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Hanford's Elmira City and
Elmira Heights
Directory - 1900

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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.


Containing a General Directory of the Citizens of Elmira and Elmira Heights, a Classified Business Directory, a House Directory of Elmira, and a new City Map. City, County, State, and United States Governments, Schools, Societies, Etc.


FOR SALE BY HOSMER H. BILLINGS. 112 Baldwin Street, Elmira, N.Y.

PRICE - - - $3.50.

(Entered according to Act of Congress in the office of the Libraries of Congress at Washington, D.C., in the year 1900, by George Hanford.)

Elmira, N.Y.

This Reprint Edition Published on the Internet April 2006 by Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice


The 28th presidential term of four years commenced on the 4th day of March, 1897, and will expire at noon on the 4th day of March, 1901.


President—William McKinley, of Ohio, Salary $50,000.

Vice-President—Vacant. Salary $8,000.


Secretary of State—John Hay, of Ohio, Salary $8,000.

Secretary of Treasury—Lyman J. Gage, of Illinois, Salary $8,000.

Secretary of War—Elihu Root, of New York, Salary $8,000.

Attorney General—John W. Griggs, of New Jersey. Salary $8,000.

Postmaster General—Charles Emory Smith, of Pennsylvania, Salary $8,000.

Secretary of Navy—John D. Long, of Massachusetts. Salary $8,000.

Secretary of Interior—Ethan A. Hitchcock, of Missouri. Salary $8,000.

Secretary of Agriculture—James Wilson, of Iowa. Salary $8,000.


The legislative powers of the general government are vested in the United States Congress which consists of two houses, Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate consists of ninety members, two from each state, The House of Representatives consists of 357 members. Salary of Senators and Representatives $5,000 per year and mileage twenty cents per mile.


Chief Justice—Melville W. Fuller, of Illinois. Salary $10,500.

Associate Justices—Horace Gray, Massachusetts; Henry B. Brown, Michigan; George Shiras, Jr., Pennsylvania; Edward D. White, Louisiana; Rufus W. Peckham, New York: John M. Harlan, Kentucky; David J. Brewer, Kansas; Joseph McKenna, California. Salary of Associate Justices $10,000.

Reporter—J. C. Bancroft Davis, New York.

Clerk—J. H. McKenney, D. C.



Governor—Theodore Roosevelt, of Oyster Bay, Salary $10,000.

Lieutenant Governor—Timothy L. Woodruff, of Brooklyn. Salary $5,000.

Secretary of State—John T. McDonough, of Albany. Salary $5,000.

Comptroller—William J. Morgan, of Buffalo. Salary $6,000.

Treasurer—John P. Jaeckel, of Auburn. Salary $5,000.

Attorney General—John C. Davies, of Camden. Salary $5,000.

State Engineer and Surveyor—Edward A Bond, of Watertown. Salary $5,000.

Superintendent of Banking Department—Frederick D. Kilburn, of Malone. Salary $5,000.

Superintendent Insurance Department—Francis E. Hendricks, of Syracuse. Salary $5,000.

Superintendent of Public Instruction—Charles R. Skinner, of Watertown.

Superintendent of State Prisons—Cornelius V. Collins, of Troy. Salary $6,000.

Superintendent of Public Works—John N. Partridge. Salary $6,000.

Commissioner of Labor Statistics—John McMackin, New York. Salary $3,000.

Commissioners of Canal Fund—Lieut. Governor, Sec. of State, Comptroller, State Treasurer and Attorney General.

Civil Service Commissioners—Willard A. Cobb, of Lockport; William M. Collins, of Auburn; Silas W. Burt, of New York; Charles S. Fowler, Albany, chief examiner. Salaries $2,000.

State Factory Inspector—John Williams, Utica. Salary $3,000.

The legislative powers of the state are vested in the state legislature which consists of two houses, senate and assembly.

The state is divided into 50 senatorial districts, each choosing one senator.

The assembly consists of 150 members.

Senators and assemblymen receive a compensation of $1,500 per annum and mileage.

Justices of Supreme Court 6th Judicial District—Albert H. Sewell, Walton; Gerritt A. Forbes, Canastota; Charles E. Parker, Owego; Walter Lloyd Smith, Elmira; George F. Lyon, Binghamton; Burr Mattice, Oneonta.

Court Stenographers—Theodore C. Rose, Elmira; Henry L. Beach, Binghamton; John B. Murray, Delhi.




January 8 second Monday, Trial and Special Term; Judge Forbes.

April 16, third Monday, Trial and Special Term; Judge Sewell.

June 26, fourth Tuesday, Special Term; Judge Lyon.

September 17, third Monday, Trial and Special Term; Judge Mattice.

Motion Terms: Feb. 20, Mattice; March 20, Forbes; May 15, Lyon; Oct. 16, Sewell; Nov. 20, Forbes; Dec. 18, Sewell.



Second Tuesday of January at Albany,

First Tuesday of March at Albany,

First Tuesday of May at Albany,

First Tuesday of September at Saratoga Springs,

Second Tuesday of November at Albany.


Terms of the County Court in and for Chemung County, are hereby ordered to be held at the Court House, in the City of Elmira, commencing at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, as follows, viz:

The first Tuesday in February,

The first Tuesday in May.

The second Tuesday in July.

The fourth Tuesday in October.

A Grand and Trial Jury shall be drawn for the July term, and a Trial Jury only for February and October Terms. The first term of the Court to be held in pursuance of this order will be on the first Tuesday in February, 1900. A Term of the County Court without a jury will be held at the Chambers of the County Judge at the Court House on the third Tuesday of each and every month at the same hour, except the months of February, May, July, August and September.


County Judge and Surrogate—Charles R. Pratt.

County Clerk—Thomas Hibbard.

Deputy County Clerk—Edwin D Burgess.

Special Deputy County Clerk—Manfred H. Davis.

District Attorney—Franklin F. Aldridge.

Sheriff—Johnson Little.

Under Sheriff—Fred M. Jones.

Deputy Sheriffs—S. C. Taber, Frank Howard.

County Treasurer—James D. McCann.

School Commissioner—Jesse S. Kellogg.

Coroners—Frederick C. Annabel, Elmira; W. E. Colegrove, Horseheads.

Loan Commissioners—George C. Reynolds, Paul Colson.

Superintendent of the Poor—William Van Duzer.


Towns Names PO ADDRESS

Ashland—McKean McDowell, Wellsburg.

Baldwin—Mark Banfield, North Chemung

Big Flats—E. H. Wakelee, Big Flats.

Catlin—Cassius M. Sweet, Catlin.

Chemung—John I. Ford, Chemung.


Elmira City, 1st ward—Cooley D. Shappee.

2nd ward—Solomon Bernstein.

3rd ward—Milton M. Elmendorf.

4th ward—Henry J. Wadsworth.

5th ward—Michael F. Lineen.

6th ward—Joseph B. Kelly

7th ward—Frank W. Meddaugh.

8th ward—John J. Crowley.

9th ward—Jabin A. Secor.

10th ward—John F. Murtaugh.

11th ward—Samuel W. Forman.

12th ward—George C. Boylen.

Elmira—Luther Jenkins, Elmira.

Erin—Willis H. Hollenbeck, Erin.

Horseheads—John McCann, Horseheads.

Southport—Charles Chamberlin, Southport Corners.

Van Etten—Burr B. McDowell, Van Etten.

Veteran—W. M. Hill, Millport.

Clerk—O. M. Wixon, Elmira.


Samuel D. Aulls, George W. Ault, F. F. Aldridge, John J. Allen, Lillie Angle, F. C. Annabel, A. Anhalt, H. N. Babcock, E. S. Backer, James Bacon, L. W. Bailey, Francis E. Baldwin, J. Scott Baldwin, Willard E. Barber, Emmerson J. Batterson, J. B. Beman, Johnson Beers, W. H. Bilbrough, Addison D. Blair, Joseph S. Bogardus, L. A. Bonham, Archie M. Bovier, Anna E. Brewer, Edward U. A. Brooks, Adda V. Brown, G. W. Buck, F. E. Bundy, R.. A. Burr, J. D. Burt, Edwin D. Burgess, J. Howard Burgess, Henry F. Bush, J. J. Bush, A. R. Butcher, John Butcher, James B. Cahoon, W. T. Campbell, Wm. S. Carr, Burton S. Chamberlin, A. F. Chapman, Harry M. Clarke, Edward H. Colburn, Webster J. Cole, Peter P. Conroy, Hovey E. Copley, John G. Cowan, J. B. Coykendall, J. J. Curtis, Edward G. Davidson, M. H. Davis, Edgar Denton, Charles Dickinson, F. X. Disney, Maud M. Disney, Eugene Diven, George Doane, Wm. S. Drew, Edward J. Dunn, Charles O. Eacker, W. N. Eastabrook, W. B. Edson, Frank O. Elliott, Charles G. Evans, E. M. Fay, Thomas F. Fennell, A. S. Fitch, J. B. Floyd, A. B. Galatian, John A. Galatian, Herschel L. Gardner, William S. Gerity, Henry K. Gilbert, Henry J. Gladke, Morris J. Gladke, Clara Graham, A. T. Griswold, Guy S. Griswold, Henry J. Haase, Benj. F. Hall, Joseph W. Hamilton, L. A. Harding, J. H. Hardy, Charles Hart, J. John Hassett, F. E. Hawkes, H. H. Hays, George R. Hemenway, Fred D. Herrick, Edward Horgan, Frank L. Howard, Charles F. Hurlburt, O. A. Jakway, Jessie Jaquish, Mary E. Jarvis, Fred F. Jewett, John R. Joslyn, Jeremiah Keefe, Duane C. King, Charles H. Knipp, Wilmot E. Knapp, Benjamin F. Levy, Thomas M. Losie, Jr., Herbert M. Lovell, Seymour Lowman, Harvey E. Ludlow, Dennis P. Lynch, Joseph C.


Lynch, Boyd McDowell, John I. Mathews, H. C. Mandeville, Walter C. Mason, John C. Melville, Harriet Mitchell, O. W. Middaugh, Roswell B. Moss, George L. Mulford, C. A. Murray, M. H. Murphy, Laurence Murray, Celia M. News, George Beers Nicewonger, Thomas K. Nafe, Frank C. Ogden, A. J. Oliver, Frank E. Oliver, M. O’Connor, E. W. Packard, E. W. Personius, John G. Pettengill, Cassius A. Phillips, John C. Pierce, C. H. Potter, Fred E. Potter, Arthur Pratt, George W. Reynolds, George G. Reynolds, Daniel E. Rice, Edwin K. Roper, E. A. Rundell, Fred Schornstheimer, William Simpson, Jacob V. Shappee, Arthur B. Sliter, Selia Shiver, Lee V. Shepard, H. Holden Sly, M. G. Smith, Dix W. Smith, B. G. Smith, Hiram I. Smith, L. F. Smith, George B. Smith, Emma Shay, Wm. P. Squire, A. H. Stowell, C. Tracey Stagg, Charles S. Straight, Charles B. Swartwood, Wm. Sullivan, Frederick W. Swan, C. C. Swan, S. C. Taber, F. C. Tomlinson, Samuel Thorp. E. E. Thornton, H. S. Thayer, J. Mont Tillman, William M. Ufford, Wm. H. Van Horn, Samuel R. Van Campen, Augustus Voorhees, A. S. Ward, Fred J. Watkins, W. S. Walker, George W. Ward, J. N. Ward, H. K. Walker, James H. Wells, Clara A. White, H. D. Wilcox. Francis C. Williams, Ezra Z. Wood, Fred L. Woodruff, Jason P. Woolever, George W. Wyckoff, O. C. Woolf.


Incorporated as a city April 7, 1864.


Mayor—Frank H. Flood.

Clerk—George W. Wyckoff.

Alderman, 1st ward—Charles S. Mather, John W. Lunn.

2nd ward—Clark M. Smith, Frank W. Weeks

3rd ward—Mathew Hogan, William S. Drew.

4th ward—Francis J. Byrne, Francis J. McCann.

5th ward—Hovey E. Copley, Thomas F. Fennell.

6th ward—John H. Fausnaught, James McGuigan.

7th ward—John M. McDowell, Thomas J. Finnell.

8th ward—Solon H. Brooks, James E. Collins.

9th ward—John Friend, Lewis A. DeWaters.

10th ward—Alfred Murray, Frank E. Houts

11th ward—Eugene B. Barnes, Frank E. Sackett.

12th ward—Arnold Sutton, William B. Swarts.

City Attorney—Herbert M. Lovell.

City Engineer—Frederic Leach.

City Chamberlain—Seymour Lowman.

City Judge—John G. McDowell.

Acting Judge—Herschel L. Gardener.

Recorder—Michael Danaher.

Acting Recorder—Henry J. Sadler.


Chief of Fire Department—Joseph A. Campbell.

Assistant Chief of Fire Department—William Y. Ellett.

Health Officer—Dr. H. D. Wey.

Superintendent of Public Works—T. McCarthy Fennell.

City Physician—Gideon D. Smith.

Overseer of the Poor—Daniel M. Mackey.


Auditing and Finance—Alermen McDowell, Mather, Smith, Drew, Byrne, Copley, Fausnaught, Collins, Friend, Murray, Sackett, Sutton.

Public Improvements—Aldermen Mather, Weeks, Hogan, Friend, Byrne, Copley, T. J. Finnell, McGuigan, McDowell, Brooks, Houts, Barnes, Swarts.

Streets—Aldermen Drew, T. J. Finnell, DeWaters, Collins, Barnes, Smith, Lunn, McCann, T. F. Finnell, Sutton, Murray.

Claims, Ordinances and Rules—Aldermen T. F. Finnell, Brooks, Drew, DeWaters, Swarts.

Lamps and Lighting—Aldermen Byrne, McGuigan, Copley, Brooks, Swarts.

Grievances—Aldermen McCann, T. J. Finnell, Fausnaught, Sutton, Barnes.

Bridges—Aldermen Collins, Byrne, Mather, DeWaters, Sutton.

Hackney Coaches and Cabs—Aldermen Houts, T. J. Finnell, Hogan, Barnes, Collins.

Public Health—Aldermen Murray, Sutton, T.J. Finnell, Byrne, Mather.

Wooden Buildings—Aldermen Fausnaught, T. F. Finnell, McCann, Weeks, Friend.

Printing—Aldermen Copley, McDowell, Friend, McCann, Sackett.

City Hall—Aldermen Swarts, Weeks, Drew, Hogan, Copley.

Fire Department—Aldermen Lunn, DeWaters, Brooks, Swarts, Murray.

Assessors—W. J. Daniels, Granville D. Parsons, George D. Evans.

Constables—John A. Galatian, Henry D. Force, Clarence P. Cherry, Emanuel J. Butler.

Truant Officer—George B. Dickinson.

Board of Public Works—Frank H. Flood, President; J. D. F. Slee.

Civil Service Commissioners—Charles E. Freydenburg, Francis A. Richmond, Edward D. Horgan. Bert C. Braman, Clerk.

Board of Health—Frank H. Flood, Mayor, President; Dr. H. D. Wey, Health Officer; R. B. Jenks, M.D., William Powell, James Gradwell, Arthur Leary, LeGrand Carr, C. F. Brown. Dennis Sullivan, Secretary.

Park Commissioners—Frank H. Flood, President; Louis Bally, John Brand, Lorenzo Howes, Benj. F. Doolittle. Geo. W. Wyckoff, Clerk.

Cemetery Commissioners—J. Monroe Shoemaker, President; Hamilton D. Wey, James B. Rathbone. Guy W. Shoemaker, Clerk. Charles Abbott, Superintendent.




Frank H. Flood, President of Board, Ex-officio.

Police Commissioners—Daniel Sheehan, Webster J. Cole, John Diester, E. I. Adams, Clerk.

Police Surgeon—Dr. F. B. Green.

Police Matron—Emma Smith.

Chief of Police—Frank J. Cassada.

Inspector—Edward Kennedy.

Captain—Patrick Hartigan.

Detective—Charles Gradwell.

Roundsman—Patrick Powell.

Police Constables—L. W. Babcock, John Twomey.

Patrol Driver—Morris O’Donnell.

Patrolmen—James Kelly, Frank A. Gitchell, Dennis Dempsey, William B. Priest. Frank A. Bowne, Edward G. Huegel, Hobart E. Benedict, Thomas Wilmot, Daniel Dillon, George A. Wood, John J. Flahive, Dennis Crowley, John Keavin, John A. Burke, John Shaughnessey, Michael Layden, William Powell, Samuel P. Forker, Dennis Murray, Richard James, Thomas McDonough, James Watts, Daniel E. Curtis, John Hurley, William L. Lazenby, Hyland B. Murray, P. K. McCarthy, John J. McNevin.


No. 1, Eldridge Park.

No. 2 College avenue and Reformatory street.

No. 3. Washington avenue and Hatch street

No. 4. Lake and Division street

No. 5. Lake and Washington avenue.

No. 6. College avenue and Webber street

No. 7. West Fifth street Lockup.

No. 8. Clinton and Davis streets.

No. 9. West Fifth and Magee streets.

No. 10. East Fifth street Lockup.

No. 11. East Clinton and Oak streets.

No. 12. East Clinton and Lake streets.

No. 13. Railroad avenue and Second street.

No. 14. East Church and Sullivan streets.

No. 15. East Water and High streets.

No. 16. East Water and Lake streets.

No. 17. West Water and Main streets.

No. 18. West Water and Walnut streets.

No. 19. West Church and Grove streets.

No. 20. Maple avenue and Home street.

No. 21. South Main and Miller streets.


No. 22. Pennsylvania avenue and South avenue.

No. 23. South Broadway and Franklin street.

No. 24. South Broadway and Partridge street.

No. 25. South Main street Lockup.

No. 26. Spaulding, Sly and Pennsylvania avenue.

No. 27. State and Market streets.



F. H. Flood, Mayor, President of Board.

I. D. Booth, Samuel Cotton; Clerk, George W. Wyckoff. Fire Surgeon, Dr. Gideon F. Smith.


(Department Headquarters, Market Street, opposite Exchange Place.)

Chief Engineer—Joseph A. Campbell.

Assistant Engineer and Superintendent Fire Alarm—William Y. Ellet.

Captain—Ezekiel Smith.

Call Engineers—Gardner A. Gerow, Charles Burgess.

Department Plumber—John Espey.


Station No. 1.

Hook and Ladder Company—Giles H. Wright.

Steamer and Hose Company—William B. Reynolds.

Station No. 2.

Steamer and Hose Company—Charles H. Riggs.

Station No. 3.

Steamer and Hose Company—William Masterson.

Station No. 4.

Steamer and Hose Company—James Fay.


12 West Water and Main streets.

13 West Gray and Columbia streets

14 West Church and Main streets.

15 West First and Davis streets.

16 West Church and Walnut streets.

17 West Water and Hoffman streets.

18 West Water and Walnut streets.

212 Residence of Clay W. Holmes.

21 West Second and Railroad avenue.

22 C. M. & R. Tompkins, State street.

23 West Second and College avenue.

24 West Clinton and College avenue.


25 West Fifth and Railroad avenue.

26 West Fifth and College avenue.

27 West Washington and College avenues.

28 Hatch and West Seventh streets.

211 Clinton and Railroad avenue.

213 College and Crete avenues.

31 East Church and William streets.

32 East Church and High streets.

33 Elmira Woolen Mill.

34 East Second and Lake streets.

35 East Clinton and Lake streets.

36 East Third and Madison avenue.

37 East Clinton and Oak streets.

311 Fitch, Aldrich & Bush Mill.

4 Fire Department Headquarters.

41 East Church and State.

42 East Water and State streets.

43 East Water and Lake streets.

45 East Water and High streets.

46 John and Orchard streets.

47 East Church and Sullivan streets.

48 East Market and High streets.

411 East Market and William streets.

412 Baldwin and Water streets.

413 Lake near Market street.

51 Chemung Place and Pennsylvania avenue.

52 Spaulding and Caldwell avenue.

53 South Main and Henry streets.

54 South Main and Pennsylvania avenue.

55 Junction and Miller streets.

56 South Broadway and Fulton streets.

57 South Broadway and Mt. Zoar streets.

58 Franklin and Pleasant streets.

59 Pennsylvania avenue and Miller street.

511 Harris, McHenry & Baker’s Mill.

61 West Clinton and Davis streets.

62 West Clinton and Grove streets.

63 West Sixth and Davis streets.

64 West Washington avenue and Walnut street.

65 Walnut and Ivy streets.

66 Grove street and Roe avenue.

67 College and Bloomer avenues.

68 Hoffman and Second streets.

7 No. 4 Engine House

71 East Fifth and Baldwin streets.


72 Lake and Harper streets.

73 Linden Place and Lake street.

74 Hall and Division streets.

75 Diven and Grand Central avenues.

81 Northern Central shops.

82 Perine and South avenue.

91 Home and Maple avenue.


One tap at 4 p.m.—drill.

One tap after alarm—fire under control.

Two taps after alarm—call for truck.

Three strokes after alarm—second alarm.

Three strokes after second alarm—third alarm.

Two taps, repeated thrice—police call.

Ten taps—call for militia.


M. M. Conklin, Postmaster; Arthur S. Fitch, Assistant Postmaster; Charles E. Hutchinson, Superintendent of Carriers and Distributing Clerk; Minnie Carpenter, Assistant Superintendent of Carriers and Distributing Clerk; William J. Homer, Money Order Clerk; Emmon T. Walker, Registry Clerk; John J. Ryan, Peter Fahr, Joseph V. Gilmore, Mailing Clerks; H. Carlyle Millspaugh, Claude S. Denson, Night Clerks; Sherman H. Hill, General Delivery and Stamp Clerk; Charles R. Jenkins, General Delivery and Stamp Clerk; Clarence E. Gascoigne, Clayton H. Banks, Gus M. Barnhart, Mailing and Distributing Clerks; John P. Lorden, Special Delivery Messenger; Jesse O. Moore, Janitor.

Open day and night—From 9:00 p.m. Sunday to 12:00 o’clock Saturday night; on Sunday from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; on Legal Holidays from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.; and after 6:00 p.m. Money Order Department open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; on Legal Holidays from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Registry Department open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; on Legal Holidays from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Money Order and Registry Departments closed on Sunday. Carriers’ windows open on Sunday from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; on Legal Holidays from 7:15 to 8: p.m.

Sub-Station No. 1, 600 Pennsylvania avenue. Webster J. Cole, Clerk in charge.

Sub-Station No. 2, 642 West Water street. E. A. Warner, Clerk in charge.

Sub-Station No. 3, 1055 Walnut street. Orville D. Elmore, Clerk in charge.

Elmira Heights Station, Elmira Heights. Frank E. Oliver, Clerk in charge.



Board of Education. District Commissioners—C. G. R. Jennings, M.D., No. 1, term expires October, 1901, 304 E. Church street; George McCann, No. 2, term expires October, 1900, 452 W. Church street; J. C. Dyott, Jr., No 3, term expires October, 1901, 701 Kinyon; Eugene Diven, No. 4, term expires October, 1900, 957 Lake street; Isaiah B. Coleman, No 5, term expires October, 1901, 353 W. Seventh street. Commissioners at Large—Matthias H. Arnot, term expires October, 1901, 233 Lake street; W. A. Jewett, term expires October, 1901, 125 E. Chemung Place; Frederick Collin, term expires October, 1900, 524 W. Water street; Thomas Milan, term expires October, 1900, 1025 Lake street.

Officers: President, Frederick Collin; Superintendent and Secretary, Robert J. Round; Sanitary Superintendent, C. W. M. Brown, M.D.; Truant Officer, Geo. B. Dickinson; Standing Committees; Finance—Arnot, McCann, Collin; Teachers—Jennings, Collin, Diven; Organization—Jewett, Milan, Coleman; Text Books—Dyott, Arnot, Jennings; Buldings—Milan, Coleman, Jewett; Supplies—Diven, Jennings, McCann; Academy—Collin, Jewett, Arnot; Laws and Rules—McCann, Dyott, Milan; Visiting—Coleman, Diven, Dyott.

Organization of Schools,



Clinton, Lake and William Streets.

Charles W. Evans, A. M., Principal, 501 ½ Grove street.

Cornelia S. Norman, Mary K. Smith, A. B.,

M. Louise Godfrey, A. B., D. May Roberts, A. B.,

Mina B. Phelps, A. B., Claretta Norwood, A. B.,

Lillian B. Herrick, A. B., Julia May Davis, A. B.,

Katherine E. Youmans, Kate Taylor, A. B.,

Gertrude E. Stephens, A. B., Margaret B. Koehler,

Mary Fleet Thomas, Library and Office Assistant,

Louis A. Hobler, Janitor, 452 E. Clinton street.


Sullivan and East Second streets.

Orson Warren, Principal, 601 College ave.

Katherine Mungovan, Anna L. Gethins,

Hattie B. Godfrey, Mary K. Bower,

Anna Powell, Mary T. Furey,

Georgia Lawrence, Ada L. Inscho,

Cora Bunnell, Kathryn Kingston,

Elva A. Elston, Jennie L. Clark,

Ella Bradshaw, Bertha A. Wilcox,

May Connelly, Carrie E. Breese,

Louise M. E. Miller, Elizabeth Gorman.

Simon Decker, Janitor, 400 Sullivan street.



West Second and Davis streets.

W. U. Rixford, A. B., Principal, 404 Euclid ave.

Anna F. Byrne, Clara Smith

Augusta J. Durbon, Mary J. Skeahan,

Franc B. Wormley, Josephine B. Flynn,

Mary A. Moffett, Minnie T. Patterson,

Ida L. Trescott, Nellie P. Howland,

Elizabeth Melville, Alice L. Fitten,

Clara E. Fitch, Anna L. Fitten

Esther E. Satterlee.

Jefferson V. Mockler, Janitor, 412 Grove street.


Partridge street, head of Harmon.

C. F. Walker, Principal, 113 Caldwell ave.

Emma O’Farrell, Grace Burt.

Margaret Mulcahy, Ada M. Wingrave,

Mattie E. Hudson, Minnie York,

Kate O’Farrell, Carrie E. Wyckoff,

Maggie M. Rodgers, Nellie F. Ranson,

May L. Kellogg, Margaret McNamara,

Louise Freeman, Mary C. Brady,

Edward Galavan, Janitor, 115 Harmon street.


Division, Hall and Benton streets.

Jennie B. Brook, Principal, 518 W. Gray street.

Sarah R. Webb, Ida M. Sherwood,

Orpah W. Thompson, Cora M. Brown,

Mary C. Byrne, M. Louise Hanyen,

Clara M. Vermilya, Ada E. Georgia,

Ella B. Kingsley, Hannah D. Fox,

Barbara E. Hart, Elizabeth Nagle,

Stella M. Lawrence, Celia Riffe,

Sadie Samuel,

Cyrus A. Sherman, Janitor, 1205 Hall street.


Washington avenue, Lincoln and Johnson streets.

James C. Van Etten, Ph. B., Principal, 712 Park Place.

Fannie Gosper, Anna McMahon,

Florence Tice, Belle Finch,

Jennie Sargeant, Ella J. Skeahan,

Isabel Nixon, Myra L. Adams,

Minnie A. Murphy, Julia Glines,

Emma F. Carpenter, Mary Linneen,

Alice R. Wixon, M. Lillian Van Buren,

Ella E. Harris, Harriet M. Snyder,

Elizabeth Ryan, Harriet Cleveland,

Lena J. Snyder.

Oscar M. Brown, Janitor, 805 Johnson street.



Riverside avenue.

Adella E. Crane, Principal, 458 Maple avenue.

Elizabeth W. Swartwood, Margaret I. Fitten,

Mary E. Hudson, Helen M. Keefe,

Katharine McMahon, Anna S. Roberts,

Theresa Hildreth, Esther S. Hall,

Jennie Reardon, Edith T. Riggs,

Marguerite McCarthy.

M. J. Carey, Janitor, 418 East Washington avenue.


East Second street and Madison avenue.

W. H. Benedict. A. M., Principal, 508 West Third street.

Bertha P. Fitzgerald, C. Leona Barber,

Mary A. Potter. Cora Ogden,

Mabel Little, Rosa L. Lappe,

Kate G. Patterson, Nellie Hogan,

Emma S. Haight, Margaret A. Lorch,

Anastasia Mullany, Katharine G. Hogan,

Laura Dullin, Catherine Faul,

Cora F. Beardsley, Jessie F. Mann,

Sara J. Leighton.

Lewis H. Butters, Janitor, 221 Dewitt street.


Perrine, Lyon and Dubois streets.

Charles W. Wasson, A. M., Principal, 480 South avenue.

Johanna Moore, Helen M. Weaver,

Maggie Moore, Nellie Riffe,

Mattie S. Leary, Edna M. Holly,

Grace Pellet, Mary G. Conley,

Susan Simpson.

Daniel Keefe, Janitor, 515 Pennsylvania avenue.


Reformatory and New streets.

Susan A. Thompson, Principal, 351 ½ Columbia street.

Lottie L. Lynn, Katharine Linneen.

Henry Baldwin, Janitor, 302 West Third streets.


Church, Hoffman and West Third streets.

Caroline Cooper, Principal, 627 West Church street.

Mary C. Danaher, Helen L. Dunn,

Wilhelmina Deister, Blanche E. Reynolds.

William W. Mallory, Janitor, 358 Grove street.

Director of Drawing—Alice Aldrich.

Director of Music—Nettie S. Love.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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