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Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure
The Cowanesque Indian Trail Indian Trails (Chemung County)
The Days of the Trolley Car History of U.S. Route 6
Williamson Road - 200th Anniversary Williamson Road History
The Canals in Chemung County Building the Nation's Infrastructure - Your ancestors and mine
Taverns Came Before Churches
1906- The Ill Starred railroad that Never Ran Construction Photos for the P. B. & E. Railroad (That Never Ran)
The P. B. and E. - The Railroad That Never Ran Historic Marker - Corning & Blossburg Railroad
Berwick Turnpike History Hammond - Tioga Dam Project
Covered Bridges Bradsby, Chapter 11 Roads
Tri-County Railroads and Train Stations Elmira Street Name Changes
1920s W. S.Merrell Bus 1930s The AMAZING Radio
The Tioga Division - Rail Line 1932 Bradford County Buses 
2004 - 20th Anniversary of Joyce's First Computer The Preemption Line and Preemption Road in two parts
A Collection of Articles
Snow "Plowing" in the "Good Old Days" 1886 - The State of the Telephone
1956- Dial Phones in Millerton
Early Car Built in Elmira  1943 - A Solution to Gas Rationing
1893 - Jackson train Wreck on Way to Columbian Exposition in Chicago - Local People involved 1914 - Troy's First Custom Built Car
Now My Idea is This In My Merrie Oldsmobile
First Plane Lands on Liberty Air STrip 1932 - Remembering the Bridges of Tioga
Population Statistics for Tioga County PA Population Statistics for Bradford County PA
Transportation Then and Now, Canton PA 1942 - Erie Line Abandoned
Olin Family Accident 1885
Native Americans in our Area
Indian Echoes - The Lost Voice of the Tiadaghton Sullivan's Campaign Against the Iroquois
The Wyoming Massacre Queen Esther - Friend or Fiend ?
Queen Esther Montour The Montour Sisters
Indian Names in Our Area H. C. Bradsby, Chapter Two
Indian Trails (Chemung County) The Cowanesque Indian Trail
Brule & Spanish Hill -  RJM 1984 Spanish Hill Investigations - DT 2006
Indian Settlement on Seeley Creek in 1779 from the Journal of Lieutenant Erkuries Beatty
Pioneers and the Pioneer Life
William Bingham and the Bingham Estate The Bingham Estate
The WHY of Migration West to Bradford County
Old Gardens Rural Superstitions - Heverly 1913
The 1700s Club - Pioneer Photos Old Recipes (Receipts)
Hannah WHITAKER Bowen - How I Came to Deerfield in 1819
1868 - Reminiscences of Some Early Chemung County Settlers Epidemics & Pandemics in U.S. 1616-present
1786-1789 Letters on the Kinapping of Thomas Pickering
From Pennsylvania Archives
1886 Sylvester Bailey - Local Paul Bunyan or Phychotic Whacko?? You decide where the truth ends and the tall tale begins 
Tracking Sullivan Township's Pioneer Wood Line to the Class of 1962 at Mansfield High School
Business & Industry
Access to all Business Related pages has been moved to The Tri-Counties Business Page
Commemorations, Historic Events & Public Celebrations
1876 Elmira Celebrates the National Centennial
1879 Battle of Newtown Centennial - letter
1892 - It Happened One Night
First Football Under Lights - Mansfield PA
1892 - First Football Game at Night - Mansfield PA
1911- Aviator Falls to Death at Mansfield
1929 Pageant of Decision. 
Sullivan-Clinton Sesqui-Centennial Celebration
1950 - Canton 150 Years
1954 - Elmira Star - Gazette 75 years
1957 Mansfield Centennial Book
1957 Mansfield Centennial - Articles
1957 Beard Contest Winners - Mansfield Centennial
1964 Elmira Centennial
1972 Big Flats 1822-1972
1976 - Tioga County Celebrates National Bicentennial
1980 Wellsboro 150th Anniversary
1980 Wellsboro Fire Department 100th Anniversary
1983 South Creek 1833-1983
2004 - Tioga County Bicentennial 1804-2004
2007 - Mansfield 150th Coming Up !!!
When Does the New Year  Begin?
Entertainment & Sports
Mansfield Fair Carousel Finds New Home
1940 The Mansfield Fair
Lee's Circus in Canton
Lee Circus Schedule 1886 - 1902
Lee Circus 1890 Schedule
The Great Canton Fair
Community Square Dances
1938 Mann Creek Hillbillies
1892 Athens High School Football Team
1897 MSNS Football Team
1900 Elmira Baseball Team
1900 Athens SemiPro Football Team
1902 Troy Shoe Factory Baseball Team
1902 Arnot Football - Champion Team
1902 Canton High School Football Team
1905 Elmira Baseball Team
1906 MSNS Baseball Team
1908 Millerton Baseball Team
1906-1908 MSNS Halloween Party
1910 Laquin Baseball Team
1914 / 1988 Remembering the Day Sousa Came to Town
1915 Survey of Small Town Entertainment 
1917 E.F.A. Undefeated Basketball Team
1917 A Play at Orwell Grange
Eldridge Park - Old articles and photos from Stereoscopic Cards
Woody Woodhull - Country Music Hall of Fame
1940 Leon Evans Orchestra
History of Theaters in Mansfield
1904 Sullivanville Baseball Team
1909 Towanda Baseball Team
History of Halloween
Painting Halloween Windows in Mansfield
The Well Dressed Witch
Early Television Programs
Chemung County Fair
1913 Troy Fair Program
1975 Troy Fair Celebrates 100th Year (Articles)
Troy Fair 100th Anniversary Book
Theaters in our Three Counties
Restoration of Keystone Theater, Towanda
Party Time 1860s
Making a Movie in Canton 1915
The Davenports of Canton - Famous Theater Family
1923-24 Troy Boys' Basketball Team and Baseball Team
1925-26 Troy Girls' Basketball Team
1925-26 Troy Boys' Basketball Team
1927 Troy Football Team
1927 Potterville Aces Baseball Team
1930-32 Troy Girls' Basketball Team
1931-32 Troy Basketball Team
1933 Orwell Basketball Team
1933 Mansfield Junior High Basketball Team
Thompson Hill Baseball Team
1935 Mansfield Baseball Team
Hammond Baseball Team (Undated)
1940 Town of Chemung Baseball Team
1944 Mainesburg Baseball Team
1948 Roseville Baseball Team
1948 West Warren Baseball Team
1848 Elmira Pony League Title
1952 - Mansfield Little League All Stars
1958 Mansfield Junior High School Cheerleaders and Basketball Team
1958-59 St. Agnes Basketball Season
1959 Mansfield Junior High Basketball Team
Clara "Babe" Cook, Elmira Sports Hall of Fame - Baseball
2006 - 1890s Weekend in Mansfield
Corey Creek Golf Club 1927 - 1977
1986 Inductees in Tioga County Sports Hall of Fame
Communities, Neighborhoods & Ethnic Groups
Bradford County PA
Some Notes on the History of Aspinwall
A Short History of Asylum, Ingham
Fire Chiefs of Athens
1889 Athens 100 Years Ago (Now over 200)
Barclay Mountain Tour October 98
The Romance of Old Barclay, Clarke
Canton 1849
1898 Canton
Canton 1795 - 1976
Grover PA
148 Year Old Church Destroyed in Coryland
History of Granville, Kinney
Ruins at Laquin
Laquin - The Ghost Town That Lives Once a Year
An Extraordinary Thanks to the People of LeRoy 1900
Photos from LeRoy PA
A Short History of Sayre
1926 Article on Snedekerville with Photos
South Creek 1833-1983
Reminiscences of the Porter Road
Cortland Decker Remembers West Burlington
Beech Flats PA
What's in a Name - Gillett
Trinket Church Reclaimed as Community Center 2005
More Tales of Troy
Evanstown Settlement
Chemung County NY
150 Years - Big Flats NY 1822-1972
1868 Reminiscences of (Elmira) Forty Years Ago (1828)
1876 Elmira Celebrates the National Centennial
Street Name Changes in Elmira
Historical Events of Elmira Fire Department 1828-1978
1885 Annual Report - Elmira Paid Fire Department
Erin & the Chemung County Irish
History of Erin- Lifestyle Early 20th Century
Early Settlers of Horseheads
Horseheads Chronology 1776 - 1963
Horseheads 200 Years Ago
1953 Horseheads Chamber of Commerce Booklet
Southport - My Town
Rosstown & Christian Hollow in Town of Southport
Recollections of Southport
History of the Southport Town Seal
Early Days in Veteran
GPS Coordinates for Locations in Town of Veteran
The War Years on the Ridge Road by Walt Samson
1936 Photos and Article about Sagetown
Tioga County PA
Photos from Antrim PA
Memories of Canoe Camp 
Daggett PA 1797 to 1939
Daggett Saw Mill History
Outline Of The General History Of The Daggett Area To 1860
The Story of A Lovely Valley - (Delmar Township)
Raising the Sam Harer Barn at East Point 1906
History of Elk Run (Gaines)
Mann's Field - A Brief History
1857-1957 Mansfield History
Memories of Mixtown
1948 Roseville News
Growing up In Rutland - Turn of the Century
Roseville's 150th Anniversary
History of the Welsh Settlement
Why They Named it Mainesburg
1956- Dial Phones in Millerton
The Horse Thieves at Elk Run
1935 - The Future of Mansfield
1932 - Bridges of Tioga
1892 - Pioneer Life in the Cowanesque Valley
1987-2009 - Mansfield's Citizens of the Year - Max Colegrove Award
Texas, In Lycoming County
1940s Mazie SEARS Bodine Articles
1930 - Wellsboro Before 1830 by Ida WELLS Owlett
1930 - Memories of Nineteenth Century Wellsboro by Sherwood
1817 Peter Loop Letter What People Say - 1918
Waverly Reminiscences of Uncle Jake Waverly, Tioga County, NY (Adjacent to Athens PA) article
Irish Names and Origin Place Names of Origin of Local Irish
Organizations Represented by Commemorative FlagHolders
1874 Organizations in Elmira NY (Masonic) 1874 Organizations in Elmira NY (Odd Fellows)
1874 Organizations in Elmira NY (Misc.) 1879 History of Elmira Societies
1882 Societies in Elmira NY 1889 "The Believers"
Societies in Bradford County - Craft Chapter 13 1891 Bradford County Associations (Bradsby Chapter)
1899 Tioga County Societies 1923 Organizations - Elmira Directory
1917 Elmira Fraternal Orders 1917 Elmira Organizations & Associations
Austin-Cox VFW Post 100th Anniversary .
Canton's VFW Canton Girl Scout History
Canton's American Legion 1917-1948 St. Mary's Boy Scouts
Bachelor's Club Troop No. 1 - Boy Scouts in Troy
Mansfield Boy Scouts
Troy-Canton Bull Association Millport Post 416 G.A.R.
G.A.R. Posts of Tioga & Bradford Counties
Minutes of the Granville W.C.T.U. 1898-1903 G.A.R. Post No,. 48, Mansfield PA,  History and Biographies
W.C.T.U. Postcards 1927 Diven Post G.A.R., Elmira. Disbands
1896 By Laws of the Elmira Auxiliary Rural Amity Lodge - Membership Lists 1789-1913
1863 Elmira's Earliest Masons Masters of Breeseport Masonic Lodge
150th Anniversary Friendship Lodge 247 F. & A. M. Mansfield PA 1899 History of Union Lodge, No. 108 F.& A. M
Friednship Lodge 247 [Off Site]
1926 Member's of D.A.R., Troy PA .
Western Bradford County Band Mt. Pisgah Praying Band
Morris Run Swedish Band Mansfield Band
Tioga - 1900 Tioga Citizens' Band 1890 Troy Band
VanEtten Citizens Band 1911 Voltus Cornet Band
West Burlington Band 1880 Roseville's Rinky Dinks Band
Elmira Heights Fire Department Band
Father Matthew Society Organizations of Big Flats
Brooks-Flick Post 49 American Legion 1936 4H Club, Pine City -Hendy Creek
1937-38 American Legion Auxiliary - Brooks-Flick Unit, Troy PA 1953 Telephone Pioneers of America
1923 Alpha Zeta Fraternity Convention at Elmira POS of A Photos
Nothing on Grange.
Did come across this Register of Masonic Organizations. Takes a little time to zero in on each one of interest, but when you find them it shows the names of the principals, mostly early settlers. I checked Millport lodge, as an example, and recognize the names shown.
Walt Samson,M1
Fire & Rescue Departments
1897 Five County Firemen's Convention
History of the Webbs Mills Fire Department
History of Volunteer Fire Department - Town of Southport
History of Pine City Fire Department
History of Oscaluwa Fire Company - Troy
2002 Tioga County Fire and Rescue Companies
1935 History of the Mansfield Fire Department
Aylesworth Hose Company, Blossburg
Patrons of Husbandry - P. of H. - The Grange
Odd Fellows & Rebekahs
1901 Speech at Odd Fellows in Mansfield
1886 Wellsboro Hosts Multi County Odd Fellows Convention
1946 - I.O.O.F. Mansfield - Meeting photo
1952 - I.O.O.F. Mansfield - Installation of Officers
Austinville I.O.O.F
Sylvania - Silver Link Rebekah Lodge # 374
Troy - Golden Star Rebekah Lodge # 462
Gillett - Ledgers of Rebekah Lodge # 523
Joyce's Mountain Home articles
Mountain Home magazine is a local magazine published in Wellsboro. It is distributed free locally or you can get a subscription to it if you are out of the area. Ask me how. 
August - Tenth Anniversary of Tri-Counties Site
Sept - Hair Wreaths
Oct - History of Halloween & Well Dressed Witch
Nov - Grandmother's Scrapbook
Dec - Legend of Santa Claus Hollow
January - When Does the New Year Begin?
February - Seed Catalogs with Long Histories
March - Local Centenarians
April - Centennial of the Carpenter & Pierce A1335 Postcards
May - 
June - Tony Castellane - Aviator
July - Family Reunions
August - 
September - 
October -  Brief History of Canning Jars
November - 
December - Clark Orvis - revisited
January - History of Knitting
February - Early TV Programs
March - My 2008 Garden in 1915
April - You Light Up My Life
May - Early Agriculture
Preserving Square Dance Calls
June - Wedding Presents Outlast Husbands
July - Early Board Games
Tyoga Country Club
Aug - Victory Gardens Reborn
Galeton Theater - Downstairs to the Balcony
Sept - Fixing the Roads 
Blossburg Mound
PA Heritage Festival
Oct. -History of Route 6
Nov. - Teaching the Teacher
Dec. - Post Offices
Jan. - Early Health Care
Feb. - 1909 Time Capsule
Mar. - Maple Sugar Time
April - April Fools Day
May - Unusual Road Names
June - Millinery 
July - Living History Museums
Barnstead  Pantry
Aug - The Day the Giraffe Came to Mainesburg
Sept - Old Schools -Hiding in Plain Site
June - Oldest Building on S. Main
August - Mansfield Junior High School
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Places to Visit Locally of Historic Interest
Bradford County Heritage Association - Farm Museum F.A.N. Daggett Historic School House
John W. Jones Museum LeRoy Heritage Museum
Monuments and Memorials
Wynken, Blynken and Nod Memorial Historic Marker - Corning & Blossburg Railroad
Cedar Ledge Monument The Watering Trough
1886 Dedication of the Magee Monument in Wellsboro PA Cedar Ledge Monument
1879 Sullivan's Monument 1931 The Polish Mound in Blossburg - Woodrow Wilson Memorial
Public Institutions
Tri-County Schools Page - Hundreds of Pages of School Memorabilia and Photos
Mansfield Classical Seminary Green Free Library History - Canton
Early Schools of Chemung County History of Methodist Church of Mansfield PA
Early Schools of Southport The Oregon Colony - Mansfield Area to Hood River 1870s
Recollections of the Powers School 1891 History of Bradford County Churches
1890 Address by Simon B. Elliott History of the Churches of Orwell, Detty
1945 Civilian Public Service Camp at Big Flats History of the Churches of Wysox, Detty (Planned)
1897 Year Book of the NYS Reformatory at Elmira History of the Churches of Rome, Detty
1916 Handbook of the NYS Reformatory at Elmira (Planned) Elmira Water Cure - Gleason's Health Resort
The New York State Reformatory in Elmira 1898 Tioga County's First Incubator - Dr. Bottum's Hospital
History of Elmira's Children's Services 1864-1964
1882 Physicians Registered in Tioga County
Post Offices in the Three Counties
Sir Rowland Hill invented the adhesive postage stamp in 1837 - ancestor of my friend Louise TOMPKINS Casey - and
You Gotta Know the Territory - Genealogy, Geography, and Logic
Tioga County Post Offices
1897 Post Office History - Tioga County
1931-1933 Article on Tioga County Post Offices
Early Athens Area Post Offices
Bennitt Family - Postmasters of Erin NY
Canton Postmasters 1825-1949
Canton Post Office History
1868 Post Offices in Chemung & Schuyler Counties
Millport Post Masters
Sullivanville Post Masters
Terry's Corners Post Masters
Wellsboro Post Office History 1890
1904 Bradford County Rural Mail Routes and Carriers
1907 Bradford County Post Offices & Postmasters
1960 Dedication of Middlebury Post Office
Mansfield Postmasters 1824 to 2008
Luzerne County Federalist, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1806
[Athens was one of the earliest post offices in the wilderness of this area]
List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, April 1st:
John Thomas NOREWELLE, Athens
Jonathan BARNES, Athens
Moses PARK, Athens
Saml. GILBERT, Athens
Frederick EVERTS, Athens
Elijah HANKS, Athens
Gardner HEDGES, Athens
Wm. WHITELY, Athens
Eleanor WATSON, Tioga Point
Obadiah TAYLOR, Tioga Point
Jno. BARBER, Tioga Point
Thomas WILSON, Tioga Point
Jno. SMITH, Tioga Point
Addrean MANVILLE, Tioga Point
Uriah WILSON, Tioga Point
Wm. WILLIAMS, Tioga Point
Noah MURRY, Tioga Point
Jabez or Aaron SQUIER, Tioga Point
Constant BAILY, Tioga Pont
Constant WILLIAMS, Smithfield
Saml. KELLOG, Smithfield
Rosewell SLAUTER, Rush
Susannah WOUTHAST, Rush
Salmon W. MERRILL, Litchfield
Ezra GODARD, Burlington
James CAMPBELL, Sugar Creek
Ezra RUTTY, Wysox
Saml. ADEN, Towandee
Abraham TABOR, Towandee
Henry SALSBURY, Towandee
J. Kelsey Jones

Mansfield Advertiser - 1958
Windy Smith Flies Again
Leon D. [Windy] Smith, of Elmira and former resident of Mansfield, has completed the reenacting of the first air mail flight which he flew from Washington to New York City back in 1919. Windy took over the flight two months after it was instituted and stuck with it for two years. He has now been flying for 45 years. Mr. Smith flew the same type of plane which had been used in that first run and was given a send-off in Washington by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, who with her husband had witnessed the first flight. There were many other dignitaries present. A stop-over was made in Philadelphia and finally a change had to be made to another plane because of radiator trouble in the original water-cooled plane. This run from Washington to New York City was the first in the world to have a continuous airmail schedule. Mr. Smith also operated an aerial circus in Washington before beginning his air mail flights. Windy's comment about the open cock-pit plane said, "I nearly froze to death." He hadn't flown an open cock-pit plane since teaching flying during World War II. He also was a World War I flying instructor. He admits to being "over 60."
Government, Politics & Public Office Holders
See the County Histories and County & City Directories for more information on office holders and local politics
1857 Officers of Chemung County 1867 Jerome Potter to Henry Card
1868 - Brief History & Description of States & Territories 1868 - How to Secure Public Lands - the Homestead Act
1868 - Law Maxims
A married woman is considered a reliable witness IF her husband says she's telling the truth.
Sullivan Township Supervisors' Meeting minutes - 1845-1897
Mayors & Burgesses of Athens 1874 Elmira City Government
1874 Chemung County Officers Town of Southport Supervisors 1822-2004
1877 Tioga County Officers 1897 Tioga County Officers
1875 Election - Tioga County Township Officers Henry Card Papers
1889 Tioga County Election Results 1872 County Officers, Chemung, Allegany, Schuyler, & Steuben Counties
1900 Elmira City Government Town of Veteran Supervisors & Clerks 1900-2006
South Creek Township Road Workers Time Sheets 1947 1905 Political Cards
South Creek Township Road Workers Time Sheets 1957 1840 - Pennsylvania Senators
1904 Tioga County Justices of the Peace William B. Wilson of Blossburg. First Secretary of Labor
1850 Tioga County Jurors 1904 Tioga County Jurors
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad in Bradford County Underground Railroad
Friends and Neighbors: Abolitionists in Elmira John W. Jones Museum - Intro
People - Some famous, some not
Clem Smead 'n' His Two Lean Hounds Octogenarian Annie VIELE Lloyd is Feminist at Heart
Bradford County's First Woman Sheriff Addie CHILSON Knapp, Southport's First Woman Supervisor
Fire Chiefs of Athens PA Mayors & Burgesses of Athens PA
Beecher Babies Veterans of War of 1812 in Tioga County PA
Tri-County Women Eileen Collins of Elmira, Astronaut
The 1700s Club - Pioneer Photos The Arch Creek Fla. - Elmira Connection
1898 - The Williams- Gates Elopement 1880 - Autobiography of Elnathan Green
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide The Haunts of Long Ago - Bert Bentley
The Hair Wreath - Mementos of the 1850-1875 Era Joan's Rockne honored at 70th Birthday Party
1932 Greetings from a Depressionist My Four Walls by Ted Bescanceny
Windy Smith, Aviation Pioneer The War Years on the Ridge Road by Walt Samson
Growing Up In Clymer by Melva Calaman Armenia Tax Collector Retires After 18 Years
Mary GODBEY Bailey, Mansfield's News Reporter Pat Ballard, Troy Songwriter, Dies
Jim Cowan of Gillett Recalls the Frontier Dogs Are People, Too
Pauline BURROWS "Hurst,"
First African American graduate of Elmira College
Woody Woodhull - Country Music Hall of Fame
Coffey, Baldwin, Murphey - People Who Made a Difference in Ashland Philip VanDoren Stern of Wyalusing
1935 Comparison of Lifestyles of Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady and Nora STONE Smith, farmer of Rutland 1933 Autobiography of Philip H. Dewey
Some Persons of Note or Fame From Our Area 1956 Medical Doctors in Tioga County
The Ghost of William Penn - Tom Roy Smith 1925 Smithfield's Elder Population
An Analysis of Caesar Barnes, perhaps Smithfield’s first pioneering black and only black Revolutionary soldier of Bradford County  
Tri-County Centenarians

Our Centenarian and Centennial section outgrew this General Articles page, so I have separated it and relocated it to a page of its own where it can continue to grow. 
Other Centennial Celebrations
Dunham's Department Store 1905-2005 and beyond Erin Methodist Church 100th Anniversary
1996 Fassett Baptist Church Centennial Covington Baptist Church Centennial 1940
Elk Run M. E. Church History 1964 1976 - Tioga County Celebrates National Bicentennial
Roseville Methodist Church Building Centennial 1891-1991 Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville 1972 Centennial
1876 Elmira Celebrates the National Centennial 1964 Elmira Centennial
1957 Mansfield Centennial Book 1957 Winners of Mansfield's Centennial Beard Contest
1975 Troy Fair Celebrates 100th Year (Articles) 2006 Wellsboro's Bicentennial
Troy Fair 100th Anniversary Book
Historic Houses and Buildings
Historic Houses of Troy PA The Windmill at Mainesburg
Rockgirt at Minnequa Mason Home in Towanda
The Allen Home of Mansfield PA 82 South Main Street, Mansfield - History
Andrew Ross House, Mansfield Houses and Buildings of Westfield & Elkland
Saunders Farm Big Flats-Catlin Powers Corners - Junction of Routes 6 and 549
John W. Jones House, Elmira NY Dwyer Residence in Canton
2005 - Restoring Stevensville Hall The Wren's Nest in Mansfield
Stone House at Farmington Middlebury Township Houses
Oldest Frame House in Granville Wells Township Houses
Century Farms of Bradford County 1981 Wellsboro Houses 1948
Town of Southport Historic Houses Town of Southport - Pennsylvania Avenue
The Dams that were built in Tioga County in the 1970s caused the destruction of large land areas. Among the losses were several cemeteries and many houses and other buildings. Many of the lost farms had long family histories. In Nelson, many buildings were relocated, but many others in the area were lost entirely. We hope to collect some of the photos of lost buildings for this section of the site f you have any send them to me in HIGH RESOLUTION JPG format. Please do not be stingy with the pixels or I'll have to ask you to do it again. Please include whatever history you have on the building and its residents as well.
Buildings Lost in the Hammond Dam Project
The Doud House - Tioga Hammond - Tioga Dam Project
Poetry With Local Origin
Before It's Too Late copied by Nora STONE Smith of Rutland Loretta HEYLER Welch of Sullivan
Poems Composed by Jerome B. Packard of Granville The Haunts of Long Ago by Bert Bentley of Catlin
Oscar Sherman - Roseville Clem Smead 'n' His Two Lean Hounds
Kissin Cousins? by Marylyn DEWEY Adams Dear Old Rome by Lillian M. Ridgeway 1871
Esther SHAW Jones work 1945 [Book in Joyce's Museum] John Charles Tomlinson work 1943.[Book in Joyce's Museum]
Mansfield - A Poem A Tribute to the Folks at Mansfield
Memories of Fallbrook 1870 Robert Howard - Poems about his Ancestors
1838 Poem by Cyrus Cook to his future wife Caroline Ellsworth 1849 - On the Death of Elizabeth Miller of the Covington School by James Nobles
1934 - Class Poem - Mansfield High Schol The Legend of Minnequa & Nephawin - Grace Greenwood
Carrie Cogswell- I'm Going Back to the Old Home Town 1962 - Mr. McNett Poem for Roaring Branch Centennial
ca 1879 - Death of Lois Potter by Sarah Frost of Covington Jim L. Smith - Poems about Erin
1918 - To The City of Elmira Nature's Own - Nessmuk
Tin Wedding in Brookfield - Peleg Coffin & Wife Poetry of John Elmer French 
Civil War & Other Military
Elmira Civil War Prison Camp History Oysters For Oystermen
Elmira Prison Revisited Federal Prisoner of War Camp at ELmira NY
1901 Speech at Odd Fellows in Mansfield Letters From Civil War Soldiers - DS Collection
Halloween Afternoon at Cold Harbor, Virginia Letter from Reddin Wilcox, Prisoner at Elmira
William Shaff Papers The Prison Experience of Andrew Klock, Co. F, 11th Regt., PA Cavalry, as Written by Himself at Eighty-one Years of Age
Events of Nature
Dangers, Hardships & Thrilling Incidents - Heverly 1893 Hurricane Damage
Famine Snow in May - Historical Context
The Tioga River 1816 The Year There Was No Summer
1946 Flood - Sylvania Photos 1946 Flood - A Fourth Graders Observations in Elmira
2004 Charley Visits Florida Named Summits in the area with GPS Coordinates
1912 Typhoid Epidemic in Troy PA 1869 - The Great Troy Fire
1890 -  Devastating Flood at Osceola
Cutting Ice Boiling Sap
Crime and Crime Again
Crime Section got too big - Moved to its own page
Tri-County Antique Postcards
Many Thousands of Antique Postcards and Photos are scattered through the site as illustration for our pages.
Additionally some of them are presented in collections below, by subject, place, or photographer. 
"One of these days" I'll get them all arranged by collection.
 Tri-Counties Site Ninth Anniversary Postcard Shower August 2005
Dating Postcards [off site]
Antique Holiday Postcards
New Year's Day Valentine's Day Presidents Day St. Patrick's Day
Easter Valentine's Day Slide Show Fourth of July Labor Day
Leap Year Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas
Giant Vegetables Decoration Day The Language of Flowers
W.C.T.U. Postcards
Postcards by Photographer / Publisher
Caulkins Postcards
Mansfield by Caulkins
M.S.N.S. by Caulkins
Mainesburg by Caulkins
Bates Postcards
Mansfield by Bates
Mansfield Fair by Bates
M.S.N.S. by Bates
M.S.N.S. Faculty by Bates
Vedder Postcards
Mansfield by Vedder
Blossburg by O'Donnell
Carpenter & Pierce Drug Store
Postcards and Photos by Town or Village
Albany / New Albany
Bentley Creek
Leraysville 2
Pike 2
Spring Hill
Troy (FMC)
West Burlington
Blossburg State Hospital
Bloss - Williamson Road
Bloss - Churches
Covington 1
Covington 2
Delmar Township
Lambs Creek
Liberty 1
Liberty 2
Shippen Township
Ashland - Wellsburg's Four Corners
Town & Village of Chemung 1
Town & Village of Chemung 2
Elmira - Bridges in and near Elmira
Elmira Streets
Elmira Trolley
Horseheads Churches & Streets
Town of Southport Photos
Town of VanEtten Photos
Town of Veteran Photos
Postcards of Elmira
Brand Park Eldridge Park Rorick's Glen
Lake Street E. Water Street W. Water Street
Elmira College Hotels Reformatory
Unique Photo Postcards
The Men Who Are Digging the Panama Canal
Then and Now - Antique Postcard /  Current Photo Comparisons
Mansfield - BiLo Parking Lot Troy - Canton Street .
Troy - East Main Street Horseheads
Mansfield - Opera House - Borough Hall Troy - Main St. from Canton St. Elmira - Water St. - Bt Baldwin & Lake
Troy - West side of Canton St Veteran - Reuben Tifft - Sally Turner Farm
Troy - W. Main & Canton St
Let's Visit
Alba Borough Camptown Homet's Ferry Lime Hill
Overlook Wyalusing
Tips forResearchers
Cite your Sources - Rules for Scholarship in Genealogy Fact or Fiction
You Gotta Know the Territory - Genealogy, Geography, and Logic Words We Use
Lemuel WOOD vs. Jonathan WOOD: Facing Facts Struggling With Bad Apples
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