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Article: History of 82 South Main St., Mansfield PA
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Article by Chester P. Bailey
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History of 82 S. Main Street, Mansfield PA

Written and Submitted by Chester P. Bailey

Typed for Tri-Counties Website by Pat SMITH Raymond

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The site, 82 S. Main Street, upon which the Mansfield Quik Mart is now located has been involved in community service since 1824.

The first owner of the house built on the land south of the Smythe Park entrance was Dr. Dexter Parkhurst. He was the third physician to come to Mansfield.

Noel Parkhurst, brother of Dexter operated a small business from a second floor room before going to Elkland, where he became a business leader.

Benjamin Peterson, the first black to come to Mansfield lived with Dr. Parkhurst around 1836.

Dr. Henry G. Smythe came from Canada and first settled in Covington in 1831. He was around Mansfield as early as 1838. Dr. Smythe purchased Parkhurst’s Mansfield practice and house when Dr. Parkhurst moved to Mainesburg. Dr. Parkhurst died in Mainesburg in 1866.

Dr. Smythe had an established practice in Blossburg among the miners when he came to Mansfield. It is said that he would jump on his horse and answer their call. It was this practice that caused his girl-friends mother to disapprove their courtship. He was not the proper gentleman since he did not drive a carriage. Dr. Smythe never married.

In 1850 he purchased 30 acres of land from John Parkhurst and Elizabeth Smith which included the Island and land north of the island along Wellsboro Street and the rail road right of way to Main Street. He sold five and a quarter acres to the Mansfield School Board in 1879 along Wellsboro Street, where the high school now stands. He gave the Island to the Borough, which is now Smythe Park.

His brother, Terrance Smythe built a mill with dam and race on the west side of the river. Henry Smythe along with Andrew Ross and Philip Wilson purchased a number of lots south of College Avenue and between Main and Academy Streets. He must have made improvements to his home and built two more homes on S. Main Street.

Dr. Henry George Smythe died November 10, 1879. Cordella Smythe, sister of Henry and Terrace settled the estate in 1885.

The William Bedenk family occupied the home in the early 1900’s. A daughter, Viola, graduated from the Normal in 1910. Frank Joe in 1913 and Fred from the Mansfield High School in 1917. Both of the boys excelled in baseball and football. Frank was All-American at Penn State. Fred played professional baseball. He became player and coach at Elmira in the 1920’s. Mr. Bedenk was the tailor at the Shepards Clothing store on the corner until he retired.

Frank H. Marvin became secretary of the Mansfield Fair Association in 1914. He had graduated from the Normal in 1902 and operated a meat business in Antrim for twenty years. He was elected Representative in the General Assembly serving one term 1915-17. He served on the Park Board continuously from 1914 to 1942. During those years he saw changes in transportation and carried the fair through the World War I years of 1917 – 1918. The home was removed to make room for a Service station.
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