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Article: War of 1812 Veterans in Tioga County PA
Township: Tioga County PA
by Chester P. Bailey 
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Veterans of 1812 War

by Chester P. Bailey

George W. King – born in Bennington, VT, died in Mansfield 1867. A veteran of 1812. He was wounded at the battle of Lundy’s Lane, father of Mark King, founder of the Mansfield Fair and owner of the furniture-manufacturing factory in Mansfield.

George King gave the address at the farewell dinner held in the Mansfield Classical Seminary dining room for the company of men named the Tioga Mountaineers as they left for the Civil War in 1861.

Tioga County Veterans

Tioga County in 1812 was a frontier County and sparsely populated and was not called upon to raise a military company during the War of 1812.

When the British burned Buffalo, N. Y. and being so close to the Seneca Indians territory there was some fear that they might engage into the conflict, so the local citizens called up men from the Tioga River valley and Cowanesque valley and formed a volunteer group at Lawrenceville. However, the British did not advance from the area. Henry Baldwin was captain of the volunteers and among the others were Samuel Tubbs, David Taylor, Rueben Cook, Jr. and Andrew Bosard of Osceola.

From Deerfield Twp – Newbury Cloos, John Knox, Charles Carpenter, Elanson Seelye and Eleazor Seelye.

Volunteers who entered service in 1812 were given land warrants by the government of the United States. In 1879 Rueben Cook received a pension of $8.00 a month.

Many of the soldiers of 1812 were sons of Revolutionary soldiers.

Tioga County History does not have a complete list of 1812 vets, as many died or moved away before any record was made.

Williamson Road

A number of companies on their way to Black Rock passed through Tioga County over the Williamson Road, as it was the principal thoroughfare down the Tioga Valley at that time.

The companies came from the lower Counties and the Tioga Valley and at times presented quite a martial appearance as they marched through. Some artillery and many baggage wagons passed this way.

History of Tioga Co. – 1887

Known 1812 Veterans of Tioga County:

Edsell Mitchell – Middlebury Twp.

Ebenezer Ferry – Charleston Twp.

John B. Farer – Sullivan Twp.

Daniel Rose – Sullivan Twp.

James Cudworth – Sullivan Twp.

Levi Mabie – Sullivan Twp.

Jacob Hulslander – Sullivan Twp.

Gad Lamb, Commissioned a Captain but was not called – Lambs Creek

Francis B. Spencer – Canoe Camp

Cornelius Middaugh – Lawrence Twp.

John A. Smith – Lawrence Twp.

James Smith – Nelson

Sylvester Stewart – Nelson

John Weeks – Nelson

Col. Marinus W. Stull – Elkland

Willaim Casbeer – Farmington Twp.

William Wass – Cathan Twp.

Asahel Nobles – Brookfield Twp.

George W. Hunt – Brookfield Twp.

Gedfrey Bowman – Brookfield Twp.

Duncan L. Thompson – Westfield

Daniel Hunt – Westfield

Jareal Davin – Clymer Twp.

Thompson Eldridge – Clymer

Mathew Boom – Clymer

Samuel P. King – Chatham Twp.

Jason Cooper – Chatham Twp.

John Crippen – Farmington Twp.

Peter Moury – Farmington Twp.

Duncan Carl – Farmington

Stephen Merriel, Jr. – Jackson Twp.

Solomon Westbrook – Middlebury Twp.

Henry H. Potter – Middlebury Twp.

Vine Seager – Westfield

Royal Cole – Wellsboro

George W. King – Mansfield

John Pershing – Gaines

Homer Ruggles – Elk Twp.

John Sebring – Liberty

John Neal – Liberty Twp.

John J. Cole – Union Twp.

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