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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2009
Photo by Donna Allen
One Two Three Obituaries
Cemetery read by Linda Reese Summer 2009
This cemetery is located directly across from the Austinburg Baptist Church. It is just before the New York State border. It is located in the town of Austinburg . The road goes from Knoxville toward Troupsburg.where in NY Sate it is called RT 36. If you have been to the Woodlawn cem. coming in from Knoxville you would have come to a road called the Austinburg Woodhull road which means you would have turned to the right as you entered town. If instead of turning you remained on that road  from Knoxville past the store about 1/10 of a mile up on the right hand side is the Austinburg Pioneer Cem. It is right on the main road. The Church sits on the left  hand side and the cem on the right.
Name of Cemetery: Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery
Deeded As
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2010
Location: Brookfield Township, Tioga Co., PA
GPS Coordinates
Other Comments: On Rte 249 in Austinburg
Number of Burials this Cemetery -  Approximately  359
One Two Three Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Phoenix Calvin L. 1858 1939    
Phoenix Viola E. 1853 1915    
Woodward J. A. 1/31/1831 8/26/1881    
Woodward Mary A. 8/3/1828 6/5/1911   w/o J. A. - On same marker
Fitch Robert A.   4/15/1855 2y9m25d s/o David & Nancy J.
Miller Albert H.   3/21/1886 18y5m11d  
Grenolds Frank A. 1860 1915    
Grenolds Mary J. 1866 1939   On marker w/Frank A.
Page C. W. 1835 1908    
Grinolds Levi   7/15/1881 76y4m2d  
Grinolds Polly   4/14/1831 21y4m22d w/o L. - On same marker
Grinolds Jane   6/19/1847 32y6m27d 2nd w/o L. - On same marker
Grinolds Mahlon 12/16/1857 3/17/1888   On marker w/Levi
Grinolds Merril L.   4/7/1862 21y1m17d Co. H 86 Regt. NY - On marker w/Levi
Grinolds Polly A.   12/30/1878 48y7m9d w/o L. - On same marker
Cook Rhoda Schoonover 1836 1927    
Schoonover Charley   2/6/1862 1y5m2d s/o Anson B. & Rhoda
Schoonover Mary E. 2/14/1859 9/14/1908   w/o D. O. W.
Holmes John F.   7/20/1863 4y2m1d s/o J. G. & R. M.
Holmes Ida L.   7/5/1863 8y2m6d d/o J. G. & R. M.
Seeley Ellen   7/28/1863 3y3m15d d/o Wm. B. & E.
Scott Alice A.   10/5/1872 22y5m w/o Melville
Scott ??   8/29/1873 1y2m17d d/o Melville & Alice A.-Top of stone missing (Agnes from previous reading)
Schoonover Rebeca   9/8/1866 29y5m1d w/o D. R.
Schoonover Ida L.   5/31/1870 8m6d d/o D. R. & Mary
Jordan Mary E.   12/25/1839 7y2m15d d/o Nathan & Marinda
Gilkey Edward L.   12/30/1861 37y2m10d  
Gilkey John    7/24/1870 86y8m20d  
Gilkey Sally 1816 1909    
Bacon Hiram, Rev. 7/18/1808 11/12/1886    
Bacon Lucy Maria 7/3/1825 8/8/1889   w/o Rev. Hiram - On same marker
Fisk Elizabeth C.   5/19/1863 70y10m26d w/o D. B.
Owen James 9/19/1815 4/1/1893    
Owen Susan 6/8/1817 7/4/1900   w/o James - On same marker
Fisk Diantha M.   3/11/1857 35y8m6d w/o Wm. H.
Fisk Sarah   3/16/1849 13 mo. d/o L.S. & S.
Fisk L. S. 6/20/1824     On marker w/Sarah
Fisk Salley 5/2/1829 4/21/1896   On marker w/Sarah
Sawyer Mary 1832 1912   w/o Ward W.
Schoonover Galin P.   9/23/1860 2y11m5d s/o Frederick & Loania
Schoonover Phebe   6/7/1855 56y9m9d w/o Frederick
Frazer George M. 7/20/1829 10/4/1836   s/o G. T. & S. A.
Frazer Sally Abbott 4/10/1792 7/20/1852   w/o Geo. T. - On Marker w/George M.
Frazer Geo. T. 3/6/1787 8/1/1862   Soldier in War of 1812-On marker w/George M.-Marker erected by their dau. Mrs. Orange Perry
Schoonover Benjamin   10/6/1865 41y7m  
Schoonover William F.   2/11/1857 1y1m11d s/o Benjamin & Betsy C.
Schoonover Mary V.   3/3/1860 2y1m19d d/o Benjamin & Betsy C.
Schoonover Maretta J.   9/3/1861 1y7d d/o Benjamin & Betsy C.
Fisk Elizabeth S.   10/14/1849 6m14d d/o O. H. & C.
Fisk Sarah E.   3/16/1850 1y22d d/o L. S. & S. D.
Commings Minerva   1/12/1869 21y8m18d w/o Wallace
Briggs Saottena   Dec.4 11 y  
Owen Hypatia   4/4/1843 17 m5d d/o John
Davis Ashley S.   5/25/1853 5y1m s/o G.W. & Lurinda A.
Owen John 9/12/1803 10/24/1883    
Owen Lurenda 3/8/1806 5/22/1877   On marker w/John
Owen Ethan A. 1/21/1835 2/25/1837   c/o John & Lurenda - On same marker
Owen Hypatia M. 11/10/1843 4/17/1845   c/o John & Lurenda - On same marker
Owen Elizabeth   1/29/1849 9y1m5d d/o John & Lurenda
Owen J. S.   9/28/1893 57y25d  
Seelye Lydia S.   12/18/1874 74y2d w/o A. Seelye
? Our May Belle 5/1/1867 2/5/1873   (Our MayBelle is all that is readable)
Wakley Daniel C. 4/17/1832 2/12/1873    
Wakley Adeline 8/22/1830     w/o Daniel - On same marker
Wakley Infant Daughter   7/5/1855   On marker w/Daniel & Adeline
Davis Lurenda A. 6/7/1827 9/30/1900   w/o Geo. W.
Davis Valentine D.   10/19/1859 27 days s/o G.W. & Lurenda A.
Davis George W.   8/18/1872 63y8m  
Davis Franklin R.   9/21/1863 7 mo. s/o G.W. & Lurenda A.
Schoonover Wallace A.   7/15/1855 1y3m8d s/o Anson & Nancy J.
Schoonover Anson   12/11/1889 67y11m Co H 86th NY Inf.
Bonney Warren 10/10/1810 3/26/1885    
Bonney Mary C. 9/30/1818 1/9/1864   w/o Warren - On same marker
Waklee Orin   5/6/1848 40 yr  
Cook Franklin L.   1/26/1864 10m19d s/o David & Emily
Eddy Ethan P.   5/26/1869 84 yr  
Eddy Lucretia   6/18/1884 94y w/o Ethan P. - On same marker
Eddy Melinda   4/4/1860 66 yr w/o Ethan P. - On same marker
Eddy Ethan G.   2/18/1842 25y1m10d s/o E. P. & Melinda
Bonny S.       Field Stone
Eddy Abram J.   7/18/1838 2y8m s/o E. P. & Melinda
Bonny Mary M.   9/4/1848 3y5m1d d/o Warren & Mary
Champlain Melite   5/12/1852 24y w/o Joseph--d/o E.P. & M. Eddy
Bonny John E.   7/29/1853 1y8m13d s/o Warren & Mary
Rowley Lyman P. 8/11/1857 2/17/1862   c/o Josiah & Minerva - On same marker
Rowley Susan E. A. 3/8/1860 2/17/1861   c/o Josiah & Minerva - On same marker
Rowley Lucy A.   3/1/1842 1y9m10d d/o Josiah & Lucy
Rowley Nelson   8/11/1845 2y8m8d s/o Josiah & Lucy
Rowley Elnor V.   4/8/1853 11m14d d/o Josiah & Lucy
Seeley Luman   12/16/1864 88y1m11d  
Seeley Polly   2/7/1854 72y w/o Luman
Seeley Sally M.   5/29/1836 16y6m16d d/o Luman & Polly
Seeley Luman D. 4/4/1822      
Seeley Emily Abbott 2/3/1827 1/23/1884   w/o L. D.
Schoonover Purnelia   3/6/1838 8m16d d/o D. D. 
Schoonover Minerva A.   5/7/1829 2m23d d/o D. D. 
Schoonover Daniel C.   3/9/1835 1y10m16d s/o D. D.
Base         Matches Daniels marker
Schoonover Daniel C.   5/10/1864 63y10m16d  
Schoonover Minerva   1/4/1828 25y8m w/o Daniel - On same marker
Seeley Benjamin   9/6/1828 69y Rev. War Soldier
Seeley Benjamin 3/30/1759 9/6/1828   Pvt. Conn. Continental Line-Rev. War (New)
Seeley Sarah   12/5/1859 94y w/o Benjamin
Seeley Sarah nee Moon 2/18/1768 12/6/1859   w/o Benjamin (New Marker)
Coon Eliza   5/24/1890 11m21d d/o C. & E.
Coon Eliza L.   3/1/1874 23y10m13d w/o L
Schoonover Perry D.   12/22/1853 1y1m23d s/o Richard & Sophronia
Schoonover Chloa M.   12/18/1865 18y5m7d d/o Richard & Sophronia
Schoonover Vern A.   5/6/1878 19d s/o H.B. & Ida A.
George Lucina 5/24/1849 7/9/1882   w/o John D.
Schoonover Hiram B.   9/18/1885 29y1m8d  
Morey Ida L.   2/20/1872 4y9m2d d/o James & Caroline
Dyer Hannah Miranda   6/8/1841 20y1m23d w/o Arthur G. & d/o Jesa Mory & Hannah
Morey Mary Jane   11/7/1845 28y1m18d w/o Andrew
Mory Jesse   9/11/1850 67 y  
Mory Hannah Miranda   2/5/1825 43 yr  
Mory H. M.   7/9/1825    
Mory C. M.   June 1825    
Morey Almira   9/13/1837 20 yr  
Mory Betsy   7/7/1825 72 yr  
Morey C.     2 mo  
George William F.   9/29/1877 78y9m20d  
George Sarah   11/29/1857 62y3m12d w/o William
Fisher Hannah Miranda   May.1826 73 yr  
Seelye Albert    6/24/1855 1m2d s/o Wm. G. & Amanda M.

Published on Tri-Counties 04 MAY 2010