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Hornbrook Cemetery 1902 Listing

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County PA 

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Pat HITTLE Gore of Alaska

History of Sheshequin 1777-1902; C. F. Heverly; pub.1902; Towanda, Pa; pp.324-328
HORTON, Milly d: 11 Feb 1804 40y w/o Elijah
WINSHIP, Elizabeth d: 9 Jun 1809 42y w/o Timothy
HORTON, Richard d: 12 May 1812 10y 1m 10d s/o Joshua
HORTON, Lucy d: 19 May 1814 33y 6m 5d w/o Richard
BLACKMAN, George W. d: 16 Jan 1819 4y 6m s/o F.
HORTON, Elijah d: 14 Aug 1821 81y 10m 7d
SMITH, Mercy d: 9 Aug 1822 78y w/o Jonas
HORTON, Jemima d: 11 Apr 1825 80y 8m 5d w/o Elijah
BLACKMAN, David S. d: 5 Sept 1828 34y 2m 21d
CULVER, Sergt. Timothy d: -- Sept 1829 88y
TUTTLE, Josiah d: 21 June 1830 56y
NEWELL, Sally d: 6 Apr 1831 74y w/o Abel
FORBES, Lucy d: 23 Apr 1831 33y w/o Elisha
PEESE, Francis Joseph d: 27 Mar 1833 63y
FORBES, Elisha d: 27 Sept 1834 38y 6m 14d
HORTON, Richard Jr. d: 20 Feb 1835 27y 8m 17d
HORTON, Elijah d: 9 Aug 1835 67y 3m
FORBES, Eliza d: 23 Feb 1837 13y d/o E. & Lucy
SHORES, James d: 5 Mar 1837 63y 1m
NEWELL, Abel d: 9 Apr 1837 78y
FORBES, Deborah d: 26 Sept 1837 75y --- 27d w/o John C.
HORTON, Eliza Ann d: 15 June 1838 16y 3m 20d d/o David
THOMPSON, Mary d: 30 June 1838 47y 1m 18d w/o Jonathan
BALDWIN, Erastus S. d: 21 Oct 1838 22y
THOMPSON, John d: 14 Mar 1839 16y 11m s/o J. & Mary
ROSE, Hannah d: 3 Jun 1839 53y 8m 17d w/o Lawrence
HORTON, Sally d: 10 May 1841 64y 2m 15d w/o Isaac
BRINK, Benjamin d: 14 Apr 1843 27y 11m
SMITH, Jessie d: 23 Dec 1843 77y 
CHAFFEE, John d: 1 Jan 1844 29y 4m 15d s/o Sullivan
SMITH, Jane d: 15 Mar 1844 77y w/o Jess
HORTON, Abigail d: 3 Mar 1845 64y 11m 2d 2nd w/o Elijah
HEATH, Kelseis d: 7 Jun 1845 64y 9m 18d
SMITH, Jay d: 22 Jun 1845 18y ---10d s/o John M.
CHAFFEE, Sullivan d: 13 Sept 1845 60y 9m 2d
HORTON, Lucinda d: 20 Apr 1846 58y 2m 18d w/o Joshua
FINNEY, Frederick d: 26 Nov 1846 57y
SHORES, Elmer d: 25 Sept 1847 29y 2m 17y
LOVELACE, Katharine 11 Dec 1848 25y 10m 2d w/o Marvin
HORTON, Harriett d: 18 Sept 25y 7m 12d w/o Eleazer
FRETTS, Christina d: 19 Oct 1849 50y 10m 9d w/o Abraham
HORTON, Melinda d: 7 Jun 1850 39y 8m 9d 1st w/o William B.
FRETTS, Abraham d: 5 Jun 1851 56y 9m 18d
HORTON, Laura d: 19 Jun 1851 54y w/o Isaac
CHAFFEE, Sidney d: 20 Jan 1852 20y 4m 2d w/o Sullivan
FORBES, John C. d: 19 Apr 1853 93y 6m
CHAFFEE, Juliette d: 12 Jul 1853 23y 11m 2d d/o Sullivan
KILMER, Saloma d: 3 Sept 1853 85y w/o George
SHORES, Elizabeth d: 18 Oct 1853 73y 6m 9d w/o James
HORTON, Joseph E. d: 2 Nov 1853 17y --- 5d s/o David
FORBES, Archibald d: 10 Jan 1855 15y 2m --- s/o A. & Hester
INGERSON, George d: 15 Feb 1856 43y 11m 25d
HILL, Edmund d: 31 Jul 1856 58y 4m 20d
CULVER, Daniel B. d: 5 Aug 1856 49y 3m 16d
CULVER, Josephine d: 27 Sept 1856 47y 5m 21d w/o Daniel B.
MIDDAUGH, Anthony d: 14 Nov 1856 70y 10m 12d
MAHLER, Mrs. Fanny d: 7 Feb 1857 57y 1m 22d
HORTON, William d: 23 Nov 1858 69y 6m 9d
DUNHAM, Emma E. d: 16 Nov 1859 30y 8m 4d w/o J. N. 
HORTON, Richard C. d: 1 Jun 1860 44y --- 2d
DeMONEY, James B. d: 15 Oct 1860 48y 6m 6d
CHAFFEE, Catherine G. d: 1 Feb 1861 69y 1m 18d w/o Sullivan
HORTON, Isaac d: 6 Sept 1861 89y 4m 17d
HOLLENBACK, Nancy d: 1 Mar 1862 70y 1m --- w/o Peter
MAHLER. J. George d: 10 Apr 1863 70y 9m 26d
PESSE, Marguerite d: 7 Jul 1863 83y w/o Francis J.
HORTON, Mary E. d: 7 Oct 1863 37y --- 26d w/o Joseph R.
HORTON, Elizabeth d: 27 Oct 1863 64y 2m 22d w/o Elijah
SMITH, John M. d: 14 Jul 1864 75y 6m 20d
BLACKMAN, Sibyl d: 12 Dec 1864 76y 2m 6d w/o Col. F.
DUN, Lovina d: 31 Jan 1865 42y 1m 10d w/o Patrick
HORTON, Joshua d: 19 Feb 1865 90y 3m 22d
LOVELACE, Betsey d: 8 Jan 1866 67y --- 13d w/o Alanson
HORTON, Daniel J. d: 20 Mar 1867 48y 8m 2d
INGERSON, Caleb d: 2 Apr 1867 55y 5m 4d
HORTON, William B. d: 20 Aug 1867 59y 10m 29d
BLACKMAN, Ada M. d: 23 Feb 1869 34y w/o G. W.
KILMER, Christina d: 17 Apr 1869 73y w/o Jeremiah
ELLIOTT, Isaac d: 24 Sept 1870 50y 10m ---
INGERSON, Lucinda d: 3 May 1871 43y 8m 28d w/o George
CHILDS, Christina d: 22 Feb 1872 68y w/o Benjamin
BARNER, Abram d: 27 Feb 1872 65y 4m 5d
SMITH, Rachel d: 7 Mar 1872 80y 11m 16d w/o John M.
LOVELACE, Alanson d: 26 Nov 1872 74y
SMITH; Lucinda d: 28 Dec 1872 53y 2m 1d 1st w/o Guy
HORTON, J. R. d: 24 Feb 1873 52y 5m 19d
DELPUECH, Adelaide PESSE d: 18 Mar 1873 70y 5m 6d w/o Andre
FRINK, Sylvie d: 4 Jun 1873 32y 5m 4d w/o George
HORTON, Hannah d: 28 Jan 1875 80y 11m 23dw/o David
HORTON, David d: 22 Jun 1875 86y 8m ---
PATTERSON, Abram d: 29 Dec 1875 70y 10m 20d
SMITH, Lucinda d: 15 May 1877 62y 1m --- w/o J. B.
SHORES, Stephen d: 31 Aug 1877 76y 6m 17d
SHORES, Eve Ann d: 11 Oct 1877 57y 3m 13d w/o S. H.
CROTSLEY, Jerusha C. d: 5 Jan 1878 67y 3m 28d w/o Willard
SMITH, Matilda d: 15 Mar 1878 57y 5m 28d w/o George
HILL, Sarah d: 23 Oct 1878 79y 9m 1d w/o Edmund
LOVELACE, Elizabeth d: 25 Nov 1878 50y 7m 25d w/o Marvin
YOUNG, Mary G. d: 25 May 1879 40y 6m 5d w/o I. L.
HORTON, Esther d: 24 Mar 1880 91y 2m 5d w/o William
BLACKMAN, Col. Franklin d: 14 Aug 1880 92y 10m 16d
FERGUSON, Elizabeth d: 29 Sept 1880 68y 6m --- w/o A. F.
CHILDS, Benjamin d: 24 Nov 1880 78y 3m 11d
SMITH, John B. d: 21 Sept 1881 68y 9m 15d
GILLETT, Darwin T. d: 22 Mar 1882 60y 7m 7d
BRIGHAM, Clarissa d: 9 Dec 1882 68y 10m 11d w/o Edward
HORTON, Saloma J. d: 30 Apr 1883 58y --- 3d 2nd w/o Wm. B.
SHORES, S. H. d: 1 Jun 1883 68y 3m 22d
VANCISE, Peter d: 12 Dec 1883 49y 9m 7d
KILMER, Jeremiah d: 19 Nov 1884 89y 1m 16d
VANN, Mary A. d: 11 Feb 1885 50y 8m --- w/o Henry
FROST, Emily d: 27 Feb 1885 43y w/o John O.
YOUNG, Emily d: 22 Mar 1885 69y 5m 6d w/o Reuben
HEATH, G. W. d: 13 Jul 1885 62y 1m 12d
KILMER, Josiah d: 29 Jul 1885 64y
NEWELL, Stephen d: 17 Aug 1885 85y
DeMONEY, Nancy S. d: 22 Oct 1886 72y --- 14d w/o J. B.
GILLETT, Jerome B. d: 26 May 1887 66y --- 25d
PATTERSON, Caroline d: 26 Sept 1887 80y 19m 12d w/o Abraham
SHORES, Diana d: 8 Dec 1887 83y 2m 4d w/o Stephen
HORTON, Rhoda d: 4 May 1889 72y 8m 18d w/o Richard
HORTON, Richard d: 12 May 1889 75y 11m 22d
TUTTLE, William d: 20 May 1889 76y 2m ---
CHAFFEE, Charles d: 12 Jun 1889 75y 6m 14d
SMITH, Eliza d: 1 June 1890 80y 6m 27d w/o Benjamin
SMITH, Benjamin d: 3 Aug 1891 81y 11m 14d
GILLERT, Sarah E. d: 18 Nov 1891 70y 7m 11d w/o Ensley
CROTSLEY, Willard d: 1 Jan 1892 81y 3m 21d
HUGHES, Horatio W. d: 17 Mar 1892 71y 10m 19d
HORTON, Susan L. d: 21 Sept 1893 53y 11m 23d w/o William P.
YOUNG, Reuben d: 10 Nov 1893 78y 8m 21d
VANN, Henry d: 31 Dec 1893 58y 10m ---
GILLETT, Lewis B. d: -- --- 1893 81y
GILLETT, Jemina d: -- --- 1893 78y w/o Lewis B.
COLES, Dr. C. D. H. d: 1 Jan 1894 75y 8m 27d
PECK, Rev. Luther d: 31 Oct 1894 67y 7m 22d
SHERWOOD, Eliza M. d: 3 Dec 1894 72y --- 4d w/o James
MIDDAUGH, Sarah d: 29 Sept 1895 92y 3m 9d
HORTON, Mary d: 3 June 1896 61y 3m 11d w/o Horace
DELPUECH, William J. d: 3 Sept 1896 71y 10m 21d
NEWELL, Elisha J. d: 5 Feb 1897 68y --- 9d
NEWELL, Catherine d: 10 Mar 1897 94y w/o Stephen
GILLETT, Ensley d: 9 Sept 1897 83y 2m 1d
SHERWOOD, James d: 6 Dec 1898 87y 3m 9d
CHAFFEE, Adaline d: 11 Mar 1900 75y 11m 21d w/o Charles
SMITH, George d: 9 Aug 1901 83y 6m 14d
COLE, Hannah d: 26 Sept 1901 66y 8m 10d w/o Dr. C. D. H.
CHAFFEE, George d: 17 Nov 1901 83y --- 6d
HORTON, Rhoda d: 11 Apr 1902 78y 11m 22d w/o Daniel J.
The earliest marked grave is that of Mrs. "Milly" HORTON, who died 11 Feb 1804.
Ichabod BLACKMAN, drowned in April 1798, it is claimed, was buried in this Cemetery.
Of Persons resting here. Mrs Catherine NEWTON was the oldest, 94 years; 28 were over 60; 33 over 70; 21 over 80; and 6 over 90 yers at time of death.
This Book is owned by Mrs. Alice (Gore) Hunsinger of GA; formerly of Dushore, PA.
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