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AUGUST 20, 1872 – AUGUST 20, 1972



Worship Service………………………………………...……………………………….11:15 a.m.

Anniversary Service………………………………...…………………………………….3:00 p.m.

Evening Service……………………………………..……………………………………7:00 p.m.

Minister:…………………………………………………………..……………Theodore E. Gould

Minister Emeritus:……………………………………...…………………………Orey E. Crippen


The Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville, Pennsylvania welcomes you to our Centennial Celebration.  We hope as we share this day together the faith of all of us will be renewed as we look toward the future striving to serve God through His Son Jesus.

We pause this day not only to think of the years gone by, but also to think about the days ahead.  Looking back we review many of life’s experiences, some joyful and some disappointments.  As we look ahead, may we learn to be like the Apostle Paul where he says in First Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

 This poem, “They Sacrificed and Gave”, written by Dorothy Connant Stroud expresses the way we feel about this day:

This is sort of like a birthday,

For this Church we truly love:

Years ago devout men built it,

For they loved their Lord above.

Yes they sacrificed their money,

And they gave their time that we

May still worship god this Sunday

On its anniversary.

--Louise Kennedy

Interior of the original Baptiust Church that burned 1912


 Rev. R. Corbet

 Rev. C. H. Crowe

 Rev. J. E. Bell

 Rev. F. Purvis

 Rev. Myron Rockwell

 Rev Samuel Earley

 Rev. R. D. Hayes

 Rev. Franklin Pierce

 Rev. A. P. Watrous

 Rev. C. H. Crowl

 Rev. S. A. Brundage

 Rev. George West

 Rev. Burge Gates

 Rev. Wm. H. Porter

 No Pastor

 Rev. Seymour Barrett

 No Pastor

 Rev. Wm. C. Phelps

 No Pastor (A. K. Stockebrand – 3 Mos)

 Rev. Alfred Luscome

 No Church

 Rev. Seymour Barrett

 No Pastor

 Rev. Frank Eden – every two weeks

 No Pastor

 Rev. James Taylor

 Rev. Orey E. Crippen

 No Pastor

 Rev. Clayton Straw

 No Record

 Dr. Chester Feig (Community Services)

 Rev. C. R. Knight

 Rev. Orey E. Crippen

 Rev. Russell Camp

 Rev. Kenneth McElwain

 Rev. Orey E. Crippen

 Lamont Satterly - Student

 Rev. David McGarvey

 Rev. Ruth McDaniel (to June)

 Rev. Theodore E. Gould



Presiding: Rev. Theodore E. Gould, Pastor
Organist: Mrs. Thomas (Louise) Harris [Louise PALMER Harris]




            “If with all your hears, ye truly seek me, ye shall surely find me” thus saith our God.  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.  – from Deuteronomy 4:28, James 4:8, 10


*HYMN – “The Church’s One Foundation” 380




*HYMN – “Now Thank We All Our God” 491


PRAYER – Rev. Lamont Satterly








*HYMN – “Anniversary Hymn” 500


  Pastor:  Go out into the world in peace.


  Pastor:  Therefore, honor all men, love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the poser of God.


  Pastor:  The Lord be with you.



  We invite you all to stay for Lunch and Birthday Cake at 5:30 and Hymn Sing and Reminiscing at 7:00, ending with a surprise.

(ERROR OF OMISSION:  Rev. Earl Sires served as Pastor 1965-1967.  Rev. Wesley Fisher 1967-1969.)


A century ago a group of Christian men and women in Roseville were desirous of a Baptist organization and in need of a building to worship in in their faith.  The Tioga Baptist Association in the 1870 meeting had voted to designate each year a church to which they would prefer assistance.  In 1871 Dr. J. Barden presented the claims of Roseville, and the Association voted to assist the friends in that place in the erection of a House of Worship in the 1872-1873 year.

It is perhaps interesting to note that the Committee on Devotional Exercises proposed the following schedule, which was adopted:  “That we meet tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock to hear a sermon from W. P. Omans.  That we meet at 8 for prayer, and attend to business from 9 to 10.  That at 10 o’clock Brethern Ambler, Beck and Spratt have each ten minutes to present the claims of their respective missions, and at 11 o’clock a sermon be preached by Brother G. M. Spratt.

On September 4, 1871 application was made for a Charter.  After all legal procedures had been fulfilled, including appropriate advertising the request was granted and the Charter of Incorporation was recorded June 3, 1872.  A meeting was held and the First Baptist Church of Rutland was organized August 20, 1872, with fourteen members.  The following Charter members were soon followed by others, some by letter and some by immersion:  Dr. John Barden, Mrs. John M. Barden, Myron Mills, Mrs. Myron Mills, L. D. Pierce, Mrs. L. D. Pierce and eight more whose names are not known.

The Tioga Baptist Association minutes for August 21, 22, 1872 show as Item 27 on Page 6:  “A Church was formed at Roseville, called the First Baptist Church of Rutland and recognized on Tuesday, the 20th of August, 1872, with appropriate services, was received into the association.

This Church reports in its letter that they have secured a subscription of $1472.00, for erecting a meetinghouse in this village.  By a vote of the Association at Blossburg in 1871, we are to aid this little Church at Roseville during the coming year in building their house of worship.”

The statistics for that year showed that R. Corbett was the Pastor and L. D. Pierce and P. Rockwell were the messengers, and that they had received by Baptism one, by Experience one, and by letter twelve members for a total of fourteen.  The following were the first five trustees to act until the second Monday of January 1873 (this date was set for the annual election):  John M. Barden, Samuel W. Sherman, Stephen H. Wood, Myron Mills and Daniel Watson.

The dedication of the first sanctuary took place on December 10, 1873.  The building had cost $2000 to erect.  A very large crowd attended.  It was difficult to find accommodations for the people as well as to find stabling for their horses.  Those days folks had to travel with horses long hours on the road to come and go.  Most of the natives only had room for their own horses and cow.  Several of the women stayed up all night to bake.  There were no dining rooms in this first Church.

The spire of the building was very high.  Planks were arranged around the floor above the ceiling of the vestibule for the young people to sing the echo of some of the anthems the older choir members sang.  This Church was located on the lot just north of the present home of Mrs. Incel Tears, where she now has lawn and garden.

The first Church was free of debt in 1904.  The first parsonage was bought in 1906 and was at the location of the present East Smithfield Milk Plant.  It is believed this home was sold around 1913 and was later acquired by the Milk Company and torn down to build their factory.  The Church did not acquire another parsonage until 1948.

On the evening of June 28, 1912, the spire of the 40 year old building was struck by lightning.  Willing hands had to stand by helpless while it seemed for a time the whole village would be destroyed.  Mansfield came with what little equipment they had at that time.  Too heavy a draft took the powder up that hey used to smother the flames.  Elmira was called, but they had no way to get their equipment here as we were too far from the railroad and there were no motor trucks in this area at that time.  The bell in the belfry was about thirty years old.  It had exceptional clear ringing tone which carried up and down the valley.  Very little was saved from the fire – some pews, the pulpit, the organ and some chairs.  These items are still housed in the present church building.

Services were not held for about a year after the church building was burned and there was no pastor.  The trustees decided to buy the corner lot up town to rebuild on and the new Church was dedicated September 13, 1913 and at this time Rev. Barrett returned to this Church to assume the pastorage.

Rev. Orey E. Crippen became the pastor in 1920; the membership at this time being 20.  The 1922 Association minutes show the membership increased to 27 and that improvements were made to the building; new bell, new woodshed, repainting outside and redecoration inside.  It is reported a new piano was bought in 1923.

In 1924 the Sunday School was united with the Methodist Church Sunday School to form a community Sunday School.  A new furnace was installed this same year.

In 1929, as a result of revival services, 29 new members were added to the membership, 23 by baptism and 6 by letter, to more than double the membership.

1921 minutes show membership increased to 53 and Rev. Clayton Straw as the Pastor, having started his pastorage in 1929.  In 1923 there were no regular Baptist services, but services were held on a community basis with the Methodist Church.  In 1924 Rev. Knight became the pastor and for a time served both Churches.  Rev. Knight left in 1939 and Rev. Orey E. Crippen again became the pastor, serving for two years.

1943 minutes report Rev. Russell Camp became the pastor, with a membership of 68 and the Church interior was redecorated at a cost of $675.00.

In 1947 the Roseville Church joined with the Coryland Baptist Church of the Bradford Association and Rev. Orey E. Crippen was called as the pastor for the two Churches.  In this year a parsonage was bought in Roseville at a total cost of $4000 with an indebtedness of $700.  Rev. Crippen was to continue as our pastor for 16 years, serving both Roseville and Coryland.

On September 30, 1959 the congregation voted to build an addition to the present building to accommodate the rapidly growing Sunday School.  The footers were poured for this addition September 7, 1960.

In 1964 an organ was purchased to serve both the Baptist and Methodist Churches from a fund that was started in 1957 by the Young People selling stationary, plates, etc.   Finally in 1964 enough donations were added to the fund to cover the cost of the organ.

In 1963 Rev. Orey E. Crippen retired, having served the Roseville Baptist Church for a total of 24 years at different times.  Rev. Crippen was born and raised in our community, the son of the late Osmer and Ada Redfield Crippen.  He married the former Martha Frost and they have two daughters, Phyllis (Faulkner) and Ada (DeGeus).  By vote of the congregation he became Minister Emeritus in 1965.

From 1963 to 1965 Lamont Satterly served as student pastor and then in 1965 discussions were started to form a Greater Mansfield Parish, comprising Baptist Churches of Mansfield, State Road and Roseville.  This parish arrangement was approved and Rev. Sires (already serving the Mansfield and State Road Churches) was called as the Pastor and Rev. David McGarvey was called as the Associate Pastor.  Roseville Baptist Church accepted the responsibility of providing housing for the Associate Pastor living in our community and in 1967 discussed providing more adequate housing.  Discussions were held and it was decided to sell the old parsonage and build a new one.  The old parsonage was sold to Mrs. Celia Sherman and the McGarvey’s moved into the new parsonage the fall on 1967, which was build at a material cost of approx. $10,000 and the labor donated by the men of the community.  A balance of $4034.00 (there is no indebtedness on the Church building).

In 1969 Rev. McGarvey resigned and at this time new discussions were held regarding the Parish arrangements.  At this time the Roseville Methodist Church was invited to join the Parish and Rev. Ruth McDannel was the new Pastor.  She served one year and resigned to be married.

In 1970 Rev. Theodore E. Gould was called to serve the Parish and at the present time serves the Roseville Baptist, Roseville Methodist and State Road Baptist Churches.  He has tow services each Sunday, one in State Road at 9:30 a.m. and the second in Roseville at 11:15 a.m., worshipping in the Baptist Church building in November thru April and in the Methodist Church building May thru October.

In 1971 the Pastor’s Study was finished, located at the Roseville Baptist Church.  It had been started a year earlier by the young people of the Church and was completed with funds supplied from the Parish Account.

Earlier this our Centennial Year, new Hymnals were bought through gifts by members of the congregation.

The downstairs rooms were refurnished earlier this year also.  The kitchen was moved, a new floor installed, and new plumbing installed.  The rooms were all painted and new curtains were hung.  The work was done by the young adults of the congregation with the funds being donated for that purpose by the congregation.

The current membership is 88 resident members.  There is a thriving Sunday School with teachers from both Churches.  The Ladies Aid Groups function as one group, with separate treasuries, raising funds to pay utility bills.

A Parish Fellowship Supper is held every month on the first Wednesday and a Hymn Sing is held once a month, on the second Sunday Evening.

This brief synopsis of happenings of the Lord’s work in the past in Roseville only touches upon the outward things.  The inner workings of the Spirit, the renewed Spirits of men and women, boys and girls, the converted tides, the ripples that have gone out to touch other lives and still go on and on – these have been known by some and experienced by some still with us – but all are known to Almighty God.  We have a heritage to be proud of – may we be inspired to labor on – seeking the spiritual guidance and grace that we so desperately need to meet and overcome the difficulties of our day, and leave behind a posterity who in turn will carry on until the Great Day of the Lord.


(Words composed by Rev. Orey Crippen for the True Blue Sunday School Class soon after they organized).

My Friends and I

We worship all together;

We sing and pray as Worshippers should and do.

We look to God for all our inspiration,

And seek His strength for all His work to do.

We look to God for all our inspiration,

And seek His strength for all His work to do.

My Friends and I

We work so close together;

We walk and talk as good friends should and do,

We may not know the good we do for others,

As we strive to be good and kind and true.

We may not know the good we do for others,

As we strive to be good and kind and true.

My Friends and I

Our hopes are bound together,

As we recall the promise good and true,

We have the faith to trust our blest Redeemer,

And long for Home up there beyond the blue.

We have the faith to trust our blest Redeemer,

And long for Home up there beyond the blue.


Words were written by a former postor, Rev. David McGarvey to be sung to the tune of “Edelweiss” from “The Sound of Music”

God on High, Sav-ior dear,

Lord of tenderest mercy;

Hear our prayer, Visit us,

Comfort us with thy presence.

Here we are broken by sin and pride,

Suffering, dying, empty;

Give us life, Grant us peace,

Comfort us with thy presence.


 Harris Dunkleberger

Church Clerk
 Barbara Crippen

Financial Secretary
 Eilene Putnam

 Linda Dunkleberger

 Donald Straw
 Harris Dunkleberger
 Gordon Wood
 Judson Brewer

 Ronald Kennedy
 Arnold Yoder
 Robert Putnam
 Leroy Kasper
 Alan Crippen
 Harris Dunkleberger

Parish Council
 Linda Kasper
 Linda Dunkleberger
 Norma Tickner

Pulpit Committee
 Norma Tickner
 Louise Kennedy
 Charlotte Smith

Nominating Committee
 Jane Yoder
 Debbie Tickner
 Ann Jeanette Kennedy


On behalf of the Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville, Pennsylvania, we want to thank everyone who came to help us celebrate our 100th Anniversary.

We extend our thanks to the members of this Church and friends in the community for their help in any way, making this day a happy one.  We thank those who worked very hard on the float representing us for Old Home Day.  Also, we thank those who helped with the Centennial display, reminding us of earlier days, and to those who had a part in the restoration of the original pulpit (1).  The paintings that were shared with us for your display were very much enjoyed by everyone (2).

We thank the young people of both churches who worked so hard on the kitchen, social rooms and Sunday School rooms.

We thank those who so willingly do things for the good of the Church without expecting any praise.

We extend our thanks to all of our pastors, sister Churches, teachers and officers of the Church, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School and all those who have given of their talents down through the years for the advancement of the Church.

Most of all we give thanks to our Eternal God for His guidance and presence in the past and ask for His help as we look toward the future.

The Committee
  Louise Kennedy
  Eilene Putnam
  Barbara Crippen
  Myrtle Dunkleberger
  Rev. Theodore E. Gould
  Jane Yoder
  Martha Crippen

(1)  Max Frey (Jane Yoder’s Uncle) very willingly refinished the pulpit that came from the original Church that burned.

(2)  Stephen Baker shared three of his paintings with us and presented us with his painting of our Church.

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Chemung County NY
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