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Photos of Old Frenchtown Cemetery 
by Joyce M. Tice September 4, 1999 & May 2000

Listing is incomplete pending more work 
at digging up buried stones


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This Old cemetery is on State Route 2014 as it loops around in the bend of the Susquehanna on the way to the Aslyum Methodist Church and the present day Frenchtown Cemetery. This old cemetery is in two sections. This monument at the top is in a field where the road turns. It is surrounded by a metal bar fence and you really can't miss it. The other and much larger part of the cemetery is in the woods beside the field and that would be easy to miss. It is, however, adjacent to the road and very easy to get to. 

September 1999 photos by Joyce M. Tice and the May 2000 photos are by Dick McCracken & Joyce M. Tice.

Update :: In early May of 2000, logs were removed, at the request of the landowner,  as a first step in getting this cemetery into better condition. Many of the stones have fallen over and been covered with leaves and growth. As of May 6, some of the stones have been read by our local crew, but many others have to be dug up and that will take some time - and EFFORT. At left below, Kevin, Lynn, Ken and Pat demonstrate Team Work at Old Frenchtown.

Name of Cemetery:    Old Frenchtown
Read By:  Dick McCracken, Lynn Tinsley, Ken and Kevin Chapman and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May. 6, 2000
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Asylum Township
Other comments: Really bad shape, hard to read  
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Caroline Percy       No dates or information
Oare Martha L.   Oct.20.1860 ??? d/o John and Polly Ann Oare (Can't read age)
VanGorder Sarah L. Apr.15.1848 Dec.25.1863   d/o M.T. And Julie VanGorder
Braund Alice   Mar.23.1857 7m2d d/o John and Adelia Braund
Gangware Levi   Jul.16.1837 8y4m  
J.M.C.         Footstone, no other information
Gilbert Mary   Jan.7.1833 84y3m17d w/o Samuel Gilbert
Jennings Hannah   Feb.2.1839 23y8m5d w/o D.C. (G?) Jennings
Moody Jane   Dec.15.1843 37 yr w/o Benjamin Moody
Moody Benj.   Dec.16.1839 11y8m27d  
Moody Henry Clay   Aug.6.1846 1y4m23d s/o Ulysses & Mary A. Moody
Moody Allen   Apr.14.1851 24yr  
Chamberlain J.C. (G?)       Sgt. Co. I 6th PA Reserves
Chamberlain Ada Irene   Aug.19.1850 3y1m25d d/o J. C. (G?) Chamberlain
Chamberlain Abigail P.   Jan.10.1864 16y1m15d w/o O.D. Chamberlain
Stevens Mary E. Mar.8.1870 Feb.20.1911   In Fenced Enclosure - Same stone
Stevens George G. Dec.2.1864 Jul.23.1902   In Fenced Enclosure - Same stone
Stevens Anna Feb.12.1868 Jul.26.1877   Children of Joel & Sarah G. Stevens - Same stone
Stevens Ellen Adelia Jan.29.1877 Sep.18.1877   Children of Joel & Sarah G. Stevens - Same stone
Stevens Joel Feb.7.1828 Feb.21.1901   In Fenced Enclosure - Same stone
Gordon Sarah  May.13.1836 Feb.28.1911   w/o Joel Stevens - In Fenced Enclosure - Same stone
Gordon Jane M. Dec.26.1840 Feb.18.1861   In Fenced Enclosure - Next stone
Gordon Reed Dec.16.1833 Dec.10.1837   In Fenced Enclosure - Next stone
Gordon Miner F. Jan.1.1839 Apr.5.1870   In Fenced Enclosure - Next stone
Gordon George  Nov.5.1805 Oct.23.1881   In Fenced Enclosure - Next stone
Gordon Rebecca Feb.10.1810 Oct.5.1865   w/o George - In Fenced Enclosure - Next stone
Gordon (?) Jessie       Small stone near Gordon stone-Only says Jessie
        *Mary E. Stevens thru Sarah Gordon on one stone 
        **Jane M. Gordon thru Rebecca Gordon on one stone 
Chamberlain Jabaz   Sep.30.1848 81y5m  
Chamberlain Irene   Jan.6.1867 94y8m22d Relict of Dr. Jabaz Chamberlain
Chamberlain Huldah   Mar.15.1838 26y23d w/o O.D. Chamberlain
Chamberlain Jabez   Nov.-7.1841   Part of day in crack, unreadable
Bradley John T.   Aug.27.1838 6m20d s/o Seldin S. & Jane M. Bradley
Chamberlain Myron   Jul.24.1834 ?yr4mo4d s/o O.D. Chamberlain & Huldah Chamberlain
Ross Elizabeth   Jul.17.1855 59 yr w/o John Ross
Young Lucy Ann   Dec.5.1848 30 yr w/o Adam Young
Lincl (?) Mary A.   Apr.12.1842 19y4m4d w/o Sephen Lincl (Sp?)
Vanderpool Nancy   Sep.20.1876 60 yr w/o Samuel Vanderpool
Merritt Gilbert   May.8.1834 60yr Was drowned on the eighth day of May 1834 in the 60th year of his age
Irvine Patience   Aug.6.1849 15y8m18d w/o John Irvine
Homet Harriet M.   Oct.13.1839 1y8m12d d/o Joseph & Orris Homet
Wheeler Johny H.   Mar.22.1863 1m12d s/o Charles & Sarah Wheeler
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05/29/2000
By Joyce M. Tice
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