The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
38-Year History Shows Progress for Hospital  pg. 2
Sam Lee  pg. 2
Merchant Tailor  pg. 2
C. D. Campbell  pg. 2
Commonwealth Bank Serves for 77 Years  pg. 3
Corner Drug Store Continues In Same Family Since 1922  pg. 5
TV & Radio Come to Town  pg. 5
Wellsboro Electric Co. Celebrates 86 Years  pg. 6
Corning Glass Works Has 64-Year History in Boro  pg. 7
Country-Wide Support Brings in Industries  pg. 8
Bowling Alley  pg. 9
Sipperley & Co.  pg. 9
Aracoma Silk Mill is Sold for $46,100  pg. 10
Penn-Wells Name  pg. 10
Borden Sparks Dairy Industry for 53 Years  pg. 10
Gazette Ownership Remains In Same Family Since 1895  pg. 12
Wellsboro Centennial Celebration In June 1930 Was a Gala Event  pg. 13
New Fire Apparatus is Here  pg. 13
Gas Turned on at Wellsboro in 1929  pg. 15
Fine Road to Lookout  pg. 15
First Car in Town  pg.15
Phones Have Been Ringing In Wellsboro for 83 Years  pg. 17
Hangings Were Cause for Holiday in Early Times  pg. 17
Wellsboro Schools  pg. 17
3 Dams Prove Worth to Wellsboro in 1972  pg. 18
Wellsboro’s Lone Bank Robbery Recalled in County History  pg. 19
Farm Machinery  pg.19
Citizens & Northern Bank is 116 Years Old This Week  pg. 21
Episcopal Church is First at Wellsboro  pg. 22
Taynton Freight System Marks Beginning in 1913  pg. 23
Wellsboro Named Tioga County Seat  pg. 23
Penn-Wells Hotel Spans 53 Years as Wellsboro Business  pg. 24
Wellsboro Area School Consolidation is Told  pg. 25
Decoration Day  pg. 26
Post Office Opens in 1808  pg. 27
History of Laurel Festival Outlined from 1938 Start  pg. 28
Wellsboro Firefighters To Celebrate 100th Year  pg. 29
Three Generations Work at Carson Co. Since Opening in 1935  pg. 30
Police Department Is as Old as Boro  pg. 30
ABC Gaines Employs 33  pg. 31
Dunham Stores Mark 75th Anniversary This Year  pg.32

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 11/04/2004
By Joyce M. Tice
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933