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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History  
Reference Book Section
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Extracts from Major References
Reverend Thomas S. Sheardown Autobiography - Very Early Minister in all Three of Our Counties (Full Book)
1897 Second Convention Five County Volunteer Firemen (Full Book)
The Passenger Pigeon in Pennsylvania 1919 (Full Book)
Seven Counties Outline History
Northern Pennsylvania Minstrelsy
Pennsylvania Historic Burial Places Act
History of Wyoming, 1845
Green Is the Valley - Book available online in PDF format
1877 Pa Orphans Schools
1798 GlassTax
Elmira Gazeteer 1873
Old Tioga - Ninety Years (1877)
Tioga County Officers (1877)
Tioga County History 1883
Seven Counties Outline History - 1885
1892 Medical - Dental Directory - Tioga County
Tioga County History 1897
Tioga County Office Holders
Tioga County Post Offices & Early Post Office History
1803 Connecticut Land Holders
Tioga County - Post Offices - Time Line
1869 History of Bradford County - Beers Atlas
1878 Craft's History
1883-85 Bradford Reporter 
1885 Seven Counties Outline History 
1891 Bradsby's History
1892 Medical - Dental Directory - Bradford County
1913-1915 Heverley's Pioneers & Patriots 
1923 Heverley's History & Geography 
Names & Places of Bradford County
Bradford County - Post Offices - Time Line
Index of Selected Issues of "The Settler"
Grange History 1873-1985
Historical & Statistical Gazeteer of New York State 1860
History of Tompkins, Schuyler, Chemung, Tioga 1879
Seven Counties Outline History - 1885
History of Chemung County - Towner - 1892
Chemung Land Papers 1788- 1792
1868 Gazetteer of Towns

Chemung Canal History (Off Site)
Off Site books that may be helpful
Google Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818- 1864, Volume1
Gutenburg Gutenberg Project - Thousands of books to read online or download free.
County and City Directories
Tioga County Directory 1899
Tioga County Directory 1908-09
1900 and 1908
Bradford County Directories
Chemung County (cont.)
1880 Elmira City Directory
1882 Elmira City Directory
1888 Elmira City Directory
1891 Elmira City Directory
1900 Elmira City Directory
1917 Elmira City Directory
1857 Elmira City Directory
1860 Elmira City Directory
1863 Elmira City Directory
1866 Elmira City Directory
1868 Chemung Valley Directory with EXTENSIVE early history included.
1868 Gazetteer & Business Directory for Chemung & Schuyler Counties
1869 Elmira City Directory
1872 Elmira City Directory
1874 Elmira City Directory
1876/77 Elmira Directory
1878 Elmira City Directory
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The Women's Page

Tired of the old histories that left the women out? 
Now is the time and here is the place to give your female ancestor the recognition and honor she deserves. 
Thank her for your existence by letting us know about her. 

The Business Page

Commerce is the core of society.
Tri-County Business Histories presented here. 

History of Elk Run (Gaines)
1800 Taxables - Tioga Township
1812 Taxables - Tioga - Delmar
1798 Tax List
Mansfield Borough 1857-1957
Roaring Branch 1862-1962
Westfield 1976
1933 Autobiography of Philip Dewey
Brookfield Township
History of the Churches of Orwell, by Detty
History of the Churches of Rome by V. C. Detty
The Romance of Old Barclay
Barclay Reunion 1931
A Short History of Asylum 
History of Granville 
South Creek 1833 - 1983
Old Tioga Point - Ch. 6.
1796 Taxables (See Townships for 1812 Taxables)
Early Times on the Susquehanna
Heverly - Overton History 1810-1910
Heverly -History of Sheshequin 1777-1902
Heverly - History of Monroe Township & Borough 1779-1885
1892 Poorhouse List
Place Origins of Irish in Chemung & Bradford Counties
1953 Horseheads Booklet


Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA


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