abraham Fretts
Frink Sylvie   Jun.4.1873 32-5-4 w/o George Frink
Frost  J. Oscar   Jul.3.1898 58 yr  
Frost  J.O. Jul.3.1898 58 yr Co. A. 141 Pa Vol.
Frost  Emily T.   Feb.27.1885 43 yr w/o John O. Frost
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