Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
1877 Tioga County History
from OLD TIOGA and Ninety Years of its Existence (1787-1877) published Tioga, Penn: Bunnell and Rolfe, Publishers 1877 

Chapter II Tioga County - Statistical

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List of County Officers from the Date of Organization

Typed and submitted by Sharon Elliott

Alpheus Cheney  Elected 1812  Residence, Elkland
Simeion Power  Elected 1815  Residence Lawrenceville
John Knox  Elected 1818  Residence Cowanesque
Elijah Stiles  Elected 1821  Residence Wellsobors
John Beecher  Elected 1824  Residence Wellsboro
Robert Tubbs Elected 1827 Residence Osceola
Seth Daggett Elected 1830 Residence Jackson
  (Resigned and Francis Wetherbee chosen in 1831)  
Benjamin Gitchell Elected 1834 Residence Charleston
John Wakeley Elected 1837 Residence Brookfield
Curtis Parkhurst Elected 1840 Residence Lawrenceville
Joseph W.Guernsey  Elected1843 Residence Tioga
Henry H. Potter Elected 1846 Residence Middlebury
John Mather Elected 1849 Residence Shippen
Henry A. Guernsey Elected 1852 Residence Wellsboro
John Mather Elected 1855 Residence Charleston
Simeon I.Power Elected 1858 Residence Lawrenceville
Hezekiah Stowell, Jr Elected 1861 Residence Delmar
LeRoy Taber Elected 1864 Residence Tioga
Jerome B. Potter Elected 1867 Residence Middlebury
E.A. Fish Elected 1870 Residence Sullivan
Stephen Bowen Elected 1873 Residence Morris Run
D. H. Walker Elected 1876 Residence Wellsboro
John Norris Elected 1813 Served 6 Years
Uriah Spencer Elected 1818 Served 3 Years
John Patton Elected 1821 Served 3 Years
Uriah Spencer Elected 1824 Served 6 Years
J. Brewster Elected 1831 Served 6 Years
John F. Donaldson Elected 1836 Served 2 Years
A. S. Brewster Elected 1838 Served 1 Year
John F. Donaldson Elected 1839 Served 33 Years
Robert C. Cox Elected 1872 Present incumbent
Registers and Recorders    
William Bache Elected 1821 Served 3 Years
Uriah Spencer Elected 1824 Served 7 Years
B. B. Smith  Elected 1831 Served 5 Years
Luman Wilson Elected 1836 Served 9 Years
James P. Magill Elected 1845 Served 9 Years
W. D. Bailey Elected 1854 Served 6 Years
Henry S. Archer Elected 1860 Served 6 Years
D. L. Deane Elected 1866 Served 9 Years
Geo. C. Bowen Elected 1875 Present incumbent

County Treasurers 1808-9-10, Samuel W. Morris: 1811, Alpheus Cheney; 1814, B. Thompson; 1815, Benjamin W. Morris; 1817-18-19, Daniel Lamb; 1820-21, Robert Tubbs; 1822. John Beecher; 1823-24, Levi Vail; 1829-30, Elihu Hill; 1831-32-33, Thomas Dyer; 1834-35, John Barnes; 1836-37, Archibalk Knox; 1838-39-40-41, Thomas Dyer; 1842-43, R. G. White; 1844-45, Jno. L. Robinson; 1846-47, A. H. Bacon; 1848-49, Geo. Levergood; 1850-51, S. L. Hibbard; 1852-53, George Knoz; 1854-55, Henry Rathbone; 1856-57, O. H. Blanchard; 1858-59, O. F. Taylor; 1860-61, James S. Watrous; 1862-63, H. B. Card; 1864-65, A. M. Spencer; 1866-67, C. F. Miller; 1868-69, H. C. Bailey; 1870-71-72, Robert C. Cox; 1873-74, Henry Rowland; 1875, Thomas Allen, present incumbent.

The County Surveyors of Tioga County
John Norris Appointed 1814 Served 14 years
Samuel McDougall Appointed 1827 Served 9 years
E. F. Deane Appointed 1836 Served 3 years
Samuel McDougall Elected 1839 Served 12 years
David Heise Elected 1850 Served 6 years
Henry S. Archer Elected 1856 Served 3 years
E. P. Deane Elected 1859 Served 4 years
D. L. Deane Appointed 1863 Served 2 years
David Heise Elected 1865-68 Served 12 years
County Commissioners
1809-10, Eddy Howland, Uriah Spencer, Caleb Boyer, Nathan Niles, and George Hart;
1811, Eddy Howland
1812 Timothy Ives
1813 Ambrose Millard
1814 Hopestill Beecher
1815 Justus Dartt
1816 Robert B. Elliott
1817 John Knox
1818 Asa Mann
1819 Elijah Depui
1820 John Ryan, Jr.
1821 Oliver Willard
1822 Seth Daggett
1823 Hiram Beebe
1824 William Knox
1825 Elijah Welch
1826 Elijah Stiles
1827 James Goodrich
1828 L. Jackson
1829 John Cochran
1830 E. B. Gerould
1831 Job Geer
1832 A. Hammond
1833 C. Alvord
1834 GeorgeKnox
1835 Samuel Miller
1836 C. N. Sykes
1837 P. Doud
1838 George Levergood
1839 Buel Baldwin
1840 Levi Elliott
1841 C. O. Spencer
1842 M. W. Stull
1843 H. H. Potter
18944 E. Howland
1845 William Rose, Jr.
1846 John Fox
1847 Israel Merrick
1848 David Ellis
1849 Leander Culver
1850 David Caldwell
1851 Ansel Purple
1852 Benjamin Van Dusen
1853 Austin Lathrop
1854 O. B. Wells
1855 D. G. Stevens
1856 C. F. Culver
1857 John James
1858 L. D. Seeley
1859 Amos Bixby
1860 A. Barker
1861 Job Rexford
1862 C. F. Miller (appointed to fill vacancy caused by decease of Amos Bixby)
1863 C. F. Miller, Myron Rockwell
1864 E. S. Seeley
1865 E. Hart
1866 P. V. Van Ness
1867 Job Rexford
1870 Job Resford
1871 T. O.Hollis
1872 E. Hart
1873 L. B.Sheives
1874 E. Klock
1875 L. L. Smith, E. J. Purple, N. A. Elliott

Members of Congress from Tioga County
James Ford, Lawrenceville,  Elected 1828-30  Served 2 terms
Samuel W. Morris Wellsboro  Elected 1836 Served 1 term
Stephen F. Wilson Wellsboro Elected 1864 Served 2 terms
Henry Sherwood Wellsboro Elected 1870 Served 1 term
John I. Mitchell Wellsbror Elected 1876, present incumbent

 State Senators
John Ryon, Lawrenceville Elected in 1824
Daniel L. Sherwood (Speaker) Mansfield Elected in 1846
John W. Guernsey Tioga Elected 1852-53
S. F. Wilson Wellsboro Elected 1862
B. B. Strang (Speaker) Westfield Elected 1871-2-3-4-5
C. H. Seymour Tioga Present incumbent

Representatives in the State Legislature
John Ryon Elected 1822 Served 2 years
James Ford Elected 1824 Served 2 years
Curtis Parkhurst Elected 1827 Served 1 year
John Beecher Elected 1829 Served 1 year
Samuel W. Morris Elected 1831 Served 4 years

At this time, Tioga and Bradford counties formed a representative district. In 1835 two members from Bradford County, Israel Myers and Dr. Bullock, were elected for the district.
William Garretson,  Elected in 1836  Served 2 Years

Tioga and Potter counties formed a representative district in 1838 and Lewis B. Cole was elected. John Wahlee was elected in 1841, and served one year.
Daniel L. Sherwood Elected in 1841 Served 2 years
George Knox Elected in 1843 Served 2 years
John C. Knox Elected in 1845 Served 2 years
N. A. Elliott Elected in 1847 Served 2 years
Jeremiah Black Elected in 1849 Served 1 year
A. J. Monroe Elected in 1850 Served 1 year
Jeremiah Black Elected in 1851 Served 1 year
James Lowrey Elected in 1852 Served 2 years
Thomas L. Baldwin Elected in 1854 Served 2 years
L. P. Willistin Elected in 1856 Served 4 years
B. B. Strang Elected in 1858 Served 2 years
S. B. Elliott Elected in 1860 Served 2 years
C. O. Bowman Elected in 1862 Served 1 year
John W. Guernsey Elected in 1863 Served 2 years
W. T. Humphrey Elected in 1865 Served 2 years
B. B. Strang Elected in 1867 Served 4 years
Jerome B. Niles Elected in 1868 Served 2 years
John I. Mitchell Elected in 1871 Served 3 years
John I. Mitchell Elected in 1874 Served 2 years
W. T. Humphrey Elected in 1874 Served 2 years
C. V. Elliott Elected in 1876  Present incumbent
Hugh Young Elected in 1876 Present incumbent
Names and Addresses of Attorneys now (1877) Practising at the Bar of Tioga County
Blossburg,- John C. Horton, C. Rathbone
Elkland -C. W. Beach, J. S. Ryon
Knoxville- Lewis Mead, C. L. Peck
Millerton -S. E. Kirkendall
Tioga -John W. Guernsey, F. G. Bishop, L. H. Tuttle, F. E. Smith, C. H. Seymour
Wellsboro -J. H. Bosard, Thomas Allen, M. F. Elliott, A. L. Ensworth, H. M. Foote, Jeff Harrison, George W. Merrick, John I. Mitchell, John N. Bache, Jerome B. Niles, H. B. Packer, Henry Sherwood, Walter Sherwood, L. P. Williston, J. W. Mather, David Cameron, S. F. Wilson, F. E. Watrous, E. B. Young
Mansfield -John W. Adams, Henry Allen, F. W. Clark
Westfield- B. B. Strang, T. C. Sanders, J. C. Strang, Augustus Streeter
Covington -A. Redfield

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