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Chapter XXII - Societies
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History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches

By H. C. Bradsby, 1891

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0NE of the oldest lodges in Northern Pennsylvania is Rural Amity Lodge, No. 70, F. & A. M., Athens, established by warrant, July 6, 1796. This was then Luzerne county, and lodges were established as follows: No. 108 at Wysox and Orwell, in 1808, and, now in Towanda. The day named, the Grand Council of Philadelphia issued a warrant allowing it constituted as follows: Arnold Colt. master; Stephen Hopkins, senior warden, and Ira Stevens, junior warden. The following is a list of the members of Rural Amity Lodge, No. 70, who had been made Masons in Union Lodge, Newtown, previous to its organization: Capt. Ira Stephens, Maj. Elisha Satterlee, Gen. Simon Spalding, Col. John Spalding, Win. Witter Spalding, Col. Jos. Kingsbury, John Shepard, Esq., David Paine and Isaac Cash, Rev. Noah Murray, Rev. Moses Park and Stephen Hopkins. (See 1798 to 1913 Membership List of the Lodge)

Dr. Stephen Hopkins came to Tioga Point, in 1790, from Morris county, N. J., was long and well-known to the citizens of this valley, and his descendants still reside amongst us. The first Masonic record we find of him is in the minutes of the sixteenth meeting of Newtown Lodge, February 17, 1794, where he is recorded as a member. In 1800, fie was made master of Lodge No. 70, and afterward was a hard worker for the success of the Lodge was made a Royal Arch Mason in Athens, January 21, 1813, an honorary member in 1820, and died at Athens, March 24, 1841. Clement Paine was appointed secretary, Maj. Elisha Satterlee, treasurer; Joseph Kingsbury, senior deacon

John Hutchinson, junior deacon; John Spalding, tyler. There were present, Gen. Simon Spalding, Chester Bingham, John Shepard, Col. David Pixley Benjamin Wynkoop, William Witter Spalding, fourteen in all, who, by mutual assent became the original or charter members of the lodge.

Capt. Ira Stephens was a soldier of the Revolution, his certificate of honorable discharge, at the closing of the war, was signed by General Washington. Ile was the rather of Chester Stephens, also of the late Ira H. Stephens., of Towanda. W as made a Mason in Newtown Lodge, February 24, 119l; was killed by a desperado in Angelica, N. Y., September 19, 1803, where he was buried with Masonic honors.

Clement Paine was born in Eastham, Mass., August 11, 1769; came to Tioqa Point in 1791. Ile was a prominent merchant and citizen of this place till his old age. He delivered the first address before the Lodge at their first celebration of St. John's Day, December 27, 1798. He went to Troy , Bradford county, in 1845, to reside with his son, and died there, March 1, 1849. 20


Maj. Elisha Satterlee was made a Mason in Newtown Lodge. February 24, 1794, and a Mark Master Mason, at Tioga Point, in 1809. He was the father of John F. Satterlee, and the grandfather of John F. Satterlee, Jr. Died at Athens, August 24, 1826, aged sixty-six years, and was buried with Masonic honors by the Lodge.

Gen. Simon Spalding was a resident of Sheshequin, where he had settled in 1783. He is well known in the history of Wyoming, as he held a captain's commission in troops raised for both Hartley's and Sullivan's expedition, in each of which he bore a part. He took the first step in Masonry in the Lodge at Newtown, June 23, 1794, but his second and third degrees in No. 70, :March, 1799. He was born in Plainfield, Conn., 1741 and died at Sheshequin, January 24, 1814. Capt. John Spalding was a son of Gen. Simon Spalding and was initiated into the mysteries of Masonry at the same time and place with his father.

Win. Witter Spalding was initiated at Newtown, June 28, 1794, was admitted a member of -No. 70, May 21, 1798. He was grandfather of Maj. A. Hanson Spalding, late sheriff of Bradford county. Benjamin Wynkoop resided at Tioga Point at the date of organization of the Lodge. Was a silversmith by trade. He had been made a Mason previous to his settling here, and was admitted as charter member of the Lodge.

At the re-organization of No. 70, under its old charter, in November, 1846, the following named were its charter members: Joseph Kingbury. Simon Spalding, John Spalding, Zephon Flowers, Dan Elwell, Ebenezer Shaw, J. F. Satterlee, Sr., Chester Stephens, Edward Herrick, Thos. T. Huston, Ab'm Minier, C., Matthewson, Francis Tyler, Charles Comstock, W. H. Overton, S. S. Bailey, Ira H. Stephens, Guy Tozer, Harvey Beach, Samuel Huston, Thomas W. Hill, Win. Hall, Win. Kiff, A. P. Spalding. Also, Harvey Core, Patrick Conro , N. J. LeDioyt. H. T. McGeorge, Win. Kendall, Jos. G. Wilkinson and Asahel Buck.

List of masters of Rural Amity Lodge: 1798, Arnold Colt; 1799, Joseph Kingsbury; 1800, Stephen Hopkins; 1801, Joseph Kingsbury: 1810, Elisha Satterlee; 1811, Solomon Evans; 1812, Joseph Kingsbury: 1816, John F. Satterlee; 1818, Thomas T. Huston; 1822, Arab. Backus; 1823, Asahel Buck; 1824, Joseph Kingsbury; 1828, John F. Satterlee; 1829, Samuel Huston; 1839, Charles Comstock; 184-7, John F. Satterlee; 1849, Harvey Beech ; 1851, Wall'r Olmsted, 1852, Fred S. Hoyt; 1856, Sidney Hayden; 1858, Henry McKinney, 1859, Sidney Hayden ; 1860, IT. C. Baird ; 1862, Sidney Hayden ; I865; Henr ' y McKinney, 1867, A. 1-1. Seward; 1868, W. H. Mathewson ; I869, E. Herrick. Jr.; 1872, Joseph M. Ely, Jr.; 1873, E. Herrick, Jr.; 1874. Joseph M. Ely, Jr. ; 1875 E. 1'. Allen ; 1876, F S. Morley: 1877, H. C. Hayes; 1878 George E. Davis; 1879, F. M. Wells: 1880, D. W. Tripp. The present officers are: F. T. Sairs, W. M. ; Charles Brown, S. W. ; Clarence W. Peck, J. W. ; Job Griffin, treasurer; George E. Davis, secretary. Present membership, 125. A. F. & A. M.- Union Lodqe, No. 108, Towanda, was chartered March 7th, 1807, and was instituted April 3rd following, by Joseph HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY. 371 Kingsbury, at the house of Amos Mix in Wysox, with the following officers: Horatio Grant, W. M.; Amos Mix, S. W.; Ebenezer Tuttle, J. W.; Josiah Grant, Treas.; Geo. Scott, See.; William Myer, steward; Cyp. Grant, S. D.; William B. Whitney, J. D.; William B. Foster, tiler. As set forth in the charter, the meetings of the Lodge were to be held alternately in the townships of Orwell and Wysox. This arrangement was observed till about 1815-16, when the house of William Myer in Wysox was selected as the place of meeting, and continued as such until 1829. Owing to the anti-Masonic movements at this time, the Lodge only met on rare occasions till November 14, 1839, when a meeting was held at the house of William Myer, and the Lodge thoroughly and energetically revived. Since that time its meetings have been continuous. In December, 1839, the scene of its labors was changed to Towanda, where its meetings were at first held in the old " Fire Proof," and since 1856-57 in the Kingsbury block. In 1887 it was removed to the Chamberlin block, where it still remains. The present officers are: Frank C. McKee, W. M.; John N. Califf; S. W.; William H. Minor, J. W.; William Chamberlin, Treas.; James H. Codding, See. It has a membership of 184.

Union Royal Arch Chapter, No. 161, was chartered in 1846. Its present officers are: Chas. P. Welles, 11. P.; Sam. W. Buck, king; John N. Califf, scribe; William Chamberlin, Treas.; James H. Codding See. It has a membership of 129.

Northern Commandery, No. 16, was chartered in 1856. The present officers are: E. C., S. W. Buck; Gen., T. B. Johnson ; C. G., L. R. Frost; Treas.. Wm. Chamberlin; Sec'y, Jas. H. Codding.

Mt. Moriah Lodge, No. 150, F. & A. M., Troy, was chartered in 1817, with Ezra Long as first master. This was the third Lodge chartered in Bradford county. The members of, this Lodge in 1823 were as follows: Ezra Long, Stephen Fowler, James Long. John Calkins. Howard Spalding, John Barber, Elikin Case, Charles Taylor, Reuben Smead, Daniel A. Balcon, John B. Murphy, Churchill Barnes, Jacob Carter, Seth Rowley, William Gernert, Joshua G. Landon, Wilbur Reuben, Vine Baldwin, Cauklin Baker, William White, Francis Mead, Oliver Besley, Nath. Blakesley, Hoyt Ballard, Harvey Parkhurst. Lera Dodge, Alex. Hughes, Griffin Bailey, Williams Pratt, Erasing Lillibridge, Richard Comfort, Amos Strickland, Sylvester Streeter, Asa Pratt. The officers in 1824 were Eliker Case, W. M.; Charles Taylor, S. W.; John Barber, J. W.; Jacob Carber, Sec.; Reuben Smead, Treas. About this time they held their meetings at Vail Baldwin's house in Troy township, on the old Potter road, two miles out of the borough. It was kept up till July 16, 182 3, and here the records seem to be lost. That the Order, was still in existence is evidenced by a letter addressed to Howard Spalding, W. M. of Alt. Moriah Lodge, also a letter addressed to Churchill Barnes, See., dated December 14, 1824. In 1826, five members were added to the list, viz.: William Garnert, Ezra Landon, James Lukist, Charles Salsbury, William S. Ingles, The Lodge, it is supposed, surrendered its charter in 1827, after which it was again revived- it then surrendered its charter a second time, in

1837 during the Morgan excitement. The charter


members of this Lodge are supposed to have revived the Lodge June 25, 1857, under the name of the Trojan Lodge, No. 306, at Canton. The following are the charter members: D. Perry Elliott, David Babcock, Newton Landon, Warren Landon, Andrew E. Watts, William W. Whitman. Present officers are: Isaac Cleaver, W. M.; Robert C. Kendall, See. Trojan Lodge, No 306.-The following

are the officers for 1891: Isaac Cleaver, W. M.; Milton 0. Loomis, S. W.; J. T. McCollom, J.W.; Edward VanDine, Treas.; Robt. C. Kendall, Sec.; Daniel Fleisher, S. D.; Dr. G. W. Gregory, J. D.; Fred Taylor, S. M. C.; Dr. Thomas Gamble, J. M. C.; Dr. P. N. Barker., Purs., J. W. Gould, tyler; Rev. F. T. Eastment, chaplain.

Past Masters--Elihu Case, 1857-58; Irad Wilson, 1859 ; R. C. Rockwell, 1860-61; C. S. McKean, 1862; Irad Wilson, 1863-64; Wm. C. Kendall, 1865; Delas Rockwell, 1866-67-68.

Canton Commandery was first called Minnequa Commandery, organized June 29, 1886, with the following members: Charter members-J. E. Cleveland, W. C. Crippen, Henry J. Benedict, Andrew D. Foss, H. Eugene Landon, Almeron Burt, George H. Webb, M. O. Loomis, E. G. Tracey,, Hollister Catlin, Luman Putnam, Jr., T. Murray Watts, V. M. Boiser, A. M. Jewett, William A. Weaver, Charles G. Sayles, Murray Moore Jno. N. Wolfe, W. W. Whitman, Ex. Com,; X. C. Fanning, general; W. L. Selden, captain general; C. E. Stone, G. F. Kinse, Theodore Pierce, Vine If. Baldwin, Charles E. Bullock, Mial E. Lilley, Daniel J. Moran, E. L. Manley, Warren Landon, Newton Landon, Jno. A. Innes, Daniel Innes, John E. Dobbins, Isaac Cleaver, E. J. Hill, J. H. Grant, Liston Bliss, B. B. Mitchell, Delos Rockwell, George D. Leonard, J. C. Strait, E. E. VanDine, J. H. Brown.

Present officers- Isaac Cleaver, eminent commander; Newton Lan(ion, generallisimo; E. Everett Van Dine, captain general; Theodore Pierce, treasurer; Charles E. Bullock, recorder.

Canton Lodge, -No. 415, F. and A. M, was chartered March 4, 1868, with following charter members: 1). Perry Elliott, David Babcock, Newton Landon, Chas. W. Landon, Warren Landon, Andrew E. Watts, William W. Whitman. The following are. the first officers:

Charles W. Landon, W. M. ; Warren Landon, S. W. ; William W. Whitman, J. W, ; D. Perry Elliott, Treas. Byron W. Clark, Sec'y. ; David Babcock, S. D. ; Andrew E. Watts, J. D., Ebenezer L. Manley, S. M. C. ; Simeon P. Barnes, J. M. C. Newton Landon, pursuivant ; George W. Tooker, tyler. The present officers are Chas. D. Derrah, W Al. ; John A. Innes, S. W. Willis T. Davison, J. W. Theo. Pierce, mesas. ; Chas. E. Riggs, Sec.

Evergreen Lodge, No 163, F. & A.M., of Monroeton, was organized March 1, 1819. The first officers were: Eliphalet Mason, W. M.; Simon Kinney, S. W.; Russel Fowler, J. W. The present officers are: F, F. Lomax, W. F.; P. E. Allen, secretary. The charter was surrendered for a short time during the Morgan troubles, but was soon restored.

Roman. Lodge, No. 418, of Rome, was organized March 9,1868. The present officers are: L. R. Browning, W.M.; 1. IT. Thompson. Sec.

Smithfield Lodge, No. 428, of East Smithfield, was organized Septem
ber 10, 1868. The present officers are: Geo. M. Bird, W. M.; Wilson F. Voorhis, secretary.

Le Ray Lodge, So. 471, of Le Raysville, was organized June 22, 1870. The following are the past masters- W. S. Heaton, S. W. Little, 11. If. Atwood, M. E. Warner, H. B. Taylor, W. 11, Darling, J. G. Bensley, B. P. Pendleton, S. B. Tupper, W. 11. Payson, L. A. Codding, J. P. Bosworth. The following are the present officers: Scott W. Johnson, W. M.; Hollis H. Atwood, secretary; L. E. Granger, S. W.; J. V. Keeler, J. W.; Frank Brister, treasurer; William Darling, chaplain. Present membership, 40.

Athens Sisterhood Branch, No. 586, 0. I. H. The officers for 1891 are: Past chief justice, Mrs. Phebe E. Newhart; chief justice, Mrs. Frank Campbell; vice justice, Mrs. Margaret Stickel; accountant, Mrs. Ethan Jakeway; cashier, Mrs. Ada I-lodge; adjuster, Mrs. ff. F. Johnson; prelate, Mrs. J. C. Flood; herald, -Mrs. J. L. Elsbree; watchman, Mrs. Linda Lewis; vidette, Mrs. A_ L. Munn; trustee, Mrs. Lueyett Rogers Mrs. Caroline Kenyon, Mrs. Lizzie Wolcott; medical examiner, C. L. Stevens, M. D.

Royal Arcanum, Queen Esther Council, No. 1153, was organized May 10, 1889. Charter members: J. W. Murrell, H. C. Hayes, Edward Mills, G. 11. Curtis, James B. Maney, Theo. Mullock, Chas. T. Hull, R. N. Lowe, James Bennett, 1. Loewy, N. V. Weller, Harry L. Towner, Elliott AT. Frost. The first officers were: J. W. Murrele, R.; 1-1. C. Hayes, V. R.; E. Mills, 0.; George 1-1. Curtis, P. R.; James B. Maney, See.; T. 0. Mullock, Col.; Chas,. T. I-lull, Treas.; R. N. Lowe, chaplain; James Bennett, G.; 1. Loewy, W.; Nathan V. Weller, S. Present officers: Miles Finch, It.; James F. Dyer, A. G.; E. Mills, O.; Tames Maney, P. R.; S. Loewy, See.; D. J. McAffee, Col.; C. T. Hull, Treas.; G. L. Stevens, chaplain ; Chas. Horton, G.; R. N. Lowe, W.; A. P. Palmer, S.; trustees, E. Mills, J., B. Maney, C. L. Stevens.

Sayre Council, No. 1175 Royal Arcanum, was Organized Aug. 3, 1889, with a charter membership of 19. The present officers are: C. H. Strauss, R.; Jas. Raub, V. R.; J. W. Richards, 0.; C. L. Francisco, P. R.; A. T. Stark, Secy.; Andrew Harvie, collector; J. S. Haupt, Treas.; G. W. Brassington, chaplain; J. H. Lynn, guide; F. H. Geiss, warden; E. Berger, sentry. Present membership, 26.

Asa Packer Lodge No 156, Order Fraternal Guardians, was organized Dec., 30, 1890, with the following officers: W. I. Feed, C. G.; James Adam, V. G.; A. P. Kremer, P. C. G.; Chas. C. West, See.; W. E. Shipley, chaplain; Herman Bolich, guide; E. 0. Pealer, Treas.

Sayre Division, No. 380, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, was organized Feb., 12, 1888,. with a membership of 12. The first officers were: S. D. Scholey, Chief Eng.; E. A. Vaughn, first engineer; E. Dietrick, See. Eng.; W. 1-1. Eaton, First Asst. Eng.; G. Decker, See. Asst. Eng.; L. E. Delaney, Third Asst. Eng.; C. Palmer, guide; 11. 11. Brown, chaplain. Present membership, 65.

Weaver Lodge, No. 379, B. of L. F, was organized Jan. 29, 1888, with a charter membership of 12. The charter officers were: E. Carpenter, P. M. ; John Durkin, M. ; Dennis Hays, V. M.,; C. L. Burrows,


S.; W. J. Stewart, C.; E. E. Welton, R.; A. C. Burr, M. A.; Fred Brown, W.; Goo. Kirkland, C. D.; Fred Meeker, 1. G.; J. C. McNerney, 0. G.; W. 1-1. Cowell, C. 1-1. The present officers are: John Durkin, P. M.; W. E. Preston, M.; Floyd Meeker, _V. M..; James Denton, S.; W. J. Stewart, C., Johnson Walt, R. ; 11. C. Beam, M. A.; Joseph Hay, W.; Goo. Kirkland, C. D.; W. S. Kirkwood, 1. G.; John McDonald, 0. G.; H. C. Beam, C. H.

Alumni Association of the Collegiate Institute. The officers are: John W. Codding, A. M., Pres.; Chas. AT. Homet, Vice Pres,; Emma L. Welles, See.; N. N. Betts, Treas.

Wysox Pomona Grange, No. 23, P. of H. - President, Louis Piollet; secretary, Dwight Kellum. At a meeting held in Wysox, May 28, 1891, sixteen granges were represented by delegates. Some of the supporters of the Grange are: A. 0. Tracy, C. J. Beardsley, F. W. Bullock, E. J. Ayres and Albert Cornell.

The " Golden Cycle," or, more properly, The International Fraternal Alliance, of Baltimore, Md, was organized in this county in January, 1889. D. N. Sargent, of Wellsburgh, N. Y., acting as in organizing it.

Union Agricultural Society, Canton: President, J. H. Brown; vice-president, F. A. Owen; treasurer, George A. Guernsey; secretary, Charles D. Derrah ; directors, John A. Innes, E. W. Sweet, A. 14. Spencer.

Towanda Lodge, No. 290, K. of P., was organized in 1871, largely through the instrumentality of H. S. Clark. At its organization the principal officers were: H. S. Clark, V. P.; 1-1. J. Madill, C. C.; G. H. Horton, V. C.; A. D. Harding, K. of R. S. On the establishment of the Order in the county Mr. Clark was appointed District Deputy G. C., and hold the office for two years. The deputies who have succeeded him have been 1-1. J. Madill, 0. A. Black, B. F. Crossley, B. Benedict, and J. N. Califf, the present incumbent.

Mountain Cliff -Lodge, K. of P., of Barclay, was organized April 8, 1873. The first officers were, John Kellock, V. P.; F. M. Miner, C. C.; William Johnson, V. C.; John Noble, K. of R. S.

Monroeton Lodge, No. 2083, K. of H., was organized March 9, 1880. Has a membership of 33. Present officers: Theo. Ackley, D C. W. Walker, F. R.; J. H. Devore, S. V. D.; E. B. Young, Treas.; 0. H. Rockwell, Sec. Ulster Lodge, No. 2057, K of H., was organized February 19, 1880, The first officers were: James Mather, P. D.; James Irving, D.; J. F. Ammerman, V. D.; W. R. Weller, A. D.; E. F. Messerem, R. The present officers are: C. C. Geotchins, D.; W. W. Easterbrook, A. D.; James Kane, R.; J. Q. Sullivan, F. N. R. Present membership is ten.

Bradford. Encampment, No. 41, I. O. O. F., at Towanda, was chartered June 22, 1846, The following were the charter officers: William H. Strickland, C. P. ; D. C. Salisbury, H. P.; E. W. Morgan, S. W.; G. F. Mason, J. W.; 1. ff. Stephens, scribe. The Society was reorganized Aug. 26, 1872. The present officers are: F. J. Kingsley, C. P. ; 0. L. Stevens, H. P.; E. E. Walters, 8 W.; J. 0. Baker, J. W.; J. W. VanTuyl, scribe; J. 11. Codding, Treas.; E. J, Browning

HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY. 3 75 0. S.; H. J. Hayes, 1. S.; J. M. Morrison, G. ; J. J. Eilenberger, first W.; S. P. Smith, second W.; A. R. Owen, third W.; F. J. Timm, fourth W. ; H. A. Vail, first G. to T.; M. E. Chubbuck, second G. to T. Number of members, forty-six.

Canton Encampment No. 184, I. O. O. F., was organized April 17, 1869. The present officers are: J. M. Bush, C. P.; Allen Baker, H. P.; M. Close, S. W.; E. J. Cleveland, J. W,; Edward Newman, S.; H.. H. Taylor, T.; W. H. Williams, 0. S.; C. B. Worden, 1. S.; G. C. Lathrop, G. Present membership, 30,

Bradford Lodge, No. 167, I. O. O. F., Towanda, was chartered March 9, 1846, and instituted July 7, 1846, with the following officers: William Elwell, -N. G.; Stephen Pierce, V. G.; Charles Reed, secretary ; 0. R. Taylor, treasurer; E. W. Baird, Asst. secretary. The resent officers are: J. H. Hayes, N. G.; Scott S. Watson, V. G.; ames H. Codding, treasurer; Al. E. Chubbuck, secretary ; W. J. Lent, Asst. secretary. It has a membership of 105.

Priam Lodge, No. 247, I. O. O. F., Troy, was organized May 17, 1847. The first officers were: Francis Smith, N. G.; Erastus W. Hazzard, V. G. ; William F. Newbery, secretary; Franklin S. Aylesworth, A. S.; Curtis T. Fitch, treasurer; the present officers are: W. P. Case, N. G.; W. S. Brown, V. G.; J. R. Willour, secretary; H. M. Spalding, A. S.; Warren Case, treasurer. The Lodge now numbers forty-two members.

Canton Lodge, No. 321, I. O. O. F., was organized June 19, 1848, with the following officers: William Gosline, N. G.; W. S. Baker, V. G.; A. G. Pickard, secretary; S. 1-1. Newman, Asst. secretary; John W. Griffin, treasurer. The following are the present officers: L. A. Bates, N. G.; E. J. Cleveland, V. G.; E. Newman, secretary; F. W. Miller, Asst. secretary; 11. C. Stone, treasurer. The present member- shi i ninety-seven.

Athens Lodge, No. 165, I. O. O. F., was organized during the summer of 1846, but as the records were burned, the exact date of organization can not be ascertained. The first officers were: 0. D. Satterlee, N. G., E. S. Mathewson, V. G.; 0. Shipman, secretary, J. H. Welles; treasurer; 1. 11. Stephens, Asst. secretary. The present officers are: 1. Loewy, N. G.; M. R. Heath, V. G.; J. H. Northrup, assistant secretary; J. J. Kimball, treasurer.

Wyalusing -Lodge, No. 503, I. O. O. F., was organized April 14, 1854, at the house of J. S. Thomas. Charter members: Joshua Burrows, Lorin Camp, Hiram Elliott, George Acroyd, James Beaumont, H. Black, H. Back, J. D. Camp, L. B. Camp, F. S. Camp, J. S. Angle, V. Smith, J. Fee, J. 0. Bartholf, Homer Camp, Steward Bosworth. First officers: Joshua Burrows, N. G.; Hiram Elliott, V. G., S. W. Camp, Sec.; J. S. Thompson, A. S. H. Black, Treas. Present officers: U. G. Peet, N. G.; C. S. Chaffee, V. G.; T. C. Lee, See. ' ; C. S. Lafferty, Treas.; James Beaumont, Treas.; P. 11. Sumner, Con.; G. H. Titus, H. S.; Frank Chamberlain, L. S.; C. J. Vosburg, H. S. to V. G.; A. C. Hammerly, L. S. to V. G.; W. S. Chaffee, 1. G.; H. B. Lyon, 0. G.; W. T. Depue, R. S. S.; N. B. Overton, L. S. S.

Austinville Lodge, No. 336, I. O. O. F., of Austinville, was organ 376 HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY.

ized December 31, 1872, with twenty-two charter members. The present officers are: William Fisk, N. G.; M. H. Block, V, G.; W. D. Canfield, secretary; J. S. Aspinwall, treasurer. Present membership, twenty-eight.

Valley Lodge, No. 446 I. O. O. F., Sheshequin, was organized July 18, 1851. The first officers were: Thomas Kinney, N. G.; Chas. 11. Ames, V. G.; A. J. Cole, recording secretary; Samuel Griffin, A. S.; Elishu Satterlee, Treas. The present officers are: Addison R. Gillett, N. G.; Leland Griffin, V. G.; Walter S. Elsbree, recording secretary; Jacob P. Rogers, assistant secretary; George Childs, treasurer. The present membership is seventy-seven.

Monroeton Lodge, No. 137, I. O. O. F., was chartered November 17, 1845, and instituted February 12, 1846. The first officers were: D.C. Salisbury, N. G.; E. W. Morgan, V. G.; G. F. Mason. secretary; W. H. Strickland, treasurer. The present officers are: R. D. Phillips, N. G.; John At. Harvey, V. G.; John Dumfee, secretary; 1. Al. Piatt, assistant secretary. The present number of members is sixty-seven.

Springfield Lodge No. 381, I. O. O. F., was organized February 28, 1850, with the following as first officers: Thomas Smead, N. G.; H. W. Root, V. G.; Dr. Theo. Wilder, secretary; C. P. Williams, treasurer.

Le Rays Lodge, No. 416, I. O. O. F., was organized October 31,1850, with the following as first officers: Dr. C. S. Dusenbury, N. G.; Steven Gorham, V. G.; L. P. Blackman, secretary; John Baldwin, treasurer.

Rome Lodge, No. 480, I. O. O. F., was organized September 12, 1853, with the following as first officers: H. D. Towner, N. G.; J. 11. Allen, V. G.; W. H. Shaw, secretary. Present officers: E. E. Chubbuck, N. G.; Bert Boardman, V G.: S. 0. Allen, secretary; D. S. Boardman, assistant secretary; L. C. Meracle, treasurer.

Asylum Lodge, No. 488, I. O. O. F., was instituted July 21,1853, with the following as first officers: Henry Kinney, N. G.; D. L. States, V. G.; A. J. Stone, secretary; David Wilson, treasurer.

Wyalusing Lodge, No. 503, I. O. O. F.,, was instituted April 14, 1854, with the following as first officers: Joshua Burrows, N. G.; Hiram Elliott, V. G.; L . W. Camp, secretary; Harrison Black, treasurer.

New Albany Lodge, No. 682, I. O. O. F., was organized December 23, 1869, with the following as first officers: G. W. Burdick, N. G.; G. 11. Kendall, V. G.; S. D. Steriger, secretary; D. W. Harshburger, treasurer.

Granville Centre Lodge, No. 687, I. O. O. F.,, was organized December 24, 1869, with the following as first officers: Robert Innis, N. G.; M. 0. Loomis, V. G.; P. M. Sayles, secretary; Adam Innis, treasurer.

Aspinwall Lodge, No. 789, I. O. O. F., was organized March 14, 1872, with the following as first officers: James R. Brasted, N. G.; S. D. Wolfe, V. G.; Geo. H. Knapp, secretary; Ed. Wright, treasurer.

Barclay Lodge, No. 807, I. O. O. F., was organized July 12, 1872,

  HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY. 377 with the following as first officers: Chas. Hutchinson, N. G.; John Ditchburn, V. G.; L. S. Kelder, secretary; Ed. Wheatley, treasurer.

White Lilly Lodge, No. 808, Wyalusing was organized September 19, 1872. Charter members: H. 13. Gaylord, A. B. Porter, 11. J. Hallock, J. 11. Swarts, E. W. Vaughan, David Craft, Daniel Brown, N. S. Snover, G. A. Roberts, Church Vanosdoll, S. C. Gaylord, F. H. Stalford, N. J. Gaylord, J. F. Stalford, R. T. Hallock, A. B. Culver, G. K. Thompson, Scott W. Vaughan, 0. 13. Hiney. First officers: N. S. Snover, N. G.; A. B. Culver, V. G.; H. 11. Gaylord, See.; A. 13. Porter, A. See. 11 Hallock Block" was burned July 24, 1 875 and all the property of the Society except their ledger. Their splendid present building stands on the old Hallock hall ground, built in 1876. Present officers: E. H. Casnell, N. G.; W. B. Welts, V. G.; 11. J. Hallock, See.; W. P. Wilson, A. See.; W. H. Kintner, Treas.; present membership, 74.

Leroy Lodge, No. 843, I. O. O. F., was organized June 24, 1873, with the following as first officers: A. T. Lilley, N. G.; W. F. Robinson, V. G.; M. L. Wooster, secretary ; J. E. Lilley, treasurer.

Silvaraville Lodge, No. 887, I. O. O. F,, was organized November 11, 1874, with the following as first officers: J. J. Culver, N. G.; William Christian, V. G.; E. L. Taylor, secretary.

Burlington Lodge, No. 904, I. O. O. F., was organized March 26, 1875, with the following as first officers: L. M. Rundell, N. G.; P. P. Burns, V. G.; N. W. -Lane, secretary; R. R. Phelps, treasurer.

Clanson Lodge, No. 920, I. O. O. F., was organized November 23, 1875. The first officers were: G. H. Fitch, N. G.; W. Reutner, V. G.; 1. M. Sweet, secretary.

Wells Lodge, No. 921, I. O. O. F., was organized December 16,1875. .The first officers were: Capt. Albert Judson, N. G.; C. L. Shepard, V. G.; A. B. Hathaway, secretary.

Sylvan Lodge, -No. 926, -I. O. O. F., was instituted February 1, 1876. The first officers were: J. H. Calkins, N. G. ; A. M. Card, V. G. ; Geo. P. Monroe, secretary; Peleg Peck, treasurer.

Smithfield Lodge, No. 928, I. O. O. F., was organized January 15, 1876. The first officers were: E. G. Durfey, N. G. ; J. L. Vincent, V. G.; 0. Gerould, secretary.

Northern -Tier Lodge, No. 930, was organized March 28,1876. The first officers were: Peter Vortendyke, N. 'G. ; W. George, V. G. ; Ira Crane, secretary ; L Pitt, treasurer.

Litchfield Lodge, No. 938, I. O. O. F., organized June 25, 1876. First officers: A. G. Wolcott, N. G.; F. H. Sherman, V. G.; J. C. McKinney, secretary; A. M. Wolcott, Asst. secretary; C. H. Campbell, treasurer. Present officers: A. A. Cooper, N. G.; J. F. Merill, V * G.; P. W. Wolcott, secretary; J. A. Wood, Asst.secretary; John Barr, Jr., treasurer; 11 * 1. Chandler, R. S. to N. G.; James Musen, L. S. to N. G.; George Parks, W.; E. Chandler, C.; S. Hadlock, R. S. S.; G. S. Munn, L. S. S. ; D. S. Chandler, chaplain. Number of members, forty.

Bentley Creek Lodge, No. 943, I. O. O. F., was organized October


20, 1876. The following were the first officers: Geo. Miller, N. G. Alvin May, V. G.; E. M. Tuton, secretary; V. S. Vincent, treasurer.

Sawton Post, No. 65, G. A.R., Granville Centre, was organized October 10, 1878, and named in honor of Solomon Saxton, Company F, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, who died a prisoner of war, at Thomasville, Ga. Charter members: D. D. Huff, S. R. Case, John A. Hawthorne, R. M. Ross, S. C. Roby, S. J. Saxton, M. Gage, Harrison Ross, James A. Hawthorne, J. C. May, Aaron Walbrow, Charles R. Kenyon, M. M. Montague, -James L. Holdford, Hiram 1-1. Foster, Harvey Putnam, A. M. Mott, D. A. Griswold, P. R. Warren, Frank Saxton, Thomas Bush, Allen Woodin. First officers: Harrison Ross, C.; Barton Saxton, Adj.; P. R. Warren, chaplain; C. R. Kenyon., S. V. C.; Frank Saxton, Q. M.; Sylvester Putnam, J. V. C.; S. J. Saxton, Sur.; S. R. Case, 0. D. Present officers: James McKean, C.; David Allen, S. R. V. C.; James Bradley, J. V. C.; Burton Saxton, Sur.; Simon Williams, chaplain; P. R. Warren, Q. M.; Reuben Rockwell, 0. D.; C. R. Kenyon, 0. G.; S. Putnam, Adj.; S. R. Case, Q. M. S.

Madison Cooper Post, No. 445, G. A. R., was organized July 9, 1881. Officers: E. M. Fenton, C.; A. R. Smith, S. V. C.; William May, J. V. C.; James Henry, Stir.; S. A. Hicks, chaplain; Frank Ripley, Q. AT.; Oscar Harkness,'Adj.; Darius Bullock, 0. D.; John Brenckley, 0. G.

Gustin Post, No. -1541, G. A. R., Troy.-The charter officers were: Rev. J. B. French, C.; William R. Sumis, Sr., V. C.; Dreah N. Verbeck, Jr., V. C.; Simon Green, Q. M.; J. Seymour, Adj. The present membership is seventy. Present officers: J. C. B. Armstrong, commander; G. 11. Manson, adjutant,

Stevens Post, No. 69, G. A. R., Rome, was organized October 5 ' 1870. The first officers were: Simon Russell, C.; John Forbes, S. V. C.; John S. Frink, J. V. C., A. Keefe, Adj.; P. Towner, Chaplain; L. F. Russell, Q. M.; 1-1. McCabe, 0. D.; R. McCabe, 0. G.; D. S. Boordman, Sur.; John Whitaker, Sergt.-Maj.; Wayne Towner, Q. M. S. The present officers are: D. S. Boordman, C.; John Vaught, S. V. C.; Marvin Harris, J. V. C.; J. A. Allen, Q. M.; Martin Horton, Sur.; Rev. J. B. Davis, chaplain; G. L. Forbes, 0. D.; B. G. Wilmot Adj.; S. 0. Allen, 0. G. The present membership is seventy-three.

Ingham Post, -No. 91, G. A. R., Canton, was organized Nov. 16, 1877, with 13 charter members. The first officers were: N. Landon, Com.; F. Bunyan, S. V. C.; A. A. Mills, J. V. C.; J. 13. Butler, Adj.; E. 13. Kelley, Q. M.; William Black, 0. of D. The present officers are: William Black, Com.; Aug. Owen, S. V. C.; G. 1-1. Kendall, J. V. C.; N. Landon, Q. M.; 14. 1-1. Spencer, Adj.; Job Crandle, 0. of D.; E. Robinson, 0. G.

Hurst Post, No. 86, G. A. R., was organized December 20, 1877, and now has a membership of 46. First officers: H. F. Smith, C.; J. L. Coburn, S. V. C. ; Thomas Beaumont, J. V. C.; E. Fuller, Adj.; P. J. -Man, Q. M.; Sanford Cox, Stir.; J. E, Adamy, Chap.; Joseph Harris, 0. D.; Charles Hawley, 0. G.; L. B. Camp, S. M.; A. J. Drake, Q. M. S. Present. officers: C. L. Stewart, C.; J. A. Park, S. V. C.; James Alderson, J. V. C.; C. J. Easterbrook, Adj,; S. W,

HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY. 379 Wells, Q. M. ; A. R. Stevens, Sur.; S.F. Buttles, Chap.; J. W. Hurst, 0. D.; James Carr, 0. G.; S. P. Warner., S. M.; George Jennings, Q. M. S.

East Smithfield G. A. R. Post was organized in 1868, with the following charter members : Stephen Ansell, L. T. Adams, 1. M. Eames, E. M. Durfey, E. B. Durfey , W. B. Forrest, Bebee Gerould, G. L. Gardner, G. L. Gardner, J. W. Schouten and J. L. Vincent. Present officers: D. W. Lane, C.; S. K. Gustin, S. V. C.; C. C. Campbell, J. V. C.;. E. E. Chamberlain, 0. D.; 1. M. Eames, 0. G.; L. T. Adams, chaplain; A. 0. Scott, Ad 1-1. M. Moody, surgeon; Calvin Chamberlain, Q. M.; D. Phelps, Q. J.. S.; J. S. Doty, S. M. Trustees: William Crayton, A. 0. Scott, 0. E. Wilcox. Present membership, forty-six, In the public square is a splendid Soldiers' Monu men t erected. The pure white marble shaft rises about eighteen feet; was erected by the citizens, prominent among whom. were James II. Webb, H. Mont Moody, Israel Phelps and W. E. Vooris.

Watkins Post, No. 68, G. A. R. Towanda, was organized June 17, 1867, with H. A. Frink, commander, and was kept up till 1869, when it was disbanded. The Post was reoruanized Dec. 19, 1873, with the following officers: 11. J. Madill, commander; J, E. Fleming S. V. C.; James Foster, J. V. C.; D. W. Scott, Q. M.; W. B. Kelly,Surg.; O. D. Lyon, chaplain; E. Overton, Jr., 0. D.; -D. L. Sweeny, 0. G.; C. F. Cross, Adj. The present officers are: T. Kingsley, P. C.; J. W. Lewis, S. 13. C.; William Maxfield, J. 13. C.; 0. D. Lyons, A.; A. J. Fisher, Q. M.; Peter LaPlant, S.; H. A. Burbank, 'chaplain. This Post has a membership of 121.

Watkins Camp, Sons of Veterans, No. 75, was chartered Nov. 17, 1884, and continued a short time when it disbanded. It was rechartered March 5, 1891, with a membership of thirty-three.

Order of- the Iron Hall, Branch No. 3 (beneficial), was chartered May 21, 1881. The present officers are: William Keyser, chief justice; E. E. Shaw, V. J.; W. L. Carpenter, prelate; J. H. Pennepacker, cashier; 0. E. Bennett, accountant; Jessie Schoonover, herald; A. 0. Moody, watchman; C. A. Neeley, vidette. It has a membership of seventy-six.

Knights of Honor, Lodge No. 57, was chartered Jan. 14, 1875. The present officers are: Geo. Britton, dictator.; S. S. Pierce, V. D.; Asa Douglas, chaplain; Geo. Ridgeway See.; H. S. Graves, Treas. It has a membership of sixty-seven.

Knights and Ladies of Honor, Mystic Lodge, No. 40, was chartered April 1, 1879. The present officers are: S. M. Woodburn, protector; Mrs. W. R. Dimock, V. P.; Mrs. A. C. Ridgeway, chaplain; Geo. Ridgeway, Secy.; C. T. Kirby, treasurer. It has a membership numbering thirty-three.

Mallory Post, No. 285, G. A. R., Sayre, was organized September 19, 1882. This post was named after First-Sergeant Hollis Mallory, a gallant young soldier of Company C, Seventh Pennsylvania Reserves, who died after being released from Andersonville prison. The present officers are: Isaac Burk, commander; Henry Davenport, senior V.C.; A. E. Burbank, junior V. C.; J. Watkins, 0. of D.; J Cramer, 0. of G.;


S. Chase, chaplain; J. D. Luce, quarter-master; H. P. Teed, adjutant, Present membership is thirty-eight.

Jackson Post, No. 74, G. A. R., Wyalusing, was organized September 13, 1877, with forty charter members. The name of Jackson Post was taken in memory of Capt. G. W. Jackson, who was a member of Company A, 141st Regt., P. V. The present officers are: W. T. Horton, P. Com.; N. J. Gaylord, S. V . Com.; Ethel Fuller, J. V. Coin.; Abial Lewis, Q. M.; Alfred Hammerly, 0. of D.; Hiram Whitney, 0. of G.; Volney Homet, surgeon; E. F. Roberts, chaplain; J. G. Keeler, adjutant; James Alderson, Q. M. S.; E. L. Dunklin, sergeant-major. The present membership is fifty-five.

Spalding Post, No. 33, G. A. R., Pike township, was organized August 1, 1876 with seventeen charter members, viz.: M. E. Warner, J. A. Bosworth, F. J. Vanderpool, P. L. Cobb, C. H. Warner, S. B. Canfield, George M. Brink, Harvey B. Taylor, G. -M. Johnson, James H. Goodell, C. A. Carter, L. W. Upham, J. C. Shadduck, George W. Brink, H. C. Alderson, W. D. Chaffee and J. B. Lines; of these twelve are members in good standing; one hundred and twelve have been recruited, fifty-eight are deceased, leaving at present seventy-one members. M.. E. Warner was first commander, and E. M. Pitcher is present commander.

Swart Post, No. 72, G. A. R., New Albany, was organized June 28, 1817. Number of present members in good standing, 56. First officers: R. H. Richards, C.; S. S. Ormsby, S. V. C.; Adrial Lee, J. V. C.; James Terry, 0. D.; Warren Ayer, _M.; John Grant, Sur.; Robert Hatch, Chap.; S. W. Hatch, 0. G.; Alfred Strevy, S. M.; 1-1. R. Van Loon, Q. M. S.; 0. W. Emery, Adj. Present officers: M. 13. Ryder , C.; Isaac Babcock, S. V. C.; R. S. Sabin, J. V. C.; Porter Jones, Q. M.; John McNeel, Sur.; S. 11. Williams, Chap.; Benjamin Ayers, 0. D.; James Allen, 0. G., J. M. Jones, Adj.: D. A. Crandall, S. M.; Edward Chilson Q. Al. S.

Washington Camp, No. 372, P. 0. A., Sayre, was organized J une 26, 1884, with a charter membership of twenty-five. The first officers were: W. F. Startzel, president; J. 11. Weiss, V. P.; W. H. Morey, recording secretary; T. H. Brown, treasurer; C. F. Bennett, financial secretary. Present membership is seventy-five.

Sayre Building and Loan Association was organized May 9, 1885. The present officers are: R. M. Hovey, president; Dr. 1. R. Schoonmaker, vice-president; D. K. Hamilton secretary, J. W. Bishop, treasurer; W. C. Douglas, solicitor; directors, -R. M. Hovey, D. K. Hamilton, F. J. Krom, Dr. 1. R. Schoonmaker, S. W. Blood, G. Mangier.

R. A. Packer Band, Sayre, was organized in 1887. They received a check from R. A. Packer, with which they purchased a set of instruments. The officers are as follows: J. M. Weaver, president; T. D. Williams, treasurer; Mat McGuffee, secretary; J. M. Daly, leader.

Athens Union Veteran Legion, Encampment No. 28, was organized June 26, 1888, with the following charter members: W. H. H. Gore; Oliver D. Lyon; Daniel Bradbury; James 11. Wilson; R. S. Edminston Abarina French; Geo. D. Fuller; Edward S. Rolls ; William H. Crawford ; Chas. T. Hull ; D. W. Tripp ; Charles Hinton ; John

HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY. 381 Connell ; John M. Riamer ; William H. Dodd ; Henry C. Hays ;Amos H. Miller; Alexander Reefe; Melain Douglas; James W. Alderson; William Hollingshead and Henry Davenport. Encampment mustered and officers installed June 26, 1888. Past Colonels : W. H. H. Gore; Daniel Dradbury ; Robert S. Edminston. The officers for1891 are: Col., George L. Fuller; Lieut. Col., William 11. Crawford; Maj., Walter H. French; officer of day, Daniel Bradbury; Adj., William H. Nutt; Q. M., Henry Davenport; chaplain, Alphus Sinsabaugh ; 0. of G., Amos 11. Miller; surgeon, Lewis Eighmy - ser geant-major, John Connell; Q. Al. S., Nelson A. Cornell; bugler, William H. Crane; color-bearer, Jos. H. Wilson.Griffins Camp, No. 30, S. of V., was organized August 6, 1885, with forty-five charter members. The charter officers were: J. H. Sairs, captain; V. E. Heath, first lieutenant; E. Jakeway, second lieutenant; F. L. Ross, first sergeant; F. G. Sairs, quarter-master sergeant. The present officers are: Charles Hosmer, captain; Jessie B. Stage, first lieutenant; E. Anson, second lieutenant; R. V. Rogers first sergeant; Fred Hosmer, quarter-master sergeant.

Perkins Post, No. 202, G.A.R., was organized at Athens, Feb., 1870.It was named after Capt. Augustus S. Perkins, who -was killed at Fredericksburg. The charter members were: Edwin A. Spalding, captain) Company I, 141st P. V.; John H. Hosmer, corporal, Company A, 50th N. Y. E.; Henry Carpenter, private, Company D, 107th N. Y. V.; Horace Williston, first lieutenant, Company -, quartermaster, 57th P. T.: Frank V. Hull, artificer, Company M. 50th N. Y. E.;William P. Crans, private, Company 11, 57th P. V.; Henry C. Hayes, corporal, Company C, 14th U. S. I.; George Al. Page, private, Compan y F. 6th P. R.; Lafayette Anson, Company 11, 57th P. V.; L. E. Sinsabaugh, sergeant, Company H, 46th P. V.; Victor E. Phelps, private, Company C, 5th U. S. A.; William Balcom, private, Company 20th N. Y. Ind. Battery; B. F. McKinney, corporal, Company 1, 187th P. V.; --Benjamin Wanzer, private, Company B, 137th N. Y. V.; Addison B. Stone, private, Company B. 60th N. Y. E.; Fred. B. Welch, sergeant, Company B, 50th N. Y. E.; Charles R. Lawrence, private, Company A, 179th N. Y. V.; Orin D. Roberts, corporal, Company 11, 57th P. V.; R. C. Sinsabaugh, lieutenant, Company 11, 57th P. V.; Joseph 13. Reeve, captain. Company E, 141st P. Y.; William H. Patterson, private, Company F, 10th N.Y. C.; Charles T. Hull, corporal, Company E, 141st P. V.; William Garner, sergeant, Company E, 141st P. V.; Michael Finney, private, Company E. 141st P. V.; Nathan V. Weller, private, Company 1, 109th N. Y. V.; James H. Wilson, private, Company F, 61 h P.R.; John Beecher, corporal, Company E, 14th N. Y. 11. A_ Officers installed: Edwin A. Spalding, commander; H. Williston, S. V. C.; John 1-1. Hosmer, J. V. C.; C. T. Hull, adjutant; J. B. Reeve, quarter-master; H. C. Hayes, officer of the day; F. V. I-lull, officer of the guard; Lafayette Anson, chaplain; J. H. Wilson, Q. M. S.; F. I. Welch, sergeant-major; R. C. Sinsabaugh, surgeon. The present officers are: Michael Harrigan, Com.; John Rifenberg, S. V. C.; T. D. Wood, J.


V. C.; Alexander Keefe, Adj.; D. C. Gray, Q. M.; M. K. Smith, surgeon; F. P. Wolcott, 0. of D.; N. A. Cornell, 0. of G.

Hull's Battery A, First Veteran Artillery, Athens, was organized June 14, 1887, with twenty-seven charter members. The charter officers were: C. T. I-lull, chief of artillery; William H. Nutt, captain; G. H. Weeks., quarter-master; F. P. Wolcott, surgeon; H. Van Watter, first Surgeon; W. H. Dunlop, first corporal A. 0. Miller, second corporal; J. E. Jenny, teamster. The present. officers are: C. T. Hull, chief of artillery; W. H. Nutt, captain; A. D. Gamson, first lieutenant, Barney Kain, first corporal; P. M. Coolbaugh, second corporal; F. P. Wolcott, surgeon; J. E. Jenny, teamster.

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