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Cemetery was printed in Rev. Edmund Hoagland work and retyped for the web by Bruce Preston in October 1997.

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Photos by Joyce M. Tice 

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Aber Gerald 1914 1926
Aber Job L. 1842 41y
Aber Millicent 1878 70y Wife of Job L. Aber and third wife of Calvin West
Aber Lewis 1834 1908
Aber Amelia Clark 1845 1921
Ambrose Ferris 1817 1873 Rev.
Berk Cyrus 1820 1916
Berk Martha Morse 1825 1897
Brown Daniel 1877 60y
Brown Eleanor 1851 26y
Brown Percival C. 1891 43y
Brown Jane 1893 44y
Campbell Alexander 1932 1918 Civil War Veteran
Coleman Charles 1844 1907 Civil War Veteran
Coleman Gilbert 1817 1896
Coleman Harriet 1818 1892
Culver A. V. Civil War Veteran
Dewey Levi 1828 1899 Civil War Veteran
Dewey Phoebe 1833 1911 Wife
Doty Joseph Jan. 19, 1800 Apr. 4, 1889
Doty Mehitable Wife
Dunning Susan Feb. 17, 1883 51y Wife of John Dunning
Easton John L. 1845 19--
Easton Emma Brown 1856 1917
Easton Bertha Infant
Easton Silas 1880 87y
Easton Amanda Wife
Fuller William J. 1885 65y
Fuller Cynthia M. 1899 77y
Hildreth Daniel Oct. 5, 1876 90y
Hildreth 1831 1892
Livens Daniel 1812 1879
Livens Dorothy 1815 1882
Mead Ezekiel 1861 62
Mead Sophia 1855 60y
West Millicent 1878 70y2d Wife of Calvin West, Wife also of Job L Aber

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